Little mysteries

We are working through a section of the vineyard that got hit hard by last July’s fire. Many vines are dead above ground. Some showed new growth last summer but shoots were still green when the first fall frost came. The roots will send up new shoots now and the best will be attached to the wires. In three years, production will begin.
The old – dead – wood takes time and effort to remove from the wires because 25 years of growth often puts the wire inside a twisted cordon of the plant.

The buds have swelled on many varieties, and we will soon see tiny leaves unfold. Monday and Tuesday will have warm afternoons, but Wednesday and the rest of the week will be cooler. I’ll take a few photos of new growth and dead plants.
At home, I managed to plant two apple trees (semi-dwarf) and have a dozen Astilbes to plant – it is a perennial that should grow well in partial shade along the driveway. We’ll see.

How are these words – baked & naked – pronounced, and why?

If that is not enough to give you a headache, consider that fire-trucks are actually water-trucks.

Or, trucks and SUVs that have 4 x 4 on their sides could simplify things by switching to 16.

Keeping Track
on the Naneum Fan

John H.