Life Goes On, Activities Resumed

Tuesday, October 17

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 16: SpO2 low 86, 5 events <88% with overall avg., 93.3%. Avg. low SpO2, 91.3%. Pulse avg. 56.5, low 50. Slept 6 hrs 42 min.

Awoke to high BP and sunny cold weather. John is performing the final editing on last week’s blog, and I’m working on music for our group, to send PDFs today to emails and schedule Thursday’s and Saturday’s play dates, at Pacifica and Briarwood. I’m behind as usual.

My temperature at 10:48 a.m. on 10-17-17 is 97.2°F.
I checked the price of gasoline vs. Love’s lowest in Ellensburg and Union Gap at Costco, on Holy Mackerel! Costco’s price is $2.69/gallon; that’s 16 cents less /gallon than Ellensburg!
We’ll go to Costco tomorrow, while I’m not able to do my normal Wednesday activities.

Morning, I finished the PDFs for music and numbered them for the audience and players, playlist and songs 1-23. Some toward the end (19-22) were 2 pages so those had to be fixed as a “centerfold”, with p.1 on the left and p2 on the right. Copying back to back requires some concentration in setting up correctly.

I made it in and with my ream of paper, cash for copies, and master for audience copies and same for 7 players copies (those who cannot print their own because of no computer/printer set up). I ran into problems on 6 of the 7 copies, when the machine skipped a page toward the end of the #19, and screwed up the last 4 pages. I did not realize it until I got home. I had to recreate them on my printer, so they would be readable for the players, 2 pages at a time. That took me 2 hrs. to straighten out. I was not happy. I had also forgotten to have the 3 holes punched in the players’ copies (I don’t put them in the audience copies, and run those with 2 staples along the side of the binder). That error explained why I didn’t use the whole ream of paper, as expected.

I picked up Music bag from Amy (after calling to have her set it out on the porch), and came on home. I needed to sort the music into the proper stacks to carry in.

John doesn’t want me to add this to my blog, but I want to, because I have been in this area, and was happy he went to work on the Candy Point trail there, near Grand Coulee Dam, on a WTA project, Friday, Oct 13, 2017, on what would have been my parents 80th anniversary.Alan & John dig root ball, John & Mike rock barring, and the rocky trail.USGS topo Location, Dam; John preparing to leave on Friday; right side – Sunday’s rattlesnake.

Wednesday, October 18

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 17: SpO2 low 86, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 93.6.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 92.0%. Pulse avg. 56.1, low 50. Slept 9 hrs 5 min.

I had canceled out of Food Bank music and SAIL exercise today.

I spent my morning (after sleeping in), on finishing most of the PDF making (of 24 sheets of paper). Each took 3 minutes of scanning to get what I could send to those who would print their own music. I have only sent one person the stuff because she was in Seattle and with her printer there, and wouldn’t have one when she got to Cle Elum. I sent to her, but waited to send to the others until I got home and had run the copies of the music, so I could tell them what was going to happen with it, tomorrow, when I went by to deliver the bag to the front desk at Pacifica.
She found I had missed sending one of the PDF files, got back to me, and I sent it later in the day, and added to what I was going to send to the others the next day.

John worked outside and then came in and fixed a nice brunch for us to eat before leaving for town. He fixed 2 eggs over easy, bacon, and a piece of toast.

We left finally at 1:17, stopping first by Airport Rd, to drop off our WSJ’s to a gal (Jana) who is a business student and enjoys reading them. We went to school and I took about 25 minutes running music for audience and for players for Oct–Nov starting tomorrow at Pacifica. John sat in the lobby waiting for me, and reading today’s Wall St. Journal.

From there, we went over to the bread room for supplies. I got a lemon pudding cake to have with our strawberries and a loaf of multi-grain bread for Amy. Picked up music bag from Amy’s and gave her the bread.

We had another, last stop, to make before heading to Yakima. We went by Barney Erickson’s in southeast EBRG with $19.50 cash for russet potato orders (3 boxes). He was mowing his lawn and so we found him outside. Unfortunately, I assumed he was to get the money but I was wrong. He had taken his money to the Richmond’s on Gail Road, near where we had just been when delivering the Wall St. Journals. Darn, we had to go back to the northwest to drop it off because this was the deadline. That really threw us behind on time, and we decided not to go to Costco until tomorrow.

We came home and got everything out of the car by 3:50 p.m.
I realized after getting a Patient Experience Survey about my visit to KV Hospital, to give my review of my Oct 4 visit to the ER. It came to our old account so I managed to call Connie at the front desk and she changed the records to list only the new gmail address. Each day, something happens that I hadn’t thought of and another address change gets made. I’m running out of time.

Thursday, October 19

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 18: SpO2 low 85, 6 events <88% with overall avg., 92.9%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.1.%. Pulse avg. 57.2, low 49. Slept 8 hrs 15 min with 3 hrs. 53 min. off Oximeter. No clue why, except for the potty stop of 16 min.

Just after 11:00 a.m., we took the black music bag by Pacifica, on our way out of town to go to Costco, stopping by Super 1 for my prescription payment, and buy a dozen eggs each for $.68/dozen. The sale price was for a “Fall Stock Up” promotion. They had a limit of 1 dozen. Donuts we also on the flyer and a couple of other things usually preferred fresh. The sale made no sense, but we left with a dozen eggs each. John bought a lotto ticket just to show his lack of acumen of probability.

I drove us to Costco for lunch, and supplies for the house, and gasoline for my car. Nothing new or exciting found. It was a nice haul of regular things to go on the shelf. We bought all sorts of things: Canola oil. We were totally out. We have some older boxed cake mixes and frosting. It is time to use them, and baked late in the evening this provides warmth to the house. John intends to start with a chocolate, with roasted walnuts (our Carpathians) in a chocolate frosting. Also needed toilet paper, dog and cat food, dry and canned Pate’ [some sort of minced animal stuff] for the cats. Also got me some of my almond beverage for my morning coffee, Costco beer (from California, and a non-cola liquid for John), some paper towels, and some size C batteries to put in the outside motion lights he bought the last time we were there. We always buy mushrooms there.

I traded in my Costco rewards for purchases there over the past year (2%), and got $79.37 cash returned.

For lunch, I had a bowl of chili, a small piece of John’s Polish sausage, and we shared a coke.

Supper: salad, lettuce, cooked salmon into small pieces, plums, tomatoes, pistachios, Cheez-Its®.

Friday, October 20

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 19: SpO2 low 85, 5 events <88% with overall avg., 92.3%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.8%. Pulse avg. 55.7, low 50 Check. Slept 7 hrs 51 min.

My temperature at 11:22 a.m. on 10-20-17 is 97.6°F.
John fixed us a brunch, and then I left for errands about town.

I went by Safeway to return my Musinex I bought wrongly, not the DM I needed), and knew I could get from Super 1, as before. I was late returning this, but got my cash back.
I went to Super 1 and got 8 quarts of orange PowerAdeZero and picked up my container of halved Entresto pills.
I carried Christmas cards by for Stephanie Bair. I took the base clef music by the Landons, to leave for Beck & Trip.
I went by Pacifica today to pick up my music bag from yesterday, to have tomorrow to take with me to Briarwood.

This was a beautiful sunny day in the county, and our friend Dave Covert went for a hike up the canyon, 2.5 miles from our house. He sent some gorgeous fall photos, which I wish to share with you. We have seen these sights in our past from horseback. He’s quite the photographer. We have known him for well over 20 years, starting at the university in Lind Hall.The beautiful Naneum Canyon, just north of our home.

Saturday, October 21

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 20: SpO2 low 85, 7 events <88% with overall avg., 92.0%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.8%. Pulse avg. 55.2, low 50. Slept 9 hrs 50 min.

Breakfast: 3 eggs over medium, bacon, small garlic bread toast, pear pieces, ½ banana.

I took a photo of our smaller than 9.5″ black plastic spatulas, so I can show my friend what we are searching for, and will also put a request on the Free Givers FB site to see if anyone has any to share. I checked at the $ Tree, but they were all way too big.

It’s still raining outside, and rained all night until 5:05 a.m. this morning.

I dressed in my Pumpkins-in-Love Halloween sweatshirt. Everyone liked it. I should have had my picture taken with Haley. The residents do a nice job of hosting us and feeding us after we play music, and sing with them, for an hour. They had pumpkin napkins, Halloween plates, and fall fixings.

I didn’t get home until after 4:00, because I stayed and visited and ate a ton of good food, so I needed no supper here. Hot apple cider, bowl of hot vegetable soup (onions, tomato, carrots, celery), small chicken salad sandwich, some chips, some caramel crisps, a choc chip cookie Betty made – brought some to John, who frosted them with the chocolate frosting he put on his cake.

We ended up with a ton more people than expected: Maury, Gerald, Kevin, Dean, Me, Amy, Haley, Rita, and Laura. Everyone stayed to eat, and we had a huge audience. It rained on people arriving, departing, and while we played. Maury brought his old duplicates of music, and I gave them to Pennie Hammer to take what she wanted and to share the rest with her friends. She has given us much music to add to our repertoire over the years. She appreciates us as much as we appreciate her and her artistic work.

Took pills, a.m., and I took my BP this morning twice.
I left at 1:00 p.m., and pulled in just before 1:30, in the rain. Gerald and Maury beat me there.

John stayed home emptying 5-gallon buckets and a 30-gal garbage can at the end of the V valley of our roof by the front door. He and Annie went up the drive to open the front gate for me. We also get 2 newspapers on Saturday morning, so he made it a multi-purpose hike.

John went for the mail after I got home after 4:00 p.m. and found a nice get well card from the Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends, I had just been with. They were so happy to have me returning, and I was even happier.

Here is the lovely card below:The card was so well chosen, because music is the biggest healer!I had missed 4 play dates with the group; a month. Sharon put it together and had it signed. Thanks, all!
My temperature at 11:30pm on 10-21 was 97.2°F.

Sunday, October 22

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 21: SpO2 low 86, 6 events <88% with overall avg., 93.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.4%. Pulse avg. 56.0, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 3 min.

My temperature at 8:37 a.m. on 10-22 was 97.2°F.

For morning river basin education, check this out for a colorful expose’ of all the U.S. river basins.Colorful Map U.S. River Basins

Video of the Mississippi River Drainage Basins from around the U.S. to the Gulf Coast. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, or goes very very slowly, too bad. We can’t figure out what happens when it does that.
Try this link

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Saturday evening

Just a short note.
Nancy felt well enough to go play music and consume warm soup at a retirement community center. From 2 to 4, today.

Rain began here on the Naneum Fan in the middle of the night but neither of us know the time. A 30 gallon garbage can under the ‘V’ or valley at the front of the house was filled when we first looked. It has been drained, along with numerous 5 gallon buckets under the drip line.
Rain is supposed to continue, tapering off by 10 AM Sunday.

When I went to the road/mailbox about 4:30 I could see Naneum Ridge, to our north. Back a few miles it goes to 6,000 feet; closer more like 4,000.
There was snow at about 3,000 feet, just 650 feet higher than our house. Traffic cameras and the camera at the Mt. Rainier Visitor Center show snow both south and north of us in the Cascades (to our west).

Local weather lure is that snow will be on us 2 weeks after first appearing on Naneum Ridge. Monday and all of next week are likely to be warmer and dryer. Each day, the forecast will look another day ahead.

We are scheduled to go to Seattle on November 3rd to a WTA event.
Snow is supposed to arrive on November 4th.
The anticipation builds. Stay tuned.


Oh! Nancy is now working on her weekly update. No news, there.

Consuming My Time

Monday, October 9

Oximetry for Oct 8, unavailable, because I lost access to the SpO2 Review software that only was stored on the Toshiba laptop.

I cannot see this info until I receive the new Laptop Charger, power supply (scheduled for delivery late tomorrow afternoon, at almost dark) and hopefully I can access the computer’s hard drive by charging the battery.
Today is a holiday, so the USPS is closed. It is now (sadly) in the Ellensburg office, which is not open today, having come all the way from CA.

My first call was to nurse Cody in Cle Elum for the lab report on a BMP—which showed that the potassium calculated last Friday in the Ellensburg hospital lab was 4.5 and the Sodium was up to 126 mEq/L on its way to the low end of the range—133). The range is usually given as 133 – 146.

My first excitement this morning was from morning calls about my CITI Bank Costco card.
The first call I had was an 8:58 a.m. re: CITI BANK fraudulent activity expected on my card. This is not unusual because we had recently had a similar call from American Express for activities that were charged from two different cities in WA on the same day. This call today, however, was not from the credit card security team, but from an Out Of Area number in the 607 area code. I let the automatic answering voice mail machine record the message. It was obviously a scammer, giving me a 1-800 number to call to report my card details to justify fixing the fraud alert. I knew this was not the procedure security used, so I did not call. Instead, I got the number off the back of my VISA card, in question, and called that number for Customer Service, to report the fraudulent activity possibility.

It was immediately answered by the Fraud personnel at VISA, who already had my information (as I suspected), and told me the origin of the 3 suspected charges. The most recent was from Sugarland, TX for my Laptop Charger purchase. I verified that was correctly done and should be paid. The previous two were for $5.00 and $49.95 from a computer service (remotely sent to VISA), which I never heard of or had requested. I told them to cancel those two and not pay them. They did, and then said they would have to issue me a completely new number on a new card, and they would inactivate the existing one. It was only in my name (not John’s card, which has a different number). They were Fed-Ex’ing me a new card overnight, I would get the next day. That happened. I do not know the cost, but the delivery was Overnight, from O’Fallon, MO, for a tiny credit card in a big cardboard envelope. I’m happy they got it to me so rapidly and took care of the fraudulent charges.

When I was in town for my blood draw, last Thursday, and went by Amy’s to retrieve my music bag from her porch and the 5-gallon bucket, I mentioned in the blog last week I would include a photo of the gifts she left in the bottom of the bucket. Just this week, I made a scan of the card parts and then I took a photo of the almost empty box of fruit she left with the Get Well Card. I reported on this last week in the blog and promised to put a picture in this week. Above the top is the envelope’s front calligraphy and back hand-drawn dahlia (by Amy); the bottom is the get well card designed and painted on by Haley (her 4 yr old daughter) with text by Amy. The fruit box pix was too out of focus and you already know what Italian plums and Red Bartlett pears look like.

BP @ 9:10 a.m. was 138/76 pulse 68
BP @ 10:08 a.m. was 133/71 pulse 66 (1-½ Entresto)
BP @ 3:47 p.m. was 113/68 pulse 74 lowered by ”
BP @ 8:27 p.m. was 128/71 pulse 72
BP @ 9:51 p.m. was 118/71 pulse 84
BP @ 11:31 p.m. was 110/55 pulse 67 (1-½ Entresto)

My temperature was 98.7°F at 10:16 p.m.

Tuesday, October 10

Oximetry for Oct 9, still unavailable.

My temperature at 12:57 was 99.0°F (up from the past two days).

Sent a note to Emeriti Geographers about our email change and about the meeting I never scheduled for this morning. I’m sending at 1:05 p.m.

Very late tonight, I sent an email message to KV F&F about the need for this Thursday’s count and about music to bring in place of the new music, I have not yet completed that for Oct/Nov. I’m so far behind on everything needing done, with still feeling poorly, and canceling activities in town, this week.

Last week, when John returned from his work trip, Oct 6, 2017 to Talapus Lake, we never posted any photos from then, because we did not have them yet. Here are three with John in two from that day’s work.John, Rick & green hats, pushing large rock. On the right, the crew is spread along the trail, building and fixing tread.

BP 122/70 pulse 84 8:55 a.m.
BP 123/71 pulse 73 10:00 a.m.
BP 125/71 pulse 89 1:37 p.m. (1-½ Entresto)
BP 118/65 pulse 76 5:51 p.m. lowered by ”
BP 115/64 pulse 71 10:42 p.m. (1-½ Entresto)

Wednesday, October 10

Oximetry for Oct 9, still unavailable.

The laptop charger was not in the mailbox by 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. last night when John checked for the mail. It arrived late last night (according to tracking system) to our mailbox at 8:49 p.m., last night. It was too late for my ability to try installing the new Laptop Charger to make my Toshiba work.

John went for the overnight mail and the newspapers this morning, and found the package with the laptop charger. That did not solve my access problem as you will see below. First, I need to tell you of my attempt to talk to the postmistress in charge about how the very late delivery affected my health needs.

Problem with late delivery of an important package. I called the local post office for the 3rd time today, where I had left my land line number for a call back from the Postmistress. First, she was out to lunch and I left a message with Sean for her to call my land line, because my cell phone doesn’t always get reception here. Then I called again, and got another clerk, Patti, who told me April was with another customer, so she took all my info again I had given to Sean (#, address, and need to speak with April). I finally called again at 4:07 p.m. and April answered the phone. I told her I had left two messages for her to call me earlier, and she asked my name (again). I told her and my number and that she should have received two requests from me to call. She must have looked then, and said, “Oh you are the next on the stack I was ready to call.” Yeah, like I believe that?

She launched into a defensive answer about why it was late, and how she was at the PO yesterday from early until 10:00 last night, dealing with all the problems that occurred yesterday, and how she finally got to take her lunch break today.

She wanted me to know the reason it was so late (with no apology), that was because of our carrier not showing for work, all carriers were off on their routes, and they were only able to send a substitute out after they returned to the PO. I already learned that from the initial clerk I spoke with.

She further explained, the reason my tracking said it was out for delivery, is they scan every package in the facility going out the “morning” of the delivery. (It wasn’t scanned in until 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, so it would never have been there for our regular carrier to bring to us by his normal late delivery). She claimed they had a very large number of packages to scan yesterday morning after a holiday. Well, I cannot believe all carriers waited until that late to leave for all their deliveries, when some people in town get their mail in early afternoon, and we have in the distant past also gotten our mail delivered earlier in the afternoon (by a different carrier we’d had for years).

Okay … so now I know the reason it really did not leave for delivery to us at 12:06 p.m. and supposedly why it appeared to be delivered so late. My tracking said it was put in the mailbox at 8:49 p.m., Tuesday night.

There is a fallacy in the system, I’d say, if there is not a substitute carrier available in the morning when all the other carriers sort their mail and leave. (Just my honest opinion, while still upset). Her reasoning still does not explain the late time of the scanned out for delivery statement and if it was for our normal carrier’s route, why it was scanned so late, and it took them all the actual delivery time to get the substitute on the route.

Our carrier’s route is only one road, about 9 miles long (Naneum Road), proceeding north and then south. He has no E-W side roads to deliver mail. Even adding his to another carrier’s normal route wouldn’t delay it that long. End of rant.

We still need to leave and it’s 3:52 p.m., with the temperature down to 49°F on our front porch. I had planned to stay home the rest of the day, except for the need to deliver my big black music bag to the flute player’s porch, with the old August/September music books and audience copies, to be distributed tomorrow at the play location. John is going and will carry the bag to the porch, then go to Super 1 for bananas. I called from my cell, once delivered.

BP 139/73 pulse 76 @ 8:14 a.m.
BP 148/76 pulse 73 @ 9:44 a.m. (1-½ Entresto)
BP 118/64 pulse 68 @ 10:42 a.m. lowered by ”
BP 128/69 pulse 79 @ 2:41 p.m.
BP 126/64 pulse 75 @ 3:50 p.m.
BP 115/59 pulse 76 @ 3:56 p.m.
BP 94/47 pulse 71 @ 9:42 p.m.
BP 116/61 pulse 68 @ 11:37 p.m. (1-½ Entresto)

Temperature @ 10:30 a.m. Wed = 97.7°F (down from Tues).
Temperature @ 9:50 p.m. Wed = 98.2°F up a little not > avg.

Very late to bed tonight working on the Toshiba (now accessible) to obtain the information about the SpO2 Review software I needed to download from the site Sam Scripter sent me. The issue was time-consuming at best, but welcomed, and I thank Sam for his assistance in making my Toshiba’s new power supply work to see what was on the old computer’s hard drive. He also told me how to remove the battery and bypass it, to open the Toshiba. We decided it was not the power supply charger that had quit, but that the battery had died. It was only 2 years old, and cost over $100, but without using it, I can still transfer the information on there to my Dell. The power charger has never been replaced, so I am happy keeping it to transfer all my files, folders, and the software I can retrieve, and save the cost of a new battery. The SpO2 Review I most needed was not available in an .exe file on the Toshiba. So, that’s why we had to work around that.

Thursday, October 12

No CPAP – Calculated from Dell, after transferring the same SpO2 Review software version from the Toshiba. It had to be SpO2 Review, ver.1-2 rel. Now, it’s up on my Dell, but it reports the minimum values as <90%, so I have to translate the parameters to events below 88% SpO2, to be consistent with my past reports (since 2014) to my cardiologist and sleep doctor. Oximetry for Oct 11: SpO2 low 84, 17 events <88% with overall avg., 94.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 86.5%. Pulse avg. 59.9, low 53. Slept 5 hrs. 18 min.

10:05, I called Roberta Vorhees with a count today at Meadows of a max of 8 armless chairs for players coming.

I left at 12:35, going for to the Lab at the hospital for blood draws, INR and BMP. After the blood draw, I went back to the front desk for my medical records to date.

On my way from KVCH, I went to Bi-Mart for both kinds of Fisherman’s Friend cough drops. I came home to work on a ton of projects.

BP @ 8:14 a.m. was 139/73 pulse 76
BP @ 9:44 a.m. was 148/76 pulse 73 (1-½ Entresto)
BP @ 10:42 a.m. was 118/64 pulse 68 lowered by ”
BP @ 2:41 p.m. was 128/69 pulse 64
BP @ 3:50 p.m. was 126/64 pulse 75
BP @ 3:56 p.m. was 115/59 pulse 76
BP @ 9:42 p.m. was 94/47 pulse 71
BP @ 11:37 p.m. was 116/61 pulse 68 (took 1-½ Entresto)

Friday, October 13

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 12: SpO2 low 84, 17 events <88% with overall avg., 94.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.0.x%. Pulse avg. 58.5, low 52. Slept 5 hrs 8 min.

John left at 5:40 for Candy Point Trail near Grand Coulee dam.
The start of the trail (T.H.; lower left) is in the parking lot of City Hall and just 2/3 mile from the Grand Coulee Dam. The blue dots and whitish line indicate an old wooden water line, once used to supply irrigation. The red dots show the approximate location of the trail as it goes uphill, along, and crossing the small stream. Then it goes uphill steeply with sharp turns to the top of Cherry Point. Trail corridor includes Poison Ivy and (on Sunday), a Rattlesnake.

John was only there on Friday, but it was a F/S/Sun affair. He took firewood for the overnight campers.
Me? I’m either staying home or finishing music Thursday and Friday.

I got up long enough to help feed the outside cats, say bye-bye to John, and go back to bed. I was up until almost 2:00 a.m. and very much needed my sleep. I guess I got it, sleeping in until 10:38 a.m.

I must now get on the music prep I have been too sick to do for weeks, and need to set up PDFs, and then create a master to copy. I am sure that won’t happen until next week.

We are receiving some bad scenes from web news of the fires in California. We do pay attention because family and friends live in the region, but south of the Bay.

Been working on music but need to eat a late lunch. I just haven’t felt up to it yet and wasn’t hungry after sleeping so late and having a banana with my coffee. At 2:30, I had (leftover) Omelet, sausage, fruit cocktail & banana.

John called at 3:43 while passing through Electric City (3 miles south of the Dam). Steamboat Rock was in view when we finished talking; about to lose reception. He will call from George, WA with a new ETA. He may not be home until 7:00 or 7:15 p.m. I looked at the outside temperature and it was 48.9°F.

On the front porch, Sue and Salazar were waiting beside an empty bowl (for dry cat food). I filled it, and then they were still demanding food so I fixed a bowl they could share of canned food. I also saw “our” 3 deer at the front gate and fence, so I fed them a package of stale Party Mix little bread pieces (meant for dipping in olive oil). The young ones are now 17 months old. They were finishing that and 2 others arrived (a doe with this year’s fawn, small).

About 4:30 p.m., Cody, nurse at Cle Elum called. I learned that my INR= 3.1 (which is better than the INR calculated 10/4/17, and while okay on its own, it’s probably influenced by the Amoxicillin). Tonight is my last pill of that. So, she wants me to have a redraw in 2 weeks and 1 day, because Fridays are better for me than Thursdays. The two things of importance to me on the BMP came back fine as well. Sodium = 128 mEq/L (up from the previous, 122, 126, so that’s good and I’m on my way to the low end of the normal range, 133 mEq/L. We will redo the BMP next time, with the INR.

I finally finished the dishes loading just as John called on his last leg at No. 81 road, about 6 miles away from home, so I was able to put Annie out to wait for him.
He arrived home at 6:00 p.m., found there was no mail yet delivered for the day. He let Annie out to inspect her domain while he fed the horses. We have both Black and Carpathian Walnuts dropping, so he picked up the day’s offerings before coming inside.

I’m back to working on music now, getting rested before my part in making our supper dinner salad.

Time has passed, we ate, and I downloaded the SpO2 Review data from last night (Oct 12) – took longer than normal because I had to download twice, but still got it in 6 minutes, so I can go to bed and record tonight’s over last night’s.

BP @ 9:06 a.m. was 127/70 pulse 71
BP @ 10:37 a.m. was 122/69 pulse 72
BP @ 10:44 a.m. was 132/74 pulse 80
BP @ 2:58 p.m. was 125/70 pulse 80 (took 1-½ Entresto)
BP @ 10:29 p.m. was 110/60 pulse 72 lowered by ”
BP @ 10:37 p.m. was 122/69 pulse 72 (took 1-½ Entresto)

Saturday, October 14

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 13: SpO2 low 79, 12 events <88% with overall avg., 93.8%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.7%. Pulse avg. 58.5, low 53. Slept 7 hrs 35 min.

We were intrigued by the overnight’s cold temperatures (25°F) that was causing our Black Walnut tree to be “raining” many leaves to the ground, at a rapid rate. At John’s suggestion, I took my old digital camera with video capabilities, outside in the cold, and left it videoing for 12 minutes. I put the camera atop a box on the cable table and that’s the reason the fence is at the bottom of the image view. The falling rate had decreased since our initial viewing, but you can see all the leaves on the ground in the yard and driveway.
For the view of the most falling, move ahead to 8-½ minutes into the video, and view only the next 3 minutes.
View at this link:

Black Walnut tree leaves fall

We took care of other morning chores (email, etc.) and finally ate brunch at 11:30 a.m.
John didn’t leave for the mail (from last night) and papers, until 1:00 p.m. today.
He is back from getting the mail and last night’s paper, (meaning both were again delivered late)! And this morning’s papers normally here in the morning (WSJ & local weekend one) are not yet here. Jennifer, our paper carrier, must be having issues of some sort.

My temperature was 97.5°F at 9:45 a.m.
Amoxicillin, no longer taking, finished my 10 days, yesterday.
Will take pills the rest of the day, with PowerAdeZERO, while still trying to increase my sodium % in blood for next week’s BMP Friday (also with INR to check if it lowered more).
Worked on dishes, and music for Oct & Nov.

Welcomed John home at 6:00 p.m.

BP @ 9:50 a.m. was 129/72 pulse 70 (took 1-½ Entresto)
BP @ 1:07 p.m. was 102/59 pulse 67 lowered by ”
BP @ 11:46 p.m. was 100/59 pulse 62 (took 1-½ Entresto)

Sunday, October 15

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 14: SpO2 low 85, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 93.7%. Avg. low SpO2, 92.4%. Pulse avg. 58.2, low 52. Slept 8 hrs 30 min.

John went to the road, and found the Saturday paper had been delivered after 6:00 p.m. last night, as it was in the paper box this morning. It was supposed to come yesterday morning. We had NO mail delivery at all on Saturday. At least we usually get some mail we don’t want.

John took off for town to do a few things, driving his old truck to stop by Safeway and Grocery Outlet for some needed things, and to load 30 gallons or so in his truck for winter activities around the property (carrying bales of hay, etc.). He intends to buy gate panels (10 ft. and 4 ft.) for a 14 ft. span across the driveway. These will replace a make-shift pole and rope barrier.

He just called to say he didn’t have his Costco Visa card in his wallet. He used another card, but it was the only card that saves him 4% on all gasoline prices. He will go by Grocery Outlet and Safeway, but the Coop is closed, so he went to Arnold’s Ranch & Home for a gate, and ended up buying two to go across the end of our driveway (entrance), because they had wire mesh on the bottom, and are better suited up by the road. The entrance to the pasture, 300 feet from the road, needs to be strong but not fancy.The place came with aluminum slat gates. They do not stand up to either horses nor wind. Why they are still made is a mystery.
I’m continuing to alternate working on the blog, on dishes (unloading clean and loading soaked dirty ones from & to the dishwasher), and interspersing music prep.

John returned and found the missing Visa card in a shirt pocket with several WTA business cards of the same size. So that’s good. I will not have to order a replacement.

I fixed food for one cat, but he followed John and Annie to the pasture. The three of them went to feed the horses.

I took my temperature at 4:50 p.m. and it is 97.7°F.

John is fixing supper and will put out a place holder afterwards. We won’t publish it until tomorrow.

My BP @ 9:13 a.m. was 117/70 pulse 61
My BP @ 11:26 a.m. was 136/83 pulse 69
My BP @ 11:34 a.m. was 132/73 pulse 68
My BP @ 12:23 p.m. was 127/68 pulse 71 (1-½ Entresto)
My BP @ 4:46 p.m. was 119/67 pulse 72 lowered by ”
My BP @ 9:08 p.m. was 108/57 pulse 65
My BP @ 11:25 p.m. was 112/64 pulse 61 (1-½ Entresto)

October 16, 2017 Monday

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 15: SpO2 low 85, 5 events < 88%, <88% with overall avg., 94.4%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.7%. Pulse avg. 57.7, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 17 min.

John—out currently in the flower plot, planting Tulips (orange) & double Daffodils (red on yellow). The 25°F morning put an end to our flowers. He has removed the Dahlia tubers and Gladioli bulbs, which, here, will not winter in the soil. They are now in the house, to be coddled in something so they don’t dry out as last year’s, sadly, did. They were just in a box in the garage.

BP @ 9:07 a.m. was 132/71 pulse 65
BP @ 10:10 a.m. was 128/45 pulse 67 (1-½ Entresto)
BP @ 3:43 p.m. was 106/58 pulse 62 lowered by ”
BP @ 10:23 p.m. was 121/69 pulse 62
BP @ 11:29 p.m. was 117/62 pulse 64 (1-½ Entresto)

Today was a fairly good outside work day for him.
Not so good on Blewett Pass, Hwy 97, north of us, on the way to Highway #2, that John sometimes uses to travel to WTA trips.

Today on Blewett Pass a Semi Rig with trailer overturned and dumped 56,000 pounds of apples on the roadside and in the ditch. The rig and trailer have now been up-righted w/ WSDOT, alternating traffic around. They expected delays as crews worked to clean up apples. They won’t leave them there for more people to cause accidents by gleaning from the side of the road spill. Deer and Elk might decide to visit, also.Photos from Trooper Brian Moore, WA State Patrol, at MP 170, about noon. This spot is 22 miles north of us.

I have worked on getting this blog completed for John’s review and edits for several days, including today, still. He’s on his way to bed, but I’m on the last proof of the text and photos, will put it on a flash drive with the photos to enter, and leave it for him to find, when he awakes in the morning. He can then start on the edits, while is it still cold outside. The morning temperature is expected to be no higher than 35°F, with possible rain, clouds, and high afternoon winds. I have canceled going to my exercise class.

At 2:30: For 2 hours, wind gusts above 54 miles per hour have been recorded. Under the walnut trees, the ground is covered with yellowish nuts, and the leaves are on their way to the Columbia River, and then the Pacific Ocean. That’s a long trip, so some of them might not make it that far. Still, there are a few leaves and nuts hanging in the trees. Amazing.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Update/Monday: Ides of October – Oh Joy

It has been said: No news is good news.
Thus, there is, in fact, nothing new.
With that, I’m about to go to sleep — 10ish.
Saw this today: Be alert. The world needs more lerts.
Leaving the room now.

Nancy appears to be coming out of the diseasedness that has been disturbing her for the past month.Also, this was a marvelous fall day.
What’s not to like.

She is still working on her weekly update. It is 8:39 here on the Naneun Fan.

More on Monday.


An Exciting trip to town

included going to the Emergency Room

October 1, 2017 Sunday

Without access to my Toshiba, from the crash on Wednesday, this week, I cannot see info I had started for the blog this week, until I receive the new power supply (Laptop Charger) and can access the computer’s hard drive by charging the battery. Most likely, it will not arrive until late this Tuesday, at the earliest. I had not transferred the blog report to the newer DELL.
I’m fortunate to be getting pictures of the day (from accessing email to crew members) to use to report John’s snowy trip to Mt. Rainier for a WTA trail work party 10/1.

First 2 photos from Saturday, when John was not there:Previous to this weekend, the National Park trail crew cut Cedar trees and split rails. These and a dump truck of soil were then deposited at the beginning of the trail, just off the Sunrise parking lot. In the photos above, the WTA volunteers are bring the rails up the trail and installing them.

On Sunday, the weather was not so nice.Crew leader, Hannah; snow clouds over Rainier; Crew at work – John on left. A powered loader (aka: a totter) and an old fashioned wheel barrow helped get the soil up the trail:The front person (Eric), with a strap, helps “bump” the front wheel over the steps.
A second totter would not start (cold?) so the material for the tread (the soil) could not be brought as fast as the crew could spread it. There was a little down time and the crew needed to keep moving to counteract the cold.

They constructed a new volunteer – the little one in the pictures. She needed a hard hat, loaned by Gabby, tall gal in the green jacket. Nickname of the new one is “Two Tool.” (That’s John with empty buckets in the background.)

October 2, 2017 Monday

Missed SAIL because I’m still sick, and getting worse.

October 3, 2017 Tuesday

Missed Funercise, same reason as yesterday.

October 4, 2017 Wednesday

Missed Food Bank music; missed SAIL.

Went by Amy’s to drop off flowers & a black bag of music for tomorrow’s use at Rehab.Amy & Haley traded out our 5-gallon bucket for a nicer container; the vase’s location underneath a Sunflower painting by Amy.

John was driving, delivered the above things to her porch, and we went to the ER, arriving about noon. Once admitted, our time there was 2 hrs. 40 minutes with John staying with me. We lucked out and our doctor was Dr. Kenneth Lindsey, who is the Director of the ER unit. He is not there every day. Here’s the description of his diagnosis.

I went to ER for evaluation. I had 2 chest X-rays, (to assess for pneumonia), an influenza test (a swab way up each nostril), and a blood draw (several vials of blood)—one for a BMP (Blood Metabolic Profile), one for an INR (to assess my Coumadin blood thinner needs for dosage; done monthly, and I was 2 weeks overdue for the blood draw.) Diagnosis was it was not pneumonia, or the flu, but instead, it was a bacterial infection with common cold symptoms, which could be treated with an antibiotic. I was put on Amoxicillin, 3 times / day, for 10 days. He took me off MusinexDM®, because of the ineffectiveness of the drug for me, anyway. He said I would continue the coughing, mucous secretion, and would lessen the amount of water intake.

The BMP report came back while I was still there, showing my blood’s sodium was very low; so, the doctor recommended getting PowerAdeZERO, to replace the water I was drinking. I was flushing all the sodium from my blood. I have always heard when you are sick to drink a lot of fluids, and I was drinking a lot of water. I was on the 10th day of taking the only OTC cold remedy I am allowed to take because of heart issues, MusinexDM®, every 12 hours, and it required a full glass of water with each dose. I was using a 12-ounce glass of water, not just 8 ounces, but they also did not specify the amount of ounces in a glass of water. Seemed fine to me, and we have good tasting filtered well water by a Culligan unit. I use it for all my drinking water uses, and not the mineral well water.
BMP was the only one of the blood draws, whose report ER received while I was still there. My sodium was low at 122 mEq/L. The range is usually given as 133 – 146; so about 17% below the mid-point of that range.

Got home late (4:30), and found my Toshiba Laptop’s power supply had quit working, and so the battery was completely dead (I’d left it charging when we left the house), but as it is completely dead, there was no way to access it to send over the most important two things I needed sent to my other laptop, where I’m able to operate now with access to all my emails, and access to Google Earth, a calculator, and MS-Word. I need some software (SpO2) off that machine, and several Folders containing important information that had not yet been transferred over. Things such as information on Credit Cards we have and the usernames & passwords associated with accessing statements, postal mailing addresses, my medical records folder, health fitness folder, and lots more.

Before I got home from the ER, I had a telephone message from the nurse at ER, that my INR had come through, and it was very high, 7.7. It has never been higher than 4 as long as I have been taking Coumadin and being tested every month. The ER Dr. recommended the changed dosage on Coumadin, and requested a new one be drawn in 2 day on Friday with the BMP, he already recommended.

Luckily, with access to all my email accounts, I can keep up on communication, and it frees up some time to work on changing addresses of people, banks, cell service provider, and many other businesses, which send billing statements to that an old account we lose at the end of the year. Some of them I haven’t even thought of come in and I notify them right away, and wait for them to acknowledge; then take them off the address book. Please if this is the first you have heard that news and you have this account in your address book on your own email accounts, let me know (letting me know there is fine) and I will send you the account we are changing to immediately. It’s important you know the change as that will soon be our main address and the other will be gone with no forwarding possible. John has no interest in any of the rest of my multiple identities, such as the jobs list, music, nor the little I do on social media. So, we must change information meant for him, to that new joint Gmail account. Sadly, this is a huge chore, as our email address there is around the world in many places, having had that account since 1995.

October 5, 2017 Thursday

The Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends, played the music fine and I was able to report to the activity director the number of chairs to have available today for them, all 9 players, who don’t stand.

October 6, 2017 Friday

Oximetry for Oct 5, unavailable, because I lost access to the SpO2 Review software that only was stored on the Toshiba laptop.

I went by Amy’s house to pick up the Black Music Bag and my 5-gallon bucket, to find a present and a Get Well Card down in the bucket. They weren’t home.
Amy left a gift of fruit (Italian Plums & two Red Bartlett pears) with a lovely Get Well card, handcrafted by Amy and Haley, with Calligraphy by Amy, and a painting by Haley. Collage of these will have to wait until next week.

I’m very late now trying to get these corrections to John to put into the WordPress blog version to send up (Monday afternoon, 10/9/17).

Friday, I went to the Lab at the hospital for my BMP retake, and my INR retake. I have only heard the results of the INR from today (4.3), late from the Cle Elum clinic’s Coumadin nurse, Cody. She went over my change in dosages for tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, and this coming Tuesday. Now I know the BMP value of the sodium in my blood. It increased to 127, from 122 on Wednesday, so next week Thursday I will go for another BMP to see if has reached the minimum desired, of 133.

While in town, I bought a new digital thermometer and when I got home, I measured it at 3:59 p.m.; it was elevated slightly, at 99.2°F.

On my way home, I saw a new fire plume in the valley at 3:00 p.m. that was not there on my trip in at 1:00 p.m. I called friends who live on Hayward Hill, west of town with a good view toward Cle Elum, and they told me they had seen it too, and drove on up 97 to the Swauk-Teanaway Grange to check it out. They could see it was closer to Yellow Mountain, called Yellow Hill on Google Earth Pro. It was caused by people setting brush fires that got out of control. Why in the world would anyone set a fire with the high winds we were experiencing that day (up to 46 mph gusts) is beyond me.
October 6 fire that started at 3:00 p.m. and they got a strike team (helicopters with buckets putting water on it) ordered right away to stop it. Beyond the fire, to the left, is a large campground. That is on the site of an historic “company town” reached by narrow gauge railroad, horse, or foot.

Found an email for EastShore-Amazon Marketplace, today on the address book. It is where I purchased my Oximeter, fall of 2014, so I emailed them about getting the software that was on a mini-CD delivered with the purchase. I no longer know where it is, because I knew I could find the files needed on the TOSHIBA. They have not responded to that email.

John home 4:30 p.m. from Talapus Lake WTA trail maintenance work. They had a nice sunny day, but the Cascades were expected to get rain on Saturday into Sunday. He picked the correct day. The green-hat volunteers were all from the local Apple office.

Our USPS mail today brought a gift from cousin Ethel Reynolds, in Brookville, PA for us, via her daughter Pat Berlin. We received a commemorative deck of Playing Cards bought with a donation to the Clarion Library. The deck is full of old images on every card of pictures of buildings in Clarion County and Clarion, PA (John’s hometown). Thanks so much to Ethel! We really appreciate having and enjoying memories looking at them.The 10 of Hearts is the H.S. John graduated from; middle card is called “The Stone House”; and the Ace is the Hospital in Clarion where John had his tonsils removed.

[Link: The Old Stone House
Here are the Google Earth coordinates: 41.19020, -79.361356

In John’s time, the property had a small swimming pool with a bottom lined with black roofing paper. This was close to the Greenville Avenue road. Intersecting roads are Stoney Lonesome Rd. and the Stone House Road. As an address, John thinks Stoney Lonesome is an awesome name. Oh, and the Greenville Ave. road is the way they went to visit Ethel and family those many years ago, another 1-2/3 miles.

I took all my night pills on my way to bed at 12:25 a.m. (I’d stayed up to do a FULL dishwasher of dishes—so we and the cats had plates to eat from, and we had stainless steel “silverware” to use. Everything was dirty, including all the coffee cups).

Saturday, October 7
Oximetry for Oct 6, unavailable, because I lost access to the SpO2 Review software that only was stored on the Toshiba laptop.

[Link: Butterfly Swarm on Denver, CO Radar System

I do have pictures to include that to get your attention, but you will see them all and a video, by clicking on the link above.

My temperature at 4:20 p.m. was 99.1°F.

Sunday, October 8

Oximetry for Oct 7, unavailable, because I lost access to the SpO2 Review software that only was stored on the Toshiba laptop. Did sleep 9 hrs. last night.

Morning stats: My temperature at 8:10 a.m. was 97.8°. The average normal body temperature is generally accepted as 98.6°F. Some studies have shown the “normal” body temperature can have a wide range, from 97°F to 99°F. Mine is normally a little under 98.6. A temperature over 100.4°F most often means a fever caused by an infection or illness.
BP at 10:15 a.m. = 131/70 pulse 65, this infection has consistently raised my BP over the past week or more, but I can adjust my dosage of Entresto, to lower it twice/day, as seen below.

BP at 12:32 p.m. = 116/66 pulse 75.
BP at 2:22 p.m. = 108/58 pulse 67.
BP at 8:47 p.m. = 109/66 pulse 70.
BP at 10:49 p.m. = 130/66 pulse 69.

John also told me how he makes collages on his machine, and I will try that right away on the Dell: put images together on Word in with white space between, and SNIP it. I’ll try that now. My normal way with PPT and Snagit, was not working on the Dell. I succeeded, as in the first collage above. Tonight (since 6:32, now 8:17), I scanning on John’s computer and sent a jpg of Clarion Playing cards, to my computer. Seemed like forever.

I just updated the USPS tracking, and found it’s POSSIBLE my Laptop Charger may get here tomorrow night !! Latest info shows it leaving from Newark, CA, through Oakland, CA to Yakima this morning at 6:00 a.m., Yakima is our regional mail distribution center, left there at 9:09 a.m. today, and it is only 30 miles away. Should get there in time for our mail delivery person to sort it in his car, but he does not deliver our mail until very late some days. Friday’s mail was not there at 5:30, but John saw the Jeep going up the road. We didn’t get our mail or our paper (a different carrier), until Saturday a.m.
Now I know that delivery won’t happen until tomorrow night (Tuesday) because of the national holiday.

October 9, 2017 Monday—Holiday, Columbus Day

Just found out this is a holiday, when a call to our local bank did not go through.

BP at 9:10 a.m. = 138/76 pulse 68,
BP at 10:08 a.m. = 133/71 pulse 66
BP at 3:47 p.m. = 113/68 pulse 74

Should be publishing this blog soon, after John sends this information up to WordPress.

Hope your week was fine,

Nancy & John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Place holder

We are late.
Nancy still has a nasty cold (?)

And speaking of cold, The Naneum Fan is expecting its first frost this week. Maybe even by Monday, early.
We’ll get her activities and thoughts out sometime Monday.

Winter comes to the high country

… but the Naneum Fan still has Autumn

Sunday, Sept 24

Memories of Sunday’s trip John made to the Fremont Lookout Trail at 7,100′ today.

These photos came through after he returned all taken by Hannah Tennent and “Sam” Ortiz took the one of John and Eric on the trip in. John & Eric arriving at work site with nice view of Mt. Rainier, one of the main reasons he loves to go to work parties there; later John flipping a rock for the rock wall project.Left, the crew in two locations, John is in the one farther up trail; right, the crew minus a few, sitting on the finished wall.

Monday, Sept 25

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 24: SpO2 low 86, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 92.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 88.5%. Pulse avg. 56.8, low 53. Slept 8 hrs 57 min.

I stayed home today to recuperate from the bug I got.

No music preparation today. All day spent on blog and pix, and trying to get better.

Tuesday, Sept 26

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 25: SpO2 low 86, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 92.2%. Avg. low SpO2, 88.4%. Pulse avg. 56.3, low 53. Slept 9 hrs 25 min.

I’m staying home today to get well. Work on music for F&F for Oct/Nov to send to Evie, for review. Never got to the Dell laptop.

John took Jessica (Subaru Crosstrek) to Yakima to get the oil change, lubrication, and other standard service things done. All prepaid at purchase. Most of the mileage for 2017 is logged but the next service will be at nearly 30,000 miles – one of the major milestones for replacement and preventive maintenance. This will be a several hundred dollar hit in early 2018. Ouch.

We met WTA Alan tonight for dinner, before John and he went to the meeting about the Manastash Trails planning process of WA Fish & Wildlife and Dept. of Natural Resources (land managers). Dropped off the music for Thursday at Hearthstone with Kayvonne.

Wednesday, Sept 27

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 26: SpO2 low 85, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 92.0%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.6%. Pulse avg. 54.3, low 50. Slept ~7 hrs 30 min.

I missed music at the Food bank and SAIL, staying home today to recover.

Set up eye surgery for Oct 30 at 10:45 for Nancy to have Laser removal of the film occurring in post-operation Cataract surgery after 20 years. Only a small procedure, done in the office, not in the hospital. John will drive me there and back. I won’t have any pain, no sedation necessary, won’t hurt, and no patch to wear, just eye drops for 4 days. Should be covered 80% by Medicare, and the rest by Kaiser Permanente – they who ingested WA’s Group Health.

Found out my Wall Street Journal is paid ($49.00) through March of 2018. Nice at the educator’s rate. Changed our email address from the old to the new.

John’s been doing outside chores and I’ve been doing inside chores. Fruit and veggie season is 99% done but the Walnuts have started opening and dropping. Walnut husk fly, click is an issue. The larvae are in the husk, causing a mess, and turn it black. The hard shell of the nut gets stained but this does not endanger the nut itself. John’s is trying to get the nuts off the trees before the larvae can drop onto the ground. This reduces the following year’s fly population. Might need to get more aggressive. Chemicals!

I got the mail off to the Fiddlers & Friends group that the music is there for them, and I won’t be. I will collect numbers of people expected and report it to the Activities Director tomorrow morning at Hearthstone.

I spent a ton of time trying to change the email address on my VISA Costco Credit Card account. I think I was finally successful, after trying and failing on line, and then waiting for a person. It is fixed now.

John caught my cold, and is heading to bed early at 8:45 p.m. Poor guy. I did everything to keep from giving him germs, but I guess I failed. Usually colds affect him less than me, and that seems to be the case this time.

Thursday, Sept 28

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 27: SpO2 low 85, 5 events <88% with overall avg., 91.6%. Avg. low SpO2, 88.8%. Pulse avg. 53.9, low 50. Slept 9 hrs

John went to town in my car for several stops, to get sunflower seeds, his meds, go by Sears for a correct handle for the lawnmower that broke, and the nicest thing he is doing for me is going by Les Schwab for new tires for my car, which is sorely in need of them. I hope he is able to go by for my black music book at Hearthstone. Have heard from John, but not yet from Kayvonne, so maybe I will just have to pick it up tomorrow. Found out she went home very sick, and did not remember to leave out the music. But the group shared and the audience went without, and it all went well.

I stayed home to treat myself to more recuperation time, but thankfully, we had 9 musicians going to Hearthstone to play today.

Cold Remedies: What Works, What Doesn’t

Expectorants such as Mucinex thin the nasty mucous draining down the back of your throat, which helps you cough it up and out. These products can help, but the best expectorant may be as near as your kitchen sink. “All you need to do is drink more water,” says Dering Anderson. If you find water too bland for your tastes, try lemonade, tea, or even coffee, she says. You can also turn on the hot water in the shower and breathe it in or try a cool-mist humidifier.

Tonight spent a bunch of time on the new laptop working on music, and finished a medley of two new versions (corrected) of old songs, Tiny Bubbles & Pearly Shells.

Friday, Sept 29

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 28: SpO2 low 90, 0 events <88% with overall avg., 93.7%. Pulse avg. 55.5, low 52. Slept 7 hrs 30 min. – best ever night off the CPAP.

John went to Snow Lake WTA work at 7:00 a.m. He returned after a misty/sprinkles day of lifting/digging rocks and digging trenches.

I went to the Ruth Harrington Scholarship Luncheon in Bouillon (building I was housed in for my office from 1997 to 2008, by Safeway for my prescription and more Musinex®DM. I also went by Hearthstone to pickup music books and audience copies, which were not properly given to the group yesterday.

The lawn mower handle (see Sears above) has its own story. I picked it up today at “Washington Tractor” – a major central WA company that sells and services big farming equipment, Stihl chainsaws (+), and John Deere garden and lawn machines. Here at home and at Sears, the model number of the lawnmower entered into the Sears on-line data base returns parts for a rear engine riding mower. So, the handle could not be found. Two months ago John tried twice to order a handle via internet and phone. Twice the wrong handle was sent. Entered into the Washington Tractor data base, the correct mower and handle flashed onto the screen in an instant. John paid yesterday, and I brought it home today. One example of why Sears is a struggling retailer, and likely on the road to oblivion.

Today, Jeri Conklin posted a photo of our Daisy dog standing beautifully at the breakaway. She didn’t place today, but check tomorrow for her winning a placement in Open Gun Dog, picture. Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ JH

Saturday, Sept 30

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 29, SpO2 low 87, 1 event <88% (Avg. Low Sp02% was 87) with overall avg., 94.2%. Pulse avg. 58.7, low 51. Slept 9 hrs 20 min. Another great night.

Going to town for Musinex®DM because I bought the wrong thing yesterday. Amazing find on the way home on the Kittitas Hwy. of tons of music books from the old Dorothy McDonald Music store on 3rd and 5th in Ellensburg a long time ago. She has since died. (I need to look up the history of that store; I’m sure it was not here when I arrived in town.) I tried, but cannot find anything anywhere. I will put my reference librarian friend on it tomorrow and ask at the CWU Music Library as well. I got music books from the 30s -70s, with chords, notes, and lyrics. I’m never going to have to ask Dr. Dave, anyone else, or search on the web, or buy from Musicnotes’ scores again. I can toss a lot of paper music I have from the past I don’t have to transcribe from hand-scribbled copies to make it legible. And, use the space in filing cabinets I have from throwing or giving away all my class materials from over 40 years of teaching !! Nice! I haven’t even counted the number of books in the two boxes. I introduced myself to the person in charge and told her my use for them, to play music and give audiences the lyrics, in assisted living homes. She had said on my way in, that everything was 50% off, but when I went to pay, she said, I told you I’d give you a good deal, so $7.00. I told her I expected to pay a lot more, and would be happy to give her more, but she said, nope, you will make good use of them for a lot of happy people.

I came home to find John mowing with the newly “handled” Craftsman lawnmower. He was under the Carpathian Walnut trees, where he had picked several boxes. He’ll eventually crack, clean them, and finish with roasting.

Good news from Corning, CA tonight, by phone, pictures to come tomorrow. Our Brittany, Daisy, got a 3rd placement in a 25-dog stake, Open Gun Dog, at the Northern California Brittany Club field trial. Jeri Conklin called with the good news.

Sunday, Oct 1

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 30: SpO2 low 86, 2 events <88% with overall avg., 91.8%. Pulse avg. 61.4, low 56. Slept 6 hrs 12 min. Up at 4:45, need more sleep

John went to Mt Rainier Sunrise at 5:20 a.m. I stayed up. Fed cats. Tried to assess my condition after a rough night of coughing and difficulty sleeping.

Finished revising my medications list for October, in case I have to go to the doctor for this crud. I think I’m feeling a little better, so may not have to in the morning, but I will not go to SAIL again Monday.
Switching to work on music for Evie’s review.Daisy, with Scott Azevedo, Jeri, and Leo, his friend holding her 3rd Place ribbon. They were at the Northern CA Brittany Club Field trial in Corning, CA. Proud of them all! Photo by Deanna Beals-Azevedo. Leo is their son.

Here was what was put on Facebook with the picture:
“Daisy” placed in the Open Gun Dog, handled and trained by Scott Azevedo of Nelson Kennels, scouted by John Moynier, and owned by Jeri Tory Conklin and Nancy Hultquist, at the Northern California Brittany Club Field Trial — at Clear Creek Sports Club.

John got home early from Mt. Rainier. Winter arrived and they were freezing and it was snowing big time. They quit at 11:15, then ate and visited in the Ranger Station. Working in the snow and wind was doable but the condition of the road out was not known and several folks had 2-wheel drive vehicles. This link has a photo and description. Sunrise Road The photo was taken from the upper most switchback, looking back toward the Mountain (6,130 feet). The Park Service closed the “in” gate mid-morning.

John got home at 2:30, and it is cold and windy here, but sunny, no snow!

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

sickness, and wellness activities

Sunday, Sept 17

We put out last week’s blog tonight, without photos of the last trip to Mt. Rainier’s Fremont Lookout Trail. Here are pictures of the project John worked on with Meagan and Stephanie – aqua shirt spent her childhood in Ellensburg, WA! Small world.Left: Meagan tosses the last rock on the wall, and then climbed up to push rocks in behind and on top. John and Stephanie did some of the work, too.

Monday, Sept 18

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 17: SpO2 low 82 (spurious?), 10 events <88% with overall avg., 93.3%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.5%. Pulse avg. 55.9, low 50. Slept 7 hrs 27 min.

I went to town for my SAIL exercise class at 1:30.

John left early for Liberty Lake trail work southeast of Spokane.
[Years ago, before autos, the small Lake was a summer attraction for the folks of Spokane. An electric interurban train made it easy to get to Liberty Lake. Now there is a county park that is harder to get to because the area between Spokane and the lake has been metropolitanized – read expensive.]
John was late coming home because of I-90 being completely closed to remove electric wires from across both east and westbound lanes. A telephone pole caught fire and caused the stoppage about 3:00 p.m. Luckily, he drove to Idaho for inexpensive gasoline and picked up a Carl’s Jr. supper that he ate during the long traffic stoppage until the electric company hoisted the wires and the pole up with about an 80′ foot crane.John is in there somewhere. East bound lanes are on the right and the stoppage is behind the camera.

He was stopped for an hour, but got restarted on the road home about 5:00 p.m. Most of the vehicles are based in Spokane so once 5 miles west of the city, traffic became normal.

Here are the reports on line: SPOKANE, WA-Traffic on I-90 in both directions is now closed at the Hamilton Street exit. As of 3 p.m., Avista says the pole will be replaced in the next 45 minutes.
(3:20 p.m.): Avista has confirmed a power pole fire at 2nd and Helena. A crane is being brought in to help stabilize the damaged pole. An estimated 1,800 customers are currently without power.
(4:50 p.m.): All customers now have restored power. Both directions are now open. But lanes will need to be closed around 9 p.m. tonight for 30 to 45 minutes to continue to repair the damaged pole.

Not much else going on, except music preparation.

Tuesday, Sept 19

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 18: SpO2 low 82 (could be spurious), 5 events <88% with overall avg., 94.2%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.6%. Pulse avg. 56.5, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 18 min.

I went to Funercise while John checked the Bi-Mart prize number and went to the grocery store. Exercise was late starting, because of a board advisory meeting. John returned on time, at 2:35, but had to wait for us.

Afterwards, we did go to Big Five today, and then to Costco. We had the manager helping us, (I met her on the phone over the weekend, while trying to get an extension on a sale price on boots, that ended Sunday). She said she would extend to this week, when we were able to get down there. She did gave us special discounts on the boots we got for John, as well as the shoes I got for me (Dr. Scholl’s for exercise, at 1/5 the price and the same style with better support than the Brooks Addiction I have sworn by for years (which cost ~ $120/pr). I have pretty much worn them all out. The Dr. Scholl’s are men’s size, but fit me well. While I was trying on shoes, John found a nice rain hat (camouflage) with a wide brim, and the manager gave him a few dollars off that as well. I didn’t realize there was more than one there, or I would have gotten me one for only $6.00. I wore his on Wednesday when it was raining hard for my trip to the Food Bank.

Wednesday, Sept 20

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 19: SpO2 low 85, 8 events <88% with overall avg., 94.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.2%. Pulse avg. 57.7, low 50. Slept 7 hrs 49 min.

Food bank and SAIL exercise with no Gloria, Stan, or Shirley. They are in Leavenworth for 2 days and nights.

Trying to get some time in on the KV F&F music for Oct / Nov.

Thursday, Sept 21

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 20: SpO2 low 85, 7 events <88% with overall avg., 93.5%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.0%. Pulse avg. 53.9, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 32 min.

MUSIC AT Pacifica. John drove his car, and got gasoline for his trip tomorrow, plus went to Super 1 for stuff at a good sale price. We had several people there and a large audience of happy people, including my longtime friend in the balcony, Arlane Nesmith. Then on the main floor I was pleasantly surprised to see two new additions of people I know at the SAIL exercise class, and did not realize they were at Pacifica. One sad note was finding out a long-time acquaintance and president of our fan club there at Pacifica since the time it was called Dry Creek, had died. I didn’t ask about him last month, but we missed him then. Today I asked one of the people who always was by his side, and she told me the sad news. No one knew he was ill and near death, including her. That was a very sad moment so we were early enough to share our grief without anyone overhearing us. We both had happy memories of him. His first name was Floyd. He always used to tell me I could remember his name by saying, Pretty Boy Floyd.

The folks who contributed music today included Amy & Haley (singing and dancing), Minerva, Gerald, Nancy, Sharon, Dean, Amy & Haley, Tim, & Joanie.

Friday, Sept 22

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 21: SpO2 low 87, 2 events <88% with overall avg., 94.6%. Pulse avg. 54.5, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 15 min. – an excellent night off the CPAP.

John going to Snoqualmie Lake WTA work – left at 6:00 a.m. Unfortunately, he got there to find the access road closed for construction, so they had to relocate to Talapus Lake to finish dismantling the puncheon bridges. That put him 20 miles closer to home when he left.

I spent time on the phone with Diana and Laura at our Primary Physician’s Office in Cle Elum. We owe $78.98 for last visit (5/1/17) with Dr. Schmitt for John and I found out we were NOT scheduled for our annual physical in November with the new doctor (Wood), as was supposed to happen. Now we are, but well into November because of a screw-up with scheduling last year. Insurance won’t pay for another annual wellness physical until a year and a day from the last date.
Last year we managed to do this on one day, but rules changed and we have to see a nurse first and then go back a week later for the real deal. So trips on two Tuesdays and sadly, I’ll have to miss my Jazzercise (Funercise, it is called) class. It’s the vigorous exercise I truly need.

I went to AAC today for lunch/scrabble, taking John’s Nikon for pix. For lunch, I had a couple of the meatballs from the spaghetti casserole, and gave the rest to Joanie and Ken. I ate my own container of smoked turkey, tuna fish & egg salad, grape tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, with no dressing. Their salad served was very nice, but it had too much dark green stuff in it for my restrictions for Vitamin K (being on a blood thinner).Joanie and I (in shirt she gave me), our table playing Scrabble.Here is Nicole waiting for Tina to bring more tape; letters were not sticking to the wall, so they moved to the window.Last of the game, and final board on the right.

On the road home I came over Bar 14, which has a one lane bridge over Naneum Creek (which flows behind our house). The high volume of spring melt from the hills north brought down tons of rocks to block the creek bed and change various directions of flow. Damage to this bridge occurred, as well as filling the channel with rocks and cutting off water to a number of us upstream, in addition to eroding some folks creek banks 25′ taking away their property.Left shows the one lane bridge and right shows the view upstream, and the lowering of water by the inundation of rocks in the channel.

I came home and about later started with a sore throat and runny nose – I do not need a cold! I worked on dishes, while gargling hot saltwater, to relieve the sore throat. The sniffles and coughing continued, and my favorite Fisherman’s Friends lozenges are not working to soothe it. {John’s advice is to place a silver spoon in my mouth for a couple of minutes several times each day, but I don’t do a good job of always listening to him!}

John got home from the WTA trip and took a quick nap, and I handled re-re-gifting some plywood to a woman who gave us a bunch of 2x4s and particle board/plywood. We told her that if she need any back for her chicken coop, we’d bring it. So she wrote on a Facebook message she was almost ready to go the chicken route. The woman (Renee) will call when she knows what her chicken coop needs after the roof is on (for inside, a couple pieces of her new and using our old plywood as well).

Saturday, Sept 23

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 22, SpO2 low 84, 17 events <88% (Avg. Low Sp02% was 88.6) with overall avg., 94.5%. Pulse avg. 54.8, low 50. Slept 8 hrs, 8 min.

Awoke with the continuation of the sore throat and blahs, and outside temperature, 45° near the front door. We bundled up and went to town early to pick up the concrete sidewalk pieces, and bag up elm shavings from a large tree that was taken down. John had great help from the guys of the house, Johnny (dad), sons, Trip & Beck, and Beck’s neighbor friend, Carlos. Mom Laura, took pictures, but I don’t have them yet.

We left for Super 1’s 6-hr sale and John went in and bought some boneless bottom round beef, and some produce. We came on home by Naneum road and dropped off 10 bags of the chips at a house, where we knew the family, but I did not recognize the daughter by her married name. We had ridden horses with her and her parents years ago. We ended up giving them more that the 1/2 we originally intended to share (10 large black garbage bags full). Father, George, was there and helped unload. He is going to spread it in their large horse arena to soften up the base of sand with something organic. His daughter wasn’t there, but she had told him we’d be coming.

So tired of this cold, runaway nose, cough, and sore to dry throat.
Worked on changing emails from to What a huge chore. I keep trying to do a few / day.

Sunday, Sept 24

No CPAP – Oximetry for Sept 23: SpO2 low 85, 6 events <88% with overall avg., 92.2%. Pulse avg. 59.7, low 53. Slept 7 hrs 51 min. Coughed all night and nose ran.

John was off to Mt Rainier, Sunrise at 5:10 a.m. to stop in Naches, for gasoline. I said goodbye, and went back to sleep, awaking early to Magpies fighting over the hard cat food at the front door, put out for Sue, when John left in the dark. I went and grabbed it and scared them off. I did a few things on the computer changing our email address to a few people, as I wrote a new message to send out to everyone (slowly) on our old address list to the soon-to-be-gone account.

I came back to follow the webcam and capture photos at 7:43 a.m. and worked on it through 9:02. I have some captures with John in it, his car, and others gathering around the flag pole at Sunrise (in the morning sun) for the introductions, and overview of the day’s work. I got back on later when the sun is out of the photo, colors show on the cars, and the parking lot fills. I did, and the flag is flying, with John’s car** very visible, and nice blue skies. I hope they had such a nice day to work on the trail at 7,100′.
**Car has been named after the song: Jessica
Writer/performer in hat – Dickey Betts – is also the creator of this classic:
Ramblin’ Man From John’s arrival, gathering talk, and after the crew is on the trail, midday. John’s car is the light blue one on the right front.Crew returns 3:30, cookies & drinks, goodbyes, and John’s gone.

I enjoyed watching the proceedings from the webcam at Sunrise.
Now to get on with the day.

I remembered last night after I was in bed, and miserable still with my runny nose and cough that I had taken some Musinex the last time I was so sick (for 6 weeks). I cannot afford to go that long this time. John and I both searched the cabinet this morning and found none of it, but lots of other stuff that has been expired for years, so will toss it. I’ll check my past notes in the blog, and see what I was approved to use last time and drive to town for it. I’m totally miserable.

Thank God for writing it up in my blog (one of the major purposes of this blog). I found it in October 14, 2016 when I was approved by my cardiologist to take it without conflict to my heart medications. It helped me then, so I am going to find the best price in town and go in today for some. Musinex DM is the OTC I’m allowed to take. Last year, it had a $5.00 off coupon for mail in, and I hope this year as well. (nope, no coupon this year, but I did find the Maximum Strength, so I can take fewer tablets twice daily for a week. Details: Maximum Strength Muscinex®DM, only 1 tablet every 12 hours (in a 14 pack).

I found them at Super 1 – Sherry is putting at the front desk “for Nancy,” and I headed out with a bottle of water to take one there, at 11:06. Sherry was the cashier at the front desk, and had them ready for me. It was Maximum Strength, 1200 mg, 14 pack, $15.18. I will have to stay up late tonight to take my second one 12 hrs. later. I will be so grateful, if this works.

We need to get our new cordless system installed, but we have to stay home long enough to do that and a bunch of other things.

My cough is not gone yet. The mucous part is working with the use of the Muscinex®DM and the cough is manageable, if I don’t talk and keep pumping in Fisherman’s Friends.

Via the Sunrise webcam, see the process above, I just found the WTA team is back in the parking lot for drinks and cookies. WTA buys. Cookies are the Pepperidge Farm’s “places” series (small packages, get eaten, few stale cookies left) that is described here:
branding smarts

John finally got reception on his cell at Naches, and called me with his estimated time home, to be 7:00 p.m. Annie was ready for him!

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

fall is here

Nancy picked up a bug (apparently) at one of the recent outings and has felt ill since
Friday. Same with the inside/outside cat. He’s not talking. Nancy coughs when she does.
Maybe we’ll know more on Monday.
Until then, we are carrying on.
Will work on weekly blog in the morning.

WA dry, fires, smoke, relief

I have decided to play catch-up this week; my decision, as principal editor. John is the final editor and not here today.

Talapus Lake Work – Sept 9, 2017

Last week we mentioned John was closed out of Mt. Rainier, and went instead to a work party on the I-90 corridor. Nancy’s opinion is that it was a strange work party. They spent the day removing a set of puncheon bridges on a trail that had been abandoned – after a new section of trail was completed. Before (the old puncheon) and during the removal process. Bob, Jim, and John on one section. Ladies are all up the trail.

John is still hopeful the National Park Service will open Sunrise access again before the season ends. They would still be able to make more progress on that trail. Turns out they got one more day, Sunday, but snows are called for, so it is unlikely they will return this year. If the forecast is correct there will be a foot+ of snow on the trail by Thursday evening. Still, after 10 or so years of neglect, 90% of it is a decent hike.

Sunday, Sept 10

We put out last week’s blog very late tonight, again without the following catch-up from week’s ago. These show John in his old orange faded shirt, we replaced with a nice new orange one you have been seeing in recent photos. Evonne has been good for years, taking photos of John for me on our camera, so I can see him out working on trail maintenance. Then last year she photographed us in our WTA shirts at the annual November WTA Appreciation dinner. This year it will occur again Nov. 3, and we intend to be there, unless there is last minute snow on Snoqualmie Pass. That’s I-90. Evonne took these early morning and afternoon to thank him for coming over again for the long trip to assist her on the trail crew. He’ll be just north of Snoqualmie Pass this coming Friday, to work on the Pacific Crest Trail, and the first 2 miles is also part of the Commonwealth Basin Trail. Then the PCT forks to the right and goes uphill to the Kendall Katwalk.
Picture here

Monday, Sept 11

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 10: SpO2 low 87, 1 events <88% with overall avg., 92.2%. Pulse avg. 56.7, low 52. Slept 7 hrs 46 min.

Received these great photos today, from Jeri Conklin, my co-owner, about our Brittany, Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ JH (Daisy), in CA in training. DAISY pointing and working a bird. “Daisy is steady as a rock. She just needs the Brittany major to be a Field Champion,” states Jeri. Photos by Deanna Beals-Azevedo, trainer, Scott Azevedo, Nelson Kennels, Los Banos, CA.

I went to town for my SAIL exercise class.

Tuesday, Sept 12

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 11: SpO2 low 86, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 92.2%. Pulse avg. 60.0, low 55. Slept 7 hrs 59 min.

I spent a bunch of time on the phone this morning trying to change our email address and notify customer service to send our bill for the connection service to our domain, and pay for our extension of our domain we used to send this blog ( . We do not have an associated email with that new domain, and we are losing our email associated with the old Someone else owns the domain, and is not willing to carry on with other people using it. I spend a little time every day notifying people about changes from that email to our new one on Gmail. You will likely be hearing from me, if you haven’t already. We lose access to that account at the end of the year. If you have been using and see this message, go ahead and send me an email message to that account, and I will send you the changed address and eliminate you from that address book. Near the end of the year, I will send an email to all the people left in my address book whom I haven’t yet notified. This is a major project that takes a ton of time I don’t have to spare, but it must be done.

I went to Celia’s for a haircut at noon, with a few yellow plums, and she gave me some tomatoes in return. I need to remember to check my schedule 7 weeks out for my next haircut and make a reservation.

Stopped at Bi-Mart for Fisherman’s Friends (but they didn’t have any of my favorite original hardy ones, that are on order), GUM Soft Picks, checked my numbers, and I found a special wide-brimmed orange summer hat for John. Pretty classy, for 50% off an already good price. We’ll include a photo of him in it with his new orange shirt on, in next week’s blog.

Funercise was at 2:00 p.m. I took a pan of yellow Shiro plums to share. People there really like them. That was the end of them; John picked the tree clean. We never had time to pull out the dehydrator to keep some for winter months. We had a good turnout: Connie, Evelyn, Lynn, Nicole, and me, orchestrated by Katrina. I had my FitBit on, as usual, and today my heart was at cardio range for 14 minutes of the 35-minute program.
I dropped by the Rehab to sing Happy Birthday to Jeanne Gordon, on her 88th. She showed me the pearl bracelet Gerald gave her today, and smiled her very big smile.

Then on the way home, I dropped by Joanie’s with some corn and yellow summer squash, and picked up five ! pair of pants. which will now fit me with new elastic she put in for me.
Hope to go to bed early. Sent out jobs on our Google Groups NW Geography Jobs (list serve).

Wednesday, Sept 13

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 12: SpO2 low 83, 6 events <88% with overall avg., 91.4%. Pulse avg. 58.8, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 27 min.

Took care of putting the Culligan auto payment billing on Discover instead of the old American Express it was still on that died. I thought it cancelled a year ago when Costco changed to Visa.

I dropped off egg cartons, and took in a 5-gallon bucket of flowers, for the food bank. Also fixed a supplemental lunch to take that I could eat in place of the free pasta choices on Wednesdays after we play music. The other container of flowers went to the AAC with Gloria and me when we went to SAIL exercise together. Everyone was grateful. We are at the end of our beautiful dahlias and glads.

I left a 2X navy blue dress jacket at Carole’s house on the way to the AAC.

Thursday, Sept 14

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 13: SpO2 low 86, 2 events <88% with overall avg., 95.9%. Pulse avg. 56.4, low 49. Slept 7 hrs, 9 min.

Our KV Fiddlers & Friends (5 of us) entertained at the Meadows, and then John and I went around town on errands, and to get gasoline in his car for tomorrow.

Friday, Sept 15

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 14: SpO2 low 86, 4 events <88% with overall avg., 93.5%. Pulse avg. 54.0, low 49. Slept 4 hrs, 59 min. (actually slept longer, but battery died)

Still need to send Audra my food intake report so she can review it.
I went to the Food Bank early for lunch at 11:30, just in case they needed servers. They didn’t, so I sat and visited with two friends there. I took salad to go with the pulled pork. It was very good, having been donated by one of the new BBQ restaurants in town.

Went by Super 1 for meds. By Bi-Mart for Tears and Fisherman’s Friends and by Safeway for refresh colas.

Saturday, Sept 16

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 15, SpO2 low 84, 4 events <88% with overall avg., 94.9%. Pulse avg. 56.7, low 49. Slept 8 h, 33 min.

John set up our new Cuisinart 4-slice toaster (from Costco). Our old one is “toast.” It has the best price and reviews on Amazon. It’s a pretty silver chrome color.

We are going to Briarwood for music and food today… and gasoline for John’s car, for the early morning trip to Mt Rainier tomorrow. We had 6 people there and a nice audience, who were very involved joking and singing with us. We all had a good time. We had a good meal they served us after the music … tacos, salad, cookies, brownies, and Pumpkin ice cream. John joined us and one other hubby, Ken.

I rested an hour and did go to the Bar 14 Ranch, for a one yr old little girl’s party, and carried a loaf of Zucchini/Pineapple bread cut to share. It was given to me by a friend at Briarwood, who today gave me a new one he just tried that has all ingredients I CAN eat. I cannot eat zucchini, although I cheated and have in the past. This was frozen, so had to thaw for tonight. The new one is made as apple/ banana/ nut bread with caramel/coconut frosting. Plus, he brought a loaf cut up for the Briarwood meal after we played. I had a piece there, and it was quite tasty. They served tacos (and I had all the ingredients on my plate, except the shell, plus put salsa on it). I even had one of Lee’s Ginger cookies. I had a good meal and did not have to eat anything at the later party. I was late getting there, but it meant I had a nice visit with two former students, and the Lundys and their year old granddaughter, Uma (and her mom, Raychel, who was my student). I took a few pictures and left and was happy I went. There was music, and one of the musicians is a new surgeon in town for 2 years (Tom Penoyer), general surgery, young talented man who plays the guitar and banjo, and his wife and 3 young children were there as well.  It was worth my trip, for sure. I brought a cupcake and piece of carrot cake home for John.Raychel with two images of Uma, one of the cakes they had, Uma with grandma, Linda, and the parting sunset.

Okay. back to work. I have a ton to accomplish today, and John won’t be back until late. This may be his last trip to his favorite workplace, because Mt. Rainier is scheduled to receive many inches of SNOW in the next few days, and while this work party is large, they may not have enough people to carry out all the tools that have accumulated for the summer’s work.

Sunday, Sept 17

No CPAP — Oximetry for Sept 16: SpO2 low 88 (only one event at 88), 0 events <88% with overall avg., 94.0%. Pulse avg. 54.7, low 50. Slept 7 hrs, 31 min. I'm sure that is my best ever, since starting with the CPAP usage in 2014. NOTE: I obtained my first CPAP machine on the Buy Nothing Ellensburg site because the girl who had it lost 50 lbs, and no longer needed it. It was more portable than mine, and I figured would work for traveling if I needed to take the CPAP along. I wonder if my weight loss recently (since 6/26) is related to this. I surely hope so, because I detest using it, especially because the only reason I'm on it, is to keep my % oxygen saturation level in my blood above 88% while I sleep (to keep oxygen circulating to my organs).

I just found a Mt. Rainier orange tee shirt in a back room wooded closet. I was looking for something else at the time, and I have no memory of where or when I got it. It has not been worn, so I expect John will wear it on his last trip to Mt. Rainier next weekend.

I’ll hear when he returns tonight, if they were able to cart out all the tools from the summer’s work. That is going to be a tough job.

Six of the lesser used tools were locked in the Lookout and, if snowed in, will be waiting there next June/July when the snow melts off the trail. Then, a dozen people carried out all (26) the rest. No more than one per hand, but some were strapped to or carried in backpacks.

Rain, predicted for 11 AM at Mt. Rainier, did not arrive until the WTA crew finished at the work site and started the hike back. However, the threat was such that the Park was going to start chasing people with cars out of the 6,400 ft. Sunrise parking area at 4 PM. WTA left at 3:05. Much rain and mist in the Cascades and a light rain at home. Fires are slowed, but still burning.

John got safely home, fed livestock, us, and we are ready to do the blog.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan