Winter lingers

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Trying to get this to folks — about my health issues
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Monday, Feb 8

Uneventful, unless I report on trips along the hall to the potty.

Tuesday, Feb 9

Same as Monday.

Wednesday, Feb 10

Our annual Culligan under sink 4-filter replacement was today. The tech checked the tank and lines, replaced one of the filters with one that would process water faster, and replaced the other 3 with new units. A small improvement for just the two of us, but nice that they update things. He realized that our main softener had a glitch, called back to Earth-base or wherever, and made an adjustment.
We should be able to tell how many gallons we use, but the little whirligig failed, so after consultation with John, we now recharge every 22 days. He was here almost two hours.
{A new flow meter cost about $350, and a full service on the unit is $150. John quizzed the person that called about our rating of the service, after giving a glowing report. We will consider replacing the 10 year old unit with a new one when they next have a sale.}

Thursday, Feb 11

Chelsea removed the wrapping and hard cast today. The X-ray confirmed healing. After 3 weeks, my arm was less than stellar looking. After a bit of lotion and a day, it is looking better. I’m to put the hard cast on if I go somewhere. [Next outing is Monday for a haircut.] Otherwise, treat in gently.
A new insight is that medical offices should have higher chairs and higher commodes – especially for people on Lasix and with casts.
We came home and then John carried neighbor Kenny back to the Fairgrounds in EBRG for a shot of vaccine.

Friday, Feb 12

Same day for me as was Monday.
John made a trip to BiMart. Over the last 5 years I’ve lost enough weight (intended) that most of my form-fitting panties no longer fit the form. BiMart was having a sale and held a package for John to pick up. He bought other things there, then went of the grocery store nearby.
It snowed about 4 inches. More on the way.
Neighbor Allen cleared the driveway; John cleaned up the edges. Doing so, he broke the pushbroom handle. Bought a new one at BiMart.

Saturday, Feb 13

By mid-morning there was about 9 inches of snow. Allen was back with the tractor and cleared it all. Our temperature went to 20°F., the sun shone weakly, and the light snow stopped for nearly 4 hours.

Sunday, Feb 14

Uneventful, unless the 2 inches of new snow counts.
John took a chocolate cake out of the freezer to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We each searched for a card or image on the web. Results below.
Nancy’s card to John . . . . . . . . . John’s gift to Nancy

Hope your week was fine…
Nancy and John
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