Fickle weather/March Madness

This week the weather appeared to shift to June on Monday and back to February on Thursday. The current cool pattern is expected to last until mid-April. I didn’t do much outside because of the cool, wet, and windy weather.
There is also basketball madness. I have in common with Caitlin Clark of University of Iowa fame that we attended the same University. Both Taylor Swift and I were raised in Pennsylvania. Being linked to “greatest ever” folks is gladdening.
Gasoline price jumped about 30¢ this past week. Regular is now about $4.20/ gallon. Seattle area prices are $4.60. California is up to $5.

I have been thinking of the following because I use the I-90 Vantage Bridge getting to and returning from the vineyard. Here is the latest:
Travelers will experience single-lane closures Monday through Friday until the end of May. Then for 3 summers — 3!
Beginning in late May, traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction seven days a week with a few exceptions.
Travelers will experience long delays eastbound on Fridays and westbound on Sundays during the summer travel months and are encouraged to choose alternate routes.
Traffic will also be restored to two lanes in each direction for winter from November through April.

Keeping Track
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