Bloom Time

Keeping with the theme “There is Always Something” – – –

Trees are starting to leaf-out, and those that bloom have buds about to burst. I usually cut a few of the popular-type trees that have sections of straight non-limbed trunk. I don’t have to deal with leaves if I cut now. This will be stove firewood in a year or so. I have plenty for the 2024-25 winter season, so trees downed now will be ready in 2025. My chain saw was not running well when I last used it over a year ago. This week I could not get it started. Folks at Papé Machinery did a tune-up. I just cut a tree into firewood size that had blown over late last year. A neighbor says his station clocked a gust at 88 mph, and a different neighbor says that is when the tree fell over.
One of the first plants to bloom is called Bur Buttercup. The photos below show its character. The plant only get about 1.5 inches tall, has pretty yellow flowers, and a bur.

The plant is soft and touchable when it blooms. Soon the burs become dark and hard and penetrate gloves and stick to things. Especially dog’s feet. They are easily pulled when green, but there are hundreds this year.

Last year many gallon-sized sprayer gave up and I ordered a new one. When I tried to use it this week for the first time, it barely worked. After trying several things, I finally took the tube out – the part that goes down into the tank. At the end there is a small plastic screen. It was gunked up with something unrecognizable. In a review on Amazon, I said I thought it was the remains of a Silkworm. What and how – who knows? It now works. Look out Bur Buttercups.
I am now ready to plant Onions – a week later than I anticipated.

Another cute plant is Miner’s Lettuce. It is edible, but I have no intention of doing so.

All About Miner’s Lettuce

There are tiny white flowers.
Mine is a bit different when compared to the photos at the link above. It has the subspecies name of “intermontana” – interior. In the link, the plant is called “perfoliata” – Pacific coastal

At the edge my onion patch, I have a cluster of Daffodils. They seem happy. Many other plants are just starting but still are without flowers.
I need to get some of these with pink and orange colors. Their main advantage is that the local deer do not eat them.
I should mention, we are almost done with vine pruning, so my gasoline ($4.29/g) bill will go down and I will have time to catch up here at home.

Keeping track
on the Naneum Fan