Usual stuff for mid-August

Sunday, August 11 Starting photo was taken at sunrise today, but I didn’t have it yet when we published the blog tonight. This lovely photograph by Evie Schuetz was captured on Killmore Rd, to the southwest of the Kittitas Valley. Our Farrier lives on this road, so I imagine he has a beautiful view leaving or coming home. The road appears to be less than 2 miles, so if the field is in the first .93 mi, he’ll see it. Otherwise, he’d have to drive another ½ mile to see it.

After a lot of issues with the Internet this evening, we published the blog at 11:45 p.m. I turned over my draft to John at 2:11 p.m. today, but he had too many other pressing projects needing attention during daylight. Then we had problems with our transferring data to the Internet. Seems like it’s always something, but John has more problems with accessing the Internet from his computer than I do, for unknown reasons.

Monday, August 12

The picture for today was photographed by my friend in Michigan, whom I’ve known since meeting her in the 6th grade at Garden Hills Elementary School in Atlanta, GA.
I’ll put it in with her name and the clever caption she puts on most of her pictures (on Facebook). This seems appropriate for the week we were attending the Kittitas Audubon Annual Picnic.I knew her as Nancy Johnson and she knew me as Nancy Brannen. We sang duets all around town (mostly folksongs) with our guitars. People knew us as Nancy “J” and Nancy “B”. We also both played the violin in an orchestra through high school.

I paid and mailed the payment to Department of Ecology, Olympia, for our Water Rights Titling. Long time coming; cost $155.40, which included $50 to the Kittitas Auditor’s office.

Stayed home to rest foot and work with receipts, filling, and paying bills. My BP is high this morning, but I am not having any symptoms. John took his with the same wrist monitor. It was on the high side but his pulse was lower than usual. My pulse is fine. Will keep resting and check it through the day.
My only plan tomorrow is to go to a one-hour meeting (sitting) and will come home, by way of the vet to pick up some meds for Annie (dog) with arthritis pain.

This morning through midday my BP was way high for me for unknown reasons. It finally got down after 2:00 to 118/68 pulse 63 and later to 108/66 pulse 62. I’m okay now. No clue why.

I worked on filing and answering several emails. John did chores outside and then came in and fixed a supper of Chicken Stir-Fry with onions, mushrooms, red peppers, and I had cherry tomatoes with mine.

John cut me cubes of turkey and apple for my lunch salad tomorrow before I have to be at a meeting at the AAC at 1:00 o’clock. He went to bed before me because he is going to get up and go on a hike tomorrow.

Sent out the call for musicians for Thursday and Saturday; attendance is down for Thursday, but much worse on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 13

John left for hike at 6:25 a.m. & I went back to sleep until 8:40.

Remember I had ordered pills from Fred Meyer on 8/8, but they were not due to arrive until 8/18. I figured out the remaining pills and need to have 5 more pills to make the deadline. Early this morning, I called the vet and ordered what I needed to tide Annie through that gap. I was to pick up this afternoon on my way home, after checking my numbers at Bi-Mart.

10:24 Fixed my lettuce head in its bowl and loaded some dishes.
11:17 Took blood pressure before my Entresto: (med needed to lower BP): BP 146/77 pulse 64

I put in the rest of meds for the week, called Super 1 Pharmacy to refill one, talked to the pharmacist (Tuesday), who is my friend on duty today. My first concern was to refill my Amiodarone but change it from a 200 mg pill to a 100 mg pill so it can be halved to reach the needed dosage, and not quartered (which is a pita), with the smallness of the pill. That was her suggestion 3 months ago.
I spent much time with her, first about the Amiodarone. After her searching the price at 6 different suppliers for the 100mg, and finding it in the $ hundred dollar range, we decided to stick with a 3-month supply of 200 mg Amiodarone at $18.58. They are willing to do the quartering for me, and will continue (no cost). We have no clue why the price is so inflated (even after insurance).
While I was taking her time, I had her search for any of the drugs I’m on, negative interactions with a new probiotic I’m on, named SACCHAROMYCES BOULARDII, by Klaire, the same manufacturer of the one I have been on successfully for several years. There are no conflicts with it. I thanked her for all the time spent dealing with me this morning.

Now waiting to eat my salad, clean up, and leave for AAC.

12:25 p.m., I got a call just as I was walking out the door to go to my meeting at the AAC to get there by 1:00 p.m. It was from Fred Meyer Pharmacy that it had been delivered early, today, and was there for our pick-up. I rapidly called Lila, at Ellensburg Animal Hospital to cancel my order for the 5 tablets.

I went by Bi-Mart and picked up a package of Blueberry Fig Newtons for the number “1” of our membership number’s ending. I gave them away to a friend who likes them, because while John and I eat original Fig Newtons, we prefer other types of cookies. I went by Safeway for a medical report summary for 2018, after attending the AAC Senior Advisory Commission as an observer.

Just home at 3:30 p.m., I took my BP 109/66 p 68 and called John as planned; however, his phone rang in the room I was calling from, so that means he doesn’t have it along and that is our only communication via Bluetooth in his car. I had to wait and fret for his return.

It’s now almost 5:00 p.m. and I have not seen him yet. Normally, he would be home by now.
At 6:00 p.m. I received a call from a phone number in Cle Elum. I answered it thinking it might be from someone else’s phone. It was and it was John. He’d pulled over to the side of the exit ramp at Elk Heights, to stretch out a cramp in his leg. A fellow from Roslyn, WA named Mason, stopped to ask if he needed assistance. John borrowed his cell phone to alert me to where he was and how he would be coming home off I-90 on the Thorp Prairie Rd.

It was good timing, because I had seriously been thinking of calling friends in Search & Rescue to ask how long I should wait to ask for assistance in finding him. He left me detailed topographic maps and distances of the trail he intended to hike today. The hike was longer and harder than he had expected from reading reports. He thinks, now, that only good fast hikers bother to write reports on-line. Not-so-good hikers need time to recover and move on to something else when they do.
He didn’t make it off the trail until 4:30 p.m., and made it home okay. I was happy to see him.

Once here, he only wanted to rest and keep from getting cramps. After he fed the horses, he sat down, and I told him I needed to drive to town before 9:00 p.m. to pick up Annie’s medication. I knew he didn’t feel like cooking supper, so I agreed to bring home something for dinner, and got his choices of what he wanted.

I drove back to town to pick up Annie’s prescription of Rimadyl from Fred Meyer. I went on Naneum, and Thomas, to Wilson Cr., but on the first leg (Naneum / Thomas), I saw 3 does, all three with a set of twins !! I figure that’s some sort of record achievement.

Went on down to Look Rd., and by the KELN (airport) weather station at 7:53 p.m. when the temperature gauge on my Subaru Forester registered 72°. When I got home, I checked and the temperature reported at the exact same time at KELN was 79°.

I made it to Fred Meyer in time to have a nice visit with Chadlyn, and I was able to thank her for all her hard work finding me the good price for a 2-month supply of Annie’s medication. I’ll return there again. I also was able to get John some of his Cola drinks for 79 ₵ each.

From there I went to Burger King for our supper, because John was in no shape to fix anything for us. His legs are still subject to cramping, and he hopes he can lie down without them cramping and get some much needed rest. He was on the trail from 7:40 a.m. to ~ 4:30 p.m.
John has pictures to share – I need to process them and put on a Google Photos link to share in the blog, next week.

Wednesday, August 14

I ran the clothes washer, mostly full of John’s WTA work clothes and one holder with my underpants. I got waylaid and forgot to package up my other nylon bag of socks to wash. I got the bag of underpants cleaned, and that is more important.

I filled 5 more months of records and organized them: Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec. Now need to start entering them into my computer.

Did the final mailing for tomorrow at Pacifica, and updated plans for Saturday at Briarwood. It’s looking to be low in number.
We had our brunch: eggs, sourdough toast (apricot jam for me), bacon, and smoked turkey.
I contacted Vikram Bisht about sending him links to the blog and google photos for WTA work at Manastash Ridge, where he took a lot of very nice photos.
We confirmed attendance at the annual picnic of the KAS, in EBRG’s Mountain View Park.

I’m staying home to rest my foot, making this the 3rd week home since hurting my foot there a month ago.
I wrote C M Bechard on Facebook messenger that I would not be there, but I have 2 more bags of empty bottles to give him when I see him next. I’m hoping for next week.

I looked up in my documents, the number and what to say to renew my Sirius XM Satellite Radio for a year, before 9/1. Otherwise, it renews for some exorbitant price / year of $232. I will not pay that but ask for the current promotion and if it doesn’t suit me, I will cancel my membership.

I took my BP at 2:55 p.m. today and it is much improved over the BP this morning (very high).
From last night (low) – 93/64 Pulse 66
Morning about 9:00 a.m. – 157/87 p 68
Later (no time recorded) – 135/80 p 65
Now at 2:55 p.m., Okay – 105/65 p 70
before at 122/69 p 76
BEFORE AT 135/80 p 65
MORN 157/87 p 68
LAST NIGHT 93/64 p 66 low, so I only took ½ pill Entresto

Thursday, August 15

I’ll start off today with tonight’s moon captured by our friend. Moon over the Kittitas Valley tonight (8/16 a.m.) by Evie Schuetz

We received an early a.m message from The Law Office that Jennifer won’t be back in until Monday. We knew her schedule normally did not include Thursdays, but just called to check in case she might have been there. John needed to go to town today for gasoline for his CrossTrek, and wanted to refill a bucket with onions to return to her, as thanks for her filling it with apricots she picked for us and our neighbor.

I went to Pacifica today; as did Charlotte, Sharon, Manord, Gerald, Joanie, Dean, Amy. Terri came to the door and took from my trunk, all my heavy weighted materials: violin in case, music for the audience, music books for two of the players. It’s quite a load. I pulled up to the front door, she unloaded, and then I drove and parked under a tree for shade. I took a beanie bag shaped as a pink, blue, & white fuzzy sheep to give to Haley, and she really appeared to enjoy toting it all over the big room.

At the end of our playing, Joanie called Ken over to take my car keys and retrieve my car to the front door. Then she loaded up my heaviest bag and took it out to meet him at the car. She came back in and retrieved the rest (my violin case and the audience music). I was most appreciative for their help, and for Terri’s earlier coming in.

I went by Super 1 Pharmacy and picked up my Amiodarone, which they had quartered for me. The price of 100mg was incredibly higher than the 200mg, $237! So we will stay with the quartering. I thought it would be easier to halve the 100.

Tonight we went to the Kittitas Audubon Annual Potluck Picnic, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Mountain View/Lions Park, first time here. We had good burgers grilled with fried onions. Burger, bun, and all the toppings paid for by the club. Members brought appetizers, salad, or dessert, and there were good choices.
We took Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almonds, our plates, utensils, beverages, and chairs. No wine allowed in a city park.

We arrived and greeted those there, and I took a few photos. I’ll have to share a few photos with the group later, and will put them into a Google Photos link, which I may include in next week’s blog.
Then we enjoyed our supper. The grilled burgers were nice, and I especially liked the fried onions to put on with my tomato slices, mustard, and avocado mayonnaise. Also, I had a little of some other dishes that people brought. All very good. I enjoyed the fruit salad and a couple other sides. There was a dessert table as well.
We stayed around until the end visiting with several people we have known from our past, and friends they brought.

Friday, August 16

John left at 6:45 for Denny Creek just west of the I-90 crest at Snoqualmie Summit. This is the first of 3 days.

Morning computer wake-up was this from my friend Evie.Sunrise at corner of No. 81 & Lyons Rd – by Evie Schuetz – her caption was Grassy Sunrise Buffet.

We have been talking about this corner for some time and wanting to know the history of the buildings (looks like an old homestead and an outbuilding). I went out today before 2:00 p.m. and took photos of the buildings, but all the cows were over in the shade beneath the faraway trees in the upper left.

Here are my photos, a little closer up on the buildings, but the afternoon lighting is not as nearly as good as morning sunrise. The two at the top are viewed from Lyons Road; bottom is the view from No 81 Road in Ellensburg, north of Kittitas WA. I hope to learn the history of the place.

Saturday, August 17

John left at 6:50 – he tries to get to the trail by 8:00 along with the other crew leaders. Other volunteers are supposed by arrive by 8:30.
I went back to bed, now up for coffee and starting the day.

At 9:15 I l let Czar out the front door, and Rascal out the back door. He came back in the doggie door with a dead critter, and I followed him down the hall. Annie was ahead of him. He went under the guest bed from by bathroom side, she went around the other, and I followed her to get her out of the room, because he was growling. Went back to front to give Czar food, but he wasn’t out there. So I sat down. Czar came into the den, got petted, and now is gone again. Haven’t checked; am trying to ignore it and hope they don’t find each other. They did, and were both under the bed, but now are both out (guess John will have to look for remains. Now Rascal is out back again and Czar is on the rug at the door. It’s now 10:00. They were actually back out 15 minutes ago. Within minutes, Czar was asleep on his blanket in the den. I assume Rascal will return to his house bed as well, but I haven’t checked. John found when he returned home that it was a rabbit, not a Douglas Squirrel as I had hoped.

I spent time on the phone with Jim Huckabay in South Africa where he is visiting friends. I had been trying to reach him regarding a book he is trying to publish. A former student has inquired. He wanted to get a copy of a book that is advertised on the publisher’s web site, but sadly, all of the information is not there to say it is not yet published, but pending. So, now everyone knows and the web designer will be instructed to put better information in the Titles section.

I have misplaced my cell phone. Maybe I left it on the front seat of my car when I packed up to bring stuff in yesterday. (I didn’t and still haven’t located it). I’m sorry I didn’t find it and call Jim earlier today so he wouldn’t have had to use his to call me. He pays $1.35/minute to call back, and would not have to pay if I had called him. His phone call came in as an international OUT OF AREA call which I normally do not answer but wait for a message. (Caller ID number was 011-xxx-xxxx). I was poised to block it, as I had one OUT OF AREA call yesterday that came multiple times, even after blocked. But, with a slight delay, understandable, Jim started talking, so I listened, and wrote down his number(s), and at his request, returned the phone call. We had a nice conversation (it was night time over there, nine hours ahead of us). It was 11:00 a.m. here.

We played at Briarwood today and afterwards, they fed us an array of salads (fruit, Caesar, pasta salad, herb muffins, and Calico Cowboy Cold Salad. I left my camera at home, so cannot check for other things offered. Desserts, Chocolate Chip cookies, sugar cookies, Rhubarb / strawberry cake with Cool Whip. I got home at 4:15; John had called at 3:38 from the Pass and was entering I-90 East. By the time I called from home (I had to wait because I have lost my cell phone and didn’t have it with me. I have not a clue where it is. I think I last had it with me yesterday, so I don’t know. I tried dialing and leaving a message but it likely won’t ding when it is turned off, which was the last thing I remember doing in my car (turning it off).

Just took off my walking shoes, turned on the a/c and will go load some dishes to soak. That’s all done.

Hope your week was fine.
Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan