Hello September!

Monday, August 26

John picked some plums for about 45 minutes before leaving for his hike. Cool morning temps = no yellow jackets. I slept through that harvest. John picked Yellow Shiro Plums (3 boxes-one layer) before leaving for Hansen Ridge Trail Hiking Trip at 9:30 a.m. Expected John home at 6:30, but he got here at 5:00 p.m.!

My favorites from his day on the trail (not shown in his Not So Nasty News column) are here:Top: Hydaspe Fritillary butterfly on a Pearly Everlasting plant butterflies love for late-season nectar. Bottom, the Old Milwaukee Railroad above the exit road from the Hansen Ridge Trailhead and the one of Mt. Rainier was taken at ~4,000’; 3 miles up the trail. Top right shows a cedar branch with its distinct structure and color, with Alder in front.

We want to thank our Lepidopterist friend, Caitlin LaBar, for the rapid reply today of the information mentioned above. In full she said, after we guessed Fritillary:

It looks like a Hydaspe Fritillary to be specific, probably the most common species in the Cascades right now, very few other butterflies flying up there this time of year. If John saw any that were smaller and more of a yellow-orange, that would likely be a Mormon Fritillary.
Oh, and it’s on Pearly Everlasting, butterflies love it for late-season nectar.

Below is the Google Photos link to the photos from John’s Hike 8-20-19 to Hansen Ridge, and also a few photos from LeeAnne Jensen (crew leader) for the 8-30-19 WTA work party there, on which John was an ACL (Assistant Crew Leader).

John’s Hansen Ridge Hike

I changed shoes to my Brooks Addiction and the support is much more helpful than the slippers, for in-house activity.
John made it home sooner than expected, at 5:00 p.m.
Supper: Grilled chicken with onions, baked beans, tomatoes, red grapes.

Tuesday, August 27

Need to work today on taxes, sorting and filing, so I can submit a form.

John went to town for me to check out Bi-Mart number for free gifts (none), by the AAC to deliver some Shiro plums, and pick up feed bags left for us by a lady who regularly gives us empty bags, and to pick up Sharon’s guitar stand from Hearthstone, where she forgot and left it last Thursday. All accomplished; thanks, John.

Called Sirius XM – took too long on the phone, but now have access in car and online as well.

Wednesday, August 28

I have to honcho FISH Food Bank music today. Arrive by 11:15. John drove me (in my car) and we left early, at 10:35. Dropped off some yellow plums to Louaine. Then on to Amy’s to leave some, and by the rodeo grounds on Chestnut to Meadows Place and Briarwood to deliver some for the residents.

From there John drove us to the Liberty Theater Annex and came inside with all the load, including another box of plums for the players/singers, of which we had a few, mostly singers: Robert (from the audience), Reta, Bob, Richard, Dean (Harmonica), me (fiddle), Richard (drummer on cardboard box), Rebecca (audience). We did all the songs in Book IV except two (Whispering & Sweet Rosie O’Grady).

John toted my violin, box of plums, and my red lunch bag) into the building for me. Then Robert (who’d already set up the chairs) retrieved the music books and music stands from the back closest, and John helped me unload Evelyn’s music she left behind for the group. We started a little early and went for > 1/2 hr. Our wheelchair dancing caregiver wheeled Mary Ann forward in front of us and danced for You Are My Sunshine, and one other song. Everyone in the audience (including us) enjoy their contribution. They were both smiling and singing the whole time.

John left, planning to return at 12:35 to pick me up to go home. From there he went to CWU to Dean Hall to look for a topographic map of the area where, on Friday, he will be working with WTA (Hansen Ridge), the place he hiked Monday. Monica was kind to make colored copies of parts of it for him. On his way back, he stopped and filled my tank with gasoline. I’m very grateful!

We came home and John fixed us a bowl of Progresso Lasagna soup. Not bad; our first taste of their new soup just put on the market. We normally eat their Chicken and Wild Rice (with veggies) soup. He had to buy 8 cans to get the 99¢ price.

Our temperatures today started cool with clouds but it’s rapidly increased to 88° now at our house at 2:35 and 91° at the airport.
A/C just came on at 3:06 p.m., outside home, is now 89.1°.

We worked this afternoon on projects, and had a nice supper: meatloaf, tomatoes (tiny Cherry ones), yellow squash from our garden as well, cooked with onions (also our garden), and hash browns; interesting combo.

Figured out tonight how to put a grave accent on a letter in a friend’s name: é so I could properly spell his last name in an email address.

Tomorrow thank goodness is a BYE day for our music group (5th Thursdays we do not have an assisted living home left to go to). Small town sort of thing. Only happens 3 times/year.

Thursday, August 29

Finished up the Income Tax form with signatures and attachments and got it to the Kittitas, WA USPS office, (only 10 miles away) for certified delivery, receipt requested, which includes tracking on both, and the postage for sending (total $7.60). All done, receipt in my wallet with tracking numbers for both. After Labor Day, I need to start tracking.

While there I went an extra 0.6 mi to check by Gibson Produce for corn (nice, 50₵/ear). They sell WA wines there, so I inquired for Cameron Fries, if White Heron might be added. They love to have local wines, so I got her information and email and gave both to Cameron. I imagine it’s worth a stop and if it sells, great; if not, we can pick up and bring back over when we visit White Heron.
Kathy has had a produce place for a long time. This is the 3rd location we know of. She is in an old gas station that has lots of parking and the space she needs. They still have drive-up pumps out front.

Local Kittitas Valley livestock follow:My views coming and going to Kittitas, WA – Llamas, Fairview Rd

John requested my looking up a digital version of a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, published, Monday, Aug 26, “Snapping Southern Gothic.” He was off his computer and wondering whether more pictures were stored with the article on the website (often they are). When I accessed from my laptop, it did not recognize me, and would not connect me to the entire article until I subscribed. My subscription is current.
I called and found out a new way of getting access to previous editions, and to verify indeed that my subscription was up-to-date. I access it by going to wsj.com and down to the very bottom of the page, click on News Archive and select the date of the paper. Then search for and find the article by name.

Friday, August 30

Welcome to the Ellensburg Rodeo, 2019Destiny H. Buck, in Yakama Dress, photo by Jeff Hocker.
{John says: Destiny may be a member of the Wanapum Band of Native Americans, from along the Columbia River. The Yakama Nation is headquartered west of the Yakima River. At the moment we don’t have a contact to confirm either idea.}

John left for Hansen Ridge WTA Work party at 6:35 a.m., at least 10 minutes early – for the distance. The road in is a 5-mile nightmare of potholes and rocks.

I slept in 2 more hours.

The only thing I have from John are two Google Earth maps of the area where they worked and had lunch. They were not high enough to see Mt. Rainier, but John saw it on his hike Monday. However, he needed a filter to be able to see the mountain better in his photos.This gives a perspective of where John and the WTA crew worked today. Many of the crew worked close to the trail head on brushing, and then joined the rest of the crew farther up the trail for lunch.

If you go to the Google Photos above (Monday) of John’s hike 5 miles into Hansen Ridge, at the end are a few photos of work sites on the trail tread getting rid of the rocks in the bed of the trail, completed today.

I unloaded and am loading the dishwasher; went on all day.

The next video I found on a friend’s Facebook site from my elementary school days at Garden Hills, in Atlanta, GA. Her name is Beth (Lindsay) Boozer. It’s definitely worth a view, even though it has some birds pictured we do not have in the West. I remember many of them from living in the south.

Amazing Planet Video on Birds (Need Facebook account to see)

I spent time tonight trying on and packing a garbage bag full of clothes that don’t fit to take to the Clothing Center as a donation. I heard that the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center has too many clothes, and so I’m going to donate these instead to the Church of Christ Clothing Center (also freely given to anyone).

Saturday, August 31

We planned to go to the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center to look for some light long-sleeved shirts for John. Did not go because Gayl Curtiss responded to my late night inquiry that they were closed for the Labor Day Weekend.

Brunch today was a pecan-filled pancake with strawberries on top, tomatoes, and crispy bacon.

I guess we both worked on the computer the rest of the day and not much else, along with washing dishes, and John watering plants, trees, and garden.

Tonight we experienced the Northern Lights in our valley and there are reports on line from the Seattle area as well. This photo was taken by an Ellensburg resident north of our valley.Northern Lights by Lia Simcox over the area burned by the Taylor Bridge fire of 2012 (hence the dead trees in this photo).

Sunday, Sept 1 * * * MY BIRTHDAY! * * *

My early birthday celebration was calling our 101 yr. old cousin in PA, Ethel Reynolds, visiting for Sunday lunch at her daughter, Pat & Ken Berlin’s home in Brookville. Sunrise in the Kittitas Valley by Lise McGowan, 8-30-19
Lise describes: These great morning sunrises just last a couple of seconds! “Morning Spotlight”. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Afternoon, 2:40, we are each having a piece of chocolate frosted birthday cake with strawberries for an afternoon snack. That will make Pat Berlin and her mom Ethel very happy to hear.

We stayed home today; answered the phone and emails wishing me Happy Birthday, inside with the a/c on. It was hot outside. I am getting a ton of birthday wishes on my Facebook account, but I’m going to wait until later to thank everyone at once. I don’t have time to respond individually to all the wishes. Facebook has my birth date, and they started off in the middle of the morning (about the time I was born, at 1:00 a.m.) by sending a balloon filled animated message with my profile picture (me in my flag vest):

A few people sent pictures for their “birthday” wish for me. I didn’t include most of them because they were basically pictures on birthday cards.

The next was from David Covert, his photo of the old barn up on Hwy 97, south of the Lauderdale junction. Barn scene photographed by my friend, David Covert, Ellensburg. Each birthday, he sends me a different photograph of our area.
In sepia, it looks quite vintage, to go with my love for the landmark, and my age, now 76. So, I’m dancing and singing to Seventy-Six Trombones Seventy six trombones led the big parade
With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand

The second line brings back memories of my father, Thomas H. Brannen, who played the Cornet in a Military Band. I still have his Cornet, and carried it to football games through my high school years. I was able to play a few notes … dah dah dah dah ta dah with clarity.

Supper tonight was carrot, lentils, ground beef, casserole with mushroom soup, and French-fried onions baked on top. I had mine with a tomato and 2 yellow plums.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan