Not so Nasty News August 16

Our Forester in very early morning sun and a deer having come to our driveway for the heads of a low growing weed. It didn’t like that I snuck (sneaked) out of the house to get the photo. See Item #4

Item #1: Landing We were sent an e-mail with a few photos gleaned from the web with added ‘cute’ captions. By “gleaned” I mean there is no attribution; who took the photo? Neither do I know who added the caption. The photo above came with: Flight ‘Hum-One’ coming in for a landing’.
When I can find the source, I can give credit. In this case, I found the photo, along with related ones, but still can’t tell if it was taken or used by the author of the site; Wild Garden Accents.

The post is from 2012, so 7 years ago, and may be inactive now. On that page is a photo and a note about providing Hummingbirds a place to perch. The site wants to sell you one of its “amazing hummingbird swings” to place within sight of your feeder.

We feed birds, but not Hummers. They do come and inspect the red stick-on bows we have on the windows – those to keep the regulars from flying into the sky reflection.

A search with “images” for Hummingbirds brings up about 70 gazillion photos. You’ve got nothing better to do – go for it.

Item #2: A different kind of landing
Take a swim
A car crashed through the glass wall of a fitness center — the car landed in the middle of the swimming pool. Three people were swimming laps as the car plunged into the water and quickly sank to the bottom.

None of the swimmers was struck or injured. Two of them swam over to help the driver escape from his car.

Item #3: a 2nd car ends in water

I could not make up stuff like this. The son wanted a Jaguar. Folks bought him a new BMW. Oops!

Kid pushed BMW into pond

Item #4: The dear Deer
I sent the photo of the baby deer to my sister in Ohio. She lives in a very urban area. However, about the length of a football field to her east is the upper (small) part of an ever widening wet area, plant habitat, and woodsy place. I think this wetness becomes a small stream that eventually flows into the infamous Cuyahoga River (it once caught on fire).
After receiving the picture, she wrote:

Cute but they are so destructive. I have two very pretty hydrangea bushes in my front beds. No flowers because no matter how much I spray with deer repellent they eat them the instant they bud!
Last week at church I watched a 10 point buck eat away at two bushes and then it laid down and stayed there for over an hour. There was a big one running thru the yards yesterday.
Did I tell you we have a coyote too!!
I love living in the forest.
Oh wait, I live in the city!!

I mentioned the deer eating her bushes to someone and they claim hanging chunks of Ivory Soap near the plants will scare (?) deer away. Why this should be so, I have no idea.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.