Cleaner air

Monday, Sept 14

Checked email from RN Chris Aman for Dr. Dave Krueger; we changed the date to Oct. 26 to be able to combine my visit to the Yakima Heart Center for my Device check with Toni to the same day as a visit with my Cardiologist. It’s a 50-mile trip one way for us.

Called Ethel today (our 102 yr. old cousin in PA) at 2:45 & talked 20 minutes. As usual, it was fun and informative visiting with her. She’s quite amazing.

Called the help desk with my questions ask about the Skype for Business which we supposedly shut out completely, and there are other things we may need to get rid of permanently, but I want help not to try anything myself that might screw up my computer. One thing I need help on is the Dell Support updates it keeps asking for.
The “out of memory” issues have not returned after all Brian K’s work and it’s sitting at 78% used right now. This morning Monday, it’s using only 63%!
Call back from BK (Brian K) at CWU 3:24 p.m. to 3:50 p.m. cleaning up system more and needs a RESTART, after saving my Word Docs, and closing other programs before restarting.

5:48 p.m., 21 mins on the landline with friend from childhood, Dot Smith, about things in Decatur, GA. She called with concerns about us and the fires, but called my cell phone, which gets no reception in our house. I only accidentally found her two voicemail messages when charging my cell phone to make ready to go to town tomorrow. When I turned it on to check the charge, it beeped, and I found the first message from Saturday.

I called Jeannie at the Cardiopulmonary (KVC) and found my PFT (stands for Pulmonary Function Test) last year was 11/22/2019. To qualify for medical insurance to pay for the test, this year’s test has to be scheduled a day later, which is a Monday, Nov. 23. I now need to have my cardiologist send a request referral to the department at our local Ellensburg hospital before I can be scheduled for the test. That process is underway.

This morning turned into a week of work piled into one-time slot.
Noon call from water system guru, Kelly Hunter, indicated he was on his way to meet us. Stayed 45 minutes and fixed some stuff and scheduled a future time for coming to install corrections and additions, to our well-water treatment setup. Meanwhile, his wife, a different type water person, will visit to “shock” our system – – meaning bleach poured into the well, a wait period, then flush all clean.

Tuesday, Sept 15

Call from Kelly Hunter. Our cost will be $2,300 to add an iron filtration system to our well water treatment machines. That will happen in several weeks when he has time to add to his schedule and get the equipment ordered and available to install.

We both spent a lot of time with reading and sending a note to Cameron Fries, about things at the winery, White Heron. A bottling session will occur in the future, Oct. 2. I won’t be able to go along as I must attend a meeting at 2:00 p.m. and I wouldn’t be home by then. John has to remember to take some small bottles over to give to Cameron.

Early, turned on heater in bathroom for taking shower.

Took my weekly pill at 8:50 a.m., planned to eat ½ hr. later, but our morning was interrupted and I didn’t actually get to eat until 10:00 a.m., when I had only a nutrition drink and coffee.

We left for town later than planned but got to my monthly INR blood draw before time for my favorite phlebotomist to go to lunch. After that, we ran a bunch more errands. Dropped off Apples to Apples decks of cards at the AAC used in a Zoom game. Went to Fred Meyer shopping for drinks, bread, drinks, red grapes, and then drove to a lady’s house who makes and gives cloth face masks she’s made. We each got 3, and very colorful they are. John needed one because all he’s been using is a paper mask, supposed to be for one-time use only. Today was about its 8th use. He carried one in his pocket for a time. Hay and dirt loved it, and it still worked – he lived. We said our thanks and left. Next stop in town was to The Palace to cash in my September free meal birthday dinner. We got it to go from Molly, our favorite waitress there. On our way home, we put egg cartons near Eva Frink’s front porch.

Supper: We had my Birthday dinner from The Palace. Cobb Salad and John had Chicken Fried Steak. {He says that’s a strange name for a beat up piece of cheap beef.}

Wednesday, Sept 16

Mid-week photo today, all the way from Chile, from a gal we knew when she was a student at CWU a long time ago, Mérida López Nualart. She looks as young as we remember her; no clue how old she is now. She was here as a language student, then returned to teach English to folks in the Chilean Air Force.

I called the dental receptionist and paid my $90.40 bill for John; talked to Edgar. He emailed me the receipt to joint account, and it’s now stored in my tax 2020 file. Also, printed it and filed in the hard copy paperwork filing cabinet.
My day has been filled with working on emails and switching between tax filing, and unloaded dishwasher, and needing to reload dishes and soon.
This morning I had a nutrition drink (Strawberry Ensure with Chobani dark cherry yogurt). Makes a nice “milkshake”.

Washed a new load of dishes tonight to get ready for our well to be filled with a lot of bleach, because no water can be run inside the house for 36 hours and we would not be able to turn on any faucets in the house. We can only flush our toilets.

Supper tonight: John had a steak fry; I had the rest of my birthday dinner Cobb Salad ½ from yesterday evening. I added pieces of our yellow summer squash sliced and raw, some red grapes, and had with a buttered hot roll I brought from The Palace Café.

Thursday, Sept 17

Washed clothes in the morning before Noon expecting our well’s water to be chlorinated or “shocked”. Now the first load is in the clothes dryer at 11:00 a.m. and the second load is my polyester stuff needing dried on a lower heat.

I’m currently finishing the necessary startup of my computer to check emails and then will switch chores to filing back taxes, my most urgent need right now. John’s out front working in the shade (actually the smoke cover is blocking the sun). The temps are below normal now (62°), and the visibility is only 1.5 miles, with the thick haze.

The person to chlorinate our well canceled and rescheduled for 9:00 a.m. next Wednesday. She was in the Teanaway (a long valley to our NW) where there’s no cell reception, and could not get a phone call to tell us until afternoon.

I fixed a nutritious drink for lunch, peach yogurt with chocolate Ensure.
Called Sadie Thayer this afternoon and see if she received my email about donating some stuff to the Kittitas County Historical Museum. She had NOT received it, because someone had hacked their website and she has been unable to access any email. More about this in tomorrow’s report.

You may need to enter the password Patrick917 to open it. Or you might not!
Go here, please to view responses for Patrick’s 7th birthday.

The link is necessary to see all the wishes from worldwide people who have met since St. Patrick’s Day on a Geology site for Nick from Home lectures. Just Sunday morning at 9:00 we had over 1000 viewers.

This link was set up to give viewers a place to record their birthday wish to Patrick on his 7th birthday. Patrick Swan has been the student at the head of the class, asking the best questions of Prof Nick Zentner through now 79 episodes of Nick from Home. I’m not giving this link to view what I said, and in fact, you should skip over mine and follow Greg the train conductor from East Tennessee, and Gerrit who shows his Countryside (The Netherlands), and others who have neat insights to their surroundings. Check out Yelli (from Japan). Frances from Germany. James from Australia, and also Kathy from Australia. Another from Japan is Denise. Spend your time on the others, not on my post, please.

Supper: Orange chicken, leftover lasagna, red grapes, fried slices of yellow summer squash. Ice cream for dessert.

Friday, Sept 18

Today needs to be completely spent on tax preparation, except for these next things at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Wrote an e-mail to Janet Perkins (violinist) about a note in WOTFA News, pg. 8. People we know are dying while this Panic2020 thing drags on. Her husband, Dave, our Double-Bass Fiddle player, did not die from the virus.

Friday Sept 18, was Game Day at 10:00 Heads up I’m only an observer, not playing the head piece & acting out. I did get involved some with providing sounds or words to describe the words for them on their headpiece.

I have a 2:00 p.m. viewing of a Nick from Home today.
‘Nick from Home’ #78 – Exotic C: Craton vs Terranes

I talked to Sadie Thayer at the KC Historical Museum about donation of our treadle Singer Sewing Machine and her not responding to my message about it last week. Their website was hacked and it included involving their email receipts. She had not gotten it. I also paid my dues this year through the website on PayPal, and that was never acknowledged. She will email me Monday to see if I get all the information I was supposed to. Meanwhile, she would like a photo of the sewing machine. They have 3 there, one in storage maybe 2 and one on display, but none of them work. I am sure ours should still be working and we have all the attachments for zippers and buttonhole maker. In talking to John, he says he thinks the drawers are packed separately in a box, and we do not know where the box of drawers is. So, this may be a future give once we find the box.

I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon, working on attaching a new external drive DVD/CD reader on my system, so I could load Turbo Tax software from a CD. Then I spent a bunch more time downloading updates to the software. Once that was done, I started the form filling in all the details for the beginning of the software, which will compare and transfer the information from the previous year’s tax return, so all the columns for deductions or income will be indicated on the form as organized in the past year.

Supper: Fried chicken breast with BBQ sauce, battered cod, John’s homemade applesauce, baked beans, canned peaches. Had Deluxe Caramel Crunch Frozen dessert (looks like ice cream, but we wonder why they call it that).

Saturday, Sept 19

Continue filing 2018 receipts, check on Excel eventually.

Another Robocaller blocked on my Panasonic land line. Did 2 or 3 yesterday.

Brunch: John had leftovers from last night’s supper; I had a bowl of Maruchan Ramen noodle soup with roast chicken flavor, but added a bunch of cooked chicken breast meat and Cheez-its crackers.

Supper: Pork roast oven-baked at 250° all day; bowl of canned pears and red grapes, fried yellow summer squash (John grew); dessert last of the caramel crunch frozen dessert with thawed strawberries on top.

Sunday, Sept 20

Good to go at 8:00 a.m. on the GOES west satellite imagery, sunshine, no smoke coverage, and blue skies in Ellensburg, At the blue star. The Cascades and the Bitterroots in Idaho’s panhandle have clouds.From the GOES west satellite via UW Atmospheric Science

Started at 8:03 a.m. on line with comments on lecture by Nick.

This was a premiere showing this morning by Nick Zentner in ‘Nick from Home’ fall series on Exotic Terranes.
#79 – Exotic D: Passive Margin

Brunch: John had leftovers from the freezer, and I went through this morning with a large glass of protein drink, Chocolate Ensure & Blueberry Yogurt. If I get hungry later (which I doubt), I have leftover lunch chicken soup to heat up.
John’s resting after lunch and planning to go out and work in the shade this afternoon.

Currently, working on the blog.

Supper: Pork, onion rings, fried yellow summer squash, red grapes, mashed potatoes with gravy.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Another wildfire week

Monday, Sept 7

ALERT to study group sent out at 9:30 a.m.

Spent the morning setting up to drain the hot water tank to try to get rid of the muck inside. Brunch: Bacon, blueberry pancake, and fruit cocktail. As it was nearing done, the smoke severity changed and smoke started flowing into through the patio door, where the hose draining the tank was. We had to close the door, and started researching the source of the smoke blocking the visibility to 2.5 miles or less. The temperature lowered with the smoke, from 81 at Noon to 71 at 5:00 p.m. We could not see the hills east of us. Late in the afternoon, the sun was a red disc.John worked some with the landscaping process, digging, sorting, and moving rocks and dirt. The loading ramp is filling with rocks, the garden soil is growing, and the front area is taking shape. All slowly. The smoke is not helpful.
Before the week was over, we had down to ½ mile visibility for several days. A week later, 9-13, it’s only at ¾ mile.

I called two neighbors to see if anyone knew the source of the smoke, and we got online to look for fires to the west of us.
Allen, our friend a mile up Naneum Rd. has relatives in Monse, WA near Brewster, and he knew there was a fire there. We found it on the MODIS Fire Mapping in our Google Earth Pro. I kept a watch on it, until it updated because all we had was the last 24 hours and the last 6 hrs.Less than 2 hrs. later it had increased in coverage. The orange in the bottom image is the red in the top images now, as orange. The top right image shows the measurement of the miles as over 20 miles to the south from the original start of the fire at the northern tip of the pattern.

I received burned photos from the area on 9/12 which are too depressing to publish, but here are a few. Heat was so hot it melted aluminum. The winds were clocked at 83 mph. People stayed behind to water down their house structures, and saved a few, while getting burned themselves.
Monse, WA after fire swept through:Burned trees-ground cover, heat melted aluminum, burned fieldsFORD Bronco & Allen Aronica helping family with cleanup efforts

Smoke coverage was severe by mid-afternoon, seen in this backyard video from our patio (only 19 seconds long). Using straight-line distance, we are 76 miles from Brewster and Monse is 6 miles farther away.

Smoky Atmosphere Ellensburg, WA 9-7-20

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. is the last of the Nick on the Fly (NOTF) series, with a new series beginning this Wednesday night, 9-9.

NOTF #26–North Cascades talk w/Ralph Haugerud

CWU’s Nick Zentner travels to Wenatchee to visit with longtime USGS geologist Ralph Haugerud. 52 mins. Recorded 9-4-20. Topics: North Cascades field mapping, Baja BC pros and cons, & future work in the North Cascades.

See you tonight, and then Wednesday night this week with Nick again with his start of the new Fall episodes of Nick from Home. That day of the week is being changed this coming week to Friday, and the time will be 2:00 p.m. This will mess up a few people from watching the live broadcast and they’ll have to watch the replay.

Supper: Beef Stew with Cheddar Bratwurst, Fried cauliflower, and Cheddar Biscuits, caramel praline crunch/vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, Sept 8

I cannot keep up with all that’s happening around this place. Latest is that our water heater, water pump pressure gauge problems continue, and the filters on the water coming from our well are clogging with gunk faster than we wish.

John went to town and I stayed home. He picked up his own meds at Fred Meyer Pharmacy, and my med at Super 1 Pharmacy, buying groceries while there. He went to Mid-State Coop for a O-ring washer for the 10″ Big Blue filter that takes sediment out of our well water. The installed O-ring has stretched and thinned, and leaked with this removal and re-installation.
He went to Bi-Mart for some white petroleum (silicone grease is recommended) to put on the O-ring to secure the seal, and while there picked up a sheet of their membership card winning numbers (we won nothing). I checked other friends’ numbers when he brought it home. Above photo by EvieMae Schuetz. Particles in the smoke filter and scatter sunlight. When the atmosphere is too filled with smoke the sky goes dark.
I tried to take a photo but what we saw would not reproduce on my camera, nor on John’s. I asked Evie if she could get a photo. She said she’d try. The results are fantastic as seen above.
Sun photography is not easy; See here at B & H Photo
Scroll down there and you can see the sort of photo I took.

Supper: Pizza and our cherry tomatoes, with caramel praline crunch / vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Take pills, fluoride teeth, and go to bed.

Wednesday, Sept 9

Today’s local news, the Daily Record, printed the Obituary for Charles Larry Firkins, our friend whom we’ve known since my joining the Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends music group.
I captured the digital version of the Obit to email to our music group and to the family.

We had many chores, mostly in the house because of the temperature outside, but about noon, John left for town to buy 4 desks at CWU surplus sale for $2 each and to fill his old 1980 Chev farm truck with gasoline. The price of gas was $2.55 at Pilot, 34₵/gal less than Circle K that’s often the least expensive in town! So, it was worth a little extra drive to the west side of town.

The desks he brought home are shown below. To have room and access to clean them up, he had to remove more junk from our big shed. We are going to get a large 20’ dumpster to empty most of this into to get it off our property, he has moved some of these things many times. Top shows the purple top of the desk barely as John demos the way the desk drawers work. Bottom: with the desks out, junk was moved to the truck and backed into the hay barn. Now he has to unload and stack it. About 8 of the boxes are, in fact, empty. Eventually, I will have my computer set up in the new room, using one of the desks, and the desk top will be enhanced with the lavender (came out pink) painted ceiling.

I stayed home to receive phone calls while he went to town. I contacted several people – searching for a plumber. Luckily, we later made contact on the weekend (Saturday) with plumber, Kelly.

The following video was on at 6:00 p.m. tonight as a premiere:

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #76 – Exotic A: Geologic Time

Thursday, Sept 10

This morning at 9:00 a.m. I was on Zoom to play Yahtzee. I won today with 391 points and 3 Yahtzees! (that’s a record for me forever).
Gerald called at 11:20 and I told him about the Obituary. I need to send it to Jarred and to Connie and have them coordinate who will print it for him. I’m guessing Connie would be the best. But I wanted Jarred to see it too, because he once played with the group, and would have known Charlie.

I fixed a nutrition drink.
Brunch (Surf & Turf): Chipped beef, Boiled/Iced shrimp, breaded Cod fish.

I finished contacting four new study group members.
I wrote Sadie Thayer about making a donation of OLD Singer Treadle Sewing machine to the Kittitas County Historical museum. (Over 80 years old) – was my mom’s and what I learned to sew on.

Supper: Corn-on-the-cob, bowl of chili (with Cheez-its), and apple crisp with strawberry ice cream for dessert. The Rascal-Cat doesn’t like the strawberry ice cream. Dog is happy with any flavor ice cream.

Friday, Sept 11

This morning I had a nutrition drink (Strawberry Ensure with Chobani strawberry yogurt). Makes a nice “milkshake”).

Called the CWU Help Desk about out of memory problems on browsers, Edge and Opera. Had changed a month ago from Google Chrome because it was using so much memory space. Was told to change to Firefox, but it gave me severe problems too, so I switched to Opera. Now both it and Edge crash without much on either one, and right in the middle of things. It’s killing my production. I regularly have to RESTART and then rebuild my system to make it operate again. My question to them was, “Can you go through my task manager with me and help me see what I can end task on and maybe which I don’t need in my system at all! What they do is set up a shared screen entry, so I can watch what they’re doing but they have control of my computer.

50 minutes on the phone, reduced the memory usage to 75%, from 88%. I should be good to go!! Need to restart my machine before bed and after logging in, in the morning. Then things will be updated properly. I should have updated my Windows 10 this afternoon. It will take at least 30 minutes, which I didn’t have this afternoon. So, morning will have to work for that. The “rest of the story” is that everything was fine after time passed and I got all the stuff completed. So I have successfully been able to operate both browsers without problems throughout the weekend.

Also, unloaded the dishwasher from yesterday, and reloaded it and ran it this afternoon.
I spent a lot of time transferring videos from my Exilim camera because its memory was filled. I still have 2 years of work to backup, when the battery is recharged. I charged one today, but used it until it lost its charge. Have been recharging the 2nd battery, which will probably be charged in the middle of the night, so I can use it tomorrow. The second battery will need to be charged. Still have some more cleanup with that, but I’m making progress.

Supper: Fried sliced yellow summer squash, beans and pork, garden (to accompany our own summer squash). Dessert was apple crisp with strawberry ice cream.

Saturday, Sept 12

I actually slept in this morning. Lots to do.

We talked to a plumber who will come out to our place next week sometime to check out all that we need done, but he said he could handle it all, Kelly Hunter is his name.

I spent a lot of time finishing a long letter with photos to people we have known in Idaho for 40 years. We had 40 acres of farmland north of Southwick, ID, which we eventually sold them after they rented it for several years. It was to be our retirement home, but instead we left Troy, ID to move to Ellensburg, WA.
We kept our horses there and went riding in the hills while they were renters. They were originally from Iowa, and had a large family (5 kids).
Various snacks through the afternoon for each of us.

Supper: Beverage, orange juice, a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, our homegrown onions fried, very hot oven baked scalloped potatoes, with strawberry ice cream for dessert. Orange juice.

Played cat rotation all day, and I just captured a mouse (dead) brought in as a gift for her dinner by Sue. Added it to the plastic bag in the freezer. She brought it in after John was already in bed, and wanted to exchange for a late dinner. I obliged her wishes and then went to bed myself.

We’ve run the fan of the air-handler all day and I stayed inside to stay out of the smoke. We have been socked in all day with only a ½ mile visibility with an orange tinge to the air. It may continue for a couple of days.
At 5:00 p.m. today, this was the extent of smoke in the PNW states: Not nice. Still, we are not threatened by fire, so we are lucky.From the GOES west satellite from UW Atmospheric Science

Sunday, Sept 13

Still socked in at 8:00 a.m. on the GOES west satellite imagery.

This will be a premiere video showing this morning by Nick Zentner in ‘Nick from Home’ fall series on Exotic Terranes.

#77 – Exotic B: Basement Glimpses

Brunch: Bacon, eggs scrambled with cheese, fried {from frozen} hash browns, bowl of our own frozen (thawed a little) Bing cherries. We had no cherries at all this year.

We are eating old stuff out of our very old and inefficient chest freezer we bought in Iowa at an auction, and brought here. That makes it well over 50 years old. We are trying to empty it to buy a newer standup freezer that is more efficient and accessible to put in our new utility room. We need to empty this old one and take it to the dump. There are not any freezers available in Ellensburg until late this fall, as they are all back-ordered at every store. People bought them out when Panic2020 arrived.

Since March of 2017 we’ve had a big pan of Costco Chicken Alfredo in a freezer: 3.89 pounds at $3.99 per pound. We cooked it for supper. Some will have to go back in the freezer, ’cause four or five days of leftovers does not make for happy times.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

A wildfire week

We are the red dot north of the smoke. A map for Tuesday, below, is a zoomed image.
Mt. Rainier is the white place to the left.

Monday, Aug 31

At 2:30 p.m. today, a fire arsonist is suspected to have set a fire about 25 miles SW of us in the dry grass and trees near Wenas Lake north of Naches, WA. Official name is the Evans Canyon Fire. Many images are now on the web.

I spent a bunch of time talking with friend and former student, Kathryn Buckholz south of the fire on the other side of Cleman Mountain. She is currently in an area with an evacuation notice #2 (get ready to leave home). Spellings in the area are confusing. The fire came up Umtanum Ridge [The Road is spelled with a ‘p’, Umptanum; while most spelling of “tanum” are “taneum”], The first ridge south of EBRB is called Manastash Ridge, then Umtanum, then Cleman.

Kathryn sent a couple of photos of the smoke from her backyard, and Wayne Erickson took one from the north side of the fire:Top two photos from south with Umtanum Ridge in the background, left was 2.5 hrs prior to 2nd, by Kathryn Buckholz. Bottom taken from Cove Rd in the Kittitas Valley, the North view over Manastash Ridge, the next day, by Wayne Erickson. Story continues through the week.

A related new Nick YouTube video is scheduled at 6:00 p.m. tonight,
From WikiPedia: Manastash Ridge is a long anticline mountain ridge located in central Washington state in the United States. Manastash Ridge runs mostly west-to-east in Kittitas and Yakima counties, for approximately 50 miles. The ridge is part of the Yakima Fold Belt of east-tending long ridges formed by the folding of Miocene Columbia River basalt flows.
‘Nick on the Fly’ #20 – Manastash Ridge Field Trip, 8-31-20 (42 mins)

Supper: Pan fried chicken breast pieces with onions and lots of red grapes, strawberry ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, Sept 1 – – Nancy’s Birthday! – –
A beautiful valley sunrise starts my special day:Sunrise over lovely “quilt-barn”, photo by EvieMae Schuetz

Today was our day to go to Ellensburg for the 10% off Senior Discount the first Tuesday of each month, to check our Bi-Mart numbers, plus pick up a bag for a Game Day this week at the Senior Center. While on the drive in, we saw significant smoke coming from the Evans Canyon Fire. Once home, we immediately added the Modis Satellite Imagery (Active Fire Mapping) to our Google Earth Pro to check out the fire’s hot spot history. An early image is below and the spots are all are bright red, meaning they started within the previous 6 hours.

Also, the fire is still not under control, and people have been evacuated. More than 100 dwellings threatened & high winds continue and fire acreage more than doubled. It has made it to MODIS satellite view. John just snipped this image for me to share, with the study group I was going to be sending a reminder for the video to be presented Wednesday night.I’m showing this here for you to compare in 4 days with what I will post below on 9/4 of the entire footprint of the fire, which has all the values (in the map legend) of the boxes and the colors and the spot in the center of the square, indicating the initial posting of a fire at that location. The dark red is 0-6 hrs since starting.

Supper: For dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce (93% fat free ground beef) we got on sale today, pears, and Rose’ wine. Rather than “birthday” cake, we are having peach pie and ice cream for dessert.

Wednesday, Sept 2

I haven’t figured the best way to thank everyone on so many platforms (Facebook, Email, Postal mail, phone calls) for all the birthday greetings I received. Do not have time to thank individually, with all this fire problem up to 13,000 acres now, major evacuations, extra firefighting crews called in, and high winds continuing. I’m sure this bunch is exhausted from fighting overnight. Not nice.

The Fire continues out of control to 15,000 acres, 0% contained, topped the ridge and now will be advancing down into the Umtanum Canyon which slopes eventually to the Yakima Canyon river road. Also, some rural areas nearby adjacent cities (Naches, Selah) are on immediate evacuation notice.

Right now our valley is not threatened, but the footprint is spreading rapidly. During the day they have airplane assistance and bombers with pink retardant spray. The jet resupplies at Moses Lake as it did when if flew over our house for the Snag Canyon Fire, 2014. Other planes and helicopters are involved.These I snipped from a video taken by a firefighter on the ground.

Unrelated: Not good 18 min waiting to renew our blog’s domain name, and never got my call back. I deleted the charge box and closed it. Will wait for Oct 2 automatic renewal and hope my change in credit card number worked and they renew for $16.99 for 2 years. That up significantly from the charge for two years in 2018, last time we renewed. Jason was supposed to return my call, but he did not.

For Nick fans, a short introduction to a new series started in a week on Sept 9th.
I know you have already been warned about this tonight, but want to add to the story, as you get on to watch:

‘Nick on the Fly’ #21 – Thorp Cliffs Field Trip

CWU’s Nick Zentner leads a virtual GEOL 101 LAB field trip from the Thorp Cliffs in central Washington. 30 minutes.

While you are waiting, watch the 2-min video below at the start, announcing a new series starting in a week on Sept 9th evening.

‘Nick from Home’ Livestreams return Wed, Sept 9th!

CWU’s Nick Zentner launches a new set of livestreams…this time with a theme. ‘Exotic Terranes from A to Z’ begins on September 9 and runs through early December of 2020. Wednesdays at 6:00 pm Pacific and Sundays at 9:00 am Pacific. Join us!

Thursday, Sept 3

Starting with a cute picture of a 16-year old girl in Idaho with her new puppy, a French Brittany. Back in the late 1990s we sold an orange and white Brittany to the family, we’d had for 3 months, and had named Brick. They actually picked him up from us in Ellensburg, but then they moved from WA to the Midwest (Iowa), and we lost track. They were moving back to Idaho, and decided to search for us. Found us still here. When I explained we were no longer breeders, they searched and found this puppy. He and she are so cute. Rebecca with her puppy Brooks, a French Brittany.

This is a video Nick put on for anyone to watch at any time. It was not published as a Premiere version with a livestream chat. He’s checking options to prevent buffering on his Premieres that have been happening.
This is well worth the watch for the two field trip stops 1 and 2, especially now that this lab will be viewed by the first meeting of his Geology 101 freshman class, next Wednesday, the first day of classes this fall quarter as a virtual field trip. Currently, it’s good he was practicing with us and filmed it in advance because now that road is closed and he could not even get there because of the current wildfire. Next is the field trip he was filming for them to take for their first Virtual Field trip of the quarter.

‘Nick on the Fly’ #22 Yakima River Field Trip (32 mins)

CWU’s Nick Zentner leads a virtual Geol 101 LAB field trip from the Yakima River in central Washington.
The Evans Canyon Fire increased to 52,000 acres and evacuation 3 notices (GET OUT NOW) posted to the Yakima Canyon Road. The road is closed at Thrall Rd (entrance to the canyon just south of EBRG), all the way to Selah. So any locals who planned to go to the two Field Trip stops Nick showed us last night, will have access only to the Ringer Loop Stop 1, and NOT to Stop 2, at the debris flows. (as of tomorrow, the fire jumped to Ringer Loop Rd, so Stop 1 is unavailable too).

Be sure to note to have read the Martin K. Kaatz publication before viewing yesterday’s Yakima River field trip. (Thanks again to Jessie Bunker-Maxwell for researching this for the study group).

July 3, 1998 Yakima River Debris Flows – Martin R. Kaatz

Marty was a CWU geographer, and hiking friend of John.
This was presented as a premier, and at a time when all could view it. (6:00 p.m.)

‘Nick on the Fly’ #23 – Snoqualmie Pass (26 mins)

CWU’s Nick Zentner improvises at Snoqualmie Pass in central Washington. The Yakima Valley Glacier and Guye Peak sandstone are discussed. Recorded on August 22, 2020

Friday, Sep 4

John and I had setup our Google Earth Pro with Active Fire Mapping Software to capture MODIS Satellite imagery of the hot spots of the fire, so we could be following its path. This is from 9-4-20 just to show the location of the fire jumping down near the entrance/exit we usually take at Thrall Rd, when returning north on I-82 {aka WA 97}.The fire has crossed the ridges and has come into our valley, and is at Ringer Road.

High winds overnight advanced the footprint of the fire from 2,500 acres to 52,000 acres; eventually growing to 64,000 acres. And changed evacuation orders at 9:00 p.m. last night to #3 (get out immediately), in several areas.

This is 3 miles from the south edge of Ellensburg. Not likely a threat to town because of being surrounded by irrigated agricultural farmland and roads. Everything north of there is on irrigated farmland, and will not be sagebrush and burnable cover (cheat grass) for many miles. Except our property is north of the highest canal, so we are in the semi-desert shrub-steppe.

However, I’ll add some fire photos made today to show the view during the late afternoon today, by EvieMae Schuetz.The hills are a’fire; taken from Alkali Rd (marker in prior map) by EvieMae Shuetz; The smoke picture she took from Clerf Rd east of Kittitas, WA.

This morning at 10:30 a.m. I joined a Zoom session at the Senior Center with 3 others for Game Day this week. I was playing a card game with two decks of special game cards, one Red and one Green. Neither of the players had ever played the game before. It is called Apples to Apples. A staff member was the leader and the judge, keeping the scores and explaining the game. The youngest gal there, was the winner with 16 pts. I had 9 pts. It lasted the full hour plus a few minutes. Next week the same folks will continue a game we played last week, Yahtzee. We all like that game and are happy to repeat it. It’s a short week because they have a Holiday on Labor Day. Our leader will actually be on vacation at the beach all week so the director will likely be our game leader. It will be at an earlier time on Thursday, next week.

Afterwards, we were scheduled to go to town for Flu shots with our pharmacist, but with the severe smoke in the atmosphere, I decided to stay home and inside with the a/c in our house to filter the smoke particulates. We rescheduled for a later date in Sept.

Today, we got 4 scammer calls, with two each coming from the same number, one from Missouri and the other from Issaquah, WA. I blocked them both for the future.

I’m not sure all of the outside chores John accomplished today, and I was worried for his being out in the smoky air. He says it was “not too bad.” We had worse smoke in our valley today than in recent days, because of the wind direction. The Evans Canyon Fire is still raging. The Yakima Canyon Road at Thrall Rd is now closed to any traffic (except evacuees and firefighters, until Tuesday, 9-8.) Firefighters are poised to prevent its crossing the Yakima River and burning upslope to reach Interstate 82.

Tonight at 5:00 I went on line on Facebook: to this site, the inciweb.nwcgov/incident/7132/ link to get the Facebook link to a meeting with the community about the Evans Canyon Fire. It was a bit disappointing and did not provide much information I didn’t already know from local social media. The only new information received was depressing, and that was that 6 structures (homes?) were totally lost in the fire along with several outbuildings. We have yet to hear if any of our friends who were evacuated lost anything.

Clarinet music from Kathy Williams-DeVries in Brisbane, Australia.

Kathy Plays Reger 9-4-20 (80 mins)

Supper: tonight we ate late, but had meatloaf & potatoes, and a piece of Key Lime pie for dessert.

Saturday, Sept 5

This morning at 9:00 a.m. is a premiere YouTube showing.

‘Nick on the Fly’ #24 Seattle Glacial Till, 9-5-20 (37 mins)

CWU’s Nick Zentner visits glacial deposits in Seattle, Washington. Recorded on September 1, 2020.

I was tired from a restless night, so decided to take an afternoon nap. Guess I needed it, as I slept for an hour. Might not have awakened if John hadn’t come in the front door.

Worked on the geology study group necessities planning for the future (the first, tomorrow a.m. at 9:00 a.m) and then adding a new member to the study group. Also, had to load the dishwasher.

Supper: Meatloaf, potatoes, and fried cauliflower; butter pecan crunch ice cream for dessert.

Sunday, Sept 6

‘Nick on the Fly’ #25 – Icicle Creek Exotic Bedrock 9-6-20 (49 mins)

Nick’s explanation of this video when introducing it:
“We started up canyon at the Chiwaukum Schist and viewed that, (coming on down the canyon, we realized that the Mt Stuart Batholith is younger and intruded into the Chiwaukum Schist, and at the same time also intruded up into some of the Ingalls Terrane which was all that Ultramafic Mantle material. This area is a key portion for the Baha-BC discussion and unraveling the exotic terrane history in the northern Cascades.”
It’s our lead into a new Nick from Home livestreaming on Exotic Terranes in WA, accreted on from Mexico when Mt. Stuart was moved from Mexico to British Columbia, but because of offset eastward rotation, Mt. Stuart stayed in WA. Geological history of our region, this theory is now well-followed by the science community. Those lectures officially start this coming Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. and continue for 26 episodes two days/week until December. The 2nd day is Sunday morning, at 9:00 a.m. to pull in the European community.

Brunch today: cheese bratwurst and Protein shake.

At 12:40 we received a disturbing call that there was a fire a mile west of us headed east, so I have been logged onto the police scanner listening. Sandy Meier called to warn us the fire was in our vicinity and 6 fire trucks had gone up Wilson Creek Rd by their house. John got in the car and found a deputy sheriff at the Corner of Naneum and Thomas Roads, who told him the firefighting crews knocked it down, and there was no longer any danger or need to evacuate. The cause was a backhoe hitting an electric utility pole on Frontier Rd, which fell, starting the fire within the Rustic Acres subdivision, in the “rural area” north of Ellensburg, with Wilson Creek Rd on the west, and an east-west road along the south side, Thomas Rd. This development is accessible about a mile west of our home. At the time, of the fire report, the winds were blowing from the west, at 21 mph across dry shrub-steppe vegetation and much cheat grass toward a forest of trees along a creek.

Another warning we had was from our neighbor a mile north on Naneum, who saw the smoke (we had not seen, and can’t because of the trees to the west). Allen and his son drove down to check it out and talked to a sheriff’s deputy at the closed road on the north side to get to Wilson Creek, Rd, closest to the start of the fire on the west side of Thomas Rd. So he had heard the same story as John did on the East side of Thomas.

As they drove up, I received a return call from a friend on Thomas Rd east of the start of the fire. They were receiving a lot of smoke in their location and realized how they might be evacuated, when hearing the fire engines arrive. They were packing their motor-home with all their important papers, to be ready to leave. They were notified by a deputy sheriff very quickly when the fire was contained. The Public Utility District crews are now replacing poles and wires.

At 3:00 p.m. today, temp at airport is 94°; temp on our front porch in the shade is down from 94° earlier to 90.5°.

John is preparing a major chore today for a Monday happening. We will be draining and flushing our water heater to get out the crud in the tank, and the hose has to come out of the back patio door, which is the west side of the house and our hottest outside part of the house. Power to the tank has been shut off and we have continued use of that water. Thus, it is now cooled. Those in the know suggest this flushing be done once a year. Don’t ask. Okay. Never. New tank 15 years ago.

John started his nap at 3:25 waiting for the temp to decrease before going outside, and slept for over an hour.
I need a nap too, but I need to finish this blog as well so we can go to bed earlier tonight. I’m enjoying a cool PoweradeZero drink of Strawberry/Lemonade while working on photo insert creations for the blog.
Today’s activities now include finishing the blog, unloading dishwasher, putting medicines in for the week. Enjoying Labor Day holiday. Ha! Retired. Every day is a holiday.

Supper: Cheezy biscuits and Beef Stew.

Wind is still blowing but John just opened the windows in the house and the temp is down to 79°.

Here’s one last view of the fire extent ending this morning and still okay. The fire is contained with a “footprint” of 75,800 acres. Not everything therein burned. Report by authorities will follow.Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Food and geology

Monday, Aug 24

Called Bi-Mart pharmacy about PreviDent 5000 ppm Booster Plus Prescription strength toothpaste. Spearmint. 3.4 fl oz Rx only.
There I can get 2 containers for $11.75, which is considerably less than $15.00 for one. Turns out the 2 containers are filled by a different pharmaceutical company (Cypress) into two tubes, that seem easier to dispense than from the Colgate one plastic bottle from the dentist, and in the process, I get two more ounces of the gel toothpaste. I only use it at night, when on my way to bed, because I cannot drink anything (even water) until ½ hour after using. So I take my nightly pills before brushing my teeth. I talked to Tiffany at my dentist office, and she’s calling in the prescription for me.

Of all things, at 9:15 a.m. I looked out the back patio door as I sat down with my 2nd coffee refill, and saw movement. It was a hummingbird in front of a red ribbon bow attached to the back glass door to warn birds not to crash into the window reflecting the sky. While watching and wishing I had access to a camera, a second hummingbird flew up seeking nectar neither found. That is not the first time we have seen that behavior, but it is the first time for twin hummers.

I spent a good amount of time cutting John’s hair today, but he looks a lot better.
John fixed a late lunch (a spicy grilled cheese & pepperoni sandwich, ending with a caramel/vanilla ice cream bar.
Now he’s taking a late afternoon nap.

Supper: John had hamburger & onions & Cod fish for meat; I had Fried Chicken Breast. We both had our garden tomatoes, beets, & fried onion rings, dessert: vanilla ice cream covered with hot chocolate fudge sauce.Tonight’s sunset, by Mike McCloskey, taken from J. Ronald Road 6 miles south of us. We’re surrounded by trees for our view west.

Tuesday, Aug 25

John to Dentist, for a filling, and we will be billed. I did not have to pay ½ up front. I went by Hospice Friends for a case of Chocolate Ensure, by the AAC to pick up my card and dice for a Zoom game Thursday of Yahtzee, and to Bi-Mart to pick-up 4 bottles of GoodSense Artificial tears Megan left for me at the front desk. On back to the Pharmacy to grab some Fisherman Friends, and to pick up my Prevident Fluoride toothpaste.

Here’s an interesting broadcast—Nick Zentner being interviewed on another guy’s podcast (audio):

#018 – Nick Zentner: Teaching in Creative Ways

But, tonight is another presentation from on the road from Nick’s field trip to Bellingham, WA.

‘Nick on the Fly’ #16 – Baja BC interview with Darrel Cowan, 8-25-20 (53 mins)

Supper: was more breakfast for me with left over ham & cheese omelet, red grapes, tomatoes, and then ice cream for dessert with hot fudge sauce.

Wednesday, Aug 26

We’ve a friend in Super 1’s pharmacy named Tuesday. I called her about flu shots, ’cause John read they are being distributed. Flu shots are in; she’s going to get hers early too, and will be working 3 days next week: Sept 3, 4, 5 and we are just to stop by.

Wrote check for our farrier David Hazlett, and John is now out waiting for his arrival coming at 11:00 to trim Myst. There was a delay in his arrival because of our living in a rural area. The road was full of cattle being moved from summer feeding grounds on the mountain to the ranch. Had he actually been on time himself, he’d have made it in the driveway before they came by.

At 11:00 a.m. the temperature outside is up to 76° at the airport, and on our front porch it’s 79°.
I’m working on in–house and on-computer chores. Currently, alternating between dishwasher loading and computer needs.

At 4:00 p.m., it’s up to 87° at airport; front porch: 82.4°.
5:00 p.m., 84° at airport; 81.3° on our front porch.Nick with Bijou in his backyard

‘Nick on the Fly’ #17 – A return to ‘Nick from Home’ Livestreams (20 mins)

Supper: Cross rib boneless steak sliced thin fried with onions, corn-on-the-cob, ice cream with chocolate hot sauce for dessert.

I sent an ALERT to our study group tonight in preparation for tomorrow night’s viewing of another field trip led by Nick Zentner.
Tonight, those watching the video from Nick’s backyard, with Bijou his cat buddy, heard he had posted another video for Thursday night’s showing at 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, Aug 27

More fun time with Yahtzee game this morning. It was held on Zoom at the AAC (Senior Center) at 10:00 a.m. We only had time for one game but enjoyed it. I did not win, but all of us except the winner had decent scores. She won because of getting an extra 100 points from having a two Yahtzees (all 5 dice the same). Pretty unusual, I imagine.
11:00 a.m. temp on front porch, 83.1°.

Another evening field trip from Nick Zentner for our education:

‘Nick on the Fly’ #18 – Quartz Mountain Exotic Bedrock, 8-27-20 (39 mins)

Quartz Mountain is about half-way between Ellensburg and Mt. Rainier. Shortly after we arrived here 31 years ago, we went exploring and visited. Great luck! We hit the peak of wild flowers and the large high meadows held jumbles of blossoms and many bumblebees. They didn’t mind our intrusion – just moved away and let us take photos. [About 6,300 feet; here: 47.073521, -121.078980 ]

Supper: Boiled shrimp, tomatoes, and pears, ice cream and hot fudge sauce for dessert.

Friday, Aug 28

Today, I paid on line, our support classification dues to the Kittitas County Historical Museum. I captured the payment details and filed in a folder in my 2020 Donations.

We sometime get two Scammer calls per day and I usually look up the number and block it for future calls to our landline. Then we know when we get one, because it only rings once and stops.

This is the first time for this (but we have heard of it before because we know the Social Security Administration never reaches anyone by phone, but only by postal mail.

SSA Scammer call at 2:01 p.m. today:John came in because of the heat and for a snack, Reece’s Peanut butter cup, followed later by a half of an ice cream sandwich for each of us. He finished digging onions this morning; now they are drying.

It’s now 84.2° outside at 2:30 p.m. The last reading at the airport was 85° before 2:00 p.m.
At 3:00 p.m. it’s 83.5° on our front porch & 85° at the airport

Our morning delivery load of 15.84 tons of gravel from Ellensburg Cement Products (ECP) was an hour early arriving, instead of the planned time of 11:00 a.m. We’ll be billed on our credit card Monday for $260.57 + 21.63= ~ $282.20.

I had a time conflict with being able to watch tonight’s music, but I’ll list it here for you to choose, if you wish to view and listen.
At 5:00 p.m. PST, Kathy Williams-DeVries presented her music livestream from Brisbane, Australia.

Kathy presents Sacro-profanus Concentus Musicas by Schmelzer 8-28-20

She also sent a “Geology Teaser” with a lot of slides of a tour, with many geologic specimens, in a museum setting and she added a musical background she is playing on a recorder:

Geology Department University of Queensland

About 6 PM tonight, Nick Zentner added a new Nick on the Fly video to his packet announcing it on Instagram (social media). You’ll need to follow his YouTube Channel to see when he plans to show it, so you can set your reminder for the time and date. It is going to cover Rimrock Lake (on White Pass-Hwy 12 west from Naches, WA), to discuss another exotic terrane which is called the Rimrock Inlier and has been studied by Bob Miller and other geologists.

Supper: thinly sliced pork fried with onion, corn-on the cob, red grapes, and crunchy butter pecan ice cream for dessert.
Now taking meds, and going to bed!

Saturday, Aug 29

The tops and roots of some of the onions were dry, so John trimmed those for storage. He’s wetting the landscaping activity to prevent dust, and alternating between onions, rocks, dirt, gravel, and fixing meals. Annie and he go for the papers and mail, and feeding the horses. The resident deer and cats are frequent companions. Woody is a stealthy watcher while Czar is like a familiar. Sue just lies around in the shade watching the activity.

I’ve been torn between computer chores, getting out information to the geology study group in preparation for tomorrow morning’s broadcast at 9:00 a.m. which has a worldwide audience.

The next “Photo” is to show the high wind speed (gusts) we experienced during the time we attended a gathering. At 4:20 this afternoon, we went 2.5 miles north to the end of Naneum Rd to a Celebration of Life party for two people–most recently, Beth Brunson, who died of a brain tumor. Damned cancer! Sad thing was she was only 58 and she had survived for 2.5 years the first time she had it by going through chemo and radiation. She was unwilling to through the treatment again, and made an understandable decision not to redo the ordeal.

The surviving family members put on a very nice BBQ gathering outside and invited many people in the valley. Everyone there visited during 43 mph wind gusts and 70 degree temps. I was dressed for it and still cold. I’m glad we went. Now I need to send a nice sympathy card to the family, via email to the couple’s daughter, even though I wrote in the guest book. Beth’s husband Randy died 3 years ago, also of cancer. Today’s activity was a joint Celebration of Life dedicated to the couple with several tables covered with books, photos, and photos on story posters of them in their younger days, being active in our community with their two children, especially in outdoor activities.

Supper: At the BBQ we had choices of several salads (including potato salad, Caesar salad), hamburger (I had ½), ½ bratwurst (excellent-should have had a whole one), chips, roast beef & turkey sliced meat), two items from a full table of many desserts, cookies, cakes and candies. We had one like a Nanaimo bar and another with Chex cereal, caramel, and chocolate.
Everyone at our table loved it. The photo here, from the web is close, but not quite what it looked like. Once home, we had some butter pecan crunch ice cream for dessert.
Take meds, fluoride teeth, post FitBit stats, and get some sleep!

Sunday, Aug 30

I had hot coffee to warm up this morning after a low outside temperature of 50° at 5:00 a.m.; inside, when the hallway got to 69°, John turned the heater on. Also, I made a strawberry protein shake to tide me through the morning before our brunch.

This was the geology of Washington excursion of the morning:

‘Nick on the Fly’ #19 – Rimrock Lake Exotic Bedrock, 8-30-20 (52 mins)

The YouTube description includes this: CWU’s Nick Zentner visits the Rimrock Lake Inlier in central Washington to continue learning about Mesozoic exotic terrane basement rocks.

This morning’s show added two more people to our study group.

Brunch today: Bacon, an egg, and a blueberry pancake, with coffee.

3:00 p.m. today, temp at airport is 77°; temp on our front porch is 75.6°. John’s napping.

Last week we were concerned about the hurricane threatening our friend Gina in Houston. With her broken leg and all her harbored rescue reptiles, there would be no way for her to evacuate. Happily, Hurricane Laura turned northeastward and did not threaten her. It did quite a job on Louisiana, however.

Supper: Spaghetti with sausage meat sauce.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

A week of the color orange

Monday, Aug 17 Ryegrass Hill sunrise by Cindi Crawford Ackerlund
Ryegrass is a rest stop on Interstate 90 with nearby wind power facilities. 10 miles down hill, to the east, is the Columbia River.

I called about Sirius XM and established it for another year of service for $69.68. That’s one of the best prices I’ve had in recent years. Considering we are not traveling in my car that much anymore, it is not necessary. However, we can access through our computer.

Wrote Kara Chin about Hike-A-Thon and renewal WTA. They are having it this year and we will be sponsoring her as usual. I processed her donation and stored in our folders for WTA & donations. Many of the office staff have been working out of their homes during Panic2020. So many activities are affected, and we learn of more daily.

I slept in this morning and it is going to be another hot afternoon, and problematic for the valley. Highest temperature at the airport today was 102°, but on our front porch, it was never higher than 96.9°. However, John needs to move our outside gauge, as it is presently in a hotter spot than it should be. Not as bad as the high temperatures at sensors in Death Valley, which are near a black asphalt parking lot.

We have a smoke-filled valley from 3 nearby fires in our region. Last night was so bad, that after the temps dropped to 77 (from 101), we couldn’t open the windows to cool down the house because the smoke was so severe. (As well, the high pressure didn’t help.) At least the high wind gusts have slowed that would fuel the fire.

John’s still outside working in 81° heat at 10:00 a.m. moving lumber cut in early July.

He vacuumed out the a/c filters on our heat pump this morning. We were using it late last night filtering the smoky air out of the house from leaving the doggie/cat door partially opened.

Now he’s unloading our dishwasher and going to worry about lunch.
Lunch: John made me a grilled cheese sandwich and we shared a banana. He had pork and rice from the freezer; cooked months ago.

I loaded some more soaked dishes in to the dishwasher today, but have been working on lots of different unrelated projects.
Did not have to cut John’s hair, as his dental appointment was postponed until Tuesday next week, and he had stuff he was doing today.
We received a nice package from a Zentner study group member who made cloth masks for John and me and sent them up from San Jose, CA. Thanks for her generosity.

Tuesday, Aug 18
Sunrise at the south rim of the Grand Canyon photographed by MotoJW photography (Jason Wiegand, from Wenatchee, WA) who has given me permission to publish his artistry.

Nice and cool for John’s morning work before it got up to 81°
I slept in until 8:30, after being up at 3:00, 5:00, & 7:00. Guess I needed it.

Hummingbird moth – I was introduced to this (never knew of before) by my friend in New Jersey, Elise Schlosser. I asked my lepidopterist friend, Caitlin LaBar about the moth and she said they are one of many several species of day-flying sphinx moths.Hummingbird moth by Elise in NJ; right pix from web
While searching ‘images’ for the moth, I found a video by Mark Fraser, truly a must watch:
Hummingbird Moth Natures Incredible Mimic! 3-30-14 (7 mins)
His commentary follows:

It doesn’t take long to be amazed by wildlife, in fact all one needs to do is simply to look closely. Many species have evolved to mimic other species as a survival mechanism and in the case of the Hummingbird Moth that is a truly an amazing thought. The wings of the humming bird moth are incredible and they hover just like the hummingbirds that give them their names sake. They are also a great example of why avoiding pesticides is so very important. Insects are the main staple of the food web for so many other species and also are amazing when we admire them with an open heart and open mind.

Today at the Bi-Mart Pharmacy, I bought two packs of GenTeal Severe Dry Eye Gel Tears and picked up John’s medication refill. Also picked up Bingo cards at the AAC so I can play, via ZOOM, on Thursday. I went for my monthly blood draw (INR was 2.7), and will go back, 9/15. Then we went by Joanie’s for my blue pants she added elastic to the waist. I was wearing the purple ones she did for me last week.

A nice sunset photo from a former student in the 1970s (at Idaho), Jerry Johnson (now a senior executive at ESRI), but on summer vacation in Wisconsin. This sunset in Ephraim, WI over Lake Michigan from the peninsula that juts out into the Great Lakes in the NE part of the state.Supper: Chicken stir-fry, with mushrooms, our onions, 3 colors bell peppers. Toasted English Muffin bread slice. Dessert: one last piece of Key Lime pie shared between us with a half a caramel ice cream bar each.

Wednesday, Aug 19

Our workers, Jesse and Willie returned this morning early, while still cool, to work on building the forms for the concrete ramp under the new covered entrance. They just left to go get the company’s 2 dump trucks to pick up a little more than a ton of gravel for the base of the walkway, to prevent its settling and cracking. They left to transfer trucks, and will return to spread the gravel.

At 11:00 a.m. the temperature outside is up to 84° at the airport, and on our front porch it’s 89.2°. John’s out working partially in the shade on some of his landscaping projects.

I’m tackling various in house and on computer chores. Got my “jobs list” site worked up ahead, and need to send a few job notices. Loaded the clothes washer and John helped unload the dishwasher, and then helped with the transfer of wet clothes into the clothes dryer. He can reach farther into the wash tub than I can.

While starting my morning computer I opened Facebook to find that a former colleague at CWU Geography, now in Deland, FL had his house hit by a tree, tornado blowdown, but thankfully, he is fine.

At 1:00 p.m., it’s up to 90° at airport; here on the front porch: 91.6°.

3:30 p.m. just off the phone in an 18-minute nice conversation with our 102 yrs. old cousin in PA, using our speaker phone. What a lovely person. Ethel has no health problems except Macular Degeneration but still lives alone, in the same town with her daughter, Pat. She is amazing. Her mind is sharp and if we want to know anything about family history, she’s still able to provide details. We so much enjoy talking with her. Her biggest problem is not being able to see enough to dial her own phone.

5:00 p.m., 89° at airport; 87.4° on our front porch.

Supper: rest of the chicken stir-fry, with tomatoes from our garden, red grapes, meatloaf & beans with franks, piece of buttered English Muffin Bread loaf toasted.

Thursday, Aug 20

I called this morning about an eye appointment. We are scheduled for Sept 30th, Wednesday, at 9:50 a.m. We must call from the parking lot, wear masks, the technician comes out and checks our temperature, and brings us paperwork to fill out. Chairs will be outside the building. This COVID thing has really altered everyone’s lives and businesses (even medical, dental, and vision are caught in the middle). At least they are finally open for business. Normally, we go in in May, but they were closed completely then.

From my camera, I transferred my videotape of the gravel dump trucks for walkway and other still photos, from yesterday’s work. Then I processed the video to YouTube.
Here is it for your viewing pleasure.

Dusty dumping a load of gravel (1.5 mins)

By 10:00 a.m. I was ready to rest. I sat in my recliner and had some fun & relaxation with the Game Day of Bingo. It was held via Zoom from the Senior Center, officially recognized by the name Ellensburg Adult Activity Center.
Next Thursday, we’ll be playing Yahtzee. That should be a lot of fun. I’ll be going by Tuesday to pick up my cards and dice.

Brunch: Pork CheddarWurst “dog” fried and served with pork & beans, I had a slice of English Muffin Bread toast with butter. John had added ham bites also.

Spent over an hour soaking my feet, cleaning, and cutting my overgrown toenails. Our foot doctor closed at COVID and has not yet caught up, if he is even open yet at all. We’ve not heard. We’ve already done our own twice. Medicare was covering the cost. I wore myself out and should have taken a stronger pain pill for my left shoulder before using it to stabilize the toes to do the trimming.

For a couple of years I’ve been calling Gerald (from the music group) just before a TV program he watches. Now he goes to a son’s house for supper, spending the night, and he now has started calling me earlier — 4:30 today.

I keep working on emails, and then I was so tired I took a 2-hr nap. John had had his earlier in the afternoon.

Supper: Nancy had Chicken Noodle soup, added chicken breast meat, red grapes, Cheez-its, and ice cream for dessert. John had ham & beans, red grapes, and piece of pecan pie.

Friday, Aug 21

John’s morning chores were accomplished in cooler temps. It was warm all night because of clouds, and we even had some rain last night. I heard it on the sky light. Not enough to wet the dry grass. Western WA got more, and also in the mountains.

Afternoon at 5:00 p.m. PST is Kathy Williams-DeVries livestream program of music from Brisbane, Australia. Jonathan Cohler, an international clarinet virtuoso from Boston, MA, will be her guest. She’s known him for 2 decades.

Kathy talks to Jonathan Cohler

Supper: small bowl of crockpot chili, red grapes, our own red cherry tomatoes, fried onion rings, glass for me of PowerAde. John will have pecan pie and ice cream for dessert, and I’ll just have ice cream.

We had another delivery of gravel today; a full load of washed material from the crusher. You can see a still photo of the first unload of about half the dump truck and the associated story, below in John’s Friday column, Not So Nasty News. It’s another interesting column you don’t want to miss.

This video is of the unloading of the second half, closer to the house. Near the end you can see the forms waiting for another big truck to bring the cement. If your eyes are really sharp, the dark line to the right of the wood plank is the run-off from our little bit of rain.

More gravel for projects

Fires are raging in California. I sent this report to our study group which has many members affected, and we have friends and relatives in CA as well we are concerned about. Thoughts and prayers for all those involved and especially the firefighters.This is a still above taken from time-lapse photography of fires started by lightning strikes, viewable in the article as a video. All information provided is instructive with the fires threatening many California cities; Vacaville is seriously engulfed with fire. Many in the state are in danger. Note: You may have to close and accept cookies to view the video part at the beginning.

Western U.S. on Fire from Lightning Barrage

Cliff has another interesting post on Sunday: Fog UFO Spotted in the Strait of Juan De Fuca!

There is a blog archive on the right side.

Saturday, Aug 22

Orange sunrise through the eyes of a spider:This unique view was photographed from a bridge by Evie Schuetz on her early morning walk in Kittitas, WA. The web is empty; a caption might be “Waiting for breakfast.”

I’ve been slowing working on soaking dishes and loading them into the dishwasher. Also putting in time on the blog creation, and on getting information to the group about Nick Zentner’s plans for a ‘Nick on the Fly’ episode in the morning at 9:00 a.m.

John’s been doing various outside chores. Hottest was digging out some more onions and bringing them into the shade of the carport to trim the leaves and the roots off. Early on before the temperatures increased, he was out rearranging the gravel at the base of the to-be concrete walkway entrance to our front door.

This arrived on Facebook today, from that gal mentioned above as a lepidopterist, Caitlin LaBar. Her photograph and comments are below:Noticed this Fork-tailed Bush Katydid as I was getting in my truck this morning. Exciting find, I’ve never seen a big green katydid before! I moved her over to the bushy area so she wouldn’t get squished.
Katydid was on my tire, I thought it was weird that a leaf would have stuck to the side of the tire so I took a closer look.

Supper: Fried Chicken Breast, red grapes, cherry tomatoes, ice cream for me for dessert, and John added pecan.

Sunday, Aug 23

Up at 4:30 a.m. with the cats outside wanting fed. Then slept in until 6:00 when John got up and we decided to sleep another hour. He wanted to get an early start before the heat of the day while it was still cool. I slept in another hour before needing to awake and watch a Nick field excursion.
This morning at 9:00 a.m., we had almost 700 folks around Earth watching an incredibly amazing adventure. It has views, breathtaking hikes, and even his family (son & girlfriend) climbing the rocks. Walked right by a large rattler, who moved out of Nick’s path. You must view this episode, it’s a classic.
‘Nick on the Fly’ #14 – Smith Rock 8-23-20 (31 mins)
CWU’s Nick Zentner travels to central Oregon to visit Smith Rock State Park. 31 minutes. Recorded on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Topics: Crooked River Caldera, Supervolcanoes, rhyolitic welded tuff, Yellowstone Hot Spot, and related things.

Just took me ½ hour to put in all my meds for the week into a container.
Soon, I’ll be fixing me a protein nutrition drink to tide me over until lunch. John’s planning to do some watering and come in to fix a ham omelet. We had a bowl of fruit cocktail and banana to go along with it and a bunch of red grapes. I helped with fixing a bowl of eggs, and washing and de-stemming the grapes. We have an excess of eggs now. I’ll have to make an egg salad. I used to fix a salad to take to a Wednesday Noon music gig: with Iceberg lettuce, smoked turkey or chicken, pistachios, and can add some of our garden tomatoes, and a hard boiled egg. For croutons, I use Cheez-its. That won’t use many eggs, so I’ll have to give some away.

Cooler this morning in Ellensburg, going to 49° before 7:00 a.m.; however, the predicted high today is 85° so it will be warm. At
11:00 it’s 71°, at 3:00 we reached 88°.
John alternated out-and-in; work/rest/drink – trying to not do things in the sun. He’s gone out to move a hose from one to another of our pine trees, and now back in to cook us a ham omelet for brunch. The cats are outside as his companions.

Late afternoon call from a dear friend in Houston, TX.
Two hurricanes are headed toward her.

We talked for ½ hour. She fell and broke her right leg over a month ago, had surgery, and is in a boot now for 3 days but still using a scooter to get around her house. She’s a high school teacher but has to ask for help with getting groceries and going anywhere, because she cannot drive. She also has runs a volunteer reptile rescue operation and needs help caring for all the animals, although she can do some.

Supper: Progresso Soup with added cooked chicken breast. John had breaded cod, fried.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Hot. EBRG 101°F

Monday, Aug 10

We’ve been beginning our recent week’s blogs with photos of sunflowers; today is no exception. First, from the Badger Pocket, SE of us about 20 miles.This lovely farm scene was photographed by Lise McGowan.
Four days later she followed with this lovely photograph:Lovely sunflower field closer up by Lise McGowan, w/ Mt. Rainier.

Here’s another by my friend, Glenn, he took on a bike ride during our haying season in the valley.Hay field fluffed & ready to bale on Thrall Rd, by Glenn Engels

John arose before me and took care of a lot of things early, inside and outside. I slept in until 8:30 having been up until midnight, and 3 times during the night with feline demands. I did not get a restful sleep.
He’s out again until the temperature rises higher; it went much higher than predicted, so he came back in the house. It’s been 90° on the front thermometer or another one recorded 92°.

Called the Ellensburg Animal Hospital several times about my bill for Myst. Their line has been temporarily down, for several hours, so I emailed asking them to call me. Nothing. I called again later and had to leave a message. So, tomorrow, we’ll have to drive by the office to offer our credit card payment.
Finally, at 4:00 p.m. a call from the vet, our bill is paid, and the receipt emailed. They had the wrong email address listed for us.
Called Bi-Mart Pharmacy for my Amiodarone quartered 200 mg at 9:00 a.m. and they will have it for me to pick up tomorrow.

Tuesday, Aug 11

Bad night with sleep interruptions by animals and unknown reasons. I managed to sleep in until 8:15 a.m. and John was outside moving rocks, feeding, watering, and any number of things I don’t know.

Took my weekly medication on an empty stomach, and spent ½ hour in the kitchen with unloading the dishwasher, and reloading with soaked dishes. Continued that through the morning. Had some food and set up my computer for the day.

In setting up, I found some disturbing news about the health of a former professor in in our graduate school days at the University of Iowa. David Reynolds had last told us July 22 this year he was in the hospital with severe breathing problems caused by having pulmonary hypertension.
He posted this statement to his Facebook page two days ago: To all my friends–Today my doctors told me that my medications are not working and that I have only a limited time to live. I will be on palliative care starting tomorrow. It has been my privilege to know each of you. I have had a very good life and I hope all of you do!

We exchanged some personal message via Facebook. He’s David R. Reynolds on Facebook.

Lunch: Our homegrown tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese grilled sandwich.

1:00 p.m. today I watched this video:

‘Nick on the Fly’ #10 – Peoh Point with Jeff Tepper

Afterwards, we drove to town. We started at the Driver’s Licensing building because as John was loading our cooler in the car, he saw the License Tab had expired in May. The State is supposed to send a reminder. We did not receive one. I called and the man in charge said the State had been negligent on getting them out. So I just had to give him my license plate number, and he pulled it up, told me what I owed, and I wrote him a check for $68 (saving a 3% fee add-on for using a credit card) and took it outside, where John adhered the tab.

I picked up our meds and a cloth face mask at BiMart Pharmacy pickup window while John checked for the page of numbers. John says other than being pretty, they seem oddly constructed and non-functionable. Once you touch them the place doesn’t want them back. We do have another. Later John found one in the pocket of his jeans – covered with hay debris and dirt.

I get pro-biotic at a commercial exercise gym. I called the front desk 509-962-6200 at the Gym before going to the lobby. That took much more time than planned, but I left with one bottle that will last for 2 months.

While we were out driving around the temps were in the 70s but the wind speed was 46 mph gusts. Lots of time with errands in town. Also collected some free rewards groceries at Safeway on our last stop.

Supper: stir fry chicken, red, yellow, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, Cheez-its, red grapes.

Wednesday, Aug 12

Slept in until 8:30 a.m.

Get email send to study group and change shoes to walk up to take photo of free chairs at end of driveway giveaway.Still there, may need to have Habitat for Humanity come out and take some of our stuff away (when they get their truck fixed)
On the way out John showed me a table and chairs we have had for many years in the shed where I park my car. He uncovered them and brought them into the yard. These are going to be moved into our new room, under the ceiling fan.The wood on the chairs & table needs some refinishing work, and there is a centerpiece insert for the table. This is all serviceable, but needs cleaned and polished, and just a little stain and paint.

The hills north of us are wearing away, and heading to the Pacific Ocean. Diversions from the streams carry a fine silt. Any place where the water slows there is deposition. To have a place to put in a hose, John has built a small dam. The space needs cleaning a couple of times each season.We know to clean it when Annie gets muck on her legs. She gets in, cools off, drinks, and then carries some of the silt away.

Last night we spent over an hour in high winds unloading “stuff” from the back of the Ford Pick-up looking for an external CD/DVD drive I have had forever. John cleaned boxes from the den and we missed seeing it. I know where it was under a table there in a computer case and all that ended up under the canopy. We looked through every box, computer bag, and container in the truck and did not find it. Tired and frustrated, I finally came in and ordered one on Amazon that will be delivered this Friday. I need it to load the CD with TurboTax software.

Supper: For an appetizer, we had a ½ ear of white corn. Then for the main meal, we had the rest of the chicken stir-fry left over from yesterday, with red grapes, and a piece of Sour Dough Bread loaf toasted and buttered.

Thursday, Aug 13

Our Dahlia (over wintered) and a thistle by Elise Schlosser in NJ.
The caterpillar will become a Monarch & these she took as well.

Up at 4:45 to 5:00 with cats, but back to sleep, still very tired from yesterday’s activities and after midnight computer frustrations. I slept in until almost 8:30 a.m.

Watched #46 Nick Podcast Cle Elum Exotic Terranes and recommended to others to do before tonight’s presentation.

‘Nick on the Fly’ #11 – Mission Ridge with Mike Eddy and Erin Donaghy, 8-13-20 (23 mins)

Brunch: Bacon, English Muffin Toast with Apricot Preserves, bananas and peaches, tomato from our garden.

Supper: Ham, butternut squash and pecans, grapes, cherry tomatoes, with Key Lime pie for dessert.

Friday, Aug 14

Three more website sends from – Carl Hurlburt in Granger, WA

Welcome to Klickitat Canyon, Washington’s newest Conservation Area

Northern China, first supercontinent

Scientists have found what may be the 2 billion-year-old birthmarks of Earth’s first supercontinent, by Huaiyu Yuan, 8-6-2020

I’m ending Carl’s list with the best of all recently sent (I think):

Uncharted Territory: David Thompson on the Columbia Plateau

I’m partial because I own this book by Jack Nisbit: Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson Across North America—bought from him (with a couple others) when he came to be the keynote speakers at a Washington Geographers’ conference held at CWU Geography Department. He’s an excellent speaker.

Description of the book: In this true story of adventure, author Jack Nisbet re-creates the life and times of David Thompson—fur trader, explorer, surveyor, and mapmaker. From 1784 to 1812, Thompson explored western North America, and his field journals provide the earliest written accounts of the natural history and indigenous cultures of the what is now British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Thompson was the first person to chart the entire route of the Columbia river, and his wilderness expeditions have become the stuff of legend. Jack Nisbet tracks the explorer across the content, interweaving his own observations with Thompson’s historical writings. The result is a fascinating story of two men discovering the Northwest territory almost two hundred years apart.

Finally, this afternoon, a number of us joined Kathy Williams-Devries from Brisbane, Australia at 5:30 p.m. PST for music.

What has Kathy been doing in Lockdown?

Kathy’s Lockdown Recordings Playlist

Supper: Bowl of crockpot chili, piece of breaded cod, curly fries, bowl of pears, and Key lime pie for dessert.

Saturday, Aug 15

John out at 7:00 a.m. taking care of things before the temperatures rise, which they did. Supposed to be a very hot today and tomorrow, but thankfully, low humidity.
I have to go to town today for a couple of things. I came home with stuff for me and for Myst, our horse on Senior Equine pellets.

John mentioned some interesting items in his Friday post, below in Not So Nasty News — this worth seeing in Item #4: Wind to see strong winds reversing waterfalls at the beach cliffs in Sydney, Australia.

Supper: Tender ham cooked in with mushrooms in brown (roasted turkey) gravy, with our homegrown purple onion (our own purple onion), served with a side of Steakhouse Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes (with real milk, butter, cracked Pepper, & Sea Salt), we got from the refrigerated cabinet of the meat department (as a free rewards give). Other sides were red grapes, and some of our homegrown tomatoes, medium-size, not cherry).For dessert will be Key Lime pie with strawberries.

Sunday, Aug 16

This morning at 9:00 a.m., Nick had several hundred folks from around Earth watching:

Ghost Volcanoes

CWU’s Nick Zentner and wife Liz hiked (previously recorded, 8-7-20) at Cash Prairie– 40 miles west of Yakima – into the William O. Douglas Wilderness to discuss signs of ancient volcanoes, now gone, and thus “ghosts”. 20 minutes. Topics: Goat Rocks Volcano, Mt Adams, Mt Rainier, Rimrock Inlier, & Burnt Mountain.

I must test my new External CD Drive so I can load my TurboTax software (never got done)

Now we have a 2nd in one day from Nick on the Fly, just announced this afternoon.Myrl Beck, 87 yr old, Geologist, Bellingham, WA

‘Nick on the Fly’ #13 – Bellingham, WA with researcher of Baja-BC, Myrl E. Beck (an Emeritus Prof of Geology at Western Washington University) presented 8-16-20 (43 mins)

CWU’s Nick Zentner travels to Bellingham to visit with pioneering geologist Myrl Beck – the founder of the concept that parts of Washington State were once 2,000 miles south (Baja California). Recorded 8-9-20. Topics: Paleomagnetism, Mount Stuart Batholith, Baja BC evidence, Exotic Terranes, granitic rocks of the west coast, and more.

99° at the airport and 96.9° on our front porch. I knew it would go higher that the predicted high. Humidity is only 11%. Recorded high at the EBRG Airport (KELN) was 101°F.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Changes, Flowers, & Field Trips

Monday, Aug 3

What a difference a week makes!On the patio behind our house, last week’s then single sunflower has added multiple surrounding blooms. But note at the very top the petals have started their demise.

Now, comparing changes within the new room where our attached 2-car garage was previously:Shelving moved from new room through swinging door to the new utility room. I’m standing where the chest freezer will be, and a new Upright Chest Freezer will be placed in the fall where purple bag of dry cat food is above. We’ll have to redo the plumbing connections eventually on the well water treatment.Not to scale, but shows the start of John’s computer desk setup, across the room (behind him) where he’s put up temporarily a Radio/CD player and two speakers. We will be putting the speakers on oak wood two-drawer filing cabinets, and the player in the center on something yet to be determined.

Call from Safeway this morning, to come by Customer Service desk to pick up 2 boxes of Kellogg’s 100% All Bran Buds at $5.99/each. We shall do it tomorrow when in town.
Two more Robocallers blocked today-at least one was political, the day before the election.
I know I worked on things throughout the day, but apparently too busy to make any notes.

Tuesday, Aug 4

Started the morning a little later than usual, but we’d been up till midnight and longer for me last night, trying to complete a document for proofing to send to a fellow Zentnerd in Europe.

This is my morning to have nothing to drink or eat, and to take a weekly pill followed by not lying down for ½ hour and then eating. Today I have to connect my backup external drive for an automatic backup of all new files on my computer at Noon. It can do it without me at home on the computer, but having it in sleep mode.

I loaded and started the dishwasher before we went to town.
We didn’t leave till afternoon, delayed by a visiting neighbor who came down with a gift. It was a salmon he caught where the Okanagan River joins the Columbia River. The Okanagan flows south (Map here) across an open and hot sunny landscape. Its water is warmer than the fish will enter, so they are bunching up in the cooler, larger, river. He took some onions; we had nothing else.

In EBRG, our first stop was to Carl’s Jr for a coupon special of two different sandwiches for each (BOGO—Buy One, Get One free), which we ate on for a couple more meals. From there, on to another place to get some groceries at 10% off, on the first Tues of the month (just on Kroger products—John’s cola drinks). Only bought a few mostly diet on the shelves. While there, we bought some yogurt on sale for the last day at the lower price.
Went by Safeway to the Customer Service desk to pick up 2 boxes of Kellogg’s 100% All Bran Buds. Carmen set this up last week, and checked me out this week.

Drove by Joanie’s taking my old and new neck pillow, an unwanted hot curry package, and some just harvested onions. She has a piece of white fleece she’ll make a pattern for to sew me a cover for my old pillow whose inflatable bellows will only hold one night. Now I have a backup.

We drove by a townhouse on N. Brook Court, to pick up a hairdryer I requested on a free Facebook site. I left a container for her of a few cherry tomatoes.
From Nick’s mudroom I picked up a large envelope with my Craters of the Moon on the Snake River Plain materials. I had loaned him for one of the 75 livestreams.

Wednesday, Aug 5

Midweek of a smoky time in our Kittitas Valley. Regional winds from a fire in northern California – 83,000 acres, called the July Complex – carried smoke into Washington. The fire, red dot, was just south of the OR/CA border. It is close to “contained”, but not fully even on Sunday evening.

The Yellowstone “Hot Spot”
This is a fellow we met and videotaped his lecture in a local Ellensburg IAF Chapter that meets monthly at the CWU Geology building. Those meetings are now canceled for the fall, along with Nick’s downtown lecture series.

Mike Poland: Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Monthly Update: August 1, 2020- (4 mins)

Supper: Sliced roast beef thanks to our new gadget, an electric slicer. So excited about watching him use the slicer, I have forgotten what we ate with it. John put a boneless round roast in the slow-cooker, then put that in the fridge over night. We liked the outcome.

Thursday, Aug 6

About 25 miles north of us:
Tonight at 6:00 p.m. is another ‘Nick on the Fly’ field trip, this to Camas Meadows, presented by his Native guest Randy Lewis. This was a beautiful trip down memory lane with his cultural heritage reflections of living and communicating with nature in the Wenatchee Mountains and meadows.He actually started this presentation in the high hills, rocks, and dirt, above the meadows with some powerful stories.

‘Nick on the Fly’ #9 – Camas Meadows with Randy Lewis

Below is some background information on the meadows with directions to the site, restrictions, and parking notes (one needs a state Discover Pass to enter):
Other interesting facts about the old wildflowers: Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve
WTA Trail Guide– Camas Meadows
and here’s a comment from the locale newspaper in Wenatchee, regarding the place. Camas Meadows, where the checker-mallow is found, is a beautiful sweeping grassland amongst a ponderosa pine forest with a stand of alders in the middle. Camas Creek cuts through the center of the alder stand. It’s unique to have a meadow at about 3,000 feet of elevation (Wenatchee World News).
Supper: Spaghetti and beef round sliced with a bean/tomato chili mixture John made. Side of peaches and banana, and orange juice.

Friday, Aug 7

Up at 4:00 to 5:00 with cats, but back to sleep, still very tired from yesterday’s activities. I slept in until almost 9:00 p.m., but I was up later than desired last night.

John was up and around doing inside and outside chores. The temperatures are lower today, starting out in the 60s, only supposed to go to 70s today. We are staying home.

Called my PCP’s office to leave a message, for call back by Lizzy or Kaylein to transfer prescription from Kaiser Permanente (mail order) to Bi-Mart Pharmacy for John’s Hydrochlorothiazide (needs to be 25 mg tablet cut in half, which makes it the best price (yeah, I’ll play their games), and the pharmacy obliges by halving these for us. His dosage is 12.5 mg. I never received a response (which I had requested). Telephone communication with that office is next to impossible. I should have left a message with a triage nurse who knows me well, to honcho the request.

Our neighbors’ son must have gotten more ammunition as he is out shooting again. It’s right next to our pasture land, but the horses are not bothered by it, because they’re used to it.
Lunch: John fixed a grilled cheese, roast beef, & mushroom sandwich for lunch; it was scrumptious.

John harvested more onions today, and has written it up in his weekly blog column, Not So Nasty News. Check it out (has nice photo descriptors). Also has some nasty news included about Water Hemlock near our irrigation ditch.
John introduced a term I had not previously known of: (the Wisconsinan Glacier): interesting for the geologists reading this blog. We learned it simply as the Wisconsin Glacier. This mention is of an appearance in Ohio.

Check this link:
Wisconsinan Glacier

As well, he harvested some red cherry tomatoes, which we enjoyed with supper tonight.
His column is full of interesting material, go ahead below mine and go through his Not So Nasty News.

Today, I sent this message to the Geology study group, about two upcoming videos.
Next are the next TWO ‘Nick on the Fly’ programs, #10 & #11. Titles only, so please keep an eye on his YouTube channel for the expected time and date, and when I know the URLs, I’ll notify the study group.
Here is what I know about #10: Peoh Point. Nick will be south of Cle Elum, WA with his guest, Geologist, Jeff Tepper, University of Puget Sound.

Here is what I know about #11: Mission RidgeNick will be on Mission Ridge with his guest, Mike Eddy, Geologist & Geochronologist from Purdue University

Cancelled the music from Australia because our leader, Kathy, was not feeling well.
Supper: Beef crockpot chili, red cherry tomatoes, peaches & banana salad.

Next is something that arrived at 6:30 p.m. from Nick via his message on Instagram I just happened to refresh and see 9 mins after he posted, for his field trip series ‘Nick on the Fly’ – Cash Prairie and a hike into the William O Douglas Wilderness Area, near Rimrock Lake, in view of Mt. Rainier, Goats Rocks Wilderness and Mt. Adams. He will hike into Shellrock Peak, and look at deposits from Ghost Volcanoes. Check this out for #12 in the series.Map and Satellite image of area, between Yakima, WA & White Pass, Hwy 12 takes you along the north edge of Rimrock Lake.

Saturday, Aug 8

Started the morning with normal sleeping in for me, and John was up and working in the new room on his computer. Now he’s done his morning feeding chores, and I’ve been up working on my projects. The most interesting is a phone call request which was all though messages only with the nurse of my PCP about a prescription for John being transferred from one pharmacy to another. They received the phone request in the morning and were supposed to call me back in person to discuss the details. I thought I was clear about that, and the details, but I never received any call. This morning, however, I received a call from the pharmacy for pick-up today of the med. I called to check and found it was the right drug, but with the wrong number of months covered. It was filled for one month, not 3 which all of ours normally are. It’s now been corrected, and we will pick it up next Tuesday.

My main chore today is working on the weekly blog, and to load dirty dishes.
Brunch: Bacon, peaches, blueberry pecan pancake with maple syrup.
Nice temperatures for working outside today and tomorrow (in the 70s (currently 64°) with a 32 mph breeze. Tomorrow in the low 80s, Monday higher 80s, Tuesday back to lower 80s highs, Wednesday cools to 70s. At 3:00 p.m., wind gusts went to 38 mph. Next Sunday – 90°, maybe.

We did receive our mail earlier than usual today, and delivery of our newspaper. The front page had an interesting story which relates to several of the videos we have been recently getting from Nick to South Cle Elum Ridge and to Easton’s Cabin Creek. Unfortunately, the article started on the front page of the paper and moved 6 pages back to be completed, giving me a difficult time to get the text into a form that could be read in here, so I did the best I could. There is going to be a survey of county residents, and I know Darcy Batura who is involved in the planning in the upper county, so I wrote her, asking how to be sure to be included in the survey. She said she would keep me in the loop.
I’ll put the two parts below separately so they are readable. The map I put in the header serves the best information about the land use patterns of ownership.Finally, change of subject:
Here’s an important background for those who enjoyed Randy Lewis’ presentation Thursday night this week, to catch his presentation back during the Nick from Home Episode in June (#59), if you missed it then.
The link is way below (at the bottom) and other info you need to watch before the actual presentation of Native American Geology.
Nick will comment a few minutes through the storytelling by Randy Lewis, in a video which was filmed by students and merged later into the final video. The most amazing thing to me is that the students filmed Randy at a separate time from when they filmed Nick, and then, with their teachers help they merged the parts of the story so it looked as if it was give and take and shared throughout the time.

I’m going to start with that, so you are sure to watch that 24-minute Vimeo video (with password protection) before you watch Nick’s video with Randy, which is a field trip to Wenatchee along the Columbia River there, looking down from up on the hill on the way to Saddle Rock. In Ellensburg, we are not far (straight distance, without roads) from there over Colockum Ridge into the Kittitas Valley.

Okay, the password you will need is Spexman Uppercase on the S is required.
The link to the Vimeo, is: just click on this link below, and then type in the Spexman password by hand, unless you can copy/paste it.

The Winter’s Tale; Dragon Spexman; Narrated by Randy Lewis; comments interspersed with geology by Nick Zentner (23 mins)

Please watch this all above, before viewing the video below.
You may have a white bar covering the bottom of the screen that blocks the translation of the Indian language appearing in yellow. Click on the X to remove that obstacle.
Actually, on the bottom far right, click on the insignia with 4 dots, and moving your cursor over it, it says “enter full screen”. You truly want to do that to watch the whole program.
After you watch it, then go here for Nick’s field trip with Randy down from Saddle Rock but above the Columbia River.

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #59 – Native American Geology (6-6-20)

At 5:00 p.m. our wind gusts are up to 43 mph
Supper: Shrimp, fried onion rings, bowl of homemade crockpot chili, blueberry pie and frozen strawberry yogurt for dessert.

Sunday, Aug 9

Early morning, there was a 5.1 Earthquake 2.5 miles from Sparta, NC just south of VA and just east of Tenn. First time since 1916.

Sparta, 5.1 Earthquake

John’s worked outside moving rocks, for over an hour and fed the horses. He’s back in the new room now working on his computer and will be returning to the kitchen to fix an omelet.

I’m working on the blog, and other household chores.
John put together a brunch; large so left-overs for Monday. Started with a cheese omelet with 3 colors of bell peppers, tomatoes, & mushrooms, and some of the thin sliced beef. Also, home fries with onion and mushrooms. Orange juice.

I’d started unloading the dishwasher, he did more, but still it needs finished.
I stopped to put in all my meds in the dispenser for the week. Okay, all in and back to the blog. Temperature went up to 81, and John came inside to the cooler house (73 without a/c turned on). The room intended as a “living room” has lots of glass on the west side and it warms up. That’s on the fix and improve list.

I just checked Instagram and found that this afternoon Nick posted another field trip (to Bellingham, WA) to a backyard interview with Myrl E. Beck, Emeritus Prof of Geology at Western Washington University. Add that to our list, as #13 more details to follow as I learn them.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Animals, Flowers, & Memories

Monday, July 27

Starting off with a compilation of pictures from friends afar:Left 3 by Elise Schlosser in NJ-Turkey Vulture, Squirrel, & Smoke Signal Clouds; Right by Maude Buszek in MI-Gold Finch & Thistle.

Today, my PCP verified my dosage in my Atorvastatin and the prescription has been sent to Bi-Mart Pharmacy for the best price. Melanie is my tech there who took care of giving me all the financial information I needed to make my decisions. I transferred 4 scripts there to save many dollars.

Temperature supposed to go to 96° today.
Today at 3:00 p.m. I’m going around the rural block a mile for my haircut with Celia. Luckily, she has a/c as well as we and my car.
John moved a few buckets of rocks this morning for our yard landscaping project, watered plum trees and raspberries, and will be watering squash plants later. He returned to the house and went out and picked 10 ounces of raspberries. He’ll wait to pick more in the morning, when there’s no sun on them.

Need to work on Martijn report from the Netherlands on European geology, in a document to share with the study group. Also received a document from Kathy in Queensland, Australia, who wanted me to “proof” her script of the geology field trip tomorrow night on “The Building Stones of the Brisbane CBD.” Today is when she plans to record it. They are still in winter there. I need to review that and get comments back to her. It’s only 3:10 a.m. in OZ. Got my comments sent to her before she’d be out on the road.

None of the workers have come today. Possibly too hot for morning work in the sun and they have other projects. We are currently 6° higher than the airport 5 miles south of us (they posted 76° at 9:53 a.m. (but that would have been for the past hour). Our outside thermometer is not well located for morning readings. The siding on the house near where the unit hangs is dark brown and gets direct sun from sunrise to about 10 AM.

Another Robocaller blocked; been doing 1-2/day for weeks.
Just succeeded in renewing my 2-year free subscription to Aramco World, and sent the link to Elaine Glenn for her to initiate a subscription. Internet makes it so much easier than when we started years ago. It is on-line now, also – Aramco World . Cute owl photo there now. Photographer, Mohammad Khorshed, claims it is the best photo he has ever taken.

At 3:00 p.m. I went a mile around our rural block for my haircut from Celia. Dropped by Ken Swedberg’s truck to pick up from his visor a cloth mask he was given and gave me.

John went in the heat (but mostly on a shaded driveway) to pick up the mail today. Brought back a fabulous card from the Senior Center (Ellensburg Adult Activity Center), computer-made solely with pictures from prior years. So from them via USPS, to our scanner, and now to you:
Panic2020 closed the AAC, along with everything else in town, so I have missed a lot of the normal activities since the middle of March. Above I was a clown in A Fair to Remember, Christmas party, St. Patrick’s Day, A Classic Car Show, A Christmas Past with and old friend who passed this year, lower left sitting on Santa’s knee, John & I at AAC, on around to the Heart-shaped image of us, taken on our 50th Anniversary while at another party at the center, where we also celebrated the day, 7/12/19.

Supper: Meatloaf & beans, breaded shrimp, John’s homemade applesauce, French fried onion rings, and chocolate chip cookie dough pie for dessert.

Tuesday, July 28

Nice sunflower was blooming alone but now some neighbors are coming out of their buds. That will make all the birds happy eventually, and we’ll have a good view out the back patio door.We had a much smaller few in the garden over a week or more ago.

John’s been up and out mowing dry grass up by the county road, graining the horses, and I slept in. Now up, took my weekly Alendronate and am getting something in my stomach, plus enjoying a cup of coffee.

I’m staying home with high expected of 92° today, less than yesterday’s 99°. A hot week.

Lunch: John fixed us a grilled cheese & bacon sandwich, bowl of fruit: banana and peaches, with a drink.
Much time spent with major problems getting cleaned-up on my laptop Dell computer, with willing help by my guru, David at ComputAbility in EBRG. His machine commands repaired the problems with bad files in my memory, that he thinks might have been caused by a power surge. That had made my computer unstable and it was crashing regularly. It lost its way. The system commands found and repaired many issues. Maybe my life will be easier now. It has been stressing me big time, as many of you have heard. Fingers crossed for a new lease on life with a working computer.

John left for town to buy an upright freezer for the new Utility Room. There are none available.
When Panic2020 started folks not only bought toilet paper but apparently to have something to store it in, they bought freezers. Two of the local stores claim they don’t expect any until October. We don’t need one, except for the convenience, so now are hoping for a Christmas sale or something. Jeez. The economy has been flattened and the virus/sickness goes on.

Temperature at the airport up at 2:00 p.m. to 95°. John’s out in the hottest part of the day splashing water on squash and tomatoes, and it’s likely to get hotter.

I loaded some dishes earlier and now need to do more. Just did and now they are soaking. Need to get out the announcement to the study group about tonight’s scheduled field trip about Geology, from Australia.
For tonight, Kathy has given members of the study group interested in geology, two options for viewing her field trip.
One went live at 5:30 p.m. on Facebook.
I prefer the YouTube version, which came on at 7 p.m. Not everyone has Facebook, so those people were there too. As you are watching, look at the different rock types used in the buildings. The Brisbane tuff is very colorful, and the swirls in the sandstone quarried is amazing.

The History and Building Stones of the Brisbane CBD

Supper: Cordon Bleu, applesauce, butternut squash with marshmallows & pecans.

Wednesday, July 29

Awakened by 8:00 call from RCI, the company that handled the condo-week banking and transfers we’ve used for years. We are done with those, but the dues were paid in advance. As few are traveling, they may not last. Up at 5:00 with cats. Sadly, also up at 3:00 a.m. with problems and inability to sleep with new replacement neck pillow. I even changed my incline level/angle, to adjust. It does not fit as my old one to give support at the back of my neck. Mostly for me, the new one presses high on my cheeks and ears, a cheek/ear pillow, not a neck pillow. It has a smaller and narrower inflated support at the nape of the pillow on the back of my neck. I tried my best and finally gave up and went back to my old one. Thankfully, I finally got some more hours of sleep. I’m going to see if I can remove the cover from the old one, and deflate the new one to put in the encasing. Will do in the daytime. It is now completed and is doing fine. It’s obviously covering a larger area at the back.

Another robocaller blocked at 10:15 from Roy, WA.
Just called Bi-Mart and talked with Brenda, about John purchase yesterday for which he was swiped charges for 5 bags of dry cat food, but only brought 4 out of the store. At 10.99 each. He gave me the receipt when home, and I saw it had 5 bags, but I didn’t say anything. Until it cooled down after 8:00 p.m. last night, he didn’t go back to his car to bring in the cat food bags, and the floor mats and door step mat he bought. He put them in our new room, and came and said, come out and see what I bought at Bi-Mart today. I went and admired the mats (especially the Mohawk rug, and he had leaned 4 bags of different flavored cat food against the wall. I said, where’s the other bag? He said, I only bought 4. I told him the receipt said he paid for 5! So, it was too late to report to Bi-Mart. Brenda told me to take photos of the barcodes on the bags I have. Done. We’ll just go pick up one we were charged for.

Been busy washing a load of clothes, and need to unload the dishwasher. Also figure out the Fred Meyer 5X coupon meaning. Got two digital 5x coupons for yogurt for Tuesday next week. Made a printout to take Tuesday.

3:53 p.m. temp at airport is 100°, on our front porch, it’s 94.5°. Seems at about mid-90s the automatic sensor (See: ASOS) at the airport losses contact with reality and gives a high reading. Atmospheric researcher, Mark Albright, at the Univ. of WA, thinks the fans in the sensor need replaced. The weather folks down in Pendleton OR are 3.5 hours away and don’t care.

A young fiddler friend and his brother are boy scouts and so this is of interest: Nick talks to the boy scouts:Nick’s speech begins below in the YouTube version at 1hr 1min:
Nick Zentner, 1st Keynote Speaker at the Grand Columbia Council, Boy Scouts of America (20 minutes).
Our friends, an Ellensburg family, the Landons, have had two sons involved with BSA Troop #493. Son Beckett is still working on his Eagle Scout honor, and his main project is creating two neighborhood libraries in Ellensburg. His mom, Laura, with us at the YouTube version above, and mentioned in the notes below.
The majority of the people watching were on the main entry site for the BSA — not the YouTube version. The YouTube version was being hosted by an Eagle Scout. The main site was the center pivot. But the same material came across both. We did have an active Live Chat going the whole time, but they chose not to publish that. I’m sorry, as it would have showed a lot of the information we shared that Kathy has mentioned. I’m so sorry I was not capturing the live chat conversation. Had I realized it would not be recorded on the replay, I surely would have. I was there the entire time. Buffering a lot, but catching most of the entire presentation. We had many of our normal crew, there, e.g., Patrick and his mom. We even reminisced about the livestreams and about our history with some of the topics people were mentioning while we awaited Nick Zentner’s talk, which did not come until 1 hr 1 minute into the show. We have all seen in the livestream content he summarized some of in his 20 minutes. All the regulars missed his toast at the end. Laura was interacting with the rest of us. Her older son Trip is an Eagle Scout, and young Beckett is still working on his Eagle Scout honor.

Thursday, July 30

Interesting start of the morning. I needed to do some networking for helping out a friend having a yard sale this weekend to find homes for many musical instruments.
Phone from Roy, WA blocked yesterday just came through again and rang once, which happens when it’s blocked, and announces that on the caller ID. Great resource!

Wrote Katelyn to see what the analysis of the Zoom music decision was (request the tapes or her opinion). Sent at 1:15pm
Worked on Jobslist account, sending out job announcements to my Google Group (with >800 members searching or helping share job announcements with those who are – across MANY disciplines: Geography, Geology, Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Conservation, GIS, Political Science, Resource Management, Urban Planning, and more.

Highest temperature at the airport today occurred between 4:00 and 5:00 and was 104
98.2° house at 1:53, and at airport is 100°
99.0° house at 2:53, and at airport is 104°
99.1° house at 3:53, and at airport is 103°
98.4° house at 4:53, and at airport is 102°
97.5° house at 5:53, and at airport is 102°

Other stations in the area show the 4 to 5 degree difference with the airport reading. One is only 9/10th of a mile from the ASOS, and at the same elevation.

Thanks to Carl Hurlburt, who sent 2 links to our Geology & Earth study group:

Snowball Earth ? A plunge in incoming sunlight may have triggered ‘Snowball Earths’ (7-28-20) by Jennifer Chu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mapping the bottom of the ocean Scientists are still learning about Earth’s last frontier, (7-28-20) by Suzanne O’Connell, The Conversation, about researcher Marie Tharp.

Friday, July 31

We didn’t start our trip to town until 10:00 a.m., in John’s Crosstrek. On the way in, John dialed sister Peggy, and we had a nice talk the rest of the way to a shady parking spot at Bi-Mart.
Bi-Mart: we went to buy a meat slicer John wanted and to pick up the bag of cat food he was charged for on Tuesday. We also bought some Shout Out for the stains on all John’s work shirts. It does a nice job. We’d used up the previous bottle the day before when washing clothes. On our way to other stops on our list, we went by Super 1, and I stayed in the shade of the building while John went in for some corn and bananas. I called a friend and reached her in Seattle, to put in my order for a med I get through her at her place of business. She will order me a dosage for a couple months and I won’t run out for at least another week.

From there we went by to drop our ballots at the drive-by box in the parking lot, outside the County Courthouse. Then, on to Safeway for a bunch of savings on Just 4 U (J4U) items, and reward points. One reward we used was for $7 for any item in the meat counter over $7.00. We found a piece of Wild Caught Salmon (surely it was Copper River Salmon), and got a filet of it. It totaled $13.26. We also bought two $2.99 loaves of English Muffin Bread, but turned in a reward for $2 off any bakery item and got another $1 off the other loaf (J4U coupon). Another J4U coupon gave us PowerAde for 49₵ each, if we bought 5. Then we had another reward for $5.00 off all our groceries, if over $5 purchased. We went out with all that for $3.26. Not bad for my efforts with the transaction creation and being sure we were given the expected breaks. John doesn’t want any part of such finagling, but I groove on playing the game. They set it up, we might as well take advantage of it, and accept the benefit. From there, off for Joanie’s to pick up pants she altered for me.

We finished in time to go by the Kittitas Pantry, after 1:00 p.m.
A few tables are in the shade of the church building, where one can pick or not. I took an orange, 2 small Roma tomatoes, a loaf of 3 cheese bread, and two peanut butter topped cookie mixed cake/frosting over a brownie. At the very end from a refrigerated truck, they offer various cuts of meat (such as chicken legs, various pork items (even pork loin roasts), the only thing I would normally get there they were out of (chicken breast filets).

Finally, with no choice, one gets a whole box of staples, such as cans of soup, beans, meat, pasta, dried peas, etc., nuts, trail mix, orange juice, dried fruit, and peanut butter. We took away a lot of food, and sorted out a few things for us. John took the rest to Amy, and she will distribute to other families. There is lots of food in the USA – getting it to those in need is not straightforward.

Kathy Williams-DeVries will be on at 5:30 p.m.PST with her musical background (plays clarinet and a variety of recorders. Tonight features the clarinet, and a guest songwriter and jazz clarinet player, Andy Firth (both of them are from Australia):

Kathy plays Kathy plays Andy Firth

Playlist for tonight

John completed this Friday column and published it on our blog tonight.
We had a late supper that was very nice: Wild caught Sockeye salmon, corn, and potato

Saturday, Aug 1

Started this morning about 7:45 to get ready for watching a Nick on the Fly livestream, a pre-recorded field trip to Easton, WA yesterday for a hike with his wife, Liz. We didn’t know about it until late last night, so I notified the people I had emails for, hoping they would see mine or Kathy’s note on the Facebook site.‘Nick on The Fly’ #7 – French Cabin Blueschist About 8 miles north of Easton, WA, 9:00 a.m. Aug 1, 2020 (18 mins).

After that we did our own things. John mostly was outside because the temperature was much cooler than it has been.
In the afternoon, he did go to town for pelleted food for Myst, who is eating again, and doing much better.
While there, he went to Fred Meyer to the Pharmacy to pick up a medication for Annie, our Brittany, and to get himself some Raisin Bran, as Safeway was out of 100% All Bran Buds, that is the highest fiber source, and goes well with a handful of mixed nuts. For me, he also picked up a special deal on yogurt, both Chobani and Tillamook.
Supper: Battered fried chicken breast filets, corn-on-the-cob, and bowl of pears.

Sunday, Aug 2

I received from Elise Schlosser in New Jersey, this morning – an excellent, scientific report interviewing a beekeeper about his honeybee hives, and an entomologist. This is a professionally excellent discussion. Watch the video included below. I have compared to 3 other “TV news” reports. This is superior.

Washington State Captures First “Murder Hornet” (6 mins)
Unloaded dishwasher, finally.
I finally put in all my meds for tonight and for the week.

I shall end this week with a spectacular sunrise photo taken this morning.

The photo above just came to me after John had started on an edit of this report. Sunrise this morning taken by my friend and former graduate student, on whose thesis committee I served.
Jen Evans Yenter is a great photographer, and we live in a picturesque valley.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Birds, Cats, Sky & Landscapes

Monday, July 20

Going back a month to some bird photos from friends:Left 2 Pileated Woodpeckers, New Jersey, by Elise Schlosser; right, a Great Egret, SE Michigan, by Maude Buszek (longtime friend from Atlanta, GA since 6th grade).

I miss the bird feeders out our front door and back patio door, with the changes in our remodeling efforts. We still have lots of quail rummaging farther out for sunflower seeds, but miss seeing them and the little colorful birds up by the house.

I’m sure the morning was exciting, but I don’t know what we did, other than the ordinary. I had to take my pre-med (an antibiotic) for dental work with food, so I was probably getting dressed to go out in the real world and fixing something to eat before taking my pills.

I got to the Dentist by 2:00 for teeth cleaning with Tracy, and had taken my Amoxicillin at 1:00 p.m. Unfortunately, they found decay under a crown in the back top of my mouth. I was 4 months overdue. I’m approved for cleaning every 4 months, but with the COVID closing of dentists, they were off limits for 10 weeks, and then it was difficult to obtain an appointment because of all the catch-up required. Above X-rays were due to be taken in March, but were just taken. The left two are the right side of my mouth; the right two are the left side of my mouth. In number one, far left there is a dark spot above the top of the crown (second in on top). That is the decay that needed to be removed, along with the old crown, which had only been in since 2006. The other two on the right side show my two implants on the bottom which I truly detest. I will never ever have an implant again. The top has a bridge, which I also do not like at all.

My dentist figured it needed to be done as soon as possible as it was a candidate for a root canal otherwise. I was scheduled in for 2 days later for the build-up to occur.

After today’s cleaning, I went to Safeway for Just for U specials, getting fried chicken, a free dozen eggs for a “reward” point, and, 4 bottles of 2-liter cola for John at a lower price.

Came home and worked on several projects, and watched music from Australia (hosted by Kathy Williams-DeVries from Brisbane.
Kathy plays pieces dedicated to Benny Goodman (104 mins)
Kathy’s Playlist for Benny Goodman music

John went out at 5:15 p.m. to get our horse Myst who has been going downhill, not eating properly, and losing weight again. Dr. Dan Charlton, veterinarian from Ellensburg Animal Hospital, stopped on his way home (north of us about a mile), at our corral to examine and evaluate her health. He thought she looked somewhat dehydrated, and pumped a couple of gallons of water into her but didn’t find any other issues. A day later she went back to an established routine. Not sure we are done with this.
Saddle Rock (Wenatchee, WA; east and north of us) Neowise Comet and the Big Dipper, photographed by Motojw Photography, 11:30 p.m. 7-17-29; with 10 second time-lapse exposure, permission granted by the owner, photographer, Jason Wiegand. He’s quite talented. He also flies a drone and gets beautiful landscapes from above. I guess you have to have a Facebook or an Instagram account to find his Motojw Photography sites.

Next another Neowise Comet photo from EvieMae Schuetz from the west side of the mountains just north of us.
In the collage below the top photo is Neowise at Lion Rock near Ellensburg, WA. 10:45 pm July 24th, 2020 (6 sec, 24mm, f3.5, ISO1600); photographed by EvieMae Schuetz (both below).Last one of Mt. Stuart, by EvieMae Schuetz; 8:23pm, 7/24, settings 1/1000th of a second, 200mm, ISO 100, f6.3
[We are at 2,200 feet elevation; Evie was 4,000 feet higher.]

Posted by USGS — Mount Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s one of the most active in the world, having exhibited volcanic activity at least once every 3 months since May 17, 2002.
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mount Nyiragongo Eruption Activity Captured by Terra ASTER (1 min 21secs) 7-20-20)

Tuesday, July 21

I tried sleeping in because of crazy interruptions during a couple hours of my attempted night’s sleep. First at 1:45 a.m. when dog wanted out and was up for 45 minutes, with her drinking, eating, and going out. Then at 5:00 a.m. I was up again with hungry outside cats, while dealing with inside cats as well. Again, awakened before 7:00 a.m. with noise through our open windows for cooling the house, from our electrician fixing 3 lights in the roof of the handicapped walkway to be concreted soon; and he was here to connect our coaxial cable in the new room, which he had to do from the attic, with a power saw and drill. I don’t know the procedure required, but for some reason, it had never been connected there in the original attic wiring work for lights and ceiling fan installation.

He finished work of the lights in the roof of the walkway:I thought the front light (which only turns on at dusk) is prettier in the top view. The bottom view I took with a flash to display the woodworking under the roof trusses.

John was out early working on yard projects moving rocks, water, and dirt, while the temperature was cool. The doe with her twins was around again this morning; they’re here almost every morning.

Took my alendronate, ate a ½ hr. later, plugged in the external back up drive, so it would be ready for its noon Tuesday backup for the previous week’s new files. It only took 28 minutes today.
John had slept in too, and not opened our gate. The fellow was due to come yesterday afternoon, but did not show. Possibly because of the heat being worse in the afternoon, and better this morning.

We had a snack of strawberries and bananas, mid-morning, and are planning to have bacon and something with it for brunch.
Been working on alternate projects, switching times between several.

I watched a geology field trip tonight at 7:00 p.m. on Kathy Williams-DeVries YouTube channel. She is presenting the Geology of Australia over the next several Tuesday nights. History and Geology of Kangaroo Point Cliffs in Brisbane

St. Mary’s Anglican Church – rock church made from Brisbane Tuff quarried in Queensland, years ago. Built in 1873. The volcanic rock is 200 million years old.

St. Mary’s on the Cliffs, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Reached Gerald at son’s Gene’s house where he spends some nights.

Supper: Fried chicken, and Pepperoni & cheese on crackers; pecan pie & ice cream for dessert.

Worked on corrections to the blog for John to make to last week’s blog because of technical difficulties with some of the viewing from Australia.

Wednesday, July 22

After talking with Bi-Mart Pharmacist, Melanie, I made a list of my meds for her to compare their prices there to the other pharmacies I deal with (for the lowest cost). It’s truly amazing the difference between cash or insurance prices at different places. They do honor GoodRx prices, but often undercut them. Bi-Mart has an outside window for the pharmacy that I used, and she had the list ready for me to pick up later in the day. While there she shared a nice cloth mask with lady bugs on it, a woman had donated to people who come in.

Dental appointment changed to 1:00, so I ate and took my Amoxicillin at noon, and left at 12:30.

Over 2 hours in the dental chair, painfully, more so with my neck than my mouth. Too bad they couldn’t numb my neck!
What happened:The work was completed for the build-up of the upper middle tooth, and the old crown removed. On the left, one can look on the left side of the tooth, and see a dark spot, which is the decay not yet removed. The right X-ray shows it removed. Now the tooth has a cemented-in temporary, hopefully to last until January, when my insurance kicks back in. I’d already used all of mine with this work and an upcoming paid-for cleaning in November. Medical stuff is driving people, including me, nuts.
Back to Safeway:
I only recently learned of their ‘Rewards Program.’

The enlightened City of Ellensburg refused Safeway’s request to have a gasoline plaza at the EBRG location. The nearest one is 30 miles away, in Cle Elum. John thinks this is the Company’s way of letting down-county shoppers share in rewards, long given to gasoline buyers. Likely there are many others places of similar constraint.Thus, the rewards option is open to club members (regular Safeway customers) by which one can save a lot of money. Got some stuff totally free (a dozen eggs), $7.00 off a 3-lb package of thick bacon, already marked down $4 from $15.97. I had a reward of $2.00 off any baked in store item (my favorite English Muffin Bread, which sells for $2.99). And, $5.00 off my whole grocery total (because it was over $5). I walked out only owing 99₵ for all those groceries. Safeway’s ads and cash register receipts are “busy” and all but indecipherable. This is compensatory, I guess.

Supper: late, the last pieces of fried chicken, onion rings, pears, curly fries. John had pecan pie and ice cream for dessert. I passed.

Just realized tonight after John went to bed, that in my absence today, he moved the refrigerator from the back porch of the patio, into the back door of the new room, into the utility room. I’m amazed he could do that on his own. His answer: it has wheels.

Thursday, July 23

Three friends in Cle Elum and the Senior Center are trying to do a music-Zoom for the Center’s clients. As an AAC regular and these are my music friends, I got involved this morning. Talked to Katrina and emailed both her and Katelyn.

I needed to leave for a blood draw at 9:30 and was back at noon. Got a nutrition drink, and had soup for lunch. As planned, I made the connection in time to get the blood centrifuged by Kim and sent by currier to the hospital lab to be analyzed.
The large dose of Amoxicillin I had to take for the cleaning Monday afternoon and yesterday afternoon for the crown build-up, will raise my INR, so we needed to get a reading in the morning to make the dosage decision for tonight.

I did a lot in a short period. Went by Safeway, hospice friends, Joanie’s, and by Briarwood to Karen’s front porch to drop off a bag of underclothes, too large for me. I thought I had found them all, but found more.

Supper: We decided to go the Palace Café for our Anniversary Dinner, with one free meal (Chicken Fried Steak, with brown gravy, baked potato with fixins, and cooked veggies-mostly broccoli and some carrots) for John, and I had a Cobb Salad made with Iceberg lettuce (the only lettuce I can eat with taking Coumadin), it’s a main-dish American garden salad made with chopped salad greens, tomato, crisp bacon, cooked chicken, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, Roquefort cheese crumbles, with Roquefort cheese dressing (I included what was in my salad tonight). It is always a generous serving. John had a Black Butte Dark Draft beer.

Then by Safeway for some reward specials, and on in both cars by Fred Meyer gasoline station to spend up all our June fuel savings. It was up to 30₵/gal off, so cost us $2.47/gal for ~24 gallons. My car took a couple gals more than John’s.
We are not much into Fred Meyer shopping except the pharmacy and colas on 1st Tuesday of each month when Company products have a 10% discount. And sometimes they have specials on products we do like. My dog’s pharmacy items are quite expensive, and they are run through Freddies. I will just wait to get hers in August to push up my fuel points.

Friday, July 24

Today at 2:30 is a trial Zoom run of the Cle Elum Trio music for the AAC, hosted by Katelyn. I’m to join as a guest—evaluation took almost an hour, but I think we made good progress. The trio was in Sharon’s house in Cle Elum; Katelyn was in the Senior Center, and I was home.

Kathy Williams-DeVries is reviving her musical programs on Friday nights, only. She had intended spending all her time on her Geology of Australia field trips (on Tuesdays), but then realized how much she missed her viewers and enjoyed doing them. She is continuing at 5:00 p.m. PST Fridays with the music, tonight, 7/24/20.
Kathy shares what she’s been doing since lockdown
That one above stopped unexpectedly at 34:38 minutes in, so Kathy had to start an entirely new stream; see below.
Second part of Kathy during lockdown
Several of us finally got back together on the new stream.
Next is the intended playlist for this evening, which we did not complete). We’ll resume next Friday, so stay tuned.
Kathy’s Playlist Intended for this Evening

One of the inclusions is very near and dear to our hearts: Dedicated to Washington Geology Professor Nick Zentner for his wonderful livestreams from his backyard keeping us sane, entertained and even learning something during Covid-19 shutdown. Everyone viewing this blog, will enjoy watching this.
Music is performed on 5 bass recorders and 1 great bass recorder by Kathy Williams-DeVries and the music is Alfonso Ferrabosco’s Di Sei Bassi, published by Arcadian Press AP 012.
Washington Geology Rocks!!!!!!!!! Apr 19, 2020 (3 mins)

A striking video came in this morning across my computer screen, regarding the July 19, 2020 Eruption of Stromboli Stratovolcano in Italy, which I grabbed the location of. In making this blog and adding it, and testing links, I found the original one I had was removed by the uploader, so I went searching. I had trouble with others until this from an Italian source.
I’ll substitute it below. It is shorter than the previous, but certainly gives you a perspective of the large explosion (I’m just sorry we don’t have the full thing.) Had I known I would have videotaped the original. That one was talking about the blobs being thrown out of the volcano as larger than a car or bus.
Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Sudden Large Explosion NEW FIND: Esplosione del Vulvcano Stromboli-Jul 19, 2020 (2 mins)
The original in English was titled (as above): Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Sudden Large Explosion 7-19-20 (4 mins)

Supper: Leftover cobb salad from last night, with a buttered warm roll.

I learned late tonight that Nick had a 41-second video posted on Instagram about his next planned livestream. I checked my new account there I had just opened and still haven’t learned how to navigate yet, and add him to my “following” list. He is now following me, so I will see his announcements there (the only place he actually announces the warning for those on his YouTube Geology channel to receive notification and set reminders for the time they will be aired).

Before going to bed, I sent an alert to all the people on my list from the study group, including bcc: sends, to keep an eye out for the announcement. Our next field trip will be glacial geology landscape features primarily drumlins in Wisconsin, from his family farm.

Saturday, July 25

I’ve been up since 8:00 a.m. trying to start the morning. I checked to be sure there was not a Nick on the Fly livestream, and found it probably won’t be aired until tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. from the farm where he grew up in Wisconsin, and his trip back to visit his mom.

Next thing John and I had planned for this morning was for me to film him dumping various sized rocks into the capturing point for runoff from the “roof-valley” at our front entrance. I’ll show that video below.

