How do you vote?

Washington State has a mail-out & return voting system. There are a couple of ways to return the ballot (or get one). Yesterday both the information pamphlet and the ballot arrived. For most elections the information arrives a week before the ballot.
Living on the Naneum Fan means I don’t get to vote for the city of Ellensburg’s offices.

So for this primary I get to vote for just a single office. At least I don’t have to drive and stand in a line to do this. I’ll drop my vote into a box in front of the County Courthouse next week.
Why do I mention this?
Other places in the USA seem not to have mastered voting. Washingtonians read and watch the news and wonder what the …. are those people doing?
There is coordination between the State and Federal agencies to keep the roll of voters current. For example, if someone goes to another state and asks the Post Office to forward mail, then the PO notifies the State and there is a check to see if this is a temporary move (say snow-birding in Arizona) or a permanent exodus.
Only one info pamphlet and one ballot arrived this year. Deaths are reported to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who scratched Nancy’s name from the roll. See the 4th paragraph here:

The birds go for cherries as soon as they turn red. The yellow/red ones are not taken as soon, and then mostly the ones exposed. Those hanging under leaves are often left. I could get about 15 pounds, but so far have only picked 2 pounds. I just cut branches off and save the best fruit. I also cut small branches from all the cherry trees. The pie cherry tree has an abundance. There is also one apple tree. The deer eat all I cut – – fruit and leaves.
They then bed down for rest and naps.
Thursday morning I cut a pickup load of brush from behind the house and shed. This I took over and put in with the goats owned by one of the workers for the remodel. A short trip of about a mile.

Left photo is through a bedroom window. Right photo is from the newly converted room from the garage. The house has an ‘L’ Shape.

Early morning and near sunset I have been finishing the demolishing of the camper, plus other cleanup, getting ready for a dumpster. A 20 cubic yard one is on order for next Friday. And I keep watering trees and plants of various sorts.

None of this is very exciting.

From the Naneum Fan

on-going projects

Today is not pleasant for outdoor activities. I did yard cleanup early, relocating and stacking material for use or discard. When the temperature got to about 80° I moved indoors. Now at mid-afternoon the temperature is 93° and there are wind gusts to 33 mph.

Meanwhile, outside a major brush-pile removal project is underway. After 32 years of me cutting trees and brush, and the relentless growth thereof, piles are being hauled off. The material is going into a pit in a neighbor’s property. The hole is the product of a county road project years ago. In a straight line the location is ½ mile away. By road, it is about 1 mile.
The house’s south side got some attention this week. The photos below show the project.
Left- May 28: The floor joists are set on a concrete wall. The ramp is to the open window so the cats can come and go. Right – July 8: Roof structure is ready for shingles and the deck is nearly complete. The outer wall covering has been removed. Hanging insulation will be re-used when windows and French Doors are installed.

Cats now have only a small hole and an outside platform. To the right of the doors there will be a tall narrow window, and beneath that will be large pet door with 2 flaps.

Eventually the far end of the deck will be glass – about 90%. That’s the west side, from which the wind blows most of the time.

In other news, I know 3 people frustrated by medical issues that are not explained sufficiently for treatment and/or cure. Praying types are encouraged to offer assistance. Of course, we all know others that are more seriously in need.
I have a frequent visitor – seen here waking from a nap near the front door.

From the Naneum Fan


I put The Flag out at the end of driveway.
At 9:10 I can still see, but it is time to bring it down. At the time the declaration was made public there was not a “United States”. That didn’t come for many years.
It took until June 21, 1788 for the finalizing of the effort. No one much cares so July 4th, 1776 it is.

I began early with a hair cut on Saturday morning. This is the first time in about 53 years I sat in an actual barber chair in a commercial place. Yesterday I went by a recommended place – the parking places (about 10) were full. This morning I stopped by and was 8th in line with their 4 or 5 chairs full. I was turned off by that and the ambiance (none). There was no reservation allowed – just wait.
Two blocks away is The Barber Chop, with 3 chairs, only two in use.
They have a web-based reservation, so I got signed up for a chair in ½ hour. That allowed me to tackle two errands, and I got back with 5 minutes to spare.
My barber, Arielle (Ari), had to deal with a mass of overgrown hair. We talked this through as she worked. My hair resembled a combination of Albert Einstein’s and Bernie Sanders’, so it was time. She earned her pay and a tip, and we were both pleased with the result. I promised I’d be back before it got long again.

The license plates for the truck arrived today, with a listing of all the fees (costs) totaling $189.00.

But wait, there’s more.
It appears the seller has to contact the State. The plates and title get mailed back. Then the plates and title are re-mailed to me at a cost of $4.80. Next year cost should be a lot less as there are first time items listed.

From the Naneum Fan

Heat like the mid-1950s in Pennsylvania

Best video I’ve seen of the collapse of the building in Florida.

In other news:
There is an on-going volcanic eruption in Iceland. Here is a photo from the day it crested the rim and began to flow out.Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland – June 14 2021

This reminded someone of this episode from 1912:
On the home front a 30 cubic yard dumpster arrived last Monday (14th), was partially filled on Tuesday, and was carried off Friday of this week. I added things during its stay, but high temperatures caused me to do less than I wanted. Still, over 90% was filled. I topped it off with mattresses and the box springs from an old bed. A couple of small lamp shades were discovered. I don’t recall having seen them. The circle on top is 4.5 inches across. The texture is sort-of crisp, and whether they began life that way or not, it is different and interesting.

During the cleanup, two old carpet vacuums were less than satisfactory. They got tossed. A third is more for things not on the floor. It gets too warm and quits if used very long, say 5 minutes.
So I ordered a large shop-vac. It has a 12 gallon container and a 2.5 inch diameter hose. About 50 years ago we had something similar, called a Filter Queen. This one is a different technology, and prettier.

Saturday morning, about 9am, Kathy and Janelle came with a pickup and flatbed trailer. Temperature was about 87 at the airport – maybe 85° here. That crept while we worked, in part shade and with a slight breeze, just 5 or 6 mph – but it helped.
We loaded about 6 tons of hay (110 pound 3-string bales).
While Janelle strapped the load, Kathy and I searched the edge of the stash of stuff I had put in the hay shed last spring. Years ago at our horse club meetings there would be a raffle of donated items, usually horse related. We won our share and acquired things, such as lead ropes, we already had. We found 2 leads this morning, and a few other things.
That pile of items and boxes are next on the agenda for a sort, toss, and repurpose day. We’ll need cooler weather.

I’m headed to a birthday celebration for an 80 year old I don’t know. I know many in the family, but he is the father of a son that married Suzy West’s younger sister. The gathering is at the old homestead NE of Kittitas, about 15 minutes from here.

Temperature at the airport is now 99° @ 1:00 pm.

From the Naneum Fan

Cleaning up and throwing out

Monday brought a 30 cubic yard dumpster to my yard.
Tuesday brought help.
I lost track of all that was going on. Tuesday night I wrote the following and sent the message to the folks that were here:
– – – – –
We’re gonna need a bigger dumpster

Nearing 11:00 o’clock and I am about to cash my chips and head for bed.

My computer acts like there is a parasitic Leprechaun stealing cycles when I type or use the mouse. Useful work is difficult. Then, for awhile all is well. Stuff happens.

Anyway — WOW!
I am stunned by the amount of work that was done today. The dumpster is almost full – 30 cubic yards – despite playing with Minnow, fixing an old stock trailer, trips to EBRG (did you notice nearly everyone was mask-less?), good food, fine wine, and great company. And before y’all arrived electrician Todd spent about 3 hours in the living room cutting holes in the ceiling, installing light canisters, and then cleaning up most of his mess (a fine white dust).
Had I managed to get the old camper totally demolished the dumpster could have been filled with the remaining debris from that ancient structure.
Did I mention I ended up with extra food and 2 cast iron pans?
Within an hour of folks leaving the two inside/outside cats showed up. They must have been watching, and waiting.

Know that I am indebted to each of you.
– – – – – –

Note the trips (s) to EBRG. The old stock trailer was jacked up and the wheels removed. The Les Schwab Center replaced the tires, and then the activity was reversed. Meanwhile, others of us went to the Department of Licensing (DOL) and finalized the truck and car sales. The young members of the Dieguez family continued carting stuff to the dumpster, and Cameron loaded and covered a pickup load for transitioning stuff to new homes in Grant County.
I started to dismantle an old camper for a pickup bed. I soon found one does not dismantle such things. Rather they need to be demolished. I hope to finish this, and get the remains in the dumpster by Sunday evening.
I worked on various outside chores about 2 hours this morning, until Phyllis and Cameron came for a second load. When they left about 10:00, I had had enough of the wind and moved inside. Gusts of over 40 mph makes being outside unpleasant.
Before dark, I went back out for an hour and busted up more of the camper.
Wednesday was mostly an inside day, but Thursday I did the weekly run to town – 6 stops, including at the Ford dealer to show my “new” truck to my contact there. He reset the time – Alaska to WA – and showed me a few other things. While there I scheduled an oil change & service.
I’d promised one of the remodel crew that he could buy the old Chevy truck. He has a birthday this week and his significant other agreed to pay for it. {I didn’t ask.} They came late Friday afternoon, and now the truck is gone. I still have to go with him next week and sign papers at the DOL.
He has to pay sales tax, and we have to report the mileage on the date of sale. And I sign over all my rights to the vehicle.
The unused garden has been growing nasty weeds, so I attacked those. I sprayed a week ago, so about half were already dead. Nearer the house I’m slowly working on a ditch and dry-well. Now this is simply digging rocks and dirt out to make a hollow volume where water can drain. Eventually it will be covered with a small-rock landscape, somewhat like that shown here.
I change jobs frequently because I’ve learned long effort using the same muscles is not friendly for old muscles and bones.

From the Naneum Fan

Things started . . .

This has been a busy but not an exciting week. I had to take extra sets of keys to the truck dealer in Union Gap. Round trip 100 miles. And from there I retrieved the cargo-cover for the Crosstrek. It was in the Forester, along with the one that was supposed to be there.
The local lumber and tool place had a Milwaukee Day. That’s a tool company. I bought a combo kit with 2 battery powered tools – a drill and an impact driver (bursts of power when it feels resistance). I need to dismantle an old pickup camper. Why?
I have a 30 cu. yd. dumpster arriving Monday, and help coming Tuesday. The camper (not used since about 2001) has hundreds of fasteners (mostly screws with various heads). Snow, rain, and time have made a mess of it.
The door, windows, attachments, inside panels, heater, icebox – all need removed. In reverse mode, the impact driver is the right tool and there is a kit with 32 different heads. So, started today. Not finished.
The remodel of the south wall of the living room started. It will soon have a French door (and more) opening on a covered deck. The siding has been removed and the rest started, but there is a bit of electrical work needed before more is done. Part of the electrical things got done Friday, to be finished Monday.
I signed a Power of Attorney for the CPA so he can contact the IRS as my agent and get the information he needs to complete tax filings. I did a little landscaping (rock and dirt moving) – mostly because I need the physical activity. I ordered a Leer canopy for the truck. The company has a glass supply problem, so I won’t get the canopy until September.
The right-side image is a close look-alike. That truck has back seats and a shorter bed.
I took Almond beverage, Fisherman’s Friends throat lozenges, eye drops and a few other things to the Kittitas food pantry. These things were all purchased just before Nancy’s decline. Now gone. So 1 completion.

I haven’t stopped looking to see where the horses are. After 11 years of expecting a visual fix each morning, or just coming in the driveway, the habit is still there.

There is a storm in the Pacific, off of Oregon and Washington. It is coming ashore late Saturday evening – Sunday morning.

From the Naneum Fan

Word of the week – hectic

I’ll start by mentioning that my sister had a medical hiccup on Thursday. I guess she is okay, but it is hard to know because in her best interest she was taken from a smallish ER clinic to a monolithic hospital. Therein cell phones do or do not connect with the outside world depending on cosmic rays, sun spots, or the concrete/steel/electromagnetic frailties of the structure. She called me last night, and a cousin today. My call tonight did not get through.

Friday morning I carried boxes of tax related papers to an EBRG CPA. I have to get a power of attorney signed so he can talk to the IRS about things. So, slow moving on that front.

Today, the three horses went to a new home. They were purchased early in Nancy’s recovery 10 years ago but we were advised that she could be hurt and bleed internally, so she and I stopped riding. They were lovely animals so we kept them until today. I did not have much success in Kittitas County with moving them to new homes. Friends from the west side thought they could adopt them. I have worked with the horses a dozen times in the past few weeks. Now they would come to a small area (known as “home”) and be handled, haltered, and led around – mostly well mannered. Far from a finished ground-work graduate. Still they loaded into a trailer for the two ladies that are taking them west – and by 5 o’clock they were gone.

The horse activity was interrupted because I have been looking for a simple pickup truck. The Subaru dealer was going to take my truck (F350), Nancy’s Forester, and my Crosstrek – but they could not find anything close to what I wanted. Neither could the local Ford dealer.
Last night a used truck dealer in Yakima posted just such a vehicle and friend Kathy was searching and found it – 6 hours after its posting. When she came for the horses this morning she had the listing, photo, and dealer’s number on her cell phone. I called and told them I wanted to look at it. So Kathy’s husband, Francisco, and I left after I put halters and lead ropes on the 3 horses.
At the truck place I was about to write a check for one truck when Francisco noticed another newer one out a side window. We hopped in that one and took a short ride. Meanwhile, Jennifer, the brains of the operation noticed that Nancy’s name, above mine, was on the title of the Forester. Jennifer said we would need Nancy’s signature. Oops!
However, if I had a death certificate the sale could go forward. Francisco called Kathy and I gave her directions on where to find said form. Francisco and I went for lunch, and got back to the dealer just as Kathy showed up with the necessary document. We cleaned out the Forester – Kathy found $22 to add to the $390 she found in the house last week – and we were soon headed back to the Naneum Fan and the horse situation.
The new ride is a white 2019 F150, 4×4, 8 ft. box, low mileage, and a full bed liner.
At home the ladies (Kathy & Janelle) prepared for horse loading. Francisco and I went inside and he wrote checks for the Crosstrek [purchasing for daughter Maraya ] and for the F350, for his own use. About the time the car dealing was coming to an end, there was a Whoop and a Wahoo! from outside as the third horse hopped into the trailer. Did I mention they had not been in a trailer since Nancy and I brought them home 10 years ago. Further, today was the day they were introduced to Horse Whisper Janelle.
With Janelle and the horses headed west, we cleaned out the Crosstrek of my stuff, and loaded a few things Kathy and Francisco decided to add to their stuff.
They will be back Sunday for the F350, more stuff, and the better of the two horse trailers.
Nancy and I bought our first horse, a Quarter Horse named Captain, in 1978 or ’79. We were up to 5 a few years ago. Now Zero.

Change is sometimes slow – sometimes rapid.
Uff da!

From the Naneum Fan

Memorial Day (long weekend)

My long awaited phone call with a Social Security clerk came at a little after 2 pm on Monday. I sent a note to friend Dot, who visited the DeKalb County court house to get the certificate of marriage.
That note follows.

I had my phone call with Victor of the Yakima office of the Social Security Administration on Monday afternoon. I either had to drive to Yakima (100 miles round trip) or mail the certificate of marriage.
I have no other reason – just now – to go there, so I mailed it on Wednesday.
The talk was as expected, except he asked if I could read small print. Maybe if I said no I’d get a large print version of whatever he will send to me.
It is also odd that a surviving spouse or child may receive a special lump-sum death payment of $255. This payment has bedeviled congress and the SSA since the beginning.
The amount of $255 was set in 1954, but with price increases since then the amount today would be $2,532.
I will ponder the use of my $255 as I await its arrival in my bank account.
I’m slowly making credit card and other changes as I figure them out.
A tangled web, as you know.

The last line is a reference to the things that followed the death of Dot’s husband Bill over a year ago.
– – – –
Five of Nancy’s friends and I spent hours sorting and packaging stuff, mostly clothes, from a bedroom, including from on the queen sized bed, from closets, dressers, floor, and hanging on doors. Mid-morning Sunday two of the kind folks will be back for more of the same.
I’m too exhausted to write more tonight.
I should have spent more time over the past few weeks doing some of this, but not being in that frame of mind – and knowing help was coming, I didn’t do much.
A further distraction this past week was serious work on the last major project of the house remodel. Namely, concrete and joists for the deck were 95% completed. Photo #1 below. Photo #2 is the nearly finished entrance sign. This pulled the workers away from the deck; my choice.
However, the entrance structure and sign have been a goal of mine, and I wanted it to be there to greet some long-time friends.

The Nordic horse is a symbol of welcome (Välkommen, Swedish, or Velkommen, Norwegian). This one was painted 35 years ago in Troy ID.
On this Memorial Day (long weekend) spend a few moments remembering those who served.

I’ll put flags out Sunday and Monday.

from the Naneum Fan

Cold here this week . . .

. . . and not a lot going on.

I did find out something about credit cards.
I was trying to respond to a Chase credit card notice, but did not see a card with that name. Finally found them.

The card(s) [one in Nancy’s wallet, one in mine] were hiding in plain sight.
The card is, in fact, the Amazon Prime card with that name and VISA (big white letters) on the front. The Chase name is on the back. I discovered this Thursday, but still wanted to do an on-line access of the account.

I didn’t know what user name Nancy used nor the password; although she had a note on her computer, it was no longer valid. I tried to do things on-line by trying to type into the form, but that didn’t work – because I was using the number keypad and it was inactive because I had hit the “num lock” key, turning off numbers and turning on other functions {up, down, side-wise, etc.}.That revelation came just as I had gotten to a person and was explaining my problem.
Having solved that issue, but also having explained about Nancy and why I was trying to access the account – – I was transferred to another person who promptly canceled the account. I was not the “owner” of the account; I was just a tag-along on Nancy’s. The support tech was able to confirm Nancy’s death from some data base, maybe SS.
However, there is (or was) an auto-pay from our bank to that account scheduled for next week. Oops! The pay date is extended 60 days upon the owner’s death, or some such thing.
The local Chase branch is in the Fred Meyer (Kroger) store so I can go down there and give them a check.
I was directed to a Chase web page where I signed up for my very own Amazon card. That seems to provided immediate use on Amazon’s site and a credit limit of $5,000. A hard card is to arrive in 10 days, or so.

Other stuff:
Early in the week I bruised my left heel. Having much to do, it was not a fun week. Seems to be a bit better now.

Saturday morning, Walter the contractor arrived with the “french door” for the south side of the house. He brought the main posts and beams a week ago. A trench is dug, for a critter barrier and post support wall. Concrete pour to come next week – I think.

I’ve got 97% of the work done on a long anticipated sign for the entry near the county road. Blue letters on a rough cut plank. Photo next week when it is complete. It says

From the Naneum Fan

Saturday evening

IMPORTANT: Get your system backed up, and do it on a frequent and regular basis.
There are many dozens of files, tips, addresses, phone numbers, and more now gone.

Since last Friday (see previous post- Stuff Happens) I have had to get a new computer and jump through hoops to get it functioning properly at home. Having accomplished that, I now have to get sites – such as WordPress {WP} – to accept the new configuration.
I lucked into getting WP to like me on the Dell laptop. So this is from that machine. However, I have a tendency to touch the track-pad that is below the space bar. Further, the pointer (mouse) acts oddly, or maybe the cpu doesn’t keep up, and the keyboard doesn’t have all the keys I am used to.
There have been interesting happenings these last 2 weeks (not significant), but I need a real computer to work with. Not there yet, but maybe in another day or so.
It is almost 10pm. I’m headed for sleep.