Goings and comings on the Fan

Monday, Jan 11

I’m driving myself to check in for the Echo Cardiogram at Noon at KVH Hospital Imaging. Must dress properly, no bra, green shirt metal buttons okay.

Once there at Imaging, I must request to fill in the form for the results to be sent in the mail to all who need a copy of the results on a CD sent: Chelsea Newman (PCP), David Krueger (Cardiologist), Kumar (Sleep Apnea Doctor), (I always get one too) Nancy Hultquist.
Either tell Donna or Lauren at Imaging when I check in. This is supposed to take one hour.

I must get me some compression socks soon, (will try tomorrow at Bi-Mart, where they have them, but need to know how to able to calculate the size I need. I am set to meet a person there to search for the size given by the measurements of my distance Knee to floor, and of the size of my calf. I’m just getting one pair for now.

Go to Jerrol’s today for tax income folders. They sent me $10 off coupon, and I just realized I was out of them, from setting up hanging file folders for 2021 tax receipts.

Tuesday, Jan 12

Bi-Mart went to store mgr, Heather, with measurements for the compression socks I need being (1) Length leg knees to the floor= 1’ 11 and (2) Calf measurement=1’ 6”.

I made connection with the Yakima Heart Center scheduler, and my Cardiologist has no appointments opened until springtime, so I’m scheduled with his Assistant (whom I have seen previously, named Buffy Sawyer, who will be aware of the urgency of this appt., regarding the severe leg swelling I’m having. The left side of heart is operating at only ½ capacity. The appt. is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 20th at the Yakima Heart Center across from Memorial Hospital.

Safeway, picked up tax records total for us for year 2020, to put in Tax Form record or receipts for 2020 now.

I spent 39 mins on phone with Kaiser Permanente Mail Order Pharmacy about getting the amount of money we both spent on prescriptions for 2020 tax year sent to us. It will be available tomorrow and they will walk us through how to get it. Unfortunately, we have to go through Kaiser member services and it will come via email, with support to help us obtain the printed record. This seems a terrible time sink, and is so much easier at other pharmacies.

Wednesday, Jan 13

Cannot believe nothing happened today. Check the calendar. Maybe I spent the whole day sleeping.

I’m seeing Chelsea tomorrow quite early about my situation of swollen legs. We need to be in bed early so we could get up at 6:30. We plan on a 45 minute trip to Cle Elum.

Thursday, Jan 14

We went to Cle Elum to see our PCP, Chelsea Newman. We arrived via I-90 Interstate route which sped up our trip. It was not snowing or raining. We expected snow because of the Cascades (Snoqualmie Pass) being snowed in (See John’s Friday Column below, in Not So Nasty News, for that news, plus some other very interesting information, regarding our trip this morning to Cle Elum).

We got there at 9:00 a.m. They didn’t have us wait a long time to be seen. We left the Medical Clinic, at 10:00 a.m., driving to Ellensburg for planned meetings there. Nurse Summer did the preliminaries. We were there awhile, dealing with my swollen legs, calves, ankles, and feet, and putting on compression stocks (way too tight for my likes). Chelsea actually put them on. It is a most difficult chore. She told us about a Sock-Donnor gadget that can be used to help. We have since bought one (on our way home today, from a Medical Supply Shop). They’re not cheap. When we get it to work, it works well, but we need to look for some instruction videos, because we don’t really know the procedure correctly, yet.

We drove home down Hwy 10 and had a back left tire blowout and flatten. John put the spare tire on, but had to not drive it over 40 mph. No traffic on the road, at 10:00 in the morning, so no problem, except for John’s hard work. He drove to Les Schwab where they repaired the hole, figuring a rock puncture. John & I heard a noise but never saw the rock. He stopped when he saw the low tire inflation light, but didn’t see what was causing it. Finally, when it went flat, he pulled over and put on the spare tire. Once at Les Schwab, we found another COVID-related problem. Because of COVID, their waiting room cannot serve popcorn, and that was sad, because I always enjoy that. They still have a waiting room with a TV and restrooms, which we both needed. One other good thing, the hole in the tire was repaired at no cost. The tire mileage is at about half-life, and we didn’t know if it was damaged beyond repair. The crew there is fast and efficient. In and out in just a few minutes.

From there we went to Kittitas County Medical Supply store and bought the Sock-Donnor.

From there to Shaw’s Furniture & Appliances Store where we ordered a recliner. That took longer than the doctor’s visit. The chair won’t be delivered until late April or early May. The chair will have false-leather (a reddish/brown color called Rawhide); we think will be best in our dusty house. The one in the store was fabric, or we could have had it.

Friday, Jan 15

Contact Chelsea about compression socks. Chelsea says don’t wear them at night. Thank God for a reprieve.

I’m looking forward to seeing Buffy Sawyer on Jan 20th at 1:20, assistant to Cardiologist, Krueger; then see Chelsea the 21st Jan, in Cle Elum at 11:00 a.m.

I called Jon Lawson, Shaw’s clerk to see if they could provide a loaner-chair. Jon arranged for one to be delivered Monday after 2 pm.

Meanwhile, a student from 15 years ago recently had a chair in a storage locker after the death of her father-in-law for whom the chair was bought and used only a little. She and her hubby drove the chair to the end of our driveway and moved it into John’s old 4WD pickup to get into the house. My old garage sale (?) one quit working this week. It does not raise my feet as high as desired. I’m going to put the donated one in our new room where all my income tax files are stored and use it there when filing and organizing tax information. It’s been a life saver since it arrived. The one on-order gets the head lower and the feet higher – called a “Zero Gravity” position.

Saturday, Jan 16

Morning sunrise I tried to photograph and failed from our perspective so got these from a friend, Cindi Crawford Ackerman, location South Thorp Hwy, and the photos are 2 minutes apart to show fast change. Left taken at 7:25 a.m.
Slept in ‘til 8:30.

Breakfast as usual, John made my Blender Smoothie (Peach). Thanks to my caregiver and for all the other meals he fixes for us.

Tonight I have to get ready my evening pills for Saturday, and my Sunday morning & evening pills. Little glass dishes, like for apple sauce, are great for this.

Monday had only the loaner chair on the schedule. I called and canncelled the delivery of the loaner chair. Just now, Hay Guy Mario called and wants to deliver hay around lunch time.

Sunday, Jan 17

John spent time outside replacing two gates – difficult to use – with less cumbersome ones. He says it is an age thing – them and him.

At 1:00 pm we called our cousin Ethel, 103 yrs old in PA. We had a nice 35 min conversation. The complex where she lives is about 35 years old (and so is our house) so we talked about the parts that are failing. And we all had dental visits cancelled during Covid closures. Things could be worse.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Not so Nasty News January 15th

Item #1: Nice weather

The weather contrasts this week have been interesting. Here on the Naneum Fan we started with cool and wet, although western Washington has had high winds and rain. About 500,000 were without electricity. The peaks of the Cascades have gotten snow.
Scott’s Weather Blog

Meanwhile, in Europe, cold weather and snow have been a bigger burden. Madrid had issues.
Snow and cold
In a mountain location the temperature dropped to -35.8°C., about -32°F.
Our airport – KELN – reported a high of 52° at mid-afternoon Friday, clear sky, and brief gusts of wind. The nicest day this year.

Item #2: Other winter photos

Item #3: Need for a short piece of pipe

The photo (left) is of the tire change kit that comes with Subarus. The spare is a temporary (go slow) item, but works.
A digression: The piece with the small circle just below mid-photo is a threaded steel deal that can be used when in need of a short pull. My Crosstrek has a pop-out square piece of plastic in both the front and back of the plastic body (right photo – rear of car). Plastic is a key issue, because a chain or strap hooked under the car will put pressure on the plastic and cause damage. Thus, one can pop the square and screw in the O-hook, attach a tow line, and pull hard. The threads go into the steel frame. Neat.
The shiny item on the left of the photo with the dog-leg toward the up-end is the wrench to remove the lug nuts. Great. Except it is quite short. It is so short that I could not get even one of the nuts to come loose with my no-longer great strength. I had to invoke brute force. That is, I had to position the wrench in a way that I could give it a good kick. Had I not had on thick soled work boots, I’d have been down in the Yakima River looking for a large rock.
So – wanted: a 2ft. section of pipe that will provide the leverage to break the lug nuts loose. Subaru owners, be aware.

Item #4: New grocery items

Both of these items pose questions. How do you package 99 cans? Packaging and packing are complex issues. Just think of an item of odd shape that comes in a cardboard box. There are folds, tabs, fillers, and empty space. So, 9 x 11 works. How are they in there?
I do like the idea of “boneless” potatoes. I never buy a whole chicken because of all the bones and other waste. A boneless potato is so much nicer then those with bones. How do they do that?

Item #5: Deliberate, or not?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.

Winter 2021 on The Naneum

Sunrise on the Naneum Fan
Photo by Allen Aronica, from just north of us on Naneum Road 1/2/2021

Monday, Jan 4 _____HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN !!!

Thank you to all senders of various forms of birthday cards to John for his birthday, including phone calls.

Now to GeorgiaThank you, Gerri & Allen Aronica for their nice gift of a Claxton, Georgia Fruitcake; I’m sure more of a Christmas gift than a birthday gift, but it was so close, John double-dipped. I’m a born and raised Georgia Girl. The bakery is 30 miles from my Grandparents farm, but I grew up in Atlanta and, with my dad, eating fruit cake, and learning about all the geography of the places from where the ingredients traveled to the factory to make it to the cake.

Almost like going in John’s home state of PA to the Hershey PA Candy Factory, where I loved to do the same things with my Economic Geography students. Boy, has that changed since I was younger (and John is the same age), and we could WALK above the tubs of chocolate, right down by the side of the stirring tank, and see the chocolate kisses coming out in front of you all wrapped up in foil. No such views now. You are guided in cars or walking through Disney like characters, occasionally way above completely enclosed windows, and it looks now like no fun at all.

Video of the Hershey Chocolate Factory Plant the largest change of all my memories (probably 50 years).

Hershey, PA – (10 mins)

It’s quite similar to the Sunnyside cheese tour of their packing factory. A person once was able to walk beside those up close.

And with the Cheddar Cheese factory in Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Factory in Oregon. No longer a walk through as once was, and we did that together in 1970.
Time moves on. More memories:

From Fire and Rescue, Sullivan’s Island, SC.
The photo is of Mandy Hawver Hydrick, who is getting a COVID vaccine as a first responder (fire & rescue): Assistant Chief Amanda

This reminds me of my summers there riding bikes around the Island with her mom (my cousin), Cindy Wilkins, climbing on the rocks at Fort Moultrie, and walking the beach.

Tuesday, Jan 5

Town day: Pickup my meds, Atorvastatin, at Bi-Mart pharmacy. Go from there by Super 1 to pick up LASIX at the drive-up window. Exciting!

Wednesday, Jan 6

Trip to Cle Elum for 3:00 PM visit with Chelsea (PCP) regarding swelling in my lower legs and decision on change in meds to reduce by using drugs rather than foods. My food intake has not changed at all, so it has other components and she is involving my cardiologist. Seeking an appointment with him ASAP, in Yakima, WA.

Lunch: John came home with Super 1 fried chicken we warmed and had with peaches.

Supper: Two entrees: Oven-warmed fried chick thighs & legs, plate; and a Bowl of Beef Stew John made with ground beef in the sauce, grated cheddar cheese, and I had Cheez*its spread around the edge of the bowl.

Thursday, Jan 7

Call from KVH imaging for 12:30 Appt for Echo Cardiogram this coming Monday afternoon.
Supper: Cooked Frozen Lasagna, John made baked apples.

Friday, Jan 8

We missed getting food for the family in EBRG both days last week. So back to the Kittitas Pantry where I fell 2 weeks ago.

On the road I called my aunt Marise Wilkins, in Guyton GA. It’s her 90TH year Birthday today. Her hubby, now deceased, was my mom’s youngest brother. Henry was the family’s representative that “gave me away” at our 1969 wedding.

At the Pantry, John walked through with me as the staff and I chose things for the family we are shopping for.

We get stuff too – a single layer chocolate cake for John’s birthday. Through the year when we grow onions, we donate them. When Bi*Mart Kitty Dry Pellets go on sale, we always donate one a 16-# bag. We make other donations as well from around our house.

A couple of kids like the little boxes of raisins as shown on the left.They seemed to have lots, so when I was asked if he should put some in (we are not allowed to touch anything), I said “All you want to give them.” He gave us an entire box – – but it had 24 pounds in plastic bags – – as we found when we started repackaging things prior to the first stop. Likely, we won’t need to get any for awhile.

Seems odd that this small town “Pantry” has more food than they can give away, while we hear of shortages elsewhere in other states.

One of the director there with her husband, is a doctor, at the Kittitas Valley Hospital, had just gotten her shot of Covid vaccine. We visited about the distribution of these, and are glad to know the local medical folks are being served. The County got just under 1,000 doses a week ago.

When we got home, there was a stack of stone siding under the new car port, plus some other things Contractor Walter had dropped off. So, soon we’ll be back to the remodeling.

Supper: Baked potato blue cheese, mushrooms, cooked pears, chicken.

Saturday, Jan 9

Nancy’s awake every morning at 5:00 a.m. to take medication, regardless. Takes care of other things (putting out dog in yard), before returning to sleeping). John is up & about earlier because of going to bed much earlier in the evening. I went back to sleep and slept in very late this morning until at 10:00 a.m. from needing to sleep in after late night hours and with badly interrupted sleep. I’m unaware of when John was up first, but I know he was taking care of animals, inside & outside the house. I guess I’m alert to the comings and goings, but I don’t really wake.

I called “Hay Guy” Mario and he’s bringing 4 tons on Monday. If he can get 2 trips in, double that. I’m driving myself to EBRG for my Echocardiogram at the hospital imaging department. It will take 2 hours! So good I can leave John home to handle the hay.

Brunch: Smoothie with pureed and strained blueberries, plus the liquid ingredients.
Supper: Some butternut Squash cut and baked with Mini-marshmallows on top, baked potato with blue cheese, mushrooms, cooked pears, chicken.

Sunday, Jan 10

We both slept in until 8:30 a.m. John’s been for the mail that comes after dark. I still haven’t gotten the compression socks Chelsea wants me to wear. I talked with Janee’ at Bi-Mart but sizing is an unresolved issue.

Brunch: Bacon, Pancake, with strawberries atop, under Maple syrup.

John started his afternoon moving firewood stacked in a small shed just off the back concrete slab. A couple of holes need to be dug and a sack of concrete mixed and used as a footer. There needs to be space for the posts that will support beams of the much expanded patio roof. The back space will be snow and rain free – about 28 feet wide and 14 feet out from the door. Holes will be dug Monday, by Nate.

Supper: Chicken, fried onion rings, Butternut squash with walnuts in sugar/cinnamon sauce, under toasted mini-marshmallows baked on top, breaded shrimp, PowerAde for drink. Chocolate cake and ice cream will finish off the evening.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Happy New Year Week!

Monday, Dec 28
Blue Bird Ski Day – White Pass, WA Photographed, by Lise McGowan, Ellensburg, WA, Kittitas Valley, 12-28-20.

John did all the work on the cleanup of the stuff in the Curved Glass China Cabinet had us up at 7:30 to begin cleaning up stuff around patio doors inside our den. I got a little more involved with drying the cleaned stuff and storing those elsewhere. The process slowly continues. Need to do more soon. John’s gone to bed, and I have about 20 more minutes until I can take an acetaminophen, fluoride my teeth, put my gen teal drops in my eyes, and go to bed.

Tuesday, Dec 29

We left home, John driving, so I could make phone calls. I had two blood-draw tests noonish blood draws at Med Arts building on Jackson Street. We dropped off a red package of blood vials at KVC hospital front desk. While there, I called Cle Elum Medical to leave message for Nurse Lacey.

From there by AAC on to drop off package for Katrina,
then Super 1, then we went by Amy & Haley’s with ceramic things and Raisin mini-packets.

This photo in the snow of the Kittitas Depot is awesome taken by friend EvieMae Schuetz.

Wednesday, Dec 30

At 10:00 a.m., James Hickey at Umpqua Bank set up payment to Davenport’s for finish of one of the remodel contracts. Checked with Lyn; later will get a USPS notification the money has been deposited in their business account there at Umpqua Bank.

With this telephone and digital transfer, and not going in person to the lobby of the bank, I’m a happy “kamper.” James Hickey has done this previously and sent to the Davenports and also delivered to us for our records. I’ve also dealt with Brandy, but she is off this week. Didn’t get this done until noon because he spent longer with a bank client, & went to his lunch before calling me.

John went to start his car to leave for Cle Elum Clinic. He left at 10:30a.m. and has an hour (roads okay, but he went the Interstate rather than the Old Hwy 10).
John plans on calling me from the road to report in on the snow situation on timing his trip to Cle Elum for his appointment. He doesn’t want to cancel because of snow that they have in Cle Elum today.

John called at 12:18, they got his ears cleaned out. He is heading down the Freeway to buy gasoline at Pilot, and plans to call me from Bi-Mart Parking Lot in 45 minutes. Going for wild bird seed.

Week coming will be busy. I have two appointments we must go to Tuesday & Wednesday, which John must drive me to. He still have a pickup load of fine horse manure to deliver to the vineyard. And the remodel crew may want to come start on the next project.

I have adjusted to putting a pillow on the end of my recliner because just putting the swelled legs down on the recliner HURTS them way too much. The pillow is difficult to manipulate from the table to my right, but I can manage the pillow while using my laptop not to have the severe pain pressure without the pillow.

However, Chelsea needs to know I still am having slight instability factors, e.g. at the Medical Arts Bldg. Lab yesterday where the better K test was performed, but still some, difficulty moving around the house, some painful muscle movements today, changed from the leather shoes today and now using an open non-laced shoe for walking, but still have on same socks.

Lunch: John came home with Super 1 fried chicken we warmed and had with peaches. He also got some cans of tuna to share among the 4 cats.

Supper: Spaghetti with ground beef in the sauce and pieces of cook chicken cubes, grated cheddar cheese, and I had Cheez*its spread around the edge of the bowl.

We soaked washed dishes in the dishwasher and ran it.

Thursday, Dec 31 New Year’s Eve

We snagged this image from the web, so have no information about it. Odd thing is that the photo is not taken from Midnight.

Seems more like sunset – a good time to celebrate, and then go to bed.

Last Pink Sunrise of 2020 photographed by Janet M. Downs, who only saw this for 8 seconds.

8:46 a.m. we received a phone call from our Contractor Walter, wanting John to view a post & beam patio cover he had built in EBRG. John took off soon as he could to meet him at the home. Here is a photo, but ours will be a little lower and a bit wider. Details in a later edition with our own version over our patio.

Skipping Zoom Game Day today at 11:00 AAC to work on the den moving project. Game was going to be Pictionary.

Lunch: We ate at 2:00 p.m., after blending me a Smoothie Low potassium content. (We re-wrote the recipe on Fridge door). As dessert, we each had a piece of Claxton, GA fruitcake (a Christmas gift from our neighbors, Gerri & Allen Aronica, who likely don’t know I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA! And also, need to thank them for a Jar of Honey made from bees on their property, just a 1/2-mile up the road from our house. John had a grilled cheese & deli ham on one piece of large Wheat bread, folded over & sliced.

Tried calling sister at 6:00, but no answer at either phone; she called back at 6:16 and we decided the phones were at fault for her not answering. We discussed my current medical issues, so I must contact her again after Wednesday’s appt in Cle Elum.

I have large swelling of my legs, calves, and feet beneath my knee. NEVER in my life have they ever been this huge. I have had them raised now since 6:00 p.m.

Supper: Oven reheated fried chicken from yesterday, also served with Russet baking potato covered and sliced, baked into a shell of Beer Batter Mix; later Baked Apple Crumble Cake Topped pie, with strawberry / vanilla ice cream for John, and vanilla for me.

Friday, Jan 1

Sleep: interruptions off and on throughout the entire night by a “dream” awaking me over and over. We have got to get to the bottom of what is causing this disruption to my nightly sleep pattern.

I have more blood draws test this coming Tuesday to see the results. That will last for the next two months. The Potassium test is being continued. I am faithful my medications. On Vitamin K, I have changed no food intakes, except suspended taking the Ensure with the high amount of Potassium. My doctor restored taking two medications related to potassium lowering, and increased my Furosemide to daily up from every other day, with the hopes of decreasing the incredible swelling side of my legs, thighs, ankles, and feet, and will examine me in the office in Cle Elum, also to view the bruising, and blood in contact with the fall outside their building, when my muscle stability tossed me down on the concrete sidewalk.

When the phone rang this morning at 8:43 and John had to leave, I was sleeping intently, and awakened abruptly. A neighbor needed help – it’s a long story – but the short of it was she needed to make long distance phone calls and doesn’t have that on her phone contract. John was going to use the Bluetooth in the Subaru, but would have to go toward EBRG.

John left the house at 8:43 a.m. – returned at 10:45, and is now out feeding horses. I’m doing my morning activities with computer and medications. Additionally, the first day of a month means redoing certain charts for keeping track of daily measurements, morning and night.

Supper: Boiled Cocktail shrimp, with tails to remove, plenty for each of us; Breaded Cod, Potato pancake. Dessert: Heated Dutch Apple Pie, with Crumbled cake topping on pie, served with vanilla Ice Cream.
John finished his Friday weekly blog, Not so Nasty News about 7:35 p.m.

Saturday, Jan 2

I slept in even though I had a good night’s rest, and John slept in a little longer too but got up to take care of the cats, quail, horses, and other things. John is cleaning out kitchen cabinets of china cups, saucers, plates, bowls, we no longer use, don’t want or need to donate to Naomi’s Hope charity.

Brunch: A piece of ham, 2 eggs over easy with a little cheese, small bowl of peaches.
Supper: Best part was Butternut Squash cubed and baked with Mini-marshmallows on top.

Sunday, Jan 3

Decent weather so John cut brush for an hour just west of the house. A fire reduction action. Most every thing else was standard stuff.

Supper: Stew, potato tater tots, I had Cheez*It on the side of my bowl. PowerAde for drink.

Late Sunday night, 1/3/20, my Sunday Night’s blog will create its own new Live Link for the third day of Jan, 2021, from which to begin next week’s blog. Probably will just finish Sunday, and start afresh. Actually, I know we’ll be getting ready for appointments on Tuesday in Ellensburg and also a Wednesday trip to our PCP in Cle Elum.

I’ll have to take my camera along, in case I see a photo
opportunity that I can post on the Kittitas County Visual Delights site.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Christmas a week early

Monday, Dec 14

Starting Christmas a little over a week early, for our blog.
First stops are in Roslyn, WA in the north part of our county.Top pix is snow on the Roslyn Museum and the Roslyn Café.
The bottom are the street signs; photos by EvieMae Schuetz.
(This is the town where outside scenes of the TV program “Northern Exposure” {1990-1995} were filmed.)

Morning wake-up not for Nancy until 8:30 a.m. Then cup of coffee and chocolate Ensure with strawberry yogurt.

I sent thank you email messages to people who gave me permission to use their photo in our weekly blog last week. My note to them always starts with the specific location on the web where the photograph taken may be forever found.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 4=3.

Tuesday, Dec 15

Motorized Parade, Kittitas, WA – by, EvieMae Schuetz

Sorry, I intended to have the longer 18 wheeler & hay truck be the longer photos, but I failed in positioning, & ran out of time.

Get up early to take pill, and drink ½ hr. later, shake, coffee. We need to be at our first two stops before noon.
Set up my external storage back-up for its noon start. It did it in 26 minutes.

We left for the AAC for our Foot care appointments at 11:00, getting there 10 min early, and mine was first. John was to follow. We visited a little, were given too many bags of homemade cookies, and we gave the staff some SUN*MAID Raisins Boxes. With almost no visitors to the Center, the normal supply of cookies had trouble finding homes. We paid our donation fee, and Shyla started on my feet. I was done about 11:30 so I left for my blood draws at the KVH Medical Arts building, and while it took a little longer than usual, I was back by noon, John had only to wait 2 minutes.

This is our day for errands, (some already above & below) and we had many; review here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ On way to town, we stopped along Wilson Creek to hang a bag on an old Pickup Truck: Rustler Jeans (too long for John) ∞∫∞ John wants to take our insulated shopping bag by Winegar’s for quarts of their Ice Cream he and I like. We did, but he sat in the car while I went inside for it. ∞∫∞ Nancy went into Bi-Mart to check numbers, and to buy a large wall/desktop calendar for our kitchen. ∞∫∞ Delivered boxes of groceries we get from the free food place. We take to one place, and she distributes further.

Late afternoon check in call from Gerald; he’s fine.
The total number of robocaller connections: Dec 15=1.
Much fewer than in late November; prior to election.

Wednesday, Dec 16

Christmas lights – ’cause I won’t do this again until the 27th.

^^^This is actually a School District in Utah! Description of how they did it: Shot in one continuous take where all 5 busses are electronically connected together through DMX channel relay boards back to a central computer programmed to control the light show.
They wrote: Special thanks to our Transportation Department, Technology Department and Communications Department and the Utah Symphony Orchestra who made this video possible.

The next video is fixed in a loop, so only watch it for once through, 2:07.School Bus Christmas Light Show video below:

School Bus Christmas Light Show (in loop)

Another restless night, probably because of getting to bed so late, nearly midnight. After being awakened at 7:00 by a Contractor’s employee knocking on the front window to pick up some primer paint. It sat outside for months; John moved it inside when he expected below freezing temperature.

He passed along to expect two in the next morning be back tomorrow to finish the top and end of the stone walls. John and Walter (finally) figured out how they want this done. A 12 inch Cedar board is the solution. Photo next week. An original thought was to cap them with metal roofing-like material. There was a long interlude to develop a different solution.

A lot of wasted time today. I slept in until almost 9:00.
I had to fill in all my medications in my case for the week, and check about some other, also had to check all refills from which pharmacy, and be sure they were correct to give to our P-AC to send approvals for the coming year. We get 90 days at a time. I filled in a separate listing for John and for me, because we may go different directions. Two nurses, different rooms to start. Chelsea, our PA-C “doc”, visited with John and then they both came in for my evaluation (actually, these visits described today will happen tomorrow in Cle Elum, at our doctor’s office there).

John’s now taken care of cat cleanup, feeding, and visiting in the new room, and feeding the horses. I’ve been catching up on emails, and other computer activities.
Started raining today.

Supper: John fixed Pizza for both of us. For dessert, we shared a piece of carrot cake.
Number of robocaller connections for Dec 16=1.

Thursday, Dec 17

9:33 a.m. call from Gerald; foggy over there, otherwise all is well in Thorp, WA.

Ate a piece of fruitcake and fixed a salad for my lunch to eat; planning on a Zoom game. I cancelled that at the AAC with 5 others, and it is Scattergories. I enjoy that game, but I had too much paperwork to document about the problem with my diagnosis from a blood draw of Potassium (K) that indicated I have a seriously high level.

John and I investigated the K in my regular foods. Only the Ensure® seems high.
I’m dressed and ready to leave for Cle Elum at 1:00 p.m.

Once there, Chelsea decided to manage the K with medication changes first, and take me off of Ensure because of its 470 mg/serving), but that was the only food change. I’m also being taken off the drug Spironolactone. We didn’t get home until 6:04 p.m.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 17=2.

Friday, Dec 18

A week away from Christmas Day, our last Christmas photos to show again by our same photographer, EvieMae Schuetz.
These are all in her home:Our photographer EvieMae Schuetz is a musician. She created this Musical Christmas Tree. All the ornaments are musical notes, instruments, or something associated with a musical part of her life.

Today begins with a message back from our friend Cameron Fries’ photo of the newly installed roll bar on the backhoe/front end loader. John wanted to add a roll bar before we had it taken over, where sandy soil and frequent steep grades could be an issue. Local shop couldn’t find one. A Quincy area shop found one. Much more something found in that sort of farming region. More fruit and fewer cattle.

Our property is totally on an Alluvial Fan, full of heavy basalt rocks and little dirt. This implement is too lightweight to handle such, but will be perfect in moving the sands of the vineyard:Photo of roll bar taken by White Heron Cellars, Mariposa Vineyard owner, Cameron Fries. He’s taken the backhoe off and is using the front loader. We’ve got rocks. He’s got sand – courtesy of massive floods 15,000 years ago.

We left our house about 12:20 to go to the Kittitas Post Office to mail a large envelope to our sister Peggy, in OH. Stopped off at a friend’s house there to pick up a cat scratching post. A woman took it there for us, saving us the drive across the valley in a direction we rarely go.

Gifted post photographed & given by Rachael Brunson. THANK YOU!

The cats have it in their room, but we haven’t yet seen them use it. It’s 16 inches tall.

From Kittitas to EBRG to drop off now taboo Ensure and pick up a pillow and an egg-carton foam pad for a in a pillow case in the seat of my recliner, at Hospice Friends. Onto Safeway Pharmacy to buy my Coumadin pills. From there, for John to pick up his 2 medications from Fred Meyer Pharmacy. Using gasoline to save money on the meds.

At 5:52 my blood pressure is: 127 / 73 pulse 72. I’ve been soaking dishes and need to load the dishwasher. Done.

Supper: beef sirloin tip roast fried, French fried onion rings, pork & beans, canned pears. I had one Reese’s Peanut butter cup.

John finished his Friday weekly blog, Not so Nasty News.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 18=1.

Saturday, Dec 19

We both slept in long this morning, I longer than John. I didn’t get to sleep until after 2:00 am. after going to bed at 11:15 p.m. Not sure why my Friday nights are always becoming restless nights, that screw up my ability to get to sleep and make it imperative I always set up all the proper parts of my recording devices for my ICD measurements every time I’m out of bed and back in again. Guess I’ll also have to insert an afternoon nap into today’s schedule.

Brunch: John fixed bacon, blueberry pancake (high on the blueberries), a bowl of canned peaches, with PowerAde (strawberry – lemonade flavor).

John went out to shovel horse manure into the back of his pickup truck, to take another load over to deliver to Cameron at the Mariposa vineyard. He got in about an hour’s work before rain started. It has continued throughout the day and still is falling tonight at 8:00 p.m. It is noisy on the skylights.

Supper: John, again, made sliced and fried sirloin-tip beef roast, with hashed brown large potato patties, canned small beets, plus his own homegrown fried purple onions. Dessert we are eating now, ice cream. He is having Vanilla ice cream topped with melted Chocolate chips fixed so it doesn’t harden. I’m having Winegar’s special homemade ice cream from Ellensburg, flavor: Kookie Kayla – a Vanilla base with Peanut butter, sea salt cookie and fudge swirl. Kayla is part of the Winegar clan, and clerks at the ice cream counter, and explained “her flavor.”

History: Winegar Dairy Farm (with Holsteins) began a dairy in 1956. The kids suggested started the business of the coffee / creamery. Now, grandchildren are involved, with at least 4 generations. A lot more history with photos can be found on their website, along with their menu. It is expensive, but we were given a gift card.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 19=0.

Sunday, Dec 20

Thankfully, it stopped raining. It rained all night and into the morning hours. Not real hard, but rain nonetheless.

Awoke at 8:15, a.m. and John also and took care of things for him and the cats. My first cup of coffee and computer startup at 9:00 a.m. Various interruptions kept me from doing some of the things I wanted to do. Maybe Monday.

We called our cousin (age 103) in PA this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. to check-in how she’s doing at her young age; what a gift she’s given us to live so long with a clear memory to be able to share family members’ past. She’s quite the resource. We had a nice 35 min conversation, and she remembered another recent place, company and a sign from near Clarion. John wanted to know if his sister remembered a sign with a saying on a lumber company.
When John realized he quoted the wrong saying, and talked to Ethel about it, things got cleared up. The sign was:
“If you can’t stop, then smile, when you drive by.”
Ethel knew the name – Fulton Lumber – and the name of one of the workers. He moved into a new house – on the street John and Peggy lived on – and had kids that Peggy did sitting for. That’s 65 or so years ago.
John’s original and wrong saying:
“There is no place like this place, anywhere near this place,
so this must be the place.”
So says this building in Texola, OK – – John has never been there and can’t recall why he knows this catchy saying. Full wording is on the right – not readable in this view.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 20=0.

Supper: Roast chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and last of the beets.
Apple pie in the oven.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Not so Nasty News December 18th

Item #1: Did you get whacked?

A sign with this list appeared:
. . I’m a – –
Wooden Spoon,
Lead Paint,
No car seat,
No bike helmet,
Bed of pickup riding,
Garden hose drinking,

If I understand the first one – wooden spoon – to mean getting whacked by mother, I’d have to substitute something else; or maybe I just don’t remember.
Now this: The image is of a spoon. Is it a “wood” or a “wooden” spoon? If I write – silver spoon, or silvered spoon – there seems to be a difference. The “ed” on the end changes the meaning. But the “en” on the end of wood seems to make no difference. If you get whacked by one, you’ll not notice either.
“Wool” works the same way: A sweater might be called wool or woolen. If you have a cotton sweater, you don’t call it cottonen. Still you can call a silk garment silken. But does “silken” imply it is like silk, but really isn’t? Consider gold and golden.
More word stuff will follow.

Item #2: White in the air

I followed this link:
Skagit Valley winter home

It is interesting, but the article included this statement:
“A couple of great places to begin when searching for the birds are within the Skagit Wildlife Area, run by the Washington Trails Association. ”
So I wrote WTA’s HR & Finance Manager and friend Kara:
Makes me wonder what else WTA does that I’ve never heard about.
Her answer:
“haha. that is pretty funny. no wonder we are feeling so stretched thin around here.”

The ‘Seattle Refined’ contributors are short a brick or two of a full load.

Item #3: Rawl

An activity this week involved a couple of other of the pending home projects. One of these introduced a new word, namely ‘rawl’. I wanted a 2nd post in the front, an unnecessary addition where the new covered ramped walkway turns and comes to the front door. We had replaced the original 4×4 post with a 6×6; matching the big posts of the walkway. I thought a second post would add a decorative harmonious touch. I do have in mind some sort of functional use, but that is not relevant at the moment.
In any case, this post needed to be set on existing concrete, thus requiring a wood-to-concrete base. The metal base is anchored to the concrete with a bolt that goes through the base, into a hole, and has an in-hole part that expands. The apparatus is often called a throughbolt because the bolt part goes through the base or fixture.
As a man once intoned – Here’s the rest of the story:
{ from Wikipedia }
Rawlings Brothers, a small plumbing and electrical engineering company, was founded in 1887 in London. In 1910, the company was awarded a contract by the British Museum, which required them to unobtrusively fix electrical fittings to the museum walls. The contract led to the invention and patenting of the world’s first wall plug, which became a standard solution for attaching things to walls. John Joseph Rawlings, who is credited with invention of the wall plug, named his product Rawlplug, using the first syllable of his last name, and renamed his business to Rawlplug in 1919.
Walter, our contractor said to Nancy – We need a rawl. That wasn’t in her in-house dictionary, nor mine, nor in fact my computer’s.
Now fixed.

Item #4: more word usage

Sometimes it is just that the wrong word is used. For instance, in the image below, top left the word “common” seems to be better than ‘popular’. On the right, “slow down” would be better. Youngsters often are quick and change direction at random. Old farts are slow.
The bottom left one is cute; shows someone knows how to use words. The other 3 are just silly, and could have been corrected easily.

Item #5: Moving Woody inside Woody’s favorite place in her new home.

We made a deal with our neighborhood contractor regarding several projects of home repair and remodeling. The remodel – new room – of the double garage was priority #1. That’s long since been done and I’m using it daily; now with the addition of Sue and Woody (mother and daughter feral cats). Mother Sue shows signs of aging and her coat started to tangle, so not fluffy as needed for heat retention. About a month ago I carried her into the new space with all the necessary items. I had picked her up many times, then sat her back at the food bowl. Picking her up and carrying her inside was easy for her, and me.
Woody required a different procedure because she has never been picked up. I tacked and wired fence, with a door, leading to where we had been feeding the outside cats. When she came to eat, I closed the gate and opened the door to the room. Her instinct was to climb, but there was no where to go, so she jumped down and ran into the room where Sue (her mother) was.
She learned, almost immediately, how to push through the swinging door. Got her back from the utility room easily. This week, I went out the front door but didn’t have the swinging door blocked, and the door from the utility room (now called a walk-in pantry) to the kitchen was also open. Oops! She made it out and into the house, to a bedroom, and under the bed. It took us about 20 minutes to “move” her back. All’s well.
{The swinging door is full size, solid pine, but with swing hinges. That a small cat can push it open, implies, I guess, that it is well balanced. Surprised me, anyway.}

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.

Nature and community

Monday, Dec 7

Slept in until 7:30 a.m. after going to bed at 10:00 last night.
Need to get the photos thank you sent to people who gave me permission to use their photo in our weekly blog. That’s done.
Cut John’s hair. Took 35 mins, with set up /cleanup taking more. Our freezing fog is getting worse outside, so happy we do not have to be on the road with ½ mile visibility and treacherous roads.

Get in touch with Cle Elum Clinic to let them know about leaving a pkg. for a family in Ellensburg with the for us to pick up when we go for our Medicare Medical Wellness test this Thurs afternoon Nov 10 – go through Stephanie Walker (office manager there (via email to save the cost of a long distance call). We have no cell phone reception in our house; only our landline.

A little bit of dishwasher unloaded, and none yet reloaded.
Need to finish putting in my night pills for the week.
Supper: Sliced Beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy with onions, a sliced half of a red apple, fried cauliflower, and diced beets. PowerAde.
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Tuesday, Dec 8

Get up early to take pill, and drink ½ hr. later, drink coffee and milkshake. We need to be at our first two stops before noon.
Set up my external back-up for its noon backup. It completed the backup while we were gone.

This is our day for important errands, and we had many; review here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ First, was to Take the F-350 Ford to Seth Motors’ to be worked on at 11:00 a.m., to have its battery tender evaluated and the manual emergency brake ∞∫∞ John wants to take our insulated shopping bag by Winegar’s for quarts of their Ice Cream we like. We did, but he sat in the car while I went inside for it. ∞∫∞ Bi-Mart to check numbers ∞∫∞ No luck. ∞∫∞ Picked up 2 boxes (empty) from where we often drop things off. ∞∫∞ We stopped at Super 1 Grocery store for John to buy only a few things needed for supper, but he got carried away and bought lots more. The temp while spending time in town was 28° – so said the car.

Mid-afternoon snack: John had piece of peach pie and some small candy bars; I had 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups. Girl cats in new room had beef.
Late afternoon check in call from Gerald; he’s fine. Today his daughter took him to the skin specialist (dermatologist) to burn off spots on his back from walking in the sun without a shirt. They topped the Manastash Ridge and left the sunshine and clear blue skies.

Put all the dirty dishes in and ran them before supper.
Supper: John’s planning Beef Stroganoff, with peach pie and ice cream for dessert.
Started raining last night after supper, and sometime overnight switched to a little snow.
The total number of robocaller connections: Dec 8=3.

Wednesday, Dec 9

Up late to start the day. John’s now taken care of cat cleanup feeding, and visiting in the new room, and fed the horses. I’ve been catching up on emails, and Facebook activity. Finally, at 11:11 we left for town, stopped off to pick up a donation of Christmas Cards from my rural neighbor for me to deliver while I’m in town to a person who cannot drive. Then I took John to Seth Motors to pick up the pick up, and run more errands before he came home. Main thing were bags of pine pellets to use in the cats’ litter box. Clay sticks to their feet and ends on the floor. Also, John thinks the wood does a better job of handling the urine.

Supper: John had leftovers from last night; I had a special salad later, after my shower, and a serving of blueberry cheesecake ice cream.
The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 9=3.

Thursday, Dec 10
Mt. Rainier Sunrise from Puyallup by Cheryl Keisel White

I found research papers after looking up Siletzia on duck-duck-go. I loaded those up to a new Dropbox and made a link to send to study group for Friday’s Nick Zentner’s afternoon lecture.
Printed my medications to put it in my paperwork for my annual physical exam. –
Ate a piece of fruitcake and fixed a salad for my lunch to eat before the Game Play began. I need to play my Zoom Game Day at the AAC with 5 others; it is Yahtzee. I enjoy that game.

Get dressed to leave for Cle Elum at 1:00 p.m.
9:33 a.m. call from Gerald; foggy over there, otherwise all is well in Thorp, WA.
John’s outside at 10:00 at 21 deg. We got his meds in a bag to carry. We’re driving up leaving at 1:40; didn’t get home until 6:04 p.m. With the first doctor we had there, we were seen together. Since then there seems to be something new to the routine each visit. It seems way long, but the blood draws got done up there, saving a visit to the EBRG facility.
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Friday, Dec 11

We had had a scattering of snow overnight. Overcast and cool today. Snow is sticking on the higher slopes north of us, above 4,000 feet. Over the next week we are expected to get just a little bit more. High temperatures are still expected above freezing.

We both slept in late, but I’m tired from a restless night with interruptions. I don’t have time to consider a nap until later, but maybe should because contractor Walter is due at our house at 6:00 p.m. tonight to discuss projects yet to be completed, so we are all on the same page. I’m falling asleep now. Maybe I should rush a short nap currently, before the lecture starts.

While I’m involved in managing the Nick Zentner lecture live comments, John leaves at 11:15 for town for the Community food distribution (plus local Cattleman’s beef). They are promising a variety of things – much from the big conglomerate, Conagra Brands. The local paper says beef, fresh fruits, vegetables, other perishables, and canned and packaged things. John arrived at 11:45 near staging by the Armory Bldg on 7thAvenue, near the north entrance to the Fairgrounds. They offered a lot more than they announced in the city Daily Record newspaper invitation. There is a 3-pound Beef roast, two bags of apples, one Pink Lady and one of Fuji apples; a small bag of baking potatoes; cans of pinto beans, two packages each of dried beans and dried fruit & nuts; a small carton of small curd cottage cheese; a large container of yogurt & a gallon of milk. There is a bag of yellow onions, and a bag of small oranges. There are “tater tots’ and flat potatoes of the same sort. Most of this stuff was in dreaded plastic bags, but there was one sealed cardboard box. We’ll dump about 2/3 of this stuff with the usual family next week, but she doesn’t want onions (and we have plenty). The gallon of milk needs a home too.

I began collecting comments at noon (with my computer), and ate my own lunch. I needed to set up the WordPress format to put the various descriptors in to fill it at the end of the lecture in the afternoon. This was supposedly all ready to go but somehow my document totally lost the links I submitted. I did not realize it Sunday night when processing the final copy that it was missing until after it was published at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, and it was too late to fix it then.

I’m setting it up now at 9:30 am. Monday, Dec 14, 2020, as I previously.

#100 – Exotic Y: Siletzia

I e-mailed Carl Hurlburt’s research papers on Yellowstone Hot spot information to the study group along with some other links from him that are pertinent for Sunday’s last lecture by Nick.

Late afternoon photo at 4:22 p.m. taken from a drive around town by photographer, Lori Waters, and displayed on the Facebook page, Kittitas County Visual Delights.

I finished loading and running our dishwasher so we had clean dishes, bowls, and utensils for us and the animals.
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Saturday, Dec 12

Had to be early morning to still have ice on the needles around this colorful Ponderosa pine cone:Christopher Cyrus Peterson took this early morning and published it on the Kittitas County Visual Delights site.

Not sure why my Friday nights are always becoming restless nights, that screw up my ability to get to sleep and make it imperative I always set up all the proper parts of my recording devices for my ICD measurements every time I’m out of bed and back in again. Guess I’ll also have to insert an afternoon nap into today’s schedule.

This morning was a mess and unfortunate situation with Woody in the new room.
John didn’t see Walter coming down the driveway and he got to the front porch window and knocked. John jumped up and went outside the front door and not back through the house, and so he’d not replaced to block to keep Woody from coming into the walk-in pantry/utility room. After he returned inside, he came in and we heard her meowing it the washroom, behind the gate, which she jumped over, and ran down the hallway hot on the tail of a cat she likes, Czar. I ran and closed the outside window on the doggy door so she couldn’t escape outside. I first found her in the back guest bedroom. After an hours relaxation time, we searched for her. John found her in the middle bedroom under the far corner of the bed. He had gotten a probing stick and flashlight. I stationed to watch where she went, and had blocked off some rooms of the parts of the house farther away from the kitchen access to the now opened gate.
Unfortunately, she came into the den, an okay thing, but ran over to the kitchen and not out through the washroom, and instead got up on a kitchen cabinet behind some dirty dishes. She stalled there and had to be encouraged off. She next ran under my recliner and then under the woodstove! He pulled the fencing from the stove and closed another spot in the den, and then he managed to get her out from under the stove, back through the washroom, and into the pantry. We got that door shut. Next, the swinging door to the new room – their room – could be propped open (Sue being still there) and with more encouragement she headed “home.” She hid in the back of her house bed (box), so we left her out there for quite a while. Finally, she came out and seems to have no hard feelings about her failed attempt to escape.

Walter is expected to come and work near the entrance in the morning, so John went out after lunch and took down the wire fencing he had used to capture her last week.
I have to get the dishwasher loaded and run before John wants to cook tonight’s supper. I completed that about 4:00 p.m.

We have to clean near the patio door in the den so the workers can come in and rebuild the edging and the frame around the wall. WE need a before photo. Will need to move the buffet out probably on the right hand side and a small wooden table that holds my ICD (Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator) recorder (via a landline connnector–cell phones do now work with the unit, and it is read at 2:00 a.m., daily. Boxes, and other containers and other things piled on the floor under the table need to be moved out. I hope not my electric recliner. Now we’ve postponed that from Monday morning.

I wonder if I should send the late research papers that came in yesterday for Sunday morning lecture. I forgot this morning with all that happened. I decided to send them.
Brunch: John fixed bacon, eggs, fried Tater tots with purple onions he grew, and I had leftover instant coffee and PowerAde.

Supper: John started making Salmon Croquettes by a recipe I did not remember from my childhood. They had them at their family dinners too, but we have never had it since being together as a couple. He failed. It was strange. We had it with steamed rice and served with a bowl of canned peaches and lo-fat cottage cheese, small curd sort. That made the “quiche” more palatable. I don’t care to eat any of the leftovers. It started as canned Pink Salmon and ended more as a baked something, like quiche – no patties.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 12=0.

Sunday, Dec 13

I got up at 7:35, enjoyed a hot cup of coffee to warm up, plus a chocolate Ensure with French vanilla yogurt. Then on to readying my software and computer to collect information. I was ready to support and watch Nick Zentner’s 9:00 a.m. (this morning started at 8:40) for thank-yous.
Nick’s lecture at 9:00 a.m. (part two) ~ 10:00 when the first quit working. This still had the most viewers (ever I think), which were 1082 worldwide.
I began collecting comments at noon (with my computer), and ate my own lunch. I needed to set up the WordPress format to put the various descriptors in to fill it at the end of the lecture in the afternoon. This was supposedly all ready to go but somehow my document totally lost the links I submitted. I did not realize it Sunday night when processing the final copy that it was missing until after it was published at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, and it was too late to fix it then.

#101 – Exotic Z: Putting It All Together!

#101 part 2 – Exotic Z: Putting It All Together!

Supper: Small pieces of chicken breast meat, fried, with crusty onion rings, large potato patties (nice & brown), almost like potato pancakes, & strawberries with cottage cheese in a little bowl. For dessert we’ll have Dutch Apple Pie.

The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 13=0.

Hope your week was fine.
Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Washington Mountains & Life’s Cleanup

Monday, Nov 30

I slept in until 8:30 a.m. It’s snowing but changing to rain and John went out to feed horses before the rain starts. I spent a fair amount of time doing beginning of the month maintenance on my computer accounts, and a lot more time soaking and cleaning dishes to put in the dishwasher.

The sun came out, snow & rain stopped, and John went out to work until coming in for a late brunch, but we didn’t finish until almost 2:00 p.m.
I sent my thank-you email messages for photos posted in our last week’s blog.

Whoopee! Dishwasher loaded and started at 3:06 p.m.

Supper: Steak stir-fry with carrots and onions and a sliced half yellow apple. PowerAde, hot peach pie with ice cream for dessert.

Lots of work on planning for tomorrow using the web, and on working on email from a number of friends about a number of different topics.
The total number of robocaller connections: Nov 30=1.

Nice way to end November, with a photograph of Mt. Rainier by a daughter of Lee Kiesel; a friend from Briarwood Commons. Some days “the Mountain is out”; some days it’s not. This view is what Cheryl Kiesel White sees from her Puyallup location. An amazing view of ‘The Mountain’. Puyallup {pew-AL-up} is 30 miles south of Seattle.

Tuesday, Dec 1

Get up early to take pill, and wait ½ hr. later, drink coffee milkshake. We need to be at our first two stops before noon.
Set up my external back-up for its noon backup. It completed the backup while we were gone.

This is our day for important errands, and we had many; review here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ Our first stop was to drop off several boxes of groceries to a family at their house, who cannot drive because of being seeing impaired. ∞∫∞ Then on 2nd Avenue close to our next stop. ∞∫∞ Safeway, for a Just4U special, 89 ₵ head, Iceberg lettuce. ∞∫∞ then on down to the AAC to hand in and pick up materials for Thursday’s Game Day via Zoom, and deliver something else there too from last week’s game day.

Mid-afternoon snack: John had piece of peach pie and some small candy bars; I had 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups. Girl cats in new room had a bite of beef – very old 6 oz. from the freezer and now cooked for them.
Afternoon check in call from Gerald; he’s fine.

Supper: Leftover sirloin beef stir-fry with carrots & onions, yellow apples; John had a sausage patty.

Need to send links to study group, after capturing them in a Dropbox. I had severe trouble with Edge and Opera browsers on my computer, finally had to restart completely.

The total number of robocaller connections: Dec 1=3.

Wednesday, Dec 2

We are expecting the pick up of the trash bin today. Time: 7 am to 3 pm. Quite a wide window of time. John was out to open the gate at 6:45, but now it’s 9:00 and he needs to go through freezers for frozen food trash for the landfill.

I was up a couple times during the night with the dog, so I slept in this morning till 9:00 a.m.!
This morning I’ve enjoyed my coffee and milkshake (chocolate Ensure with strawberry yogurt), and gone out briefly to visit the cats in the new room.

John saved all frozen food we’d had in our freezers until this morning to load into the dumpster. It’s 11:00, and I must take my Acetaminophen. John got up in the dumpster and stomped on re-positioned boxes that cannot be showing out of the top rim of the dumpster. A cover has to go on.

Now John’s out trying to get a picture of the loaded dumpster. This was a comedy of errors. First, he went out with his own camera, climbed atop the old Chevy PU truck to get a better view from above, went to take the photo, and realized his camera battery was dead. He came in to get mine, I told him which buttons to push, and set it up for him to look through the viewfinder because he detests looking at the screen, with reflections. He went back out, climbed up again, and got a couple of photographs.
Photographs on top are the setup, when John realized he had to come get my camera. The bottom is the filled 30 cubic yard dumpster.

Truck came about 1:30. The driver was pleased, loaded quickly and was off to the transfer station. Trash is weighed, and compacted in EBRG, then off to a landfill in East Wenatchee.

Gerald reporting in fine today, before 11:00. All’s well, just chilly for exercising outside, so he’ll walk around inside his house.

John brought a scratching log to the kitties. They weren’t impressed. Next, maybe is a carper covered post. Such are sold, but to cats use them? They are expensive. I plan to ask on the free-giving site for one from someone who may no longer need theirs. I’ve gotten so many great things free recently from those sites for moving the cats into the new room of our our house.

Brunch: John came in and fixed ham, scrambled eggs with cheese, and hash browns for our midday vittles. We gave a treat of white tuna (canned wild albacore) to the cats.

Our electrician, Todd, came by at 3:10 and worked 20 mins. and fixed our problem. The electrical power on the water heater in the horse’s water trough was not working. Two days ago it had over an inch of ice. He fixed it by replacing the old outlet with a new one. I’m supposed to look up ground fault interrupt (GFI); needed where water might be near.

I was very tired this afternoon, so I took an afternoon nap for well over an hour! Much needed.
Then, I worked on “duckduckgo” search tonight looking for research papers for Friday’s lecture on exotic terranes and the Baja/BC connection. Nick announced the topic for Friday’s lecture was going to be Plutons. So, I have gone back to finding additional research papers to share.

Supper: John fixed steamed rice, gravy with onions, fried ham slice cut-up, a serving of BBQ baked beans, and sliced apple. We each had a piece of heated peach pie with vanilla ice cream. Sun setting on Mt. Stuart from Manastash Ridge Summit, 45 miles away. [at 4:10 p.m., photographed by Andrew Caveness]

John went to bed early. to leave early in his Ford Truck for White Heron to deliver a pickup load of horse manure to be used in the Mariposa Vineyard.
I unloaded the dishwasher

Thursday, Dec 3

Mail isn’t being delivered until after dark. So, John retrieved the mail and my mail order meds, and opened the gate. Delivery was at 5:35 p.m.!
Early a.m. call from Gerald; cold over there, otherwise all is well.
John took care of the cats and horses.

He left (10:20) for White Heron with a full truck load of manure, his camera, and lunch. The very top of the vineyard was dug out for sand many years ago. When re-contoured, the replacement sand had very little organic matter. Most parts had about 100 years to grow a cover, and start a soil. The bottom image shows the location, with the Columbia River 600 feet lower. This is water impounded behind the Wanapum Dam, 25 miles away. Top are Cameron & John; bottom the excellent Tennessee Walking horse manure for the Mariposa Vineyard. The view overlooks the Middle Columbia Valley as it turns at West Bar and flows directly south. Top-dressing of organic matter isn’t the optimum solution, but it does help – seen by inspecting adjacent rows of treated versus untreated. This is the 3rd load; and we have more.

I’ve been working on study group Dropbox entries all morning, need to finish that. That allows me to create a set of research papers at a link to allow viewers to download directly onto their C drive, the PDFs, rather than sending individual ones through email that are 4 & 5 or more Mb large.
Attend Zoom Game day at noon. Get my prompts ready. It was a game called, Catchphrase. It was a fun game to play; I’m sure we will play it again before 2020 is over. Next week, we’re playing Yahtzee, another favorite.
Having my morning milkshake of chocolate Ensure with vanilla yogurt with game play and probably cup of coffee to warm up.

For lunch I had one of my famous salads, made with Iceberg lettuce, (only lettuce I’m allowed on Coumadin, smoked turkey cubes, pistachios, Cheez-its for croutons, and threw in some grape-size tomatoes that were awful. I took it out and visited with the cats in the new room, Sue and Woody (mother/daughter).

Supper: beef & onions, baked beans BBQ, steamed rice and gravy. Dessert: piece of fruitcake, Nick’s symbol or icon of exotic terranes.

Finished emailing all the research papers to new members of study group for Zentnerds. Only 3 more lectures to go after tomorrow at 2:00.

Need to call Panasonic support. My blocked call storage space has been filled. I think it allows 250 numbers. I hope I can delete the earliest ones in the system.
The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 3=2.
I loaded the dishwasher, but no time to run it until tomorrow morning. Taking my Acetaminophen and going to bed.

Friday, Nov Dec 4

I slept in until almost 8:00 a.m.; John was late getting up, after me! He says he’ll get up when Mr. Sun does.
I started trying to start the dishwasher, and it is not working to hold the soap in the dish when closed. It was raising my blood pressure so I made a cup of coffee and opened my computer. When John checked it, he found the same thing, so just closed and started it anyway. The dishes were fine when put in the washer and the hot water and soap in the bin will still produce clean dishes.

Our dog had us letting her out every two hours.
John is busy every morning cleaning the litter box and feeding, watering, and giving the girls some loving attention.

Coffee for me with chocolate Ensure milkshake with peach yogurt and I am enjoying it, while frustratingly filling in my Medical records for next week’s Medicare Wellness Exam.
I need to process my medical records from the portal at the hospital, in anticipation for next week’s visit for our annual physical and the background paperwork they need. Why they cannot access it from their portal is beyond me, but if I have to, and cannot locate something, I must call Medical Records at the hospital during weekday work hours. What do people without access to computers do? That was a PITA. Took me 17 mins to find out there are problems with their system. Wrong dates entered in the Medical Record, some procedures not entered at all. I was given a national support number to call, and they told me there was a 25 min. wait. I hung up. I called my pharmacy and got info on when we had our Shingles immunizations. I called radiology at the hospital; and found the CORRECT dates this year which were not entered in the system for my Bone Density test or mammogram. This is the portal for the same hospital for where they were performed. I knew it was this year, during COVID times. Those are now corrected on my form, but have not been corrected in the Portal records. How useless if they are updated incorrectly even within the same hospital where the test or surgery was performed.

Later, I’ll be getting ready for Nick Zentner’s Friday afternoon lecture at 2:00 p.m., when I start gathering pre-show comments at 1:00 p.m., actually, my computer is grabbing them now.
In between we have to have our lunch. I had a salad for my lunch, starting before 1:00 p.m.
Call from Gerald about 11:20; all’s well there.

We had some technical problems with YouTube today, and lost the first 18 mins of the start, so Nick had to restart a new livestream. The final outcome, made Take 2 require additional time (2 hrs 13 mins)

Nick Z, Take 2: #98 – Exotic W: Plutons

I worked on the blog.

Supper: Beef sirloin tip steak with onions, onion rings and apple slices. No dessert. I had fruitcake this afternoon for a snack.
The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 4=1.

Saturday, Dec 5

I had another restless night with many interruptions from animals and from my own inability to get to sleep. Maybe I’ll have to take an afternoon nap. I did nap for 45 mins quite late afternoon.

John took care of the cats in the new room, cleaned their litter box, and checked news via the computer there. Then he went out for the papers and the mail and to feed horses. I stayed behind working on cleaning up dirty dishes and loading the very full dishwasher. John’s out working for a couple hours in 26° temperatures; cool but nice, he says.

Late afternoon, I finally sent a note to the study group for Nick Zentner’s lecture tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. It has the link to the YouTube location and suggestions for a background study guide to previous research papers, and I remembered to add Nick’s recent audio Podcasts on Exotic Terranes.

John worked outside in the cold this morning and gathered the last of the needed rocks to fill the drip line trench at the edge of the carport. He raked leaves and pine needles and carried them to the garden. Then added a cart load of excellent TennesseeWalking horse manure. Actually, he has added 3 or 4 carts of each (leaves, needles, manure) this week, and may till it if the surface doesn’t freeze. Coming Wednesday looks promising.

In cleaning out the freezer on Wednesday morning he found an old 4+ pound roast. He put that in the oven about Noon.
Then we had a midday meal of bacon, eggs, canned peaches in a little bowl, and toast of English muffin bread.

Supper: Oven roasted Sliced Beef Roast, Steamed rice with onion gravy, and a bowl of canned pears.
The total number of robocaller connections for Dec 5=2.

Sunday, Dec 6

Up all night off and on unable to sleep, and being awakened by our dog to go out; why can’t she go out the doggie door she has used for over 13 yrs? {John: she is finding the ramps more difficult than when she was 4.} I am going to need an afternoon nap, but first have to finish the blog.

I got up at 7:35 to fix my software and computer to collect information. Enjoyed a hot cup of coffee to warm up, to start my computer set up to load the needed software so it was ready to support and watch Nick Zentner’s 9:00 a.m. (this morning started at 8:42).
Nick’s lecture at 9:00 a.m. went long at 2 hr. 22 mins.

#99 – Exotic Y: Baja-BC

John came in from outside yard work, and fixed us a brunch: each an egg over easy, bacon for me sausage patty for him, piece of toast, bowl of canned peaches, & home fries. I had a small PowerAde drink.

I need to put all my medications for a week in a carrier for dispensing daily.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Skyscapes, trains, and thanksgiving

Monday, Nov 23

I slept in until 8:00 a.m. Had a changed appointment call from Cardiopulmonary at KVH moving me from Wednesday to Friday, at 9:30 a.m.
Thanks Lise McGowan for sharing your photo. Much is going on there.

Paul Liebenberg, a viewer of Nick Zentner’s Live from Home series, sent this a reply to my public comment on the Sunday morning lecture (yesterday’s replay), asking for a link to the video.
Below is the link to the 7-minute video from the North Cascades National Park mentioned last week about the archaeological record of the use of Chert (flint stone) by Native Americans there in the hills of the North Cascades:

Hozomeen: A story about Chert, identity, and landscape

I wrote to Marlys about her mom’s birthday card and leaving it at KVH with Jill or Yvette to pick up. Need to call Jill and check if I can do that. I never heard back, so I didn’t ask Jill.
I sent my thank-you email messages for photos posted in our last week’s blog.

Tuesday, Nov 24

Get up early to take pill, and drink ½ hour later, drink coffee milkshake, drink water to get some hydrated with liquids in my system to make blood draw go easier. I needed to be at the lab before 9:30 a.m.

Set up my external drive for its noon backup. It completed the backup while we were in town.

We had to deal with serious fog today and that slowed down the driving time quite a bit. I was thrilled this was not a day I had to travel to Yakima for a test at the Heart Center. I-82, our major Interstate connecting Ellensburg, with Yakima was closed both directions for 26 miles coming into the Kittitas Valley. Fog was seriously affecting visibility. Closed from 10:50 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. I wish I had captured a view from the camera on Manastash Ridge.

We left at 9:00 a.m. to get to blood draw before 10:00 to make the centrifuge timing before pickup. Kim does the centrifuging now at 10:00 cause the pickup can be between 10 and 11. I remembered to request Cle Elum Family Clinic to send more orders, because the lab had to use the one for Jan 2021 to draw it, but did it anyway, realizing the immediate need.

This is our day for important errands. Reviewing those here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ Started with going for my blood draw a week later for the same standing order (INR). Last week’s reading was quite high (4.0); with no explanation of the reason. I had not had alcohol or an antibiotic nor changed my diet in any way from normal. Today’s was back in the proper range, (2.1). ∞∫∞ Next stop Bi-Mart Pharmacy, where I picked up my prescription of Amiodarone and bought more packs of Fisherman Friends cough drops. John walked up to get the sheet of numbers, but we did not win anything. ∞∫∞ From there I drove to the first exit for Ellensburg on I-90, coming from the west. There’s a large truck plaza with the best prices in Ellensburg, PILOT Flying J on Dolarway, at $2.399/gallon. We get 4% off our Costco CitiBank VISA card and it’s paid to us in the beginning of the new year in February. Sometimes we earn hundreds of $. With COVID however, this year will be a lot lower, because I’m not running forth and back to EBRG, and John has not been going on WTA Trail Maintenance trips, although WTA did carry on with masks and distancing. Our last stop before home was to drop off 3 boxes of groceries to a woman who cannot drive because of being seeing impaired.

Today’s photographs bring back memories of trains:Both photos by EvieMae Schuetz, south of EBRG not far from the Yakima River. The top is a current train; the bottom is an old depot on lower Canyon Road, before one reaches Thrall; unseen from the road.

This brought back old memories about trains from my life. I was not yet 2 years old when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died 4-12-45 in Warm Springs, GA at The Little White House.
When the funeral train came north on the Southern Railway lines near our house, my parents took me down the hill to watch the train come across the trestle bridge over the road we lived on. I still recall seeing the train rolling by, with one car draped in a US Flag, where the casket and honor guard were.

Mid-afternoon snack: I had a Nanaimo Bar; John had a piece of chocolate frosted golden yellow layered cake.
Supper: more of our white salmon (cats surely like it–well 3 of the 4; the girls in the new room, Sue & Woody, and Czar male inside/outside doggie door in main house; but Rascal does not like fish. Strange. With the salmon, John and I had breaded cauliflower fried with fried onion rings. For his dessert, John had a Nanaimo Bar. I didn’t have anything.
John went to bed early. I’m going to try to stay up another hour. I’m tired from getting up very early to leave this morning, and not taking an afternoon nap.

Wednesday, Nov 25

Up at 8:00 a.m. but with problems on the Internet.
I’ve been on the phone with CWU help desk, and checking on numerous other start up activities for a day. Everything is taking too much time.

We were up a couple times during the night with the dog. She is old and sleeps soundly, a sometimes weeps a pool of pee. Between the two of us, if we remember, we get her out about every 3 hours during her naps.

This morning I’ve enjoyed my coffee and milkshake (Chocolate Ensure with Vanilla yogurt), and gone out and visited with the cats in the new room. I need to unload the dishwasher and probably should wash clothes.

John’s out in 38° weather (but it is nice and sunny today), working on getting more garbage into the big green dumpster, and moving rocks around. He was up near the gate working on ideas for putting in a wooden sign to identify our place as Rock’n Ponderosa. I know he still needs to bury leftover food.

I need to check the A-head on yesterday’s WSJ and check my subscription with them. It is supposed to be reduced by my association with CWU, and the price I’m paying monthly doesn’t reflect it is. Talked to them, and cannot change either. Price has gone up to $12.99/month for educational usage, ($156/yr.), which is fine because the regular yearly cost is $600! We truly enjoy access to the articles in the print and the digital formats.

Lunch: John’s having cheese bits-filled sausage links with eggs and potatoes. I’m going to have the rest of my soup from yesterday, maybe or just wait and have an afternoon snack with turkey dinner coming for supper. And have the soup tomorrow for TG Day lunch.

Going to town – I’ll be there close to 3:00 p.m. for Community Thanksgiving Dinner for take-out turkey+ dinner, we’ll have on thanksgiving eve. This weekend is always meaningful for me to give thanks for my life being saved after the reaction to Heparin (blood thinner used in operations and in cleaning IV tubes) in an otherwise successful surgery to remove a blood clot in my heart from a heart attack the day after 2009 thanksgiving. I received a hit {Really, it is called Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT).} from the blood thinner used in the surgery, and the next evening all my systems shut down, putting me on life-support for 8 days. Luckily, I stayed in ICU until the end of December of 2009 and they performed a risky open heart surgery to replace my Mitral valve and give me a 2-way bypass. I have plenty to be thankful for still being alive.

Left-flyer inviting people to Thanksgiving Dinner served take-out this year. Right: servers putting parts of the meal into containers: including turkey slices, dressing, mashed potatoes all 3 with gravy; corn, roll & butter; cranberry sauce; and a pumpkin pie piece. Delivery to cars by volunteers.

Gerald reporting in fine today, late afternoon. All’s well.
Late afternoon snack, a Nanaimo Bar and piece of pumpkin pie.
Supper: John had a rolls toasted into 4 pieces, with turkey, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, cut up a yellow apple and halved with me. Also, he had a piece of layered yellow cake frosted with all sorts of chocolate and twirls. Nancy had turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes all covered with gravy, a little bit of buttered corn.

Our only special Thanksgiving treat this week was a baked Cosmic Crisp apple, with Cinnamon crisp topping. Cosmic Crisp apple description:
This new apple on the market results from 20 years of research by the Washington State University tree of fruit breeding program. The apple is a cross between an Enterprise and a Honeycrisp.
Large, round, crisp and super juicy, these apples have a rich red that almost sparkles with starburst-like lenticels—which is where the name “Cosmic” comes from. The natural balance of acid and sugar in Cosmic Crisp® apples give them an unmatched sweetness, making them perfect for snacking, baking, and entertaining.

I worked on ‘duckduckgo dot com’ search tonight looking for research papers for Friday’s lecture on Nanaimo and Mélange Belts. Also requested help from a few folks and had a wonderful response from the Geologist Jerome at Vancouver Island University. He’s a huge contributor and supporter of our study group.
The total number of robocaller connections: Nov 25=1.

Thursday, Nov 26 Happy Thanksgiving!
Lovely sunrises: top by Keith Kleinfelder from south of town, and bottom from east of town, farther north, by Sid Peterson.

Slept in till 8:30 a.m., up a couple times during night with animal demands. Had my morning milkshake of chocolate Ensure with vanilla yogurt.
Coffee and starting to send papers for tomorrow’s lecture. Sent all the papers and images I needed to send for tomorrow’s lecture. Took me 3 sends to get all the materials to study group.

For brunch we had a pecan pancake with maple syrup, strawberries and cream atop, and bacon. I had coffee.
John spent most of his afternoon tossing boxes of trash from the hay barn into the landfill dumpster. He’s got more to do during the daylight, tomorrow. He was concerned about the large size of the dumpster, but says that’s no longer a concern. He knows he can fill it.

We had a bunch of Happy Thanksgiving wishes from friends in the states. We did them all on email, no telephoning.

Always a funny memory of Turkeys at Thanksgiving to share on this day. If you are old enough you will remember this TV Show. We viewed this original showing in 1978 while living in Troy, ID, and teaching at the University of Idaho, in Moscow, ID.

WKRP Turkey Drop

Telephone call from sister Peggy in Ohio, to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. We had a nice visit for 25 minutes. I’m sure she was worn out. She’d had a couple hour phone call, plus another long one with someone else today.

Supper: Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and gravy; the rest of baked Cosmic Crisp apple. For dessert, we had a Nanaimo Bar (our last in the package).

Sunset on Thanksgiving with thanks for his striking photography talent, Christopher Cyrus Peterson

I went for a late shower to be ready to leave for my PFT test tomorrow morning to get to the hospital at 9:15 a.m. I’m going to wear my N-95 mask to protect me. They are the chosen best MASK to protect against COVID-19 virus, so I will wear that mask from now on in grocery stores and in hospitals. And in other close proximity to many people places. I’ll use my cloth masks for the fewer folks I’m around. I suppose I’ll try to clean a few more dishes to load in the dishwasher before going to bed. Now I can’t. Rascal just got in my lap. He’ll stay here until I take my Acetaminophen and go to bed, so I can awake at 8:00 a.m. to get ready to leave.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 26=1.

Friday, Nov 27

1:00 a.m. early awake from dog wanting out. I went back to bed and John put her out at 3:00 a.m. I slept until 5:00 and awoke at the right time to take my Acetaminophen (every 6 hrs.).

John is busy every morning checking internet news, and cleaning the litter box and feeding, watering, and giving the girls some loving attention. They are both warming up to us (and will finally come to him), from across the room, when he calls them with special treat food. For a while, Sue would only come to me, but now they both will. Woody is still a bit tentative. It’s only been in the last couple of months that Woody would even let us touch her, (while she was eating). She was the longest coming around to be “domesticated.”

Appointment at Cardiopulmonary for PFT test for me at 9:30 a.m. Check in a few minutes before. I left at 8:45 a.m.
Checked in early with Yvette with my N-95 mask on, but couldn’t breathe so I went to the restroom and exchanged it for a cloth mask. Went back to get my paperwork to the front desk, and on down to Cardiopulmonary. Jim Allen, the head technician was the only one there, so he took me right in at 9:15 a.m. I was out in the car ready to come home at 10:03. I brought my report results with me, and it was shipped off to my cardiologist and to my PCP. I have written an email to my cardiologist’s nurse with my comments. I await hearing from him.

Now am getting ready for Nick Zentner’s Friday afternoon lecture at 2:00 p.m. I start gathering pre-show comments at 1:00 p.m., actually, my computer is grabbing them now.

John’s in the sun and chilly temps (39.7°) throwing more garbage into the dumpster. He usually only works at a single task for 1.5/2.0 hours. Changing tasks involves different muscle groups, or in different ways. He claims this to be a good strategy for old folks.

Call from Gerald about 11:20; all’s well there.
Fixed my chocolate Ensure milkshake with vanilla yogurt and I am enjoying it.

Nick began ~ 1:45 for 2:00 p.m. with his 2 hr. 7 min. lecture:

#96 – Exotic U: Nanaimo & Mélange Belts

I worked some on the blog.
I had a late afternoon snack (never really had lunch) of ripple potato chips and salsa, have been cleaning up dirty dishes in the kitchen, and packing them into the dishwasher. John’s napping. We got up really early and I had an interrupted night’s sleep, no afternoon nap, so I may really go to bed early tonight.

I tried to take my blood pressure and the batteries were dead. I finally found the AAA ones in a different part of the house from where the others batteries are stored (in the new utility room on shelves). There are a couple (flashlight and the AAAs in the living room on a shelf. Guess we need to combine them with those in the utility room. Those batteries are packaged too securely, in a tight wrapper that takes a knife to separate. I got it done without bothering John, while he napped. He just awoke at 6:12 p.m.

Saturday, Nov 28

What a difference a day makes.On the left (Saturday) there are high bright clouds over western WA and Oregon. On the right (Sunday) the clouds are gone but low grayish fog fills the Puget Sound, the Willamette Valley {Portland area and south}, and our own area of central WA.

I was up a couple times in the night to take care of cats and a dog. Last time was 4:00 a.m. and it took my 5:00 meds and went back to bed. Slept in until 8:45 a.m.

John took care of the cats in the new room, cleaned their litter box, and eventually went out for the papers and the mail and to feed horses. I stayed behind working on cleaning up dirty dishes and loading the very full dishwasher. Got it started at 10:00 a.m. while John’s out working for a couple hours in 48° temperatures, sunny, and windy, giving it a chilling factor.

Once on my computer this morning, I cleaned up the various things on our joint account and my personal email account. They’re always loaded overnight with unwanted mail. Have not looked at Facebook yet, because it is a huge time user I don’t have time for. If you want me to see something on Facebook, you’ll have to “tag” me so I am notified differently without being on board FB.

Oh, at 10:00 a.m., I finally sent a note to the study group for Nick Zentner’s lecture tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. It has the link to the YouTube location and suggestions for a background study guide to previous research papers, or roadside geology books. I should have added Nick’s recent audio Podcasts and forgot.

I fixed a chocolate Ensure milkshake for me with vanilla yogurt, to have before my hot soup for lunch.
At 11:15, I sent my note to the study group with suggestions about tomorrow morning’s background prep materials for lecture. I put all my medications for a week in a carrier for dispensing daily.

Before I had my own supper, I took a couple of tablespoons of drained tuna on a plate and broken up for the female cats on the new room. They scoffed it down.

Supper: I had a tuna melt (grilled cheese & tuna sandwich) fixed by John, with strawberry lemonade PowerAde. John had Panko breaded shrimp, baked and French fries, with cranberry sauce.

The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 28 = 1. It was from an Out of Area “number”, which was not displayed so I could not check on the type of scammer it was but they were alerting me to a security breach of an unspecified account to tell me if I pressed 1. I did not answer. Without a # I cannot block a future call.

Sunday, Nov 29

I was up at 7:25 to fix a hot cup of coffee to warm up and also to tide me over, a milkshake or chocolate Ensure with French vanilla yogurt. John reported that the cats made it through the night all right in their new bedroom and bathroom facilities. He’s going to give them a little treat of tuna fish this morning.

Nick’s lecture at 9:00 a.m. went long at 2 hr. 8 mins.
I started collecting pre-show comments about 7:40 a.m. but people are late coming on board this morning.
Temperature here is 30.9°. I’m sure Nick will be broadcasting from his porch this morning.

#97 – Exotic V: Restore the Fruitcake

John went back outside to work without brunch, I’m here too, inside the house working on the blog draft and on creating emails to 4 new study group additions. That got put off until after the blog is done.

I got myself an afternoon snack, first Ripple potato chips with salsa, followed by two Resee’s peanut butter cups.

John was out moving horse manure into the pickup, rocks into the under drip-line ditch, and more trash into the landfill dumpster. Now only have enough room for frozen food trash from the last 6 months to be added when we know the pick-up day. The horse manure is destined for the vineyard over at White Heron; some to our garden.

Supper: Bowl of Progresso wild rice and chicken soup, with chicken breast meat added. Another bowl of our leftover Acorn squash cooked with cut–up baked apple; the remaining half of the Cosmic Crisp.

Hope your week was fine.
Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Medical visit and more

Monday, Nov 2

I slept in, but we need to go to Yakima Heart Center for today for two routine visits for me for a device check and an appointment with my cardiologist. While there, we’ll make a Costco run.

I started early with hot coffee and then added a nutritious protein milkshake of chocolate Ensure with peach yogurt.
Printed my immunization record and added info for Dr. Krueger.

Morning call from Ellensburg Animal Hospital about Annie’s medication. We just cancelled it. Long story, but they “by law” cannot refill a prescription from 2019 without another visit. She’s doing fine without it (it was a pain med). She’s not showing signs of needing it any longer.

John has been outside feeding horses, opening the gate, getting the paper. Temperature is freezing.
Need to send the current blog published last night to a few people whose photographs I used. We’re leaving here about 11:30 for Yakima.

John drove us to the Yakima Heart Center for my appointments. The first was for 1:00 p.m., for my ICD device check (good, with 12 yrs. battery life left), and the cardiologist followed at 2:00 p.m. ECG given at the beginning by his technician. That went fine, and I just received a transcription in the mail on 11/7, in time to acknowledge it here. ECG was fine and unchanged from the last time (6-mo interval between appointments). I’ll have a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) in 2 weeks, and those test results plus my blood tests for thyroid & liver will be ordered by my PCP and sent to him yearly. At my spring appointment next year, I will have another pacer check and an echocardiogram the same day in the new location, “Heart Central of WA” on 64th Ave., near Walmart on W. Nob Hill Blvd., west of town. This is a new center being created from about 20% of doctors and staff. It is related to one hospital closing in Yakima and the remaining one consolidating functions unto itself.

From the Yakima Heart Center (next to Memorial Hospital, now owned by VA Mason from Seattle), we drove to Union Gap, WA to the Costco store. Did a lot of shopping for us and our neighbor. We had to load up on paper products (TP, Kleenex, Paper towels), sugar, canola oil, pancake mix, some things we get only there for the better price (dog food, Kirkland brand “almond drink”, bacon, their fantastic “Christmas” Fruit Cake I like so well. There was a good price on 24 containers of Yoplait yogurt (31₵/container). The Hershey Company, responding to the diverse lock-downs around the Nation, have introduced packaging to encourage more consumption at home. There was a package of 30 of 3 different types of Hershey chocolate candy bars @ 50₵ each. We’d been paying 80₵ in EBRG.

Brunch: Bacon, eggs, fresh pears, and I had 2 pieces of English Muffin toasting bread, while John had French fries.

John went out to mow on the other side of the irrigation ditch, near the road.

10 robocallers thus far today from two different numbers in White Swan. Just had the last. Times started a.m. at 9:30.
Go tonight to Kittitas Pantry, a little before 6:00 to get donation receipt for 16# cat food, John delivered last Friday before 1:00 p.m.

Worked on sending requests for background research papers and links to web resources for Friday’s lecture this week. Contacted Chris Mattinson, about Friday topic background materials. Received help from Jerome (Geologist) in BC, at the Vancouver Island University, in Nanaimo. Got one research paper back from Chris. I added his email address to the Bcc: list.

Supper: Sandwiches grilled cheese with crumbled sirloin tip roast, cinnamon pears, yellow apples, fried onion rings, and French fries. Dessert: Nanaimo bars with blueberry swirl ice cream.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 2=13.

Tuesday, Nov 3

Strange wake-up to a fiery a.m. sky at 6:27 a.m. with cats at the front door wanting food.
This captured from Badger Pocket vicinity just before 7:00 a.m.Incredible sunrise photographed by Keith McGowan, published on his wife, Lise McGowan’s Facebook page. Lise provides the majority of their photos posted, but this is a winner in my book!Sunrise capture by Lori Waters from Ellensburg at 6:39 a.m.

I went back to bed and slept in until 8:20 a.m. (through a rude 7:22 a.m. -5107-robocaller from White Swan, WA which is blocked and only rings once. We got 4 calls this morning from different numbers (the 4 digits, following the time): 8:27-5145, 8:49-5108, 9:14-5145, 9:54-5145.

Slept in until 8:15 and John helped me get my medicine tablet out of the new container. Took and set timer for ½ hour, but the timer did not work. Luckily, I was paying attention to the time and set my computer timer to notify me. I had previously plugged in my external backup drive for its weekly backup at noon. Chocolate Ensure shake with peach yogurt.

Today is our day for many important errands. Reviewing those here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ First stop, by Eva Frink’s porch to drop off a thank-you box of John’s onions, pick up a cat litter box she’s giving us, and leaving her a couple of egg cartons. ∞∫∞ We were able to skip Bi-Mart because Connie B. checked my number and called me before we left to tell me. ∞∫∞ Went by the AAC to pick up my Bingo cards for Game Day with CLC this Thurs. ∞∫∞ On by Amy’s & Haley’s with some things to share. ∞∫∞ Went by Jerrol’s to pick up my Roadside Geology of Alaska book that arrived late in the afternoon when I was in earlier that day expecting to pick it up. Then down to Fred Meyer to get Red Baron pizzas for $2.50 each. ∞∫∞ From there out to Pilot Gas Center to fill John’s rig ($2.399/gal). ∞∫∞ On from there around the round-about to the office of the local gravel and concrete place with his question about landscape rock, and while there, I was able to use their restroom. ∞∫∞ From there back a neat route to Dry Creek Rd right to the location of our next stop to deliver groceries to a family. ∞∫∞ Back by Grocery Outlet for our gallon & 1/4 Ice Cream tub of vanilla, because it was nearing last two stops before home. ∞∫∞ On from there up Water St. to pick up the two 35mm slides we left last week to be transferred into digital images to share with the Hultquist family, and pay our bill, plus hand off 3 onions as a thank you. The trip to Jade Cove probably took place in 1963, in Aug/Sept. Look below in the blog to see the digital images with an explanation. ∞∫∞ On to our last stop off Wilson Creek to leave a donation of a box of 4 place settings of flowered dishes for Naomi’s Hope to give to women who have suffered domestic violence or another crisis in their lives. (See credo below).

Afternoon snack: heated brownie bar with cup of coffee.

Mentioned above was our picking up our two 35mm slides. Peggy Hultquist and brother Richard (30) in 1963 at Jade Cove along the California coast, south of Dick’s location in San Jose. Dick was working as a rocket scientist for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company at Sunnyvale’s Moffett Field.

Peggy (22) and brother John (19), in the photo below.
John went by train, starting in Pennsylvania, then the San Francisco Chief out of Chicago. Later, Peggy flew out and we bummed around some more. There are lots of photos somewhere, and Peggy recently found two slides. An EBRG fellow did the digitizing for us.

Supper: Pizza by John with a little help from Red Baron. Appetizer, cinnamon pears from Louaine. My dessert was strawberry ice cream.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 3=12.

Wednesday, Nov 4

Before 9:00 a.m. our landline had 5 robocallers. This is irritating. First one came at 7:22 a.m.! My mom always told me not to call anyone until after 9:00 a.m. in the morning.

The technicians finally came up from Pendleton, Oregon to fix the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) at the KELN Ellensburg airport. It has not been reporting any figures for the past few days. Such things are often near runways for your flying safety. Watch for one, if you are flying.
Morning milkshake of chocolate Ensure with Vanilla Bean yogurt.12:27 pm, Reecer Creek, Irene Rinehart Riverside Park, from the Middle Bridge, photographed by Glenn Engels.

Warmer today, with no wind. John worked a lot outside and I worked inside.
Lunch: Progresso soup, chicken with wild rice, carrots, diced tomatoes, and Cheez-its.
Late afternoon snack for Nancy: 2 Reece’s peanut butter cups. John had his right after his lunch.
Supper: Pork, rice & onion gravy, with fried breaded cauliflower. Dessert: Brownie bar heated, with strawberry ice cream.

Need to do some tax receipt filing tonight. I never had time today between other projects I was working on included loading the
dishwasher, emailing background scientific papers to the study group members for Nick Zentner’s lecture this Friday where we have a guest lecturer, who is the chair of Geological Sciences Department at CWU—Chris Mattinson.
I have decided, for a time, at the end of each day to report the total number of robocaller connections: Nov 4=14.

Thursday, Nov 5

7:12a.m. robocaller from White Swan, WA. Slept in until 8:15 a.m.
Hot coffee and chocolate Ensure shake with strawberry yogurt.

Washed my hair in the morning to be ready for Celia’s haircut.
Got bottles packed for her with WSJ auto stories for her hubby, Bobby. This is a series of “me and my car” as told to reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Involves the owner, the car, and the history thereof.

Pick a birthday card for Gloria Swanson to get in the mail next week before Nov 11 when there’s no postal mail delivery.

NOON to 1pm: Game day AAC led by the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement (CLCE) at CWU – Bingo via ZOOM. We played several games, and I won a horizontal Bingo, a vertical Bingo, and two of us won a Full Blackout card game. When done in person at the Senior Center, they have actual raffle tickets to give for winning games, and then prizes donated from town businesses are given and people put their raffle tickets into cups, near the prize. A couple years ago I won an Ellensburg Rodeo Baseball cap I like and a gift certificate somewhere from the chamber of commerce.

It rained this morning and may this afternoon too.
My lunch was chicken flavored Ramen pasta soup with added cooked chicken breast meat and Cheez-its.

Get $cash ready.. Pack up bottles for Celia, and newspaper articles for Bobby, and present of stuffed pink pig for Celia. Haircut at 2:30 p.m.

This morning I contacted Ken Hammond’s son (an avid bowler) about bowling trophies, we’d uncovered in our stash. I have more somewhere. Late afternoon, I received a call from David Hammond (no more bowling trophies given out in leagues not in at least 10 years. No trophy place left in town.) Guess I’m stuck with them. Found one that went back to 1959/60 for me in the American Junior Bowling Congress (AJBC). I was 16. I worked across the street from my house in Atlanta, GA, at Broadview Plaza Lanes, started $1.00/hr. and increased to $1.50. I did every imaginable job in the business. Opened and closed sometimes, because I lived so close to the plaza location and had keys.

Supper: French fried onion rings, thinly sliced sirloin tip roast in onion gravy, fried battered cauliflower with cheese, round seasoned baguette toasted crackers. Dessert: Tart cherry pie with Phoebe strawberry ice cream for me; vanilla for John and the cats and dog.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 5 = 14.

Friday, Nov 6

Up with a hungry cat (Sue) outside at 5:00 a.m., 6:00 with the dog. Woody arrived later in the morning. Stayed resting until almost 9:00 a.m., but was interrupted with robobcallers yet none during the 7:00 hour as in the previous two days.

Made two orders this morning first from ECP to be delivered next Thursday AM – a load of landscape small river-rocks (called oversized washed; 1.5 inches up to 5), probably $200+ on credit card. John hopes they will include some colorful flatish rocks. Me too.

Unsure the timing of this from Waste Management, a large metal dumpster 30 cubic yards paid $500.06, in advance and will only be charged the amount of the final pickup and delivery. The receipt is stored in my computer photos for Nov 1st week.

Today, Nick Zentner is joined by Chris Mattinson, as his guest lecturer on his rock research specialty. Chris is the chair of the CWU Geological Sciences Department and also his neighbor.Green rocks photographed by Nick

‘Nick from Home’ #90 – Exotic O: Green Rocks

Lunch: John had dinner leftovers and I had a protein drink of chocolate Ensure with peach yogurt. Was going to have afternoon leftover soup from yesterday, but decided to wait until tomorrow for it.

During the show I had two Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, and a class of Strawberry-Lemonade PowerAde.

Over ½-hour putting my medications into my weekly dispensing tray, with John’s help halving some of them.

Supper: 3 things: side dish of chicken & BBQ sauce & Macaroni & cheese (like a baked chicken pie); chicken stir fry with onions and red peppers, butternut squash baked with pecan halves. Dessert: heated tart cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. Sunset by Tom Harbaugh at 5:00 pm from Brickmill Rd

The total number of robocaller connections for 11/6 =14.

Saturday, Nov 7

Up at 8:00 a.m. to start the cold day, (still below freezing), after being up at 4:00 to feed Woody.
John and I watched about 10 deer walk through our pasture gate and up the driveway. He walked Annie up the drive and get a birthday card into to the mailbox for pickup to my 95-year-old friend, Gloria. Cle Elum is just 30 miles away, but it won’t go there directly. Hoping for a Monday delivery, but John thinks Wednesday. Veteran’s Day is a USPS holiday. She never gets mail on her birthday; maybe it will make it there before. I’m hopeful.

Got all my suggested background reference links emailed to the study group members, with the link to the lecture for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Sent before 11:00 a.m.

Dialed phone in GA of my first geography teacher to wish his wife, Jolayne, a happy birthday at 1:17 p.m. today, but no answer. Maybe they went out for an early birthday dinner. She and he (Sandy) were our chaperone leaders in 1965 for a Geography Field Trip to Europe for 9 weeks. Tried calling later but no answer, so perhaps they are off visiting their son’s wife.

A little before 5:00 tonight, John popped us some popcorn and buttered it. Nice treat.
Supper: Chicken soup with added chicken from last night’s stir fry and diced tomatoes and all sorts of things. Very tasty and full of surprises. Also had some panko crusted fried shrimp, also good; dessert was warmed tart cherry pie topped with vanilla ice cream.

I’m loading the dishwasher, and working on emails.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 7 = ZERO. Guess the scammers do not work on weekends. What a nice reprise from the past week of too many interruptions. {John wonders if many were election related – now over.} Nancy’s comment. Election day was Nov 3. We got them (a lot) after that day.

Sunday, Nov 8

Up at 6:00 a.m. with Woody and Sue wanting fed. I was late getting out there for them this morning. Back to bed for more rest.
Up 8:00 started 8:18 collecting pre-show comments.
Having a hot cup of coffee to warm up.

Nick’s morning talk lasted for 2 hrs. ~900 viewers worldwide; temperature was 37° in his backyard at the start of the lecture, and up to 40° at the end. Still pretty chilly.Tomyhoi Peak is one mile south of the Canada-US border. {Picture}
Gary Paull’s perspective of the rugged “foothills” in the Eastern Cascades titled lecture this morning. Gary is a photographer extraordinaire, which you will see in the Cozy Fort in today’s last part of the video lecture before Q&A. Check it out. Gary gifted (in a previous show) this image as a framed picture for Nick & Liz’s home wall. There are no annotations on that photograph. This was for help with the lecture today.

‘Nick from Home’ #91 Exotic P-Eastern Cascade Foothills

Didn’t get my milkshake of chocolate Ensure with French vanilla yogurt fixed until the end of Nick’s session. Now enjoying it. John will be coming in around noon to fix breakfast.Our view ability today.

Breakfast: Bacon, blueberry pancake, cinnamon pear, and Bartlett pear shared; coffee for me.

36-minute call talking to our cousin, Ethel Reynolds, 103, in Brookville, PA. She is so wonderfully alert and with the world around her. Caught up on much family stuff, as well as many other topics about our world! She’s amazing. A friend brought her a plate of pork and sauerkraut she grew the cabbage for and made! The woman’s mother was named Ethel, so she always calls our cousin, “Mom.”

Supper: Sauce with meat and spaghetti.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John