He’s continued working outside on projects such as getting sunflower seeds to the birds, exercising the dog, feeding the horses, and landscaping. Currently, the temperature is still manageable, at 64° in the last hour, but just now before 10:00 a.m. it is up to 70°. It’s headed for project high of 83° today, and hotter tomorrow, and way high in the 90s next week. Will not be nice. Worse, it will be 100° in Yakima, and we need to go there to have the left taillight on my Forester fixed. But, also want to go to COSTCO. We may put it off until next week and hope for lower temperatures. He also moved a computer desk into the new room for setting up his computer, and he had a couple of clear plastic mats ordered that arrived yesterday to put under chairs.

I’m working on several laptop projects, merging with filing tax receipts, doing kitchen cleanup, and uploading photos and videos from my camera (particularly of the remodeling effort underway).

This just came across my screen, from the USGS. It’s a well done geology and physical geography link of the river conditions during the last 3 months, around the U.S., with flooding and drought conditions. Definitely, before playing it, read the description of the animation beneath the video when you open.
U.S. River Conditions, April to June 2020 • 7-20-20 (1 minute)

Called Stewart Subaru to take in my 2014 Forester to fix the left rear brake light and get its oil change. We’ll schedule it next week some time, or maybe the week after (as mentioned above).
Okay, off to remove photography from my camera, and begin processing. John will be in shortly to fix brunch. (bacon & eggs).
Brunch: Bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, cup of peaches & banana, with English Muffin toast (mine with Kenny’s homemade Apricot Preserves)

I took photos of the footer wall hole John is filling, right off our front porch, with companion cats, Czar & Woody, watching progress.Here is John’s description for what you’ll be seeing in the video:

Problem – an L-shaped house where an alcove with front door is near the roof valley that dumps water onto a wood platform.
Solution – remove the wood platform and drop the ground, and create a rock pit with drain to take the water away. Also build a short wall to help widen and protect the alcove. The top of the pit and drain will have a rocky landscape (xeric) appearance. In this segment, the trench next to the wall foundation is being filled with rocks rather than back-filling with the dirt excavated for space to build the footing and foundation. A rock-filled soak pit, the dry well, will be under filler’s feet, with a hidden drain going to the left.

John Doing Rock Dumping for a Dry Well

Just spent a long time in the kitchen cleaning dishes, pans, and counters, and now soaking more so had to rest. Figured my tummy needed a nutrition drink, so now I’m enjoyed it, while working on the blog. John’s outside in the shade on the carport side of the house moving dirt, rocks, and visiting with the cats who arrived for their supper.
Late afternoon, the temperature high for the day went to 85°, 2 above the high predicted.

Supper: Leftover chicken noodle soup, with extra chicken breast added, with a ½ leftover roll, from the Palace Café heated and buttered. John’s having beef stew, and ½ the roll, plus something else, I guess.

Sunday, Jul 26

We each worked on various projects today. John moved a Panasonic radio/CD player to the new room after removing several years of dust.
I managed to get the dishes I washed late last night out of the washer and into the cabinets. Now to load the newly dirtied ones. Took me quite a bunch of time, but I refilled all my meds for the week ahead. Fed the cats and visited with them.

Now to Wisconsin:Nick’s family farm barn, built 1940, foundation from glacial erratics from Canada, brought by the Continental Ice Sheet, the erratics were taken off the fields. You can get the whole interesting story by watching the video below for 18 mins. This aired with several hundred people watching from around the world, at 10:00 a.m. PST, after Nick had gone with his mom to church. He was wearing his dad’s overalls for the presentation.

Nick on the Fly #6 – Wisconsin Drumlins for 7/26/20 (18 mins)

One last video for today, on another geology topic from China; warning, this is a sad 10 minutes to end the day on:

China’s mighty Yangtze is heaving from Rain and the Three Gorges will be tested once again

Brunch: I had soup and crackers. John had artery clogging stuff.
Supper: Meatloaf and beans with chocolate chip cookie dough pie for dessert.
Late this evening the temperature hit the high of 92°. Highest in awhile.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Comet, Concrete, & George

Monday, July 13

Early morning arrival 7:15 a.m. of Walter Davenport, to dump off several pieces of heavy plywood to make boxes to hold the cement for the wall footers to be built at either end of the house.
Updates on our remodeling efforts are throughout this blog newsletter.

Nick’s nights off were Mondays and Fridays. Our friend in Nick’s audience presented during those evenings, starting at 5:00 p.m. Those musically-oriented livestreams are ending after the one planned for Monday, 7/20/20, which is a tribute to Benny Goodman. Look down to Sunday this week, where I’ll give you that link. The musical adventures are being replaced on a different day and time to be announced, for future geology of Australia field trips Kathy has started providing.

Meanwhile, here was today’s musical presentation, you can catch in replay.

Kathy presents Schumann’s Dicheterliebe

Her playlist for this evening

The next video John found and asked me to send to Nick. I also looked at it and it is quite well done, but John warned me to warn Nick (and others) not to read the comments, which are filled by a bunch of uneducated crackpots.

Alaskan volcano linked to mysterious period with extreme climate in ancient Rome

Tuesday, July 14

I slept in, and John got up early to work outside while cooler.
Today is my day to awake and keep an empty stomach, with no juice or coffee until I swallow a pill while standing up, and don’t eat or drink anything until ½ hr. later. I can sit down after but not lie down. On Tuesdays, I also have to connect my external backup drive for its Noon hour backup of all new files since last Tuesday, onto the drive. It takes about an hour, and I don’t have to be home. Just leave it turned on, and even if it goes to sleep mode, it will wake up and do its thing.

I invite you to enjoy some great views of the Neowise Comet from different sources as well as different locations within Washington State.

Right here in our Kittitas Valley are photos by Lia Simcox. The top one views it over the Stuart Range and the bottom ones view it spectacularly, fronted by the Northern Lights.
Here’s another unique one from the Puget Sound region:The comet between & behind the peaks of Mt. Rainier makes it look as if it is spewing steam.

Our contractor came today and made the forms with heavy duty plywood to pour concrete for a wall near the front entrance of our house and another on the other side of the house front.

I took 3 bags of clothing and accessories by the Community Clothing Center at the Methodist church before Noon. While there, I found two lower sized pants for me to try – a white pair and a purple pair. I have yet to try them on for size. They are size 12, which I think I may be down to, because my friend Joanie has been altering my 14s with an extra seam in the back to take up the slack.

I went to Safeway for my Coumadin prescription. While there I checked the Just for U specials and found I was entitled to a free pound of Lucerne butter, bananas at 59₵/lb., and 4 Refresh Colas for John at 79₵/each. While there I also got two pounds of nice-looking strawberries, for $1.75/lb. Flyer tonight came from Fred Meyer they have them for $1.25/lb. You’ll see later in the week, on Saturday, John went to Fred Meyer for them and bought 8 lbs. Lots of cleaning up to make ready for the freezer.

Went by Joanie’s house with some things for her, and picked up 3 pairs of pants she altered for me, plus she gave me a special red lace blouse to wear when we play music on Valentine’s Day or at Christmas (if we ever play at assisted homes again). John and I doubt we will be invited back. And the only room that would allow people not to be in such close contact with us would likely be Pacifica Senior Living. It will not be possible to play and sing with a face mask on, so I hope this COVID virus scare is over.
Unfortunately, 3 of our 4 assisted living homes have staff members and residents with confirmed cases. Thankfully, no deaths yet in Kittitas County.

I managed to contact our dentist to check regarding John’ s next appointment for a filling and the amount remaining on our dental insurance until the end of the year, if it has to be repaired before the end of the year with a crown. I’ve now changed it to definitely be a filling, because we have spent all but $150 for him toward a crown. We are hoping the filling will stay until after January, when we will have our allowance back for 2 crowns. We have spent most of our allowance with 2 crowns for me and one for him in 2020.

Called Gerald at the hospital. He’s doing better but still has a way to go before he can return home. He returned home later this week.

Tonight was a special replay, the 3rd in the series, on Tuesday, 5:45 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
I cannot give you a link for it, because it was an Event for Fans of Nick Zentner hangout Facebook site, and the only access is through the event page with your own Facebook account. It was hosted by Kathy Williams-DeVries on the site she created.

Supper: BBQ pork chop, shrimp, cauliflower with cheese, fried onion rings.

The Renslow Trestle across I-90 at 8:40 p.m., photographed by my friend, Glenn Engels. (Old Milwaukee Railroad bridge, no longer accessible for hikers, bikers, or horseback riders). The trail is available on either side, and there is access on a rural road under the freeway to reach an east bound trailhead. There is parking at Kittitas (6 miles west) for horse trailers.

Renslow Trestle Restoration for recreation is planned and in 2018 received $1.23 million funding from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program. Since then – silence.

Wednesday, July 15

No idea what’s on tap today except have to put up strawberries and get to feeling better. Slept in until 8:30, and still tired. I was awakened by our dog at 2:00 a.m. wanting to be let out to pee. She has a doggie door to use; guess she’s getting senile. Awakened again at 5:00 a.m. with cats outside demanding food.

I’m not sure how/why this showed up in my feed, but it’s worth a one-minute watch, so am showing here.

Virtual Road Trip to National Parks from USGS (1 min)

This afternoon was the delivery of the ECP (Ellensburg Cement Products) truck with cement to fill the footer walls at two places in front of our house. One on the far right of the front entrance has walls positioned as the edges of a box; the one in front of the front door is straight and rectangular.
Photos of the process:Getting the huge cement truck into the small space was a tough job, but they managed. The top shows the beginning of the turnaround. It was a tight fit along the walkway and the house, and a small fir tree. The bottom photo shows the two walls (on top of footers) on either side of the front part of our L-shaped house that needed to be filled with concrete. Left is Willie finishing up the heavy plywood structure to hold the concrete, and the right picture is of the long narrow rectangular wall near the end of filling it with concrete, and troweling it down to set and fill the space. The one on the right is right by the front door entrance.

The video below, records the linear one. Access for the extended tube was challenging.

Video Filling Concrete Footer at Front Entrance

Called Gerald at the hospital tonight and had a nice talk. He’s feeling some better, but they are still treating him.

At 9:30 the circuit breaker for several lights in our house (washroom, den, backyard) went off, John switched the circuit breaker back on, and it stayed on for only a short while, and went off again. So, we left it off.

Our computers and some lights in the house are working fine. So strange. Refrigerator and freezer have power, so no issues. We were not overloading the power by doing anything unusual.
We’re just going to go to bed early. I need to sleep anyway.

Supper: BBQ Pork, Cauliflower with cheese, and fruit bowl with peaches and banana.

Thursday, July 16

Todd arrived at 8:30 a.m. to fix the electrical light problem and make some other adjustments. Will be back in the morning.
Rubin and Tristan are here working with Walter on the walls. They will have 2×6 studs, plywood, and faced with the same stone as the house.

Brunch: Blueberry/pecan pancake with bacon

Just spent a lot of time searching for missing Stimulus check for $1,200 and to no avail. Will likely have to wait to file 2020 taxes in 2021 and claim then that it never came (for one of us). Only half of that allowed was deposited in our joint checking account, with no clue of for which one of us it was meant.

Now going to photograph the putting on of wood ceiling over the walkway. It’s still underway and will be resumed next Monday. Two of the workers were putting a roof on a place 5 miles west of us but the wind got so strong they left, and came here.

I received a call from Dentist to verify my need to come for cleaning at 2:00 p.m. Monday with Tracy. They don’t work on Fridays.

Supper: Chicken, baked potato

Friday, July 17

Ask Todd when he’s back in the morning for finishing the electrical work, about calling him in the future for our electrical needs, or if I have to go through T & T Electricians’ business.
Todd the Electrician called at 9:00 a.m. to say he would not be returning this morning, and not until afternoon on Monday.

I called David at ComputAbility to review the procedure I’m supposed to do each month to empty my battery below 10% and recharge it. And then, I did it tonight before going to bed.

We stayed home today and John worked outside when the temperatures were lower, outside again when shade was provided, and inside on projects. Plus, he got his afternoon nap.

While he was napping, I made a long distance call to customer service at Eagle Creek, to report a problem with one of their neck pillows (normally used for airline usage). Another project is writing an email over this weekend to Eagle Creek in Wisconsin about a neck pillow product. Mine is no longer holding air. It’s a Sandman model that is no longer carried, but they are going to give me a one-time replacement of a new one to use, for no cost. I have to email them a picture (i.e., below), and give them my mailing address, and they will send it to me.
Pictured below is mine.
It’s inflated by removing the black tab on the lower right, blowing into it, inflating the bellows (probably not called that).

This afternoon at 5:00 p.m. is more music from Australia: John Foster, on Trumpet, joins Kathy Williams-DeVries. Program first below and link following is their playlist.

Kathy Chats with John Foster

Playlist for tonight: with John Foster

Saturday, July 18

Interesting email received this morning about a $1 bill that I registered at . Apparently most people do not do this or the bill doesn’t get used very often. Sheffield Lake is 20 miles from sister Peggy, who sat on the bill for a long time, and only spent it ’cause George wasn’t moving. He’s on the road again. John did chores outside early morning — feeding, spraying weeds, moving rocks & dirt. Came in and fixed a late brunch of a cheddar cheese melt bacon sandwich (I helped with the bacon), and assisted making a bowl of peaches and bananas to have with it. Now he’s ready to go to town (just after 2:00 p.m.) for a few things, mainly sunflower seeds for the quail, and some stuff at Fred Meyer on sale (strawberries).

I have continued working on the laptop, mixed with sorting and filing tax receipts, reviewing photos and videos I took this week on our remodeling project I’m trying to document, and other duties involved with assisting with the study group member of the for the continued connections of students of Nick Zentner. He’s currently out of town, but occasionally goes on an impromptu field trip and publishes it for members to join in on his YouTube channel. I’m also sending some of my remodeling documentation to our YouTube channel to share with blog readers.

This afternoon, John called my attention to the twins around the garden with mom. I got a few photos & cool video of the twins leaving the garden (below the photographs).Twins with Mom (facing away)—Deer don’t eat onions.

Twin fawns leaving the scene along with two quail

Supper: Butternut squash, with pecans, brown sugar, and marshmallows roasted on top served with meatloaf and a bowl of canned pears.

Sunday, July 19

Did charge the battery and get the Exilim camera working again. Check the other battery and see if it is dead or needs replaced.
Cool early. John is outside. Our high today at the airport 5 miles south of us, was 94°.
We cleaned a few more pounds of strawberries, cut them, sugared, and got them in freezer.

Brunch: for me a nutrition drink, and a bowl of strawberries and banana.

Walter is here putting the rock face on the walls. It’s getting hotter but finally he’s back in the shade of the front entrance out of the sun where he’s been roasting for completing the last corner wall. I videoed his work over there midday today and will put that below. The stone panels have a metal strip at the top, holes therein, and screws hold it to the wood.

Walter finishing the rock wall facing around the concrete footer

John’s finally napping. Received a scam call from Promark Resort in TX, but I’ve now blocked that number in my phone.

Just started the dishwasher at 2:15. Now to transfer photos / video from camera.
I’m working on the photos and videos taken yesterday and today.

Supper: Beef Stew with carrots in the plans.

Final warning for tomorrow Monday and Wednesday, this week:
Those musically-oriented livestreams are ending after the one planned for Monday, 7/20/20, which is a tribute to Benny Goodman.

Kathy plays pieces dedicated to Benny Goodman

The musical adventures are being replaced on a different day and time to be announced, for future geology of Australia field trips. There is one coming next week via Facebook, as an Event – on
Tuesday, 7/21/20 at 5:30 a.m. (use the Nick Zentner Fan hangout site) on Facebook.
I cannot give you a link for that; you have to go to Events on your personal Facebook site and sign up as going. It’s going to be to Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and the Brisbane Tuffs.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan