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Monday, August 15

For Aug 14 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 49 min with AHI=0.29. Events: 0 CSR, 2 H, 17 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 15 L/min). Oximetry: none for the night.

Nothing on tap in town – just catch up at home on numerous tasks. They expanded. I finished the Carly going-away party photography and videography to send to the Ellensburg Adult Activity Center folks and shipped it off by email.

Fed the cats.

Then I decided to set up the music I need this week for taking to town to run off Xerox copies rather than trying to do it all on my printer with very little flat hard space in our home for collating and organization and, in addition, I would have to punch all with 3-holes. John took the other 3 tires off the Travel Trailer and put them in the truck for the trip to town, letting me off to make my copies.

I have been sorting since arriving home at almost 5:00 p.m. Oh, we delivered some plums, peaches, and flowers to our older neighbors, and we ate a very late supper. So did the cats because the bees/wasps keep going after their food. We have to wait to feed until almost dark, and sometimes then it’s still a problem. We are spraying as well.

I almost have the music finished sorting and filling in from my printer two pages I forgot to Xerox today. I needed them for 10 copies. Dang. So much for planning.

Problem with the index finger on my left hand. Broken blood vessel? Arthritis? Severe pain late tonight, cannot bend it (it’s acting like a trigger finger). Iced it all night. I have no clue what caused it. I noticed it first at night while going to bed and lifting a light comforter with my left hand.

Tuesday, Aug 16

For Aug 15 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 59 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 1 CSR, 0 H, 13 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 15 L/min). Oximetry: Okay.

My index finger is still hurting. I am unhappy, as it is my violin fingering hand. Right now, it hurts to type on the computer.

I was supposed to take $2 to AAC jazzercise, but forgot to take in the cash. I did manage going through an active session of routines.

I went to my 3:15 appt with Shawn at PT. Came home and was wiped out the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, Aug 17

For Aug 16 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 8 min with AHI=0.19. Events: 1 CSR, 1 H, 5 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 10 L/min). Oximetry: Okay all night.

John picked me some cherry tomatoes to take with my tuna fish/egg salad today to lunch at the Food Bank to supplement the stuff I cannot eat.

I left to pick up Gloria to take to the Food Bank for music and eating. My index finger was hurting me to play the violin, so I sang more than I played, and avoided using that finger. Any song that has a note A on the G string, E on the D string, B on the A string, or F on the E string, uses the index finger in first position. It was a challenge to play. I came home and put ice on it again. I hope I can make it through tomorrow’s hour at Dry Creek/Brookdale. Then I have one more day to heal before our Saturday gig.

For food from the buffet line, I took the shrimp, peppers and cooked onions from the pasta served to mix with my tuna/egg salad, and added the tomatoes to my light green lettuce and radishes, leaving behind the spinach.

We went on to SAIL exercise, and had a nice 45 minutes, but left for another appointment. The temperature was 93, and so I left Gloria in the car, motor running with the a/c, while I went into Safeway to return the too highly salted groceries I bought yesterday on sale. John is careful to stay away from highly salted items such as Rice-A-Roni, spaghetti sauce, in his cooking for me to hold down the salt. On home with a treat for John – an apple fritter.

Thursday, August 18

For Aug 17 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 4 hrs 12 min with AHI=0.71. Events: 2 CSR, 6 H, 6 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 17 L/min). Oximetry: Strange SpO2 activity for an hour just before 2:00 a.m.

John leaves early for getting his 2009 Subaru serviced, and will go by Costco for gas and groceries. The car needed an alignment. Too much driving on Cascade Mountain roads?

Finished and checked the music.

We played at Dry Creek Brookdale. It was a very hot day, 91 outside, and we had 11 players. I made it through pretty well, but still with pain. I drove by Dave and Janet’s house on the way home to deliver the music in order by the way we will play it on Saturday. They’re arriving Friday, so I just put behind their screen door because I was not planning to go to town tomorrow.

This evening we left at 5:00 p.m. to drive across the valley to the home of the Lindstroms for the annual summer gathering of the Kittitas Audubon Society. KAS provided the grilled beef burgers or veggie burgers and fixings, including grilled onions. Members brought appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts. We carried a Costco Peach pie that was large & awesome. The setting in their yard was lovely with shade provided by a large variety of plants they acquired over the last 40 years, fruit trees, and more. We met folks we know, some new, and others known of but never met. We sat at a table with long time Valley hay growers (Marilyn and Gerry Sorensen); now leasing their land to younger workers. I talked “hay” with them, and plan to send a paper I co-wrote on the export hay industry with pictures from our valley of the whole process. John went and talked with the hosts. We had a delightful dinner and got home just before dark.

Friday, August 19

For Aug 18 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 51 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 1 CSR, 0 H, 12 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 16 L/min). Oximetry: A few dips of SpO2 below 88, but rest OK.

I had cancelled my appointment was cancelled today in PT because of conflicts with preparations for oral surgery in a week.

John left at 6:00 and I slept in. Needed it a lot.

I finally wrote Dr. Schmitt about shoulder problem request, and called to have him see the email (it’s through the patient portal, NextMD). Turns out he doesn’t work on Fridays, so I imagine he won’t see it until Monday, when they will give him a message to check that he will likely do anyway. He is good about communication.

Prepared for tomorrow: printing out copies of the music list to hand off tomorrow for a last minute check; worked on all the lead-ins so we can start in unison, in the right tempo; considered what I would wear to dress western; contacted two players with directions of where to park and how to get to the location, with the closed streets.

John made it home all right and had to shut off the irrigation water to our neighbor on the south, once he got back from a day working on the trail, and he also had to stand a fence panel up and tie it in place. The plastic baling twine he often used gets abraded when the wind blows, and we’ve had lots this summer. He is mostly using wire now unless a fix is meant to be temporary.

Saturday, August 20

For Aug 19 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 8 min with AHI=0.49. Events: 0 CSR, 3 H, 2 PP, 5 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 11 L/min). Oximetry: Good all night, one blip below 88% in SpO2 around midnight, but high between 2:00-3:00, and fine all night.

At 6:00 a.m., John took off for Icicle Creek canyon and Jack Creek. This will be the 8th day for John and Alan, the WTA lead crew chief. They will finish Sunday.

I left about 7:30 a.m. to go the kick-off breakfast for the Rodeo/Fair. I intended to park in my bank’s parking lot, but had told others in our group to park there and walk down the alley. So, seeing it was filling up, I went back east and parked on 5th Street.

We were late starting and had challenges with the stage setup and timing of events, but we made it through and received accolades from everyone. Check below on Sunday’s entry for more information.

I made it home quite tired at midday and immediately put an ice compress on my left index finger with heated compresses on my neck and shoulders. Finally, at 5:00 I lay down for a 20-minute power nap, and slept for 1.5 hrs until John arrived.

Sunday, August 21

For Aug 20 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 10 min with AHI=1.35. Events: 1 CSR, 7 H, 9 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 22 L/min). Strange inexplicable night. CPAP off for 10 minutes at 2:07 a.m. no recollection of waking and turning off. ? no clue. Oximetry: not bad on SpO2, 3 times below 88% on CPAP, and 1 time while off CPAP. Fine the rest of the night.

I awoke and put John’s colas in the freezer at 5:30, went back to bed, then up to say goodbye and feed Woody, and back to bed with heat on my shoulders, neck, and ice on my left index finger. I put my oximeter on right hand for longer, and then I guess I was totally exhausted because I slept until almost 10:00 a.m.

Here is an update on yesterday’s festivities at the Kick-off Breakfast for the Rodeo/Fair coming September 1. This photo is our Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends group, and our fiddler, Evie Scheutz’s friend, Gene, took the video below. Thanks Gene for letting us know how we sounded out front, despite the noise from the crowd, while enjoying their pancakes, sausage, juice, and coffee. Below the photo identification is a link to some of our performance yesterday.
1-KickOffRodeo-Fair2016Breakfast-0This I captured from the lead in to the video, which Evie took from her camera and posted on You Tube, and then tagged me on the post, so that all my Facebook friends would receive it. All in the group were grateful for her efforts.
2-KickOffRodeo-Fair2016Breakfast-5Identifying the players in the photos above: Left to right top row, Tim Henebry (mandolin), Roberta Clark (guitar), Dave Perkins (bass fiddle), Janet Perkins (fiddle), Nancy Hultquist (fiddle; red and white hat), Laina Brown (fiddle), Evie Scheutz (fiddle), Amy Davison (flute). Bottom front, Gerald Gordon (guitar), Minerva Caples (guitar), Sharon Jenson (bass guitar), and Anne Engels (tambourine). Our other mandolin player, Joanie Taylor was there, but realized she couldn’t make it up on the last minute stage (a flatbed trailer with hay bale step access). I needed help as well, and others decided because of the space problem and climb, to sit down front. We would have had room for Joanie there, but she’d already left. We were quite late starting after our originally planned 8:30 a.m. start.

We had many accolades from the audience and we were extremely happy not to also have to cope with the famous Ellensburg wind, which thankfully waited until today to howl. Today, we started with winds in the 20 mph range, 30s, with gusts to 40 mph (at the airport), which is only 2 miles north of where we were playing yesterday. Late afternoon today there were 48 mph gusts.

August 20, 2016 Kittitas Valley Fiddlers and Friends Performance
Click here.
This links to the video to hear some of the 11 songs we played, in two one-half hour segments of the program, including:

A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
I’m an Old Cowhand
Oklahoma Hills
Sweet Betsy from Pike
Tennessee Waltz
The Cowboy’s Dream
Waltz Across Texas
Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
Git Along Little Dogies
Angel Band
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Gotta Travel On – Done Laid Around

John got home a little after 6:00 p.m. and has been outside the entire time. The irrigation water from the creek has gone to a trickle and the channel is muddy. He is cleaning and filling a 70- gallon tank with well water.

Today was the last day for him being in the Wenatchee River Valley – one of WA’s tree fruit areas. He brought home Peaches, Nectarines, Gala apples, and Pluots (Plum X Apricot), red Raspberry color inside. The apples are gorgeous and just 89 ¢ per pound. He only got a few pounds, ’cause we will soon go pick in our friend’s orchard. The handful of Pluots were free, but we have our own yellow plums, so he wasn’t looking for these. They got put in the apple box after the seller weighed it (and the apples were lightly weighed) – late Sunday and maybe he was ready to empty the bin. Peaches and Nectarines were 75 ¢ / lb.
And the boxes were rated at 20 pounds, or 10. We haven’t weighed them, but did eat one of the Peaches. Anyway, we have ~20 pounds peaches (minus 1) and 10 pounds of Nectarines.
Smithson FruitJohn has been stopping at this fruit stand for many years and has learned the weights are always heavy and something is always free.

Here was today’s weather alert:
3-WeatherAlertSunday8-21-16With the strong wind, bees (?) are less bothersome and the cats can eat in peace. All cats got fed supper, and two of them had two servings. Now it’s our turn to eat. We started with sharing a large peach and a plum-cot. John bought chunk of ham while at Costco, and will be adding an egg. It will be almost 9:00 p.m. by the time we eat. I cut up one of our Early Girl tomatoes to have with it. It was very tasty. Next time, I will have the whole tomato. We have been eating our little cherry tomatoes too.

Guess I’ll end this week with a nice sunset clearly showing the work of the wind over the valley (just this evening).

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

multitudinous doings

fiddle player cartoon

Nancy and her music friends played at the breakfast for the opening day of the County Fair and the somewhat related rodeo. They started early when the temp was about 65 and might have finished before warmth came, but the organization of the multitudinous doings did not go well.
They were done about the time the temp got to 80.
Late in the afternoon the airport reported 98.

This and more will be on the web Sunday night late or Monday A.M.

Best to all from

Nancy & John
still on the Naneum Fan

Little tomatoes, flowers, and rocks

Monday, August 8

For Aug 7 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 42 min with AHI=0.78. Events: 0 CSR, 6 H, 11 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 20 L/min). Oximetry: all good

We both went to the foot doctor for toenail trimming (covered by Medicare), to Super 1 for groceries, by the Kittitas Medical Supply Company to deliver a 1/2-gallon plastic container of Dahlias to the staff there, whom I see every 3 months for new CPAP supplies (filters, tubing and mask). On the final leg home, we stopped near the airport to pick up a battery-operated alarm clock from the free BNEE site. It has been a nice back up for early morning departures for John in case the electricity goes off in the middle of the night. We already took advantage of it this week, and he reset for me to get up after he had left (tomorrow a.m.).

John helped Dale Swedberg get small drill bits for working to remove an oil filter, and gave him a container of diesel to help with the fix up of his folks’ old motor home. It is the same year as our travel trailer (TT), 1983. Since we got ours, it has been under cover, but it was out in a lot prior to our buying it, but may have been under a roof earlier. The metal siding looks better than the one Dale is working on.

Tuesday, Aug 9

For Aug 8 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 14 min with AHI=0.32. Events: 1 CSR, 1 H, 1 OA, 5 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: it was fine all night.

John left very early for a trail called Greenwater Lakes. This was a new trail for him, and the only reason he went. While I don’t have any pictures of that day’s work, I will include the “cover” photo from the new Orange Hat On-line report for Assistant Crew Leaders. WTA has used this photo from a crosscut saw training session. Blue Hat is Mason (Mace) White. Lauren Glass (under bucking – saw coming up from under the tree) has a new orange hat – John’s and Rick Zitsmann’s have the dull patina of many days in the sun. WTA provides new ones about every 10 years.
1- Blue&OrangeHats AtCrewLeaderCollegThis morning, I had a nice meeting with a few of the retired CWU Geography profs and heard/saw a presentation by Jim Huckabay (also a retired Geographer). It was of his recent trip to South Africa, where he shot a Warthog and a Springbok and saw much other wildlife. He was there with long time friends on a 10-day Safari where he and others actually lived in the fancy house of an African and his wife, and they hunted with a PH (professional hunter) from the area. Jim provided a picturesque and enjoyable education.

I made two collages below of the animals mentioned above. Info is from the web.

First the Warthog:
2-CollageWarthogSouthAfricaWarthog (Phacochoerus africanus)
Warthogs are day animals and spend most of their time looking for food. They are normally found in family groups. Warthogs have the peculiar habit of kneeling on the front knees while feeding and foraging in a localized area. They shelter in burrows at night, which they enter tail first. Socially, three main groups are encountered, namely solitary boars, bachelor groups and matriarchal groups. Matriarchal groups consist of adult sows with their young and yearlings. Boars play no part in rearing piglets and seldom associate with sows outside the mating process. Warthogs can frequently be found at waterholes where they dig in the marsh and wallow in the mud with enthusiasm.

Lastly, the regal and beautiful, Springbok, the National animal of South Africa.
3-CollageSpringbok-SouthAfricaNat'lWildlifeAnimalThe Springbok (Afrikaans: spring = jump; bok = antelope, deer, or goat) (Antidorcas marsupialis) is a small brown and white gazelle that stands about 75 cm high (30 inches). The males can weigh up to 50 kg (110 pounds) and the females up to 37 kg. The Latin name marsupialis derives from a pocket-like skin flap which extends along the middle of the back on to the tail. The springbok can lift this flap, which makes the white hairs underneath stand up in a conspicuous ‘fan’. That’s shown in the photo on the right.

Typical of this species is the pronk (jumping display), which led to its common name. Both sexes have horns but those of the ram are thicker and rougher. This species has adapted to the dry, barren areas and open grass plains and is thus found especially in the Free State, North West province and in the Karoo up to the west coast of South Africa.

I took plain donuts I frosted with chocolate frosting and sprinkled chopped pecans on top for our treat with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. At 11:00, I came home to fix lunch and change clothes to go to my Jazzercise class, with 4 participants, and a new routine. I followed with my Physical Therapy session. I have to wear a tank top for that work. It was painful, but necessary, and a little improvement was noted on a few ranges of motion. Deanna was my therapist and gave me nice information and evaluation explanations as she worked. At least there was no backsliding in my angle measurements, as had occurred in my previous visit, last Friday. I only am able to go Tuesdays and Fridays each week. Upcoming oral surgery the end of August will hamper that schedule.

I carried by music for Tim and Roberta (occasional participants in our music group), because I had run a copy for them of our August/September playlist, and they will also be participating in the August 20th Rodeo/Fair Kick-Off Breakfast. For that venue, we will do selected songs from our Aug/Sept playlist, and we will add a few from a previous last year’s listing that includes cowboy, country, and western songs appropriate for the occasion.

Wednesday, Aug 10

For Aug 9 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 8 hrs 6 min with AHI=0.12. Events: 3 CSR, 1 H, 17 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 7 L/min). Oximetry: all right, but had it off part of the night.

Today, I had to get our payment off an old American Express card from Costco, changed to CITI Visa card, and set up auto payment from there. This was for our yearly fee for AAA road insurance on our vehicles. I missed that it was being paid there, and when Costco switched, none of the automatic withdrawals any longer worked. I think those should have been processed as all the other expenses were on the transfer. I thought I had caught them all, but missed this. It is fixed with no problem now. I hope there’s not another outlier I missed. Good we were not gone on a long trip. The mail came with a 10-day deadline or we would no longer have the service available.

Today I left with a few things for the Food Bank. I finally found a person to give a gym bag to that I found and have never used. I tried giving it away on the BNE site to no avail. In addition, I fixed up music for the group at the Food Bank to try today to get some cowboy tunes in the mix for the upcoming Kick off breakfast for our Rodeo and Fair. We get a free breakfast between our 2 sets on stage.

Food bank did not have a great meal today for me but I carried along some of my tuna/egg salad I made yesterday, and was happy for it. The salad had all stuff (except carrots and a little red pepper), that was green and I could not eat … spinach, Romaine lettuce, other types of dark greens, and the other “salad” was shredded zucchini in vinegar, which I didn’t want either. Mostly it looked like shredded skins of the zucchini. I chose a nice piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and did not realize until I sat down and saw other folks’ that they had German chocolate cake as well that I would have preferred.
From there I was off to SAIL exercise class, having a full class with a new member. I brought home two cookies and 3 ears of corn someone had donated to the senior center. John and I split the corn over 3 dinners.

On my way back to drop Gloria off at her home, I stopped by and filled my car with gasoline. Of course, a day later, they lowered the price a few cents/gallon. Story of my life. John is driving his car tomorrow to let me off to play music and we also will be delivering a bunch of dahlias to the AAC for a going away party for another AmeriCorps person from Portland who has been with us for a 10.5 months. We will miss her. The party is not until Friday, but having them ahead will allow them to put them in vases on tables and counters. And John will be gone early on Friday, so of no help.

Thursday, August 11

For Aug 10 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 40 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 0 CSR, 0 H, 13 RERA. No mask leaks (max= x 8/min). Oximetry: perfect all night.

I fixed music to take to a few for the Aug 20 and now have to change to a different copy, on Saturday and for the future. We realized that some of the original playlist needed to be put off until we learn it better.

As planned, we delivered 2 buckets of Dahlias, and 2 Gladioli, to AAC with an added small container of our yellow plums.
John picked cherry tomatoes for Gerald, who was was happy to receive them. We have been enjoying tomatoes and plums too.

Friday, August 12

For Aug 11 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 46 min with AHI=0.52. Events: 1 CSR, 3 H, 11 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 7 L/min). Oximetry:

John left at 5:30 a.m. for trail work at Mt. Rainier. Parking was at Sunrise, 6,400 feet, walk was a mile, up to 6,700 feet. They moved big rocks and many buckets of sandy/gravel to make steps where folks have been having a hard time negotiating a sloping rock. They were on the Sourdough Ridge Trail. He didn’t make it home until 7:00 p.m. I was up early with him and stayed up to do a bunch of chores.

First wildlife view was of one of the fawns and his mom chowing down on raspberry cuttings John took out from our back fenced yard. This collage was taken at 6:10 a.m.
4-CollageFawn&RaspberriesClippingsJohn trimmed some of the long Raspberry canes and tossed them out back under Pine trees. The deer soon found them. Note the dark patch on Mamma’s face in front of the eye. The second fawn, back to the left where the mother is looking, came over as the first one moved away.

I contacted the College Subscription Service and we are now set for getting the Smithsonian for another year for $12.00. They cannot process a subscription for more than one year, but I know the service rep’s private extension and can call each year to renew. She has been around for several years.

When my friend in New Jersey heard about our dog Annie’s seizure, she told me that she had used Niacinamide to treat her 7 year old dog, successfully, and that it is cheaper and less hard on the liver than Phenobarbital. She told me to research it and check with my vet.

When I got to nearly needing a refill, I called this morning and asked for a consultation with my veterinarian. She called me back and we had a nice discussion. I explained that I had checked on line and found nothing about using it for seizures. It is used for all sorts of things in humans, but not seizures. She appreciated knowing what had been used on my friend’s dog, but she said she had never heard of that use. She also said that because my dog was responding well to the medication and had had no reoccurrences or apparent side effects from the drug, that she saw no reason to stop using it.
She acknowledged the cost was higher than she expected. I told her I would search around for the best price and get back to her and the staff for the next client with the same need.

Niacinamide is a compound C6H6N2O of the vitamin B complex found especially as a constituent of coenzymes and used similarly to niacin.

I found a cheaper (by month) of the Phenobarbital at Rite Aid (at half the price I recently paid at my pharmacy). I still need to check around to see prices at all local pharmacies. Rite Aid is listed on the GoodRx website with the best price, but in contacting them to set up an account and take in my coupon for the “good” prices, they said they would not honor the coupon, because it cost them the difference, as they are not reimbursed by GoodRx. Still their regular price for a month of the Phenobarbital was half what I paid last month. They did not have 90 tablets in stock, and it is cheaper per pill to buy a larger quantity of any drug. If Annie is still doing fine at the end of this bottle, I will give the pharmacy advanced notice to order a larger supply. The prescription was written for 6 months, and I have used only one month of the new script. Keeping up with animals’ meds and my own is a full-time job. The GoodRx issue bothered me because I use that for my Telmisartan, and save a ton by paying cash at another different pharmacy in town. I checked and I am still eligible for that savings (which is significant). I pay for 90 tablets what I paid for 30 with my insurance co-pay. I do NOT understand the difference in cost for the exact same medicine.

I went to Carly’s going-away party with my camera. Everyone appreciated John’s Dahlias and Gladioli. I should have taken a pitcher of them into the picture of me with Carly, but I didn’t. Anne loved them and she would have enjoyed holding a vase, I am sure. Oh well. I have photos of them on the counter, and many comments to share with John.

I went by Safeway on the way home and bought a ton of stuff at good sale prices. Got potato chips low salt on sale for $1.00, and there was a digital app price for people with smart phones (which I do not have). I had asked previously for the price, and was given it. I did today and got the chips for $ .79 /bag. Then I bought a special of dark meat (4 thighs / 4 legs) for $5.00 with crispy fried batter. This was a Friday special. Went for John’s colas and found 4 for only 79 cents each 2-liter size. I left my coupon at home, but found a paper at the front of the store with one and got Bumblebee White Tuna for $.58 / can, (limit 6). That is my standby for lunches away from home, and today, realizing I wouldn’t be able to eat the green salad, I took a small portion of my tuna fish/egg salad I had made.

Below are a few photos at the party and below that are a couple of video clips.
We started at 11:30 a.m. and had a few beginning presentations, then were served a lunch (Pizza on English Muffin, green salad, and banana/chocolate pudding or fruit for dessert. Then we had fun passing the microphone for accolades and memories of Carly and how much she’s meant to us all. I videotaped almost all of them to give to Carly as a going away present.
5-Collage-KatrinaGift&CarlyThis was a gift of a picture photograph book that Katrina, the Director (on the left) made with photos of all the events, classes, and associated activities at our center she participated in, or lead, over her time here.
6-Collage-NancyCarlyAnne&John'sDahlias&GladioliAbove, I’m on the left with Carly Waymire and Anne Engels, and on the right is one of the vases of flowers that John picked and we delivered the day before. The Dahlias and Gladioli he planted, grew, and harvested. Some other things were added but I don’t have names.

Here are three of my chosen videos for the day:

Katrina Douglas about Carly & Carly Presents Her Story

Katrina Presents a Gift Book of Photos to Carly

Accolade: Audience sings, You Are My Sunshine, Carly

After the party, I stuck around to write my note in the book gifted to her, picked up the two 5-gallon buckets we delivered the flowers in yesterday, put in a few minutes in the computer room, visited with some others, and stayed for 45 minutes of my SAIL exercise class. It was the last class Carly taught. I left early to get to my physical therapy appointment which was earlier than normally on Fridays.

Saturday, August 13

For Aug 12 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 19 min with AHI=0.56. Events: 1 CSR, 2 H, 1 OA, 2PP, 13 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 19 L/min). Oximetry: Fine all night.

I did the music changes for those expected there today, and I will run off more next week to give out to the rest of the people and audience.

We went to Briarwood. We ended up with 8 players there today. John took a tire from the travel trailer to Les Schwab after letting me off at Briarwood. We stayed to eat a bite of late lunch they potluck for us to say thanks for the music. It was largely salads, with hot rolls, cheese, and dessert. Very good. Afterwards, we went by to pick up the repaired tire.
One of our TT tires lost air and only held air for 3 days when John pressurized. Les Schwab (Konner, actually as Les died in 2007) repaired it, but they think all the rims (manufactured in 1982) need to be refinished. Rim refinishing includes preparation, iron phosphate bath, powder paint application, and oven curing. So the TT will have to be up on blocks for a week while the rims get sent (don’t know where) for their rehabilitation, and a color change. More later on this – ’cause who knew?

I worked on the blog some, on pictures taken at yesterday’s going-away party, and on future music to Xerox for the changes for this coming Saturday and also until the end of September. It won’t be much, but it is easier for me to Xerox them for the few people who will need them, rather than print them myself or send them to some of the other players to print. I have to go in to add 6 songs to the current audience copies.

Sunday, August 14

For Aug 13 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 45 min with AHI=0.52. Events: 1 CSR, 3 H, 8 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 10 L/min). Oximetry: Battery ran out at X hours, but was fine for the rest of the night.

I was dead tired last night at midnight, and then this morning, having been up at 3:30 a.m. with the dog, at 6:00 a.m. with John, I went back to bed until almost 9:00. Guess I needed it. Okay, John fed Woody on his trip out, and Lemon was waiting when I finally got up, so I fed him. It is already 79° on our front porch, and 81° at the airport. It went to 97° at the airport today, 9 degrees higher than forecast. I spent the day working on dishes, photos, blog, and a few other things – not getting to all I needed to accomplish.

John made it home earlier than I expected, but he was dead tired too, so he rested for almost 2 hours. Now he’s out feeding the horses. After we eat, he will try to put this into Word Press, and we will proof it, and publish.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Dog Days of Summer

Some say we have just finished the “Dog Days of Summer.” The 40 days, beginning July 3 and ending August 11 coincide with the heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.

For the ancient Egyptians, Sirius appeared just before the Nile’s flooding season, so they used the star as an indicator of the flood. Because its rising also coincided with a time of extreme heat, the connection with hot, sultry weather was made for all time.

That August 11 date seems a bit out of wack this year. Maybe Egypt was different way back when.
Anyway, we’ve got hot, the south has floods, the east is sultry, and Nancy doesn’t have the blog done.

I’ll be gone Sunday and may get her work into Word Press in the evening. I’ll be working on WA’s Talapus Lake Trail just over the crest of Snoqualmie Pass. Here on the Naneum Fan the high today was 99° and they claim only 89° Sunday. Our work on the trail will start at about 65° and end at about 75°. I can be useful during that range of temperature but above 80 I don’t do much outside.

So, here’s to the end of the Dog Days of Summer. Cheers! Next?

Parties, Hay, Accidents, Music, & Trails

Sunday, July 31

For July 30 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 8 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 0 CSR, 0 H, 7 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: Okay all night.

Saw John off at 5:40 a.m. for Mount Rainier, and I stayed up to tackle the many chores awaiting me: KV F&F Music, cat feeding, AAC photos, dishes, clothes, shoulder exercises.

This link is the best ever of Ashokan Farewell. The singer was 13 at the time recorded, 3 years ago:

Ashokan Farewell

Monday, August 1

For July 31 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 3 hrs 42 min with AHI=0.54. Events: 1 CSR, 2 H, 11 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: nothing special to report.

Early call about getting our hay delivered this week (finally). We are about out of hay.

I have been catching up on music finalities and going tomorrow to copy pages for players and audience.

John is off to have his teeth cleaned and to pick up more frozen food dinners for our neighbors. Mentioned last week: no one is available to cook their meals, while their caregiver son recovers from his heart surgery. Another son is helping except on weekends, when he is working out of town.

We received an email report from Evonne (the Crew Leader) on yesterday’s WTA trip.
In part, here is some of her words of thanks to the crews, particularly to John and his crew.

Thank you so much for joining me on the Owyhigh Lakes Trail yesterday! Yesterday was truly epic – the hike, the work, and the wonderful place where it all happened. Yet, none of it would have been possible without your presence and effort out there. Yesterday took a huge joint effort on everyone’s part to see each task through. You made a real difference with the energy that you poured into the day.

John, as always, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for helping with everything that you did yesterday! From doing a double check at the campground for volunteers to heading up the poles and railing crew, you executed every task. I really appreciate that you come all of the way from Ellensburg to assist with work parties, and I always look forward to working with you.

Shon, Alle, and Kathleen – thank you for searching the forest for poles with John. All of you did a wonderful job of pealing, cutting, and transporting poles for the bridge. Great job! Thank you all for the extra tasks that you completed throughout the day.

I have chosen a few of my favorites but John went through the entire bunch with me explaining the full story of the work accomplished.
1-Collage7-31-16MtRnrComealongLogLeft photo, the new log is being pulled (on rollers) toward the creek.
Right photo, the plan is to skid the new log on top of the old one.
Middle photo, note the blue-shirt fellow working the come-along as others guide the log.2-CollageCrewGettingPostsJohn’s crew went to find downed trees of a size to make posts for the rail. Once found they can be cut to size, trimmed, and pealed. Below (left), the crew included a Nat’l Park member with a chainsaw, here cutting the old structure into pieces that could be moved and hidden well away from the trail.
3-CollageEndOfMtRainerProjectEvonne&KarenCrew leader (Blue hat), Evonne Ellis, with her boss, Karen Daubert, who is retiring but came out on a walk at Mt. Rainier as part of the Hike-A-Thon project for WA Trails Association. She and hiking friends and/or WTA Board members arrived in time to hike up the trail with the crew.

This evening we attended the going away dinner (food fixed by the young visitors from Belarus) as part of their 5-week stay with the Children from Chernobyl program.
4-CollageChildrenOfChernobyl2016-FoodThese were the participants this year, two boys and 4 girls, all teenagers. They lived with host families, and you have already met the girl on the right, Aryna, 16, who stayed with our friends, Helga & Charlie Firkins, and whom we met early in her stay to pick cherries from our trees (look back in a previous blog for that story). The photo on the right above is a shot of part of the table of food the kids prepared for the dinner for us. It was a tasty treat. The desserts were in a different place.
Various bags of items (including medications to take home for family) were given to the kids. Above is a photo of Natasha, their chaperone and surrogate mom for the trip, with Sasha and Aryna on the right. Sasha entertained us with a piece played on the piano during the evening.

Tuesday, Aug 2

For Aug 1 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 7 min with AHI=0.20. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 9 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 4 L/min). Oximetry: even and fine all night.

Soaked feet, washed dishes, completed voting ballet, put numbers on music and figured out required numbers of copies, wrote my instructions, and got copy paper.

I had to carry meds along to take at 2:00, in prep for Physical Therapy session and to run copies of the music for August & September for our group who visits assisted-living homes.

I went by Grocery Outlet, the UPS store, returning the wrongly sent Amazon item for turtle feed, and by the Courthouse to deposit our Primary Election ballots.

When I came out of the PT appointment, I almost was blown away and uncomfortably hit by flying spruce tree needles. Checked the airport later when I got home, and at the time I was walking a block to my car, the gusts were 45 mph.

I organized music I had run and sent out job announcements to the Google Groups list serve, NW Geography Jobs (which reaches far beyond the PNW). I am still not through with either, but do not need the music finished until Thursday. I have a few ready for the people I will see tomorrow and will take it by to them at the Food Bank music.

Wednesday, Aug 3

For Aug 2 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 3 hrs 42 min with AHI=1.08. Events: It’s unclear what happened at 2:00 a.m. and system quit working/recording.

This was the morning the group from Ellensburg of all the host families with their “kids” left for their return trip. They had to be at the SeaTac airport by 10:00 and we had been concerned about checking travel alerts for I-90. We learned that 2 of 3 lanes on the Easton hill were closed to west bound traffic, but early this morning, I was on the computer and heard of a horrible tanker truck collision and fire about 8:45 a.m. at milepost 88 a few miles east of Cle Elum. That accident closed all east and westbound lanes because of the spill and toxic fumes of anhydrous ammonia.

The first photo was alarming; John checked KOMONEWS and also used Google Earth’s street view to identify the location, 18.8 miles from our house. I turned on the police scanner (via my computer) to keep up with the story. About 9:30, I called our friend’s cell phone to see if they made it through, and they were all entering the airport. That elicited a huge sigh of relief.
6-CollageI-90crashAug3-16Images above are from the Komonews site in Seattle.

I left to pick up Gloria for our trip to the Food Bank & SAIL exercise afterwards.

Afterwards, on my way home, I took music and a doll to Amy for Haley. The story that follows is hilarious. Below the photo collage, I will explain.
7-CollageOfBabyDollyStoryThe story starts on the left with a doll advertised as free on the Buy Nothing site group I’m on, from a gal in Kittitas. I spoke for it for a friend’s daughter, who is pictured with it a week later (today in the 2nd picture above). She played with it about 1/2 hour and then gave it a dust bath, as birds do, (3rd above). Her mom retrieved it, scolded her daughter, bathed the doll, and redressed her. It all ended all right, and she brought it to our play gig the next day (after sleeping in bed with the little girl, Haley, all night).

My first thought for the dolly was to add to the gift of goodies for the baby shower last Saturday, but when I saw it was from a Facebook friend of my friend, I decided to give it to her.

Meanwhile, speaking of that container of clothes, it was emptied and I picked it up on my way to town this morning from the high grass at the end of their very long driveway. Raychel sent me photos that were taken at the gift opening and during the party that evening by the grandmother of the baby. Below are those with an explanation.
8-CollageAtBabyShowerTop left is the table for gifts at the entrance. The last two things at the right of the table next to the flowers are our gifts – recycled gently used baby things. The Sterolite container holds dresses, pullovers, jackets, pants, T-shirts, wraps, blankets, and a teddy bear. The package on top holds a car seat. Beneath that is a picture of our table where we enjoyed smoked meat and veggies on a skewer with salads, chips, and conversations. The fellow in red is Dr. Lundy, the grandfather of the baby. On the right is the mom, Raychel, going through our box of goodies. Myles, the father, is holding their doggy, modeling one of the baby’s dresses.

Today was a busy day. Once I was home at 4:00, we started receiving the hay from our broker, Mario Giorgianna, with only 1.5 bales left for our horses, so the timing was perfect. He delivered it in two runs, a total of 15 tons. 13.5 of that went into our pole barn, 16 bales into the little red barn, and 14 more onto the truck that John took to an old horse trailer down in the pasture.
9-CollageHayAug3In the above collage, on the left is John walking into the Pole Barn with a “hay elevator” sending bales to the top of the stack. To the right shows the front of the stack with John, Nancy, and Mario in their hats for his business: High Valley Hay and Cattle. Mario has been delivering hay for our horses for several years. John used to have to drive across the valley and load hay into our stock trailer and pickup bed (2 tons, max), and then come back and unload it and stack himself. This is far superior to that old way but when we got up to 5 horses it became a necessity.

Thursday, August 4

For Aug 3 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 18 min with AHI=0.57. Events: 1 CSR, 3 H, 18 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 14 L/min). Back to sleep w/o CPAP for 3 hrs, continuing Oximetry: AHI- 0.36, 8h 25m total. Clearly shows about 1/2 hr with SpO2 below 88.

Rehab for music today – many people (14) with a new violinist, who also plays a Viola. Her name is Andrea. She was brought to the group by another group member, Laura. She’s a CWU student we hope will not have too many conflicts with her classes in the fall. When I was teaching, I always worked my class schedule around the hours every Thursday when we needed to play. I started with this group in 1991.

I carried by wine corks from my friend who cuts my hair to give to Meagan Huber at her work to make a nursing necklace for her 5-month old baby.

John drove so he could drop me off and get gasoline in his car for the trip to the PCT* tomorrow, and he went shopping at Super 1. [*Pacific Crest Trail, north from Snoqualmie Pass]

Friday, August 5

For Aug 4 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 3 hrs 1 min with AHI=0.33. Events: 1 CSR, 1 H, 8 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Kept Oximeter on for longer: Oximetry: from up at 3:00 on to 6:00 with lower than 88 SpO2. SH. AHI-0.16, 6h 13m

About 6:35 a.m., John left. He hadn’t been on I-90 for weeks and did not know how much the construction would delay him. Not much as it turned out, so he was first of the crew to arrive.

I went first for CPAP supplies and got them. That includes new filters, tubing, and a head gear with mask.

I went for a session of PT at to 3:15. Rather painful. I then went for lemon meringue pies at Super 1 and by a BNEE house to pick up two suspense novels for a friend.

Saturday, August 6

For Aug 5 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 42 min with AHI=0.60. Events: 1 CSR, 4 H, 9 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 12 L/min). Oximetry: went off sometime.

We went to town for a grand opening of a new Petsen$e store in town. We bought canned cat food for $.40/can and an ID for Annie’s collar:
We were allowed 4 lines and I chose to put her name with our last name, our road address, zip and phone number, her age and that she is Epileptic, (assuming if found, someone would recognize she might need meds). I just realized Epilepic is misspelled on the last line.

We also got some tops for opened canned food, but they don’t fit as well as the others we have had with a little rim inside, the only difference I can see.

Tonight we met Tanya Myers and family (Andrew, Jessica, & Michael) at the Red Horse Diner (old car theme and the flying red horse of Mobil Oil). The old station and garage is still standing with the gasoline pump (price $0.229/gallon).
History lesson

We had a large dinner and a fun time. I brought half mine home for lunch tomorrow. John had a fancy hamburger with home fries, and I had sandwich named: Tri-Power – roast beef, with sautéed green pepper, onions, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese, au jus (very watery gravy), served with sweet potato fries. I almost bought the Desoto one, remembering the old 1950 Desoto my family had.

Sunday, August 7

For Aug 6 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 8 hrs 9 min with AHI=0.12. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 12 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 12 L/min). Long quiet night. Annie asked to go out at 4:15, but I went right back to sleep. I had a good night. Oximetry: AOK.

This morning I told John I took some photos of the yellow plum tree earlier this week, but the lighting was wrong and the pictures did not come out well. He took some with morning sun. Here is a cheerful collage I made from those he took.
The only plums I saw were on ONE tree that is full of yellow plums, Shiro, but he found one fully colored but not ripe of a variety called Bubblegum, the reddish bronze one. That tree has only about a dozen. A third tree has a dozen – still green. This started my day off right. We will eat some yellow ones with supper tonight.

I have worked on various projects all day, including this blog, and John has done yard work. We had leftovers for lunch from my dinner last night.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Doctor, Deer, Exercise, & …

… Trail Activities

Sunday, July 24

For July 23 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 55 min with AHI=0.13. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 15 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 13 L/min). Oximetry: good all night, 2 blips SpO2 below 88.

Spent the day doing the blog and doing dishes.

Monday, July 25

For July 24 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 39 min with AHI=0.78. Events: 2 CSR, 6 H, 12 RERA. No mask leaks (max= 20 L/min). Oximetry: good all night, 2 blips SpO2 below 88, one awakening with Annie wanting out.

I drove to the doctor appointments in Yakima, leaving about 10:00 a.m. for Dr. Kumar, Dr. Tews, and Costco.

Dr. Kumar’s visit was nice. My stats are good with an average AHI over a year as 1.1. I did not enjoy all of the Dr. Tews appointment to evaluate my implant possibility (they did a 3D CT scan to see if the bone graft had worked and scheduled the surgery for August 29). That was tolerable and interesting to have interpreted by the assistant and then in consultation (John there too) with the dentist/surgeon. While there, a technician made an impression of my upper and lower teeth. I thought the suction was going to pull out the remaining teeth I have.

I had carried my computer along for the time I was in the offices having to wait, but used it only on Whopper WIFI at the Burger King on Nob Hill. We had time to eat in a/c comfort, and about 45 minutes for me to work on my computer. Unfortunately, something affected my computer and I lost the ability to make my Word software work. In addition, I lost my ability to use the Google Chrome search engine. Short story, once home, I did a disk cleanup, rebooted, reloaded and prayed. The next morning I shut down and restarted 3 times before I got access again to my “stuff.” John decided it is time for a new computer. It is back working again but this flakiness is not a good sign.

Tuesday, July 26

For July 25 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 12 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 0 CSR, 0 H, 7 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 14 L/min). Oximetry: okay throughout night.

Shower, get haircut at 12:15, back home to eat, go Naneum to Mt View to Hospital for INR (which was 1.9), but it was done with the pinprick rather than blood draw because their coagulation machine was broken. I normally do not prefer that because the instant pinprick machine is very tough to keep calibrated properly. My Coumadin dosage was increased and I have to be rechecked Aug 11. From there I went on to Jazzercise, with five there, the largest number recently. I got there early and was able to pick up a couple of yellow squash someone brought to share from their garden. We have enjoyed it since, because John did not plant any this year. Afterwards, I went to PT and left about 4:15, without an ice application. From there I drove to the Drivers Licensing Bureau to renew my license that expires on my birthday. It did not take long at all, and now it will last 6 years ($9/year). Then off to Bi-Mart to check my number, where I did not win anything.

I am hurting pretty badly, but I tried working on my computer stuff, only to realize my arm/shoulder was not the only thing hurting. So was my head. I decided to set up an ice pack with the new compress thing John bought for me, and lie down. I rested nicely for an hour, and when John came by the front door and saw a buck with a nice set of antlers inside our front gate eating sweet grass or a tall clover, he told me to get up to see him and take a picture. Meanwhile, I told him it would take me awhile to find my camera and for him to get his. He did, and then I got up to see. I decided I would find mine that I had misplaced. Luckily, I found it, and I took some photos and videos too.

John’s captures provide a good intro to mine:
1-CollageJohn'sResidentBuckLeft shows the setting to our front yard, with gate open to the rear of the buck, who is standing in front of the sweet clover he and the fawns like; right shows the proximity to our deck at the front door, and shows him eyeing the Mt. Ash berries. He comes on to the ancient wood deck only a few feet from the door to eat grape leaves. It is a useless grape plant, except to the deer.

My photography follows:
2-CollageNancy'sOfBuck7-26-16Left the buck eats a weed; middle and right, he’s looking.
3-CollageBuckInFavoriteRestingSpotNearShedBuck in his favorite resting spot in front of shed outside our front gate (with the horseshoe). He will lie down there and rest. When we come home sometimes, he is there resting.
4-CollageInquistiveBuck&WoodyThe photos above I took from my video below, as the inquisitive buck checked out our female cat; “here I come” — “ducking my head.” The video shows what happened next.

Below is a very short but sweet 8-second video, of the interaction between our fluffy feral cat, Woody, and the buck.

Woody & Buck Interaction, July 26, ’16 Link

5-BuckGlancingBackAtWoodyOnCable TableAbove is the little buck looking back at Woody, before he moves on out (see video below).

Little Buck’s Departure 7-26-16 Link

Wednesday, July 27

For July 26 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 43 min with AHI=0.52. Events: 0 CSR, 4 H, 11 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 21 L/min). Oximetry: great, with all above the 88% line, SpO2

I picked up Gloria and went to the Food Bank. She was tired from hosting her brother and sister for 2 long visits. I was tired from yesterday, so we went by her bank and on home.

I put my PT appointments on the calendar for the month of August, and had to call and change one on the same day as my dental surgery is planned.

Our Internet has been very spotty, so John decided to follow the routine of unplugging it, count to 15, and re-start. That began our stressful computer situation. Seems some units have a code on the bottom to help restart. Not this one. It needs to be connected to a computer with an Ethernet cable. We spent a lot of time on the phone and finally they decided to send a technician to our house. Only problem was the timing. The person wouldn’t come for maybe 72 hours. That won’t work with as much as we depend on the computer (and our printer), which is on WIFI and will not work when the modem is not working. We were very much out of luck.

We needed to be able to log into the Internet on the machine in the back room where the modem/router is connected. That computer has not been turned on in a year, and is an old XP one. Mouse and other things were not connected – ’cause we were scrounging for parts months ago. However, John managed to get it up and going.

We had to get back on the phone for 45 minutes to get to and change the password on line. However, in the process, the name of the in-house WI-FI was changed from the phone name to the router’s name. I was running late, needing to be out of the house by 11:00, and it was after that.

The rest of the afternoon went slowly, trying to catch up on all lost without the computer the day before. John had to re-establish a WI-FI connection to the printer using the new password. The 9 key entry process has to toggle through upper case, then lower case, and then numbers. Special symbols are gotten by repeatedly hitting that key until the one desired appears. Passwords to be meaningful have to be complex. But, hey, he’s got nothing else to do.

Thursday, July 28

For July 27 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 22 min with AHI=0.31. Events: 0 CSR, 2 H, 14 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: Fine, extra 2 hours sleep off recording.

Working on music additions for today preparing for the Aug/Sept playlist.

I received a note from a friend in the southwest who has owned Brittanys from our lines, and keeps up on our blog. She asked how Annie was doing and if the ramp was adjusted for her to use. I was able to tell her things had improved dramatically and she had started using the ramp (and did while we were gone so long to Yakima on Monday). The temperatures there were 98 and here almost as much. Annie has had no more episodes and is progressing well.

I was calling around trying to get help for a neighbor. We had to make an unscheduled trip to get to a place before the person left at 2:00. I was going to be tied up playing music at an assisted living home. We hurriedly dressed and drove to town to a place where food is stored for “meals on wheels.” We took a cooler and got frozen dinners for the weekend for our neighbors. Their son (and caregiver) is in Yakima Regional Hospital’s ICU recovering from a 7-way bypass. The parents are in their nineties. Another son has been cooking for them, but he will be gone for 4 days, starting tomorrow. I called a few folks and learned from Hospice Friends of this possible opportunity. They are too far out to have volunteers willing to drive them hot meals for lunches. Amazing that I was able to pull this off so rapidly. There was no way John or I could have been able to take over cooking for them. Much of our time over the weekend is already planned.

Friday, July 29

For July 28 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 33 min with AHI=0.00. Events: =0 CSR, 0 H, 12 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: Beautiful.. great all night.

May have to be at a neighbor’s at 9:30 to take her to eye doctor for minor surgery. I’ll take along my computer. Thankfully, I did not have to go. Her daughter-in-law drove her into town. I am glad I didn’t have to squeeze it in this morning with all that was happening and especially needing to get ready for my day away.

I have a Physical Therapy progress report at 2:30. Those are always painful to extend to the maximum range of motion hoping to see an increase in flexibility. One reach has not improved — straight out in front and raising arm on its own (without assistance of the other one or of a therapist). Other ranges of motion are slightly improving. Probably won’t be able to do anything with the first one. Perhaps there is a CT scan possible for diagnosing if something in the shoulder (a tear ?) is preventing progress, from mine and the therapist’s hard work exercising and manipulating. Still would have to find out if surgery were necessary, if I could have anesthesia and not a local only, as was the case with my oral surgery. I need to check on that with my family physician and perhaps my cardiologist as well.

John read an article about someone’s son visiting home and throwing out all the food that had dates prior to that day – including the frozen food. The father is a writer and was working on an article about the amount of food wasted and thrown out because people don’t understand the meaning of the dates on the packages. We had a few things that needed (really) tossed. In the process of looking we found a can of condensed milk purchased in November 2007 (“best by Sept. 2008”). I poured that out and cleaned the can to toss in the garbage. John thinks if that were simmered for a few minutes it would not kill you. A bit brown though. (Nancy here – it smelled rancid – no way I would ever use it). I went back to working on “T for Texas” for the music group.

Stopping to work on blog pix.

Our resident buck was back again this afternoon, and brought along the fawns into the front yard and up on the wooden deck, right at our front door. The buck was primarily interested in the grapevine leaves. The youngsters were interested in the sweet clover and grasses. See the first photo here: White Sweet Clover

I had left the front gate opened when I came home, because recently the buck jumped the 4′ fence to come inside.
6-CollageFawnsOnFrontPorchWithBuckEatingGrapeLeavesOn the left are fawns beneath Mt. Ash tree; and on the right behind buck, while he eats on the grape vine.
7-CollageBuckEating&FawnLeft is the buck eating grape leaves; right, one fawn and him sharing suckers from the Ash tree and/or weeds. We’ve seen him chase the little ones away if they seem about to munch the same piece he wants (moreso on cherry branches).

Saturday, July 30

For July 29 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 27 min with AHI=0.62. Events: 2 CSR, 4 H, 13 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 6 L/min). Oximetry: Fine.

I managed to reach my neighbor, Kenny, in the ICU in Yakima Regional. Years ago this would have been a long distance call – assuming the ICU would have had a phone. He had his cell phone and it got charged. Ken had a 7-way bypass (no complications so far) by the same surgeon, Dr. Sharma, as I had 6.5 years ago (wow! hard to believe it has been that long).

I got medications into my container for the week, and I called the pharmacy for two refills.

I packed up all the baby clothes to take to the baby shower party this afternoon/evening at Lundy’s, just south of us on the Naneum Fan. It’s for their son and the wife/soon-mother was a student in the last class of mine at central. The one I didn’t quite finish in 2009. Plan is to smoke meat and grill shish-ka-bobs with lots of other dishes – but I wasn’t asked to take anything. About 4:30, we left for the party – 3 miles down the road, stayed and visited and ate until returning home at 7:00 p.m. It was windy but the temperatures were tolerable. We carried our gifts, and I forgot to take a photo of them. I used a see-through plastic container and loaded it with baby clothes and a teddy bear. We had a car seat, too. I got most of it donated from the Buy Nothing East Ellensburg Kittitas Facebook site. I asked for the storage container back – maybe will do something like this again. Beats wrapping things. They requested no wrapping paper so people could see what was brought.

Sunday, July 31

John will be off to the east side of Mt. Rainier. Evonne will be the Crew Leader and John the assistant. Usually the National Park trail crew has a person work with the crew. They don’t sign up via WTA so John doesn’t know who that will be. For this east section there are 4 people and he has worked with 3 of them. WTA has 14 green-hat volunteers; several have been out previously, and that helps a lot.

Because I will not have any photos yet from today’s WTA day, here are some from last week with the same Crew Leader, at Surprise Lake, over past Stevens Pass.
8-3CollageSurpriseLake-7-23-16-aLots of brushing was needed. Eryn & John worked replacing a broken puncheon. Middle photo shows the two of them cleaning out some “armed to the teeth” Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus).

Devil’s Club

9-CollageSurpriseLake-7-23-16-bJohnLeft: ready to drive a spike with a small “double-jack.”
Right: Using a makeshift mallet on a chipping operation: making a large plank fit a smaller space; the space shown on the right-most photo up above.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Like a treadmill

Monday, July 18

For July 17 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 15 min with AHI=0.41. Events: 2 CSR, 3 H, 15 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 14 L/min). Oximetry: Nice all night.

We were going to take Annie to the vet to check to see if she had more cheat grass in her ear, from symptoms of flipping her head. We also wondered if something else was going on because of some of her recent actions, perhaps balance related.

John’s morning trip out with Annie resulted in an apparent seizure that might explain her recent strange behavior. At 10:00 a.m., we took her to Dr. Roster (vet at Critter Care), where she diagnosed an apparent onset of Epilepsy (treatable with Phenobarbital). The vet did blood work and found that she has no kidney, liver, or other identifiable problems, but she had a fever when we got there (104, on the high side), and she had a slight issue while in the waiting room. The doc gave her some injections and will keep her for observation overnight, and through the day to be sure the dosage is correct. We will contact her at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow if she hasn’t gotten back to us about picking her up, and also tomorrow, pick up her medication from our pharmacy for her next application (she will have had 3 doses). It has been successful preventing seizures in canines. Apparently, there is another possibility I learned of from a friend, who had her dog on it. Annie apparently is the right age for such an onset. We have never had any of our dogs with the disease. However, we did encounter several through the years while boarding dogs in Idaho.

John just found this link:
Seizures & dogs

I like this, maybe you will too. (The concept for “everyone has a story” came from a long ago acquaintance, David Johnson, when we were living in Troy, ID and David was a news columnist (wife our departmental secretary). David would go to a town and randomly pick a name from the phone book. Steve Hartman of CBS picked up on the idea (stories now on YouTube).

Make folks happy

While we are on videos, here is one heck of a Hail and rainstorm yesterday on Blewett Pass – 17 miles north of us (July 17, ’16). I’m glad we were not in this. First image is a ‘still’; scroll down for the video:

Hail Blewett

John drives this road when he goes to HWY 2 WTA trail sites (for example, Icicle Creek) to work on trails, or our friends would have used that access on their way to Leavenworth (earlier blog entry).

Tuesday, July 19 —

For July 18 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 28 min with AHI=0.62. Events: 0 CSR, 4 H, 13 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 16 L/min). Oximetry: Excellent all night.

We picked up Annie at the vet, paid her bill, got some meds, and brought her home. She’s calmed down and is sleeping.

I worked around the house for a couple hours and then went to Jazzercise and then to a Physical Therapy session. It was a very tough workout. I’m still hurting 5 hours later. I took a vase of dahlias (their vase, I just filled it), and we watched a lightning and hail storm from the 2nd story windows. I need to finish getting stuff ready to go for leaving in the morning no later than 7:15 a.m.

John made a Dutch Apple Pie today, with Marie Callender’s help, and we had a piece with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Heading to bed, so I can get up early and hit the road.

Wednesday, July 20

For July 19 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 4 hrs 27 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 1 CSR, 0 H, 6 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 16 L/min). Oximetry: Until 3:30 a.m. everything was perfect, but something blipped that maybe caused me to wake up (besides needing to go to the potty). I went back to sleep, but not before an hour had passed. Then I slept until 6:00 and thought the alarm had not gone off – jumped up and started my day.

Today is Tillicum Village day, via car, bus, and ferry. I left about 7:10 for EBRG and the Senior Center (AAC). 14 of us mostly old folks are headed for Blake Island in the Puget Sound, near Seattle.

It was a gorgeous day in Seattle. Cool here, nice and sunny, but eventually the air temp got to 81°F. All of us on the trip started taking off extra shirts. It was just 47° when I left for town but we are at 2,240 feet elevation. That’s just 800 ft. lower than Snoqualmie Pass.

The road for our trip is Interstate 90. It is always under construction. Here’s is a design-concept-animation about 4 minutes long:

We made the trip to Seattle via a 12-passenger bus, full, with two leaders up front – one the driver, Katrina, and the other the co-pilot, Carly. We experienced a lot of road surfacing construction on I-90, and once to the Seattle area, we were in traffic backups at 10:00 a.m. Because of the number in the bus, we were able to use the High Occupancy Lane (HOV). That only helped for a short while.

We checked out several parking lots and couldn’t find one with an opening, because they didn’t want to take up a bus space with a smaller than usual bus, as ours was.

Selected photos may enhance understanding of my day away. I had to miss my normal music at the Food Bank and SAIL class.

This is my story.

We made it to the Pier to board the ferry that would take us to our experience of the day. Here are a few shots taken in the 45 minutes we waited.
1-Pier55Seattle-Sailboats&FerrisWheelAt Pier 55. Sailboats, Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel at Pier 57 on Elliot Bay in Seattle, WA. Its height is 175 feet and was the tallest Ferris wheel on the U.S. West Coast, when it opened 6-29-2012.
See link for more information. I included it here because the Senior Center will be taking a trip over there this year. At this point, I do not plan to go.

Go Round in a Circle

I did my favorite thing when in big cities – people watching, as we waited over a half hour to board. I sat in the shade.
2-Nancy'sPeopleWatchingInSeattleNancy people watching: all sorts of colors of hair, clothing, and statements (Mariners Baseball fan), note the sidewalk with glass windows. Those were put in for salmonid babies to have light to swim – supposedly, see LINK
The right bottom photo is part of our group.

In the link above, comes this statement:
By moving the new seawall landward, the amount of shallow aquatic habitat adjacent to the seawall would increase by approximately 1.8 acres (with cantilevered sidewalks with light penetrating surfaces (LPS) above the newly exposed habitat), improving nearshore habitat conditions for a variety of aquatic organisms that will be able to utilize this area.

Here is a link to a nice brochure on the project with photos and explanation of the new Seawall:

Another LINK

Now for boarding and the trip to Blake Island.
3-CollageOurArgosyTourBoatGoodTimeIIOur trip left from Pier 54 on Argosy’s ship, Goodtime II. Note the lower and upper deck. On my way over I was on the top deck, back on the bottom, next to an open window, while sitting down.

On the trip over I was rocking and rolling and on my feet a lot, getting different angles for photography on the port, starboard, stern, and prow (portion of a ship’s bow that’s above water). Our bow hit some large wakes in the Sound from ocean-going ships.

Chronologically, from the stern, my travelogue. …
XXNancy and
Left is the “Space Needle” at Seattle Center (not to scale with picture on the right) from Elliot Bay, middle is me on the stern, showing our wake on Puget Sound, part of the skyline with the Smith Tower off to the right. John put in the orange line to identify it on the skyline.

My interest in the Smith Tower extends to the beginning of the 20th Century. In 1914, the Smith Tower became the first skyscraper in Seattle, and the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Now note it is the small isolated building on the far right of the skyline. My grandfather was a carpenter and moved from Guyton, GA to the west coast to Vancouver, BC to work on the construction for new growth related to 100,000 by people moving into that city. There he met my grandmother. They married in 1910 and moved from Vancouver to Seattle for him to work, possibly on construction associated with the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, which was a world’s fair held in Seattle in 1909, publicizing the development of the Pacific Northwest. We know he worked on the Smith Tower, built a house in West Seattle (still there), on the corner of SW 44th Ave and SW 102nd St, and started a family. My mom was born as the 3rd child in Seattle, and they left when she was 6 months old. She was born the year the Smith Tower opened. I have a more complete history I can share with anyone interested (as part of our annual greetings for 2012, when I went back to the Wilkins family reunion. (It’s on line). I need to alter some links to our new website HTML domain before I distribute the link, widely.
The correct link just to that story is Reunion of 2012

… but if you go there, to see the start of the greetings intro to this above, you should not follow any of the links that start with because it no longer exists. Here is the full story for 2012 without corrections within, but the information is visible for the introduction to the family reunion link.


More from the Tillicum trip.
5-CollageViewsOnTripToBlakeAbove a collage of views from the ship on our 8 mile voyage. Top left is a large grain-carrying ship.

… below the ship is an insert of W. Seattle and Alki beach. Top right is the Alki Point Lighthouse, and below that is Blake Island, an ancestral camping ground of the Suquamish Indian tribe. The region was under thousands of feet of ice to about 13,000 years ago.

Coming in to Blake Island we have views of the Longhouse, totems, and the clamshell walkway.
6-CollageTillicumVillageLonghouseEntranceClamshellWalkwayLeft, Long house and ramp from the ship in the marina, right, entrance with the greeter I met later describing his Raven mask utilized in the dance (see my video – 11 seconds below). Here he is above, dressed in the traditional Kwakiutl button blanket. The walkway behind him is the clamshell one. The people on the walkway are members of our group. We were served 2-3 clams in their shells and nectar upon arrival. The photo advertising the clams on line is more generous with the clams than we experienced (see below in my collage).
7-CollageNancyTotemClamsWalkLouiseBlackfootLeft, Nancy w/Totem; Clams-mine on top, ad below; right, clamshell walkway and bottom, Louise, a Blackfoot from a Montana tribe, sharing shade with me as we ate our clams. She requested a second cup that they gave her. My serving was good, but had more shells than clams. I received only two clams, but I had fun doing the clamshell dance at Louise’s request to break them up on the clamshell walkway.

On inside to eat our buffet luncheon.
8-BuffetMenuMyMealSalmonOfferingOur menu, my plate, the salmon end of the buffet table. More below.
9-CollageSaladsPalentaMushrmsWildRiceVenisonStewGreen salad with sunflower seeds, cranberries, and Oregon blue cheese. Top middle shows three of the entrees to go with the salmon: Palenta w/ wild mushrooms, wild rice, and venison stew. Fruit salad is pictured on the right, with Louise serving herself.

Then they dimmed the lights, making it tough to finish my meal that I hadn’t previously. No photos or videos were allowed during the performance, but we were allowed to meet and talk with the actors afterwards in the lobby.
10-NancyYoungGirlSteveMaherRavenMaskDemoSalmonBakeNancy with the young girl in the story, and Stephen Maher, (the greeter from the entrance, and dancer with the large Raven mask), describing its size in the video below. On the right above, is him with the mask in place (as he wore it to dance), and below the salmon roasting set up.

Video..Tillicum Village Dancer – Raven Mask Information
Dancer – Raven Mask
Stephen Mather, 25, a member of the Makah tribe, demonstrates how the raven mask, or Kwakkwakwalanuksiwe, is worn. Mather is one of the dancers in the Tillicum Village story show, I taped for only 11 seconds, but check it out.

Basket making display & explanation with cedar bark, spruce root, and sea grass being used in the basketry.
11-BasketryA typical Native American Alaskan hat in the upper left has an Ermine skin attached. Ermine is a winter-coated Stoat (Mustela erminea), for those that want to further their knowledge. The prices on the work were hefty. I only captured the one $450 tag on the right basket.

Then out to the garden to see the pretty flowers:
12-CollageGardenHydrangeasDahliasRaccoonNice Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and a resident Raccoon, as a surprise.

Back to see more crafts:
13-CollageOfCraftsMany totems and other wood carvings around the rooms, the blackboard drawing I found intriguing and well done. Beneath it is a Drum, hanging on the wall above the counter. Next is a clock, and then another carved animal on the floor near the exits.

Finally, we were ready to board for the final shots of the return trip.
14-CollageBeforeBoard10Group&BlueHeronTen of us made it into this picture, and on the way out of the marina from the bottom deck, I took the pictures of the Heron.
15-AAC-TillicumVillageTripJuly20,'16This was taken at the start of the day, and we could get a photo at the end. I wish they had picked one with my eyes open. They took more than one. Oh, well, here’s our group.

Thursday, July 21

For July 20 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 4 hrs 27 min with AHI=0.45. Events: 0 CSR, 2 H, 8 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 21 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 lowering for a few minutes before 1:00 a.m. fine before and after all night.

I spent a bunch of time trying to add some songs for future play lists and to replace some of the Fourth of July types we are getting weary of. Today was at Brookdale (old Dry Creek) assisted living home. We had a good turnout of audience and players.

I got home and found this picture from Dawn & Victor Estrella and the news they had made it safely home to Boise. This is a beautiful photo of Snoqualmie Falls (25 miles east of Seattle). Nice ending to a great trip. She wanted Victor to see the falls, and I’d say that is the nicest view I have ever seen there in many visits over the years.
16-Snoqualmie Falls Rainbow by Dawn & Victor Estrella July 2016Snoqualmie Falls in Washington (photo by Dawn Estrella)

Friday, July 22

For July 21 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 3 hrs 35 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 0 CSR, 0 H, 4 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 8 L/min). I was awakened by our dog at 4:30 asking to go out, but I did sleep through until morning, without the CPAP connected. This medication she is on is causing her to drink more and need to potty more. Oximetry: A couple blips of SpO2 below 88 about 1:30 a.m.

We drove separate cars to town, because John needed gasoline for his trip tomorrow. I had 3 appointments. We started at 11:30 at the Senior Center with lunch and a talk from a new medical doctor in town on the subject of Long Term Care. We both went to the grocery store and John dropped me back by the AAC for my SAIL exercise (and to use the computer room). I left exercise 15 minutes early to get to my Physical Therapy session at 2:30. I was very sore going in, and more sore upon exiting. My PT session started with a recumbent bike to loosen my muscles (supposedly 120% better than using heat). From there to the workout table. My Percoset was not working as it had a week ago. I need to figure how far in advance I need to take it. A half hour was not sufficient today. Windy outside all day, in the 40s. The highest today was 45 mph!
Saturday, July 23

For July 22 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 31 min with AHI=0.15. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 6 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 17 L/min).

One break in my night’s sleep, when Annie asked to go out. She has stopped wanting to go up the ramp to the doggie door and this morning, I think I found out why. I gave her a treat and asked her to go, but her back right leg fell off the ramp. (It, the ramp, has gotten a bit wobbly, so a fix of that might help.) We had guessed it was related to her balance problem before she was put on the medication. Now we may have to adjust the ramp or add something to the side to catch her foot. She will go out the backdoor and come back down the ramp. Oximetry: Fine.

John took off at 6:30 a.m. for a WTA trail work party at Surprise Lake with Evonne as CL. John is the only official assistant. I’ll get a report when he returns. (Rhonda was an unofficial assistant.)

This morning, I completed the music for the Rose of Tralee for our group, and added this history note at the bottom: Tale of love affair between Tralee merchant William Mulchinock and kitchen maid Mary O’Connor in the 1800s. They met secretly each day. One night under a pale moon, he proposed. His family disapproved. ‘Tho Mary loved him, she declined so that his family would not disown him. William wrote the song to try to get her to marry him, but no. Heartbroken, William left the country, returned 6 yrs to Tralee, intent on seeing Mary again, only to find that she had died from tuberculosis. At his request he is buried next to her in Clogherbrien. Since 1959, there is a festival in the town.

Check below for the video of John McCormack singing the beautiful Irish song along with lovely landscape photos of Ireland merged nicely with the lyrics.

Landscapes of Ireland with Music, The Rose of Tralee:


Today is the birthday of my friend in Eagle, ID. I called to wish her a happy birthday, and reached her before she left for a lunch with her bowling buddies there. We bowled together in Moscow, ID and in bowling tournaments.

Okay.. after a grabbing a bite for lunch, I’m going to attempt to finish the pictures I took at the going away party for Olivia, already written up in this blog last week, but first, I need to complete the ones from the AAC field trip to Tillicum Village on July 20th.

That never got done because of calls from people in Ellensburg and the need to travel to town. I was going to make it a multi-purpose trip and go by the hospital lab for my blood draw I forgot to get on the 19th, but found it closed at 2:00 on Saturday. That was a surprise and a huge disappointment.

Sunday, July 24

For July 23 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 55 min with AHI=0.13. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 15 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 13 L/min). Oximetry: good all night.

Warmish today – 91° F. At the airport.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan


Monday, July 11

For July 10 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 14 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 0 CSR, 0 H, 10 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 9 L/min). Oximetry: Excellent all night.

Went to Dr. Cardon for toenails, with medicine compound to show. Screwed up, fiasco, full waiting room, only one doctor with 4 patients inside with him, and people waiting since 9:30. No need to stay for as long as it might be. Others ahead of us for 10:15, 10:30, and we were to be at 10:30 and 10:45. Rescheduled for Aug 8, at 11:15 and 11:30. The clinic is in rented space in EBRG while the doctors and staff are from Yakima. Had we driven to Yakima to be informed their timing was so flawed, there would be no end to the anguish.

I made Toll House & nut cookies to take in the morning to our retired Geography Profs meeting because I could not find the leftovers in the freezer from a previous “forget.” John will stay home to meet our hay broker with 7.5 tons of hay he plans to deliver. Subsequently, we found the old frozen ones, so will use for next month, and our hay broker’s truck broke down, but his call didn’t come until John was out of the house preparing, and I was already at the meeting in town.

Tuesday, July 12 — our 47th wedding anniversary47 years

For July 11 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 46 min with AHI=0.64. Events: 0 CSR, 1 CA, 1 PP, 4 H, 10 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 19 L/min). Oximetry: Good all night with two blips below 88 for SpO2.

I responded early to some emails and took off for town at 8:20 a.m., taking my container of cookies for the group. We had a guest speaker on politics who is a faculty member at CWU and who writes a column for the local newspaper. We only had 8 members there, but we interacted well with the speaker.

I left to come home and change clothes for my PT appointment. I carried along a box of cherries for the PT folks and another for our Jazzercise teacher. I also took my painkillers in preparation for the session. I met a new therapist and she shared my time with the owner. They gave me quite a work over and made measurements of my range of motion on internal and external rotation. I got there early for my heat treatment at the start, and stayed for my ice treatment at the end. Now a few hours later, I am in pain again. But they say I’m making progress.

I went directly from there to Jazzercise. I got more of a workout for 45 minutes. On home by way of the Food Bank bread room to pick up some stuff for our neighbors and us. We will be having a hamburger with mushrooms for dinner, and I got some nice cheesy rolls to use, along with a loaf of sourdough Boule bread. Boule is the French word for ball, and the bread is cooked in such a shape. Our neighbors received a loaf of cinnamon bread they like and a package of nice large biscuits and also dinner rolls.

Tonight I am going to play music back at the place I started this morning, Hearthstone. I’ll be worn out when I get home, for sure.

Wednesday, July 13

For July 12 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 8 hrs 9 min with AHI=0.74. Events: 0 CSR, 6 H, 14 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 16 L/min). Oximetry: Looks good all night, 2 blips to 88-89 & on SpO2.

Shirley, Stan, & Gloria are not going with me for 2 weeks to our normal gigs.

John is setting up irrigation water to send to Sherri because her ditches are cleaned, as is the in-between neighbor’s ditch that carries the water down the fan.

My trip to the food bank was good (with good music and food afterwards). I went on to SAIL exercises class afterwards.

We had more cherries to pick, and deer to view and share with as we picked. The deer go for the leaves first. Some of the cherries, if any are on the branches, mostly get eaten too, but there may be other critters doing that.

Thursday, July 14

For July 13 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 33 min with AHI=1.26. Events: 1 CSR, 7 H, 7 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 14 L/min). Oximetry: Battery died; only an hour’s graph.

We met Dawn (Tjemsland) and Victor Estrella for lunch at the Golden Dragon buffet 11:45, from their walk around the CWU campus, 20 years later. Dawn took Victor to see various places (such as her dorm/apt, Lind Science Hall (where Geography was housed then), and to the Wildcat shop at the new student union building.

She has a few memories she shared on Facebook, but I picked this one.
1-Dawn With CWU Wildcat at SURCDawn with the CWU Wildcat in front of the new SURC (Student Union & Recreation Center).

We spent a nice visit before and with food and had our waitress, Lisa, take our photo at the end on both our cameras. The picture on Dawn’s camera was better that the rest.
2-July14 '16 john,nancy,victor,dawnJohn, Nancy, Victor, and Dawn.

We drove to music following at The Meadows Place. Victor joined us on the accordion, borrowed from Gerald Gordon. Dawn was my student about 20 years ago. She now teaches Earth Science in Boise and Victor is a Special Ed teacher. I last saw them in 2007, when I went to a Geography conference in San Francisco, and they were living in San Leandro. They were very gracious to invite me to stay at their home for the duration of the week, and driving me to the BART station for going back and forth to SF. It was while I was there I heard Victor practicing with his band. He plays the bass and the accordion. We couldn’t get him a bass fiddle, but we could obtain an accordion.

Dawn took my camera and made one video (below) and a couple of photos.
3-KVF&F-July14,2016 MeadowsPlaceBattle Hymn of the Republic by Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends, 7/14/16

The Battle Hymn

After the music, we parted and they went on to Leavenworth for the night. I followed them on Facebook and enjoyed more of their trip, to Washington’s pseudo Bavarian city, an economic development result occurring from a dying forest and railroad town.

They stayed in a Bavarian decor (everything in the town is, including Starbucks, McDonald’s) hotel.
4-BavarianHotelLeavenworthThey went out dining and drinking during the evening. My favorite photo was of them fooling around, when they found a photo shop. This sepia capture is my favorite and will keep me chuckling.
5-Victor & Dawn in Leavenworth, 7-14-16I joked with them about singing the Sounds of Music, and how this accordion fits Victor better than the one he played on with our group.

From there they drove to Anacortes for the Ferry to Orcas Island, for the wedding they had originally made the trip for. We on Facebook were able to share their adventures to the wedding, but this was another favorite of them all dressed up for the special event.
6-Victor & Dawn At Wedding Orcas Island 7-16-16This is on Orcas at Eastsound, WA.

On their way out Sunday, they toured a special park on the island, Moran State Park. I am sure this has been a fun trip for them.

Continuing with the music theme, our friends also in the Boise area in Nampa, have some celebrating to do. Katrina Nicolayeff is the daughter of my violin teacher at the WA Old Time Fiddlers Workshop for 22 years, Roberta (Bobbie) Pearce. Katrina is a left-handed fiddler. This video below only can be viewed by those with Facebook accounts, but I’m putting it in anyway.

Katrina recently won the championship at Weiser for the third time:

If you can see this video, the little girl is her on the violin at 3 and not her red-haired daughter, Chloe.
Here are some photos of her at Weiser this year.
7-Collage-Katrina3XNationalChAtWeiser-2016Katrina on left holding the trophy – at first I thought it was a bottle of wine, and her “diploma.” On the right we see the top of the fiddling trophy. So kewl. Katrina Nicolayeff is everyone’s favorite left-handed fiddler. She is having a CD release party on July 30th in Boise, for her new CD. We were invited, but we have conflicts that day. We will arrange with her to get a copy, “signed.”

Finally, from being on Facebook collecting information about the CD release and party, I picked up a few pictures of the family:
8-CollageKatrina'sKidsLeft, Stampede Breakfast this weekend. Fiddlers got in free to enjoy pancakes; Katrina had her CDs there to sell. Middle her patriotic kids, and Chloe on the right. What a cutie.

Here is her new CD.
9-CollageKatrina'sCDI hope you can see the list of songs included. #13, Orange Blossom Special, is John’s favorite fiddle tune.

Friday, July 15

For July 14 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 5 min with AHI=0.16. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 7 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 19 L/min). Oximetry: Fairly even all night long.

John left at 6:30 a.m. to help repair a broken railing on a log bridge (Annette Lake Trail) but did not know what he would be doing when he left here. See the 2010 photo at this link:

See foot-log bridge

A recent tree fall took out about ¾ of the rail or almost all of what appears in the photo.

I slept in for another couple hrs, and then did some stuff. Last thing before I left was to pick a 5-gallon bucket full of purple and white and with purple Dahlias John has grown (just this year). I had promised to bring dahlias for the going-away party for Olivia Estill, working for AmeriCorps for the past two years here at our Ellensburg Adult Activity Center (the senior center). She participated in leading three exercises classes: SAIL, Yoga, and Tai Chi. She was helpful in all the activities of the center, and went along on field trips from the center throughout the state. She has helped manage the Facebook presence on line. If you are on Facebook, you can find their account at Ellensburg Adult Activity Center, and get an idea of all the activities happening there. I only talk about a few of my favorites in this blog.

I don’t have a photo of the 5-gallon carrier, but I have the before shots in the garden and the after in the vases (and in some of the pictures).
10-CollageDahliaConnectionThe two left are from the garden a week ago, but the ones I took are mostly lighter with dark purple highlights. The two vases spent most of the party beside the trivia game board. However, if you look below, you’ll see the one pitcher in my hands during the photo session. Olivia was going to take the flowers home with her to enjoy over the weekend.
Once I got there, there we found two vases and put the dahlias in them. I found a place to sit where I could do some picture-taking. This was a going away party for our AmeriCorps worker for the past 2 years, whom we all have grown to love. She is from Kentucky, and will returning to work on a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.

Olivia Estill’s going away party was well attended. We had homemade macaroni and cheese casserole, with 3 different types of cheese. It was excellent, and that statement comes from a non-pasta liker. Green salad, and a root beer float for dessert.

Two videos below – at the beginning and at the end of the event:

Katrina Douglas With Olivia Estill – Going Away Party, 7-15-16


Olivia – You are My Sunshine – Nancy’s Comments 7-15-16


11-CropCarlyNancyOliviaDorotheaByAACCarly, Nancy, Olivia, and Dorothea.
12-Collage-HugsAndDancingWithOliviaHugs and dancing with Olivia.

Saturday, July 16

For July 15 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 5 hrs 26 min with AHI=0.18. Events: 0 CSR, 1 H, 8 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 7 L/min). A ringing doorbell in my sleep awakened me at just before 6:00 a.m., but I went back to sleep for a couple of hours without machines on. Oximetry: seemed to be okay but had some glitches at the end-maybe the battery died an hour before I awoke, and turned off the oximeter. Strange.

John started by working on the computer on a WTA trail report and then took care of re-routing irrigation water and other chores – getting ready for 15 tons of hay, watering plants, and feeding cats. Now the temperatures have increased into the 70s.

Going tonight to Charlie’s and Helga for a potluck with the Belorussian visitor. We took two pieces of cooked (by John) Alaskan salmon given to us by our neighbor, written up earlier in this blog. His son caught them. In addition, we took a 1.25-gallon ice cream container of fresh cherries. We came home empty-handed. But full bellied. Should have grabbed a few cookies or raspberry pie for John. We actually will have fresh raspberries on our coconut cream pie tomorrow night.

Sunday, July 17

For July 16 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 46 min with AHI=0.64. Events: 0 CSR, 5 H, 16 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 11 L/min). Oximetry: just fine throughout.

I spent the day working on the blog and on dishes and music projects. John spent his out hours mowing, moving hay, killing weeds, and other minor chores.

Late afternoon a thunder and rain storm went eastward across the valley to our south. It only rained slightly here. Friends down in the Badger Pocket area likely were more impressed. My friend in Thorp got dumped on, along with fireworks as well.

To end this day, I will post a photo taken Friday at the Gorge, with a concert by Phish. The photo is gorgeous, and was taken by my friend, Hannah Gillick, from Ellensburg.
13-HannahGillick'sSunsetFromTheGorgeAmphitheatre-7-15-16PhishThe location is 9 miles south of where John prunes grapes at Mariposa Vineyard.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

Fire Revisited near Taylor Bridge

Taylor Bridge is 17 miles west of us, on Highway 10.

Monday, July 4

For July 3 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 25 min with AHI=0.27. Events: 0 CSR, 2 H, 13 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 15 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 down for a couple minutes to 87%.

Day of work around the place… mostly picking cherries (John) and sorting (Nancy). Work on the computer (Nancy) and a few household tasks. Late afternoon I was not feeling well and went to sleep for 1.5 hours. I think I pushed exercising my left shoulder too much.

Tuesday, July 5

For July 4 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 36 min with AHI=0.91. Events: 3 CSR, 6 H, 12 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 18 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 never below 88, mostly in the 90s. Pulse mostly 50s and 60s.

Nancy took an early morning trip to town, and John stayed to pick cherries, feed horses, and cats. I was going for a Physical Therapy appointment changed so I could go with John this afternoon to Cle Elum to the doctor about his medical issues. I was there for an 8:45 appointment, and left a little after 9:45. I received moist heat to start (10 minutes), and then a new physical therapist, Mandie, worked on my left shoulder for 30 minutes or so, and then I did some exercises, with her advising and leading. At the end, she set me up with ice for the cool down (15 min). On my way home I went to Bi-Mart and bought an ace bandage ($4.99) to tie on an ice pack for doing the same at home after exercise. I needed to go to Bi-Mart today, anyway, to check their “win this” numbers {match with one’s membership #}. I called Rite Aid, where often medical supplies are cheaper, and they wanted $8.99.

I also talked with my pharmacist, and found out the difference between my Oxycodone (5mg) received last week, and that which I was taking for the Oral Surgery (5 mg of Oxycodone with 325mg of Acetaminophen), called Percoset. She said it would be okay to take the pills I had with one Acetaminophen. From there I went by Grocery Outlet to pick up some more tomatoes, and Almond Breeze milk on sale (but also nearing its use by date).

John and I had leftovers from yesterday’s breakfast, for lunch with a bunch of cherries added to the plate. He probably picked another 6 boxes of cherries today, weighing 4-5 pounds each.

Folks from Ellensburg came out to pick up (borrow) a very large cooler and a 5-gallon drink dispenser for their family reunion this July 15-18. We visited until John had to get ready for going to the doctor.

We left just after 3:00 to get there by 4:15. (it’s in Cle Elum). While there I checked with my Coumadin adviser, Lacey, and we discussed my INR of 3.1 and my need to check again in 2 weeks, on the 19th. We were there in plenty of time, but they were running late. That’s common when an appointment is near the end of the day. We didn’t get out of the building until after the front desk personnel had left for the day. I imagine it was close to 6:00. John met with a PA about his hernia and ear wax. She was very attentive, understanding, and informative. She made recommendations, and then removed wax from his right ear. We had been softening it up with drops, but the left ear needs the same treatment so we can go back for a 15-minute appointment to have that removed from the other ear. We need to start working on that. He came home and ordered a wide elastic belt to see if pressure in the right spot (just below belt level and left of center) can keep the intestine from escaping through the abdominal wall. For many years it was happy living in there but last November it developed a desire for freedom.

We stopped for a few minutes on the way home to take photos of the area where the fire was last weekend, on Hwy 10 starting at noon, July 2, Saturday. I had a request from a neighbor in the line of the old Taylor Bridge fire a few years ago asking about access to the first responder county emergency scanner. This fire began at the bridge, by a blowout in a tire on a boat trailer being pulled, that created sparks, igniting the fire. District #7 Fire Dept a little over 5 miles away in Cle Elum responded, and worked with 3 helicopters grabbing water from the Yakima River to help douse the flames, which were approaching 3 houses. The fire was stopped at 45 acres.

I received an email from friends who have moved to Hayward Hill, about 9 miles away, a spot in the path of the Taylor Bridge fire in 2012, started at the same location. They wanted to know the location of the scanner I listened to during the fires in 2012 and 2014. They were away from home, and so I listened for a couple hours and reported to them by cell phone until they could return home and get it on their own computer to listen.

The first set of photos was posted on the Facebook page of #7 Fire District in Cle Elum, the day it happened.
01-Hwy10-FireFromBoatTrailerLoss-7-2-16This collage above was on their site. Right is along Hwy 10, firefighters, and in the rear on the hill is the middle house on Hart Road. See it below in the right photo and ones to follow.
02-Collage-Hwy10during&AfterJuly2'16<- before from the Daily Record 7/2 . . . . . . after by Nancy 7/5/16 ->
The Yakima River is visible in both before and after photos above and is from where the helicopters scooped the water dropped on the fire.

These are some other pix I took on the way home.
03-TaylorBridge-CollageJuly5-'16Note the house in all three; in the line of fire. It is also seen in the first two collages. That house is on Hart Rd. Look on Google Earth if you want its situation. I have tried below with 3 snips from Google Earth. CollageLocatorNewJuly2,'16TaylorBridgeFire There are 3 images kluged together. Left (and separated) is the location along Hwy 10, Taylor Road connecting to Hart Rd, and the Taylor Bridge, then the middle shows the Yakima River and the 3 houses on the hill. The right snip has two images merging Hart Road with Durango, and showing the houses on both roads that were evacuated July 2.

A follow-up story is interesting. These are taken the same day July 2 as the fire. This orphaned elk thinks she’s a horse and came from the old Taylor Bridge fire. The locals call her Buttons. She was getting very friendly with the firefighters.

Ironically, this was ironically just sent to me by my friend in New Jersey.

See this link.

Wednesday, July 6

For July 5 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 45 min with AHI=1.04. Events: 4 CSR, 7 H, 15 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 13 L/min). Oximetry: okay all night.

At 6:00 a.m. this morning, I grabbed these photos of the doe and her two fawns, and took some video too. I saw them from my back room window and ran to get my camera.
John went out early to pick cherries. He kept bringing in boxes, most mixed 1/2 with Bing and Royal Anne/Rainier. He brought in one flat with sticky ones, which he’s going to wash before leaving Friday morning and taking to the crew at Icicle Creek. He will be driving up with Bill Weir (who lives in Ellensburg).

I left just before 11:00, with 4 pounds for Gloria Swanson and her sister Shirley to have (they had some last week too), and this week they will share with Shirley’s son and daughter who are up Saturday for a visit and lunch. They are living in Ecuador but back working in Toppenish for a few weeks, and visiting family on the west side and here.

John kept picking after I left. When I returned he was sitting on wood pallets in the back of our ’80 Chev PU farm truck. He used it to access a very large branch, and was sitting there picking in the shade of the large Walnut tree next to the Rainier tree.

I had picked up Gloria and Shirley and gone to the Food Bank, where we played music for 1/2 hour with a bunch of players/singers leading the crowd, which was smaller today, but very good at participating, enjoying, and applauding. That always makes us happy. We had singers (Lowell, also sometimes playing a recorder), Peggy, Brooke, Richard, Bob (guitar), Kyle (baritone ukulele), Evelyn (banjo), Evie (violin), Nancy (violin), Reta and Yvonne, singers.

Our meal presented today was good. Choice of two pastas — I had the white sauce and it had steak and red peppers, a large green mixed salad with all sorts of things. I chose Bleu Cheese dressing and garlic bread. We had red/white/blue frosted cake for dessert. We had three drink choices: iced tea, milk, and chocolate milk. All this is free as thanks for entertaining the guests for the day.
We left there, stopped off at the bank for me, and went on to SAIL exercise class at the AAC. Fifteen participants were present. One of the largest groups recently. One fellow normally goes to the 8:00 a.m. class.

We came on home. I called a neighbor who raises pigs and we invited her over within the next hour to take away some cherries for them to cull out the bruised for the pigs. She stayed about 20 minutes eating and picking the rest of the cherries from the branches John had in the back of the PU. I sat in a chair to pick into my own box, John, Krista, picked. We exchanged stories. Then we dumped my box into theirs and she went away with 10 dozen empty egg cartons, and probably 10 pounds of cherries.

In the video below, at the 2:10 mark the right side fawn picks up a branch with cherries on it. The deer eat all the leaves and some of the cherries they find. July 6th.

Fawns get an easy meal at the Cherry Tree

Thursday, July 7

For July 6 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 7 hrs 28 min with AHI=0.27. Events: 1 CSR, 2 H, 21 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 14 L/min). Oximetry: all right.

John and I went part-way out the driveway into a native plants area looking for Mariposa Lilies. Only 4 are in bloom this morning, with more coming. He’d sent me this link on Tuesday night to remind me they were back (it is a July occurrence).
Info on Mariposa Lilies

Until several years ago the horses could get to this spot. Now they cannot. However, we disturbed a lot of the ground where the lilies had been in the past by putting in a new drive to the barns and to have an access driveway to the west side (back) of our house.

Mariposa photo combo has John’s and my photography combined.
06-CollageMariposaLiliesThe left photo has an unopened flower while the opened on there shows the green stripe on the outside of the petal.

John went with me to run errands while I set up and played music with 11 people at the Rehab. He got himself some colas at Safeway. Went by the Goodwill looking for a rain jacket because they’re expecting rain at the work site tomorrow at Icicle Creek, and he came out with some real buys for me and for him. He found a Carhartt Coverall (~$100) for $10. It is only slightly used. I had one given at our Buy Nothing clothing share, but it had a broken zipper that needed to be replaced. We had his worn out pair with a good zipper, but the cost was probably going to be much over $10 to take out the one and replace in the other. He found a set of three screwdrivers, 2 normal slot ones (horizontal, jokingly called a ‘minus’) and a Phillips head (jokingly called a ‘plus’). He found me a “Soothing Body Wrap” – a piece of cloth containing something such as flax seed or rice that can be heated or cooled and used as a compress. I think this contains some sort of artificial chemical to mimic the other grains. I put it on tonight after leaving it in the freezer for 3 hours. It works perfectly. What a good buy that was!!! On the web it’s $15. He paid $4.

After John picked me up at the Rehab, we visited Bi-Mart looking through their 25% off garden chemicals, a rain jacket, and to return the ace bandage I bought yesterday, after realizing John had ordered 10 of them in a package that arrives tomorrow in the mail. While there, we found a rain suit he bought, a Frogg Toggs, Ultra Lite Rain Suit 2 with a jacket and pants for $18.99. Ever since we fed the cats and horses, it has been raining, so that was a good purchase for his trip to the mountains tomorrow to work on trail (probably in the rain).

Friday, July 8

For July 7 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 38 min with AHI=0.91. Events: 0 CSR, 6 H, 13 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 21 L/min). Oximetry: Never turned on until 3:40 in the morning, and then up with John and feeding cats. Back for an hour. Night was weird awaking at 2:00 a.m. with people chasing John and me with guns. ?? wonder what caused that nightmare.

I drove by Charlie’s and Helga’s to leave something for Arina and pick up Acetaminophen from Helga to tide me over until we get to Costco. This week a Costco tractor/trailer driver managed to tip off an interstate from the top level to the one below. The trailer split open and spread items all over the road and beyond (John’s addition).

I was on my way to Canyon View Physical Therapy, stopped off at a yard sale, buying some very interesting food tongs for 50¢. They are black plastic and have a closure/opener that is unique (pull out the end of the handle). I went to PT with a cute stuffed animal appropriate for Natalie’s PT business – a little monkey with a stick he pulls above his head to shinny up on. I told her I had a gift of a mascot for her place. This represents one of the overhead exercises I do to gain a range of motion above my head. She liked it, but said when her 5 yr. old daughter saw it, she would likely want it.

John’s first-aid things (via Amazon) in a multi-item package arrived today with an extra item – a hockey puck-sized thing of turtle food. Their robotic picker must have gotten a stray electron or some such. We have neither a turtle or a hockey stick so the item is of no use.

Saturday, July 9

For July 8 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 31 min with AHI=0.15. Events: 1 H, 2 PP, 13 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 7 L/min). Oximetry: okay.

Had some English muffin bread; only two pieces left. Ate lunch.
Got another call from the 963 number and recorded it on my camera.

May need to grab another wink. My eyes are hurting. I waited until 5:00 and got a little rest before John called.

Changed my CPAP filter, finally.

Washed and dried clothes washed for John, mostly, with blankets.

John called, being late getting home, and arrived just before 7:00 p.m. He took Annie for her evening walk and came back to say we should go in town for our anniversary dinner, and fill up his car with gasoline. He rode with Bill on Friday and Saturday but will go alone Sunday to Icicle Creek (~160 miles, round trip). We went to the Palace Cafe, in business since 1892. We receive a free meal (choice of Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Alfredo) for our birthdays and for our anniversary to be used in the month of occurrence. We got there and had a CWU student as waitress. Beth is in a Physical Education/Sports degree program but with her looks and personality might make a better living moving up in the world of high end waitressing.

Returning home we still had some chores to do and John had some prep to do for his early morning departure. His stuff got spread around some because he was riding in Bill’s truck.

Sunday, July 10

For July 9 CPAP. Reported figures. Time on 6 hrs 25 min with AHI=0.00. Events: 2 CSR, 1 PP, 0 H, 12 RERA. No major mask leaks (max= 19 L/min). Oximetry: okay.

I was extremely tired and slept in until after 9:00 a.m., after not being able to get back to sleep when John left at 6:30. I was up with him to send him off and feed one of the kitties (Sue).

Been working on returning the wrongly delivered Amazon purchase filing a return and printing the UPS delivery slips to attach inside and outside the package to return an Aquatic Turtle Banquet Block Food & Calcium Supplement Treat, Giant Zoo Med Turtle Feed Pellet that came via Amazon. I first tried giving it away on the Buy Nothing site, but no one has a pet turtle.

I also have been working on getting ready to meet a former CWU Geography student and her husband coming from Boise Thursday, on their way to the west side for a wedding. They entertained me long ago for an AAG (Assoc. of American Geographers) conference in San Francisco, when they lived in San Leandro. They’ll join us for lunch, and then come hear us play music, possibly joining on an accordion, or perhaps a bass fiddle.
Washed dishes and fed another cat (Woody). Only one not back is Lemon. He’ll be back for a large supper.

I called Dee Eberhart and wished him a Happy 92nd Birthday!! Dee (WWII vet in Europe) retired from CWU as I arrived and is the patriarch of the orchard from which we glean about 1,000 pounds of apples each fall.

Need to work on the blog, but first eat leftovers from last night, and do my shoulder exercises.

Crazy things (telephone calls and emails) happened this afternoon to alter my schedule significantly.

John made it home, calling me from WA’s (Pseudo) Bavarian village of Leavenworth, a little over an hour away, at 5:00 p.m.

He was exhausted and went to bed early. He and the Crew Leader, Alan, did 3 days; Bill 2, and others just one each. He did post a short note yesterday, so check that out: “We’ll be a day late, again.”

I tried to stay up to finish the blog, yet after putting in a lot of time and information, I decided to leave things out to put in for next week. I still didn’t hit the hay until 12:30 a.m.
Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan

We’ll be a day late, again

dead pine tree
Nancy’s working on her literary creation and I’m about to go to bed.

On the way to work in the forest this morning the sky was full of sun, blue sky clouds and rain. I passed through (5 minutes travel time) heavy rain just before reaching our meeting point. But there the ground was dry. We did not get rained on, the sky was alternately clear and cloudy, and no wind. [Later – learned the wind at home was gusting and blowing leaves out of trees.]

We were hiking out about 3:30.
A little wind was noticeable. One of the crew (Paul) stopped just in front of me and said “What’s that sound?”
“You mean that knocking sound?” Yes he said.
We were stopped under a very tall and very dead tree. It was swaying in the slight breeze and, about 80 feet up, hitting another tree. Up high the movement was several feet. Sway – knock. Sway – knock.

I touched Paul on his back, and said “Let’s walk.” We did.

Just another active day in the forest.

Sleep well.

*false photo snipped from the web