Monday morning – yikes!
Good morning

The weather {rain and wind} interfered with the best laid plans. After 25 years in the ground, the asparagus production has declined to a pittance, so I ordered some. Instead of sending me pounds of lovely Purple Passion, I received things of a grotesque visage as displayed on the right side.

As of this morning, I am ready to place them in the appointed place in the garden. However, I now have a family of Yellow Bellied Marmots sharing the garden space, so I need to box the plants in a fence-protected space. Getting the space ready was a chore – rain didn’t help and the wind has been, and continues to be gale force, 40s today and near 50 on Tuesday.
My complication is I am going to Hood River today for a (6:00 to 8:30) dinner and presentation by the Cascades Carnivore Project. I need to clean up an leave here by early afternoon, with a stop in Biggs Junction for gasoline. This is a three hour drive, or a bit more, from home.

Keeping track
on the Naneum Fan