January ends – – Good!

Monday, Jan 25

Snowed a couple inches overnight, so John push-broomed the driveway just beyond the ramp, and to the Crosstrek under the carport. We had to return forms and related information to the “sleep doctor” in Yakima, with whom I have Zoom consultation on February 2nd. EBRG has the nearest USPS office; Cost was $1.40 + gas. He made two more stops.
We’d been up at 3:40 am to take some of my heart medications, but went back to sleep, before staying up for the day.

My “go-to” list for Tuesday errands has grown to 5.

Tuesday, Jan 26

I called Yakima Heart Center – need to move records to a new office. My Cardiologist, David Krueger is the lead person at the new location – called Yakima Heart Central. He admitted to being not very creative with the name. However, the cardiologists staying put will get a new name: Yakima Valley Memorial Heart & Vascular. It seems those staying (old Central) will become part of Memorial Hospital, and be on-call in the surgical/heart care of the Hospital. Those moving (new Central) will no longer work within the hospital. Some of the folks we have dealt with since summer of 2009 will disappear from our visits.

I sent thanks to my contributing blog photographers of last week.

This is errands day when we drive to town to do all my medical needs. Start after 12:45 at Medical Arts Bldg for Kim to draw my blood for test for BMP and my normal INR. I always need to check to arrive when she is there, that is, before or after her lunch.

Tonight I worked through all the pill containers, putting medications in the weekly dispenser. About half I take in the morning, a few in the afternoon, and another bunch at night.
Every Tuesday, after the INR gets reported, I consult with the Clinic’s coagulation guru – Lacey – and follow her advice for the Coumadin (warfarin) dose for the next 7 days.

Wednesday, Jan 27

Hard painful day today.
Decided to work on notifying google groups I have managed that I am having a difficult time at the keyboard. With those and others, I’m sending e-mails (point – copy – paste; mostly). This is still slow, but I do make progress.

Thursday, Jan 28

I’ve a ZOOM consultation next week, so I worked with Katelyn at the Adult Activity Center (AAC) who does such things for “Game Days”. I setup first parts and then closed video by mistake, so no photo of me showing on the Video screen of Zoom, needed for my Doctor’s Zoom visit. He is in Yakima, so this saves a 100-mile (round) trip. Katelyn is the coordinator of Zoom and also the new Senior Center Director. She will train us Friday in ZOOM Documents again.
John drove to town for 3 items; pick-up, deliver. He took my Dell laptop to David at ComputAbility. John tried to talk to me from EBRG on his car-Bluetooth phone a few days ago, and heard a strange noise. We ended the call. Once at home, he heard the sound from my laptop, and guessed the fan was failing. David agreed, but blew the dust out. He got the # of the fan and ordered one. No surprise they don’t have that one in the store. Manufacturers seem to have a different fan in every unit. Hope mine lasts to about next Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday, Jan 29

Tried the AAC ZOOM again with an exercise class. We have all learned something new as a result of Panic 2020. Too bad we didn’t invest a big chunk of money in the company about this time last year.
{John says: Many invested, but many got the wrong company. They wanted Zoom Video Communications Inc. – symbol ZM, but bought Zoom Technologies – symbol ZOOM. Not Smart.}

Saturday, Jan 30

I learned another odd thing. This reminded me of a first day of lecturing after not much use of voice over a summer. A 38 minute phone call from far-away friend lasted 38 minutes. Lots of talking and my voice faded.

John posted an extended update on Nancy’s Health Report today.
Go to the link here, where you can find out what he says about me.
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There will be updates on the “health journey” at least once a week.
His “Not So Nasty News” and my regular blog will continue on Fridays and Sundays, as usual.

Sunday, Jan 31

Took pain pills at 10:15. John’s done all his morning inside & outside chores while I slept in after a Pain filled night. We changed my blankets, pillows, and position in the middle of the night, and then I slept better and woke in a nicer feeling.

Pat Jenkins came for some limbs and logs to cut into firewood. He is the person that busted and removed the concrete in front of the house with a large (heavy) backhoe bucket. He also got most of the “waste” slabs from the milling that was done last summer.

My e-mails and link to the “health update” have generated numerous return messages, including phone calls. I talked with Joanie & Ken in Arizona; she was in the music group in recent years. My voice is gaining, e-mails are good, Greg sent a nice message on a 5-minute video. Modern communications is great. Remember when an operator got on the line and said “Number, please.”

Call tonight from doctor’s office that they’ll call Monday about how to set-up their Zoom software.

Hope your week was fine,

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan