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Sunday, Nov 25

John found our horses Jazz and Breeze in our neighbor’s pasture, and while he found some fence to tie up, he didn’t really find an obvious exit place. (A week later, they are still in our pasture.)

I worked early to finish the blog as I was getting ready to leave for a few hours to stay with my 95 yr old neighbor to be sure he didn’t fall. His son was going to go to Yakima with a friend to a movie. Those plans changed at 10:51 a.m. when he called to tell me a neighbor at the head of the Naneum Canyon was free and would come down for the afternoon. I was grateful, because I would not have had access to the Internet from 1:30 until 6:30.

Here was one of the things I was able to accomplish, this link to my third Thanksgiving dinner:

Swedberg Family on Saturday Thanksgiving with 15 pictures.

Monday, Nov 26

I will be working today getting ready for visiting the Doctor for the Diagnostic part of our Annual Physical and to discuss the results of the lab tests and chest X-rays we had taken last week.

I was busy all day, and did not go to town to go to the SAIL exercise class at 1:30 p.m. at the AAC.
I was on the phone with doctors and assistants. I’m still far behind on many things.

Tuesday, Nov 27

Today was our one-week follow-up to last Tuesday’s visit for the annual physical. John drove his Subaru, because it was very low on gasoline, and the best price in the area is in Cle Elum. We paid $2.96 (credit card price) / gal and the cash price was $2.86. Cheapest in Ellensburg was $3.15. Tonight John’s sister Peggy called to report in on her weekend with family, and the amazing price she paid when she got back to Ohio: $2.19/gal.

We went the Interstate going and back Hwy 10 by the river returning. On our way up we had a little rain and saw both ends of a large rainbow. We could not see Mt. Stuart, because of the cloud cover. These two pictures are the ends of the rainbow that stretched a long distance across the Kittitas Valley.

We got there on time for checking in according to our records, but they were different from the computer’s. We had been scheduled for both annual visits long ago and the dates were on our desktop calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. We made it there last week and returned this week, only to find out, even though we were going in together, they had separated our times and this week I was scheduled at 10:00 a.m. They finally decided to take us both in at the time we were expecting, that had been written up in John’s name. I checked in, and then questioned the receptionist I know well (she’s my neighbor!), about what could have happened? We had not received the pre-mailed paperwork for our first one last week, and we did not receive a call reminder on the phone as normal. The Nov 20 appointment went all right. For today, however, we again had received no reminder call, and it didn’t go all right. Finally, she tracked it to the reason. They had texted the message to our landline. Our landline is a landline and not a cell phone and does not understand or accept or notify us of a call or a text from anyone. It will take voicemail messages. We have filled the paperwork at all our hospital connections and pharmacy not to text us. We do not get cell reception at home, even if we could receive texts.

Supposedly, Priscilla has fixed it to be a phone call only to our landline. Because we get no cell reception at home, we only give our cell phone to a nurse if we are to be away from home and they need to reach us. We have answered the questions on their interview form NOT TO USE OUR CELL PHONES for home communication. Perhaps this will be corrected now. The fact of a change in the medical records system providers has affected us and many others quite negatively.

From there we were seen by our doctor. He went over our lab tests and the report from a radiologist on chest x-rays. Who or where that was done is a mystery. We did not get to view them. He just told us what the report said. Mine were fine and showed nothing that indicated a hiatal hernia – it wasn’t mentioned. John’s had a fuzzyness in an area which could be related to a previous infection and scaring or could be a “fold” in the lung from not inflating fully while holding his breath for the x-ray machine. [John says no.] Our doctor recommended waiting a month and coming back the end of December for a re-take. We made that appointment for Dec 24, and have put it on our wall calendar. It’s for a 1:00 check-in for a 1:15 appt. He will go first to the lab / radiology for his x-ray and then it will be available for Dr. Wood and the appointment at 1:15 p.m. John and I will both get to see that description and ask questions. Our regular physician and my cardiologist are very good about having us both present for medical discussions.

Comparison of my Thyroid tests today, from last week and from last April. I was concerned that the last test both times was different between the dates, and therefore in my estimation, not comparable: Triiodothyronine, Free LC = 2.1 (note was N1, in April, with a different range, [2.0-4.4] from the Nov. 20 test. The Nov test for the same, was titled Triiodothyronine, T3 LC = 60 (note was N2, in Nov, with a range, [70-180]. While different, the low value was apparent in each. My doctor would rather see the TSH closer to 1.0; but the conversation ended with a recommendation to go back to the Endocrinologist (Dr. Lisa Stone) in Wenatchee who had reviewed my case last November. She had told me to follow up with the April draw and gave me the lab orders for it to be done here in Ellensburg. Those results were better, as expected, and made me happy. She suggested adding the same tests to the annual exam. I did not need a new referral, because she had told me I could schedule an appointment anytime I felt the need. So, I came home and have an appointment on Tuesday, Dec 18. I also called Medical Records and had them FAX these Thyroid lab from both dates to her in advance of my visit. Luckily, that’s something I can do without going through a medical professional.

We didn’t have too much more to discuss with Dr. Wood.
We’d got Crispy Chicken sandwiches for the drive home. Then bought gasoline on the way out of town.

We came home through Ellensburg and got a few things, plus checked my number and we won a package of Festival Coconut Cookie Rolls, which John and I decided was mostly air and not worth paying $1.67 for 3.5 ounces. 25¢ would be plenty. Considering it was a free gift, we tried a few before heading up the Naneum Fan.

Wednesday, Nov 28

I left in the fog and rain on my way to the Food Bank. I stopped off first near the airport to leave Wall St. Journals for a business student. From there to pick up some Box Top coupons for schoolto give to our little friend, Haley, for a possible prize, in getting her school some money for supplies. Another woman donated one box top, and I ended up with 32 with an unexpired date (required).
Here’s the story on that: From Amy about delivery of box tops..
Haley said Mrs. H was surprised with how many she brought in. She now will be entered in 5 times for a chance to win $10 to next week’s book fair. They accept box tops all year. But then occasionally do a bigger incentive to get them in.Their school also hands out “eagle bucks” for good behavior, being respectful, etc. They put their names on them then in a bucket. At the end of the month they draw names force winner. Haley won in Sept. She chose a popsicle at lunch as a reward. Today she and a little boy won. This time she picked a Christmas book with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

From there I drove to the Food Bank and lucked out getting a spot close to the door, plus some help carrying my load inside.
We played and sang Christmas music today and everyone there was happy, singing along, and applauding.

When it was over I went to my SAIL exercise class at the AAC, and heard from several people there how much they enjoyed the music (many AAC members are there for M-Th Senior Nutrition), and supported by the government (the program started as money from the tobacco companies, oddly enough).
I also took a bag of non-perishable groceries to the senior center to put in the Christmas Basket donation box. The Christmas Basket program is an excellent program for our region, upper and lower Kittitas County.

Here’s a local Christmas story: Haley, the Penny Elf
Last year’s Penny Elf, Haley – is on this year’s collection canisters – these below are from Super 1 Pharmacy and in an unclear container. I went by grocery outlet later this week, and theirs had her picture, but were clear, and you could see bills and more than just pennies. Haley ————– This year’s canister with her last year’s pix.

Follow the next link to see this year’s report.

Haley the Penny Elf

From SAIL at the AAC, I came home by way of a lady I met a couple weeks ago, and she introduced me to her chickens and ducks (all named). She gave me a dozen eggs. I gave her a pot of hens and chickens. Today I got one more dozen, but the girls have slowed laying, and she will be keeping all for Christmas baking. I left her 2 egg cartons and picked up one more box top for Haley. I enjoyed the family’s Christmas yard decorations (large balloon figures of the nativity scene, Santa and reindeer on the roof, Frosty the Snowman and others in the yard. Lighted candy canes. Quite a lovely show. It was not quite dark yet, but showed up well on the overcast day. I wish I had had my camera.

Thursday, Nov 29

Today is our normal Bye Day from playing at Assisted Living homes, but one of our musicians, Maury Martin, had invited the group to his house in Cle Elum for a jam session. Weather is the only problem with driving toward the Cascades. It has currently stopped raining in Ellensburg, and the fog is not as thick as yesterday, but it is overcast. We may have a little sun in the afternoon, if the NOAA forecast is correct:.

Made my appointment with Dr. Lisa Stone in Wenatchee for Dec 18, 11:05 a.m. and talked with Jackie in Medical Records, KVH, to FAX the Thyroid test results from April and from November up today to them.

Worked on the dish loading, ran the washer, had sausage, eggs, and toast for lunch, checked the intros for the December music, and packed printed playlists to hand out.

I left for Maury’s jam session getting there in 40 minutes via Taylor Rd from Hwy 10. We only had Maury & Marilyn (their place), Sharon, Charlotte, Gerald and me. No one else could come, because of sickness, or other conflicts. I thought we’d just planned on jamming, but they had their Christmas tree up, and their Christmas music (for December playlist) ready, and had planned to use it. I was unaware of the plans, so I had not included Gerald & Charlie’s music book for December, and only had my own along for Sharon to copy the intros I put into my book last year. After we finished with the Christmas songs we did San Antonio Rose and one other, but then Maury got out the mic and Marilyn sang Kentucky Waltz. Then Charlotte picked out San Antonio Rose and we played it, but then we switched to gospel songs and another couple of non-gospel, but suddenly Sharon and I realized it was 3:30, and we needed to leave for our trip home. One parting song at Marilyn’s request: Amazing Grace.

I went home through Ellensburg and called ahead for Burger King to throw in 2 Crispy Chickens to make sandwiches for our dinner. ’cause we are leaving again. I wanted them to be cooked fresh, and not leftover from lunch under a heat lamp. They had told me previously it took them 6 minutes to cook them, so I allowed for that. I stopped at Super 1 to get a photo of the collection canister for Christmas Baskets that was in the Super 1 Pharmacy. Amy had not seen anything but the label and not any on a container. Now you have seen it above in this blog.

John had fixed cheesy-potatoes and a drink to have with what I brought. We’re leaving now for two meetings at CWU.

First stop was to the student activities building (SURC) “pit” where Bob Carson was signing and selling his authored books by Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc., Sandpoint, ID. Most recent is The Blues, on the Blue Mountains. He has an apparently nice one on Yellowstone, but with much information on the Clark Fork Valley, which in its own right would be suitable for a National Park without others so close by.

Second location was Science II building on campus to get a front row seat for videotaping. Had a little problem with the people in front of me tonight on the floor, but occasionally obstructing the screen. I try to get there by 6:30, and was a little earlier tonight. The talk starts at 7:00. Nick’s Intro to IAF Local Chapter Meeting, 11-29-18

Nick Zentner’s Introduction to Bob Carson, Speaker

Bob Carson: Half a Century of Exploring the Olympic Peninsula

Bob Carson Fields Questions

Friday, Nov 30

Again I went to the SURC for noon Scholarship luncheon. It is arts & crafts time (called Ware Fair), a frenzied selling event, so was happy I have an Emeritus Parking sticker. We’re having Pulled Pork, coleslaw, Ruth’s cheesecake with her own raspberry topping, and mixed fruit drinks.

Then on to the last day the clothing part of the Kittitas Neighborhood Pantry is open until spring. I’m going to take a bag of clothing there to leave, and check for some jeans for some folks who are disabled and unable to drive to Kittitas. They did not want the clothes, so I will take them tomorrow to the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center at the United Methodist Church. Unless people are unaware, unwilling, or can’t motor, there is no reason to go un-clothed or hungry in the County.

I went by an apt. in Kittitas to pick up a Christmas top from a gal (given to me from the free request Facebook site). I took her our last pot of Hens & chicks from this year, and missed getting the shirt until the next day. Her daughter picked it up on their trip to take her mom to Yakima, thinking it needed to go with them.

Saturday, Dec 1

I managed a find and replace and changed all my Novembers to December on the FitBit daily results. And also on my form for scheduling the KV F&F attendance(s) every month. My newest version of Word has changed the method of Find & Replace. Weird.

I went to the Methodist Church’s Ellensburg Community Clothing Center for Christmas tops, after LaRaine Crook told me on The Free Box site I could find a lot of Christmas clothing there. They are only open from 9:00 to Noon on Saturdays and same on Tuesdays. My friend Anne was there volunteering, and brought me two bottles of Bleu Cheese dressing she got a Costco for me while there on Friday. I took her a flowered thank you card with $10. I got there a little after 10:30 by the time I found the place.
I now have 4 tops featuring Christmas. One is a plain red vest I can wear over a lighter Christmas shirt, a nice green jacket type thing, with holly & berries and Santa Claus, twice, making a list and checking it twice. And two others. I’ll try to take a photo next week, or have my photo taken in them when I go to gigs this December. We have at least two every week, and 3 on the 3rd week in Dec.

I took my laptop to Burger King for a sandwich, and took along my thermos with PowerAde Zero in it. I got myself a booth, to eat and check my email.

Left there and went to Bi-Mart for a 2019 Desktop calendar, we put on our wall, because every year about this time, they have a 30% off sale on calendars. It only cost me $4.19. Good deal.

I made another stop on the north side of town, and came back by Grocery Outlet to check out their Christmas Clothing. They had one nice Winter Wonderland sweatshirt I liked, but not at the $14.95 price. So, I left it hanging. But I bought a jazzy pair of lounging pants with HO HO HO and a green and red pattern which will work well with a couple of things I have. They were $8. I have a cool red baseball hat with a Santa hat on top, which says, Merry Christmas. It was given to me by my friend since 6th grade, Maude. I wear it much of the month of December.

It was getting close to 1:00 p.m. so I made my way to The Tav but there were no parking spots on the street. I went around a long 2 block square and parked on Main Street, close to 4th Street figuring I could turn down and find Suzy West’s car to transfer the Fuji apples she brought me they shared from a fruit-packing house in the lower valley. Just as I got my car parked, she called and I said, I’m right around the corner. Took a while to get across the street at the light.
I joined them and met three ladies I hadn’t previously known and one I’ve known since the late 90s at CWU. We had a nice visit. She was parked a block away, so I drove there and found a space right next to her car. Handy for transferring. Then we parted and said goodbyes and carried hellos to our respective husbands.

I then went by the Ellensburg Library and initiated my library card. Until recently we were unable to have a card, by living in the county out of the city limits, but they’ve changed those rules now, and I can use it to check out books or use their computers when we are in town for a meeting in the building, early.

From there to Briarwood. Talked to Lee Kiesel about our date upcoming for our group to visit, play Christmas music, and eat a Christmas buffet she is planning.

I carried by two pair of slacks to a woman there who gave me another Christmas sweatshirt. This one is red with penguins skiing down a hill. I left there and went back for the long-sleeved Xmas tee shirt given to me by the gal in Kittitas where I missed it yesterday.

Sunday, Dec 2

Today is the free Christmas Community Dinner being put on by the Swauk-Teanaway Grange. We are staying home and fixing our own: fresh farm eggs, well cooked bacon, and home fries. There are more turkey and mashed potato meals in a 2-week time span than I can handle. None on Christmas Day, however. We have a frozen turkey breast to fix, if we remember to take it out in time.

Just heard from a newly made friend (via FB) that her husband had a massive heart attack and was air-lifted to Seattle to Swedish. He’s currently in an induced coma after his systems shut down. Been there, done that, and John totally understands what she’s going through.
She called me after I wrote her a note on Facebook and we talked for 20 minutes. The hospital sent her home to her own bed as well as her 3 children (in their 20s) and suggested they would have him on life support for at least a week, and they should come home and try to get some rest.

Washed dishes again today, and finally am doing a load of clothes. There is a huge blanket (probably queen size) included so I only put a limited amount of other stuff in.

Wow, just got tagged two minutes ago (just after 6:00 p.m. tonight) on Facebook from Jeri Conklin in CA about her two dogs running in the field. I don’t always see FB announcements unless I’m tagged. I co-own Daisy with her. I’m glad she found Xena and got back safely. Here’s her post: *That’s Daisy in the Christmas Card.

So it looks like Xena’s Senior Hunter legs 3 & 4 will wait until our February double/double hunt test to finish – after some remedial work on giving mom the finger and blinking an honor today. Everything else was absolutely perfect! Her scores all weekend were 10s and 9s! This morning her and her bracemate came up on a walking bird. She almost stopped to point but the GSP kept on going and put it up and the chase was on 🙂 So we know what we need to do in the next two months.

Daisy did her second MH test today and like yesterday – all 10s and 9s until she retrieved the bird to “almost” my hand and about a foot in front of me :-)Today was all 10s and 9s and “almost” to hand and about a foot behind me. So we are getting close and will work on it. If that is all I have to fix, we are okay. All the judges both days complimented both dogs and tried really hard to pass them.

So it was a great weekend, very long and cold and even though I was left out on the desert searching for Xena on Saturday night – that is a long story, but suffice to say – neither club, gunners, judges or those involved will ever leave another person out on the desert floor miles from camp with 10 minutes to go until it was pitch black, looking for her dog:-) I have survived war, cancer, jumping from perfectly good airplanes and death, but having my dog lost on the desert at night with no one coming out to help me or pick me up once I found her miles from camp and no light to walk back in – that might have been one of those moments that made all the difference in survival. Her tracker kept losing the signal and we are out by Edwards AFB, so who knows what they are scrambling. It was my scariest moment(s) so far.

And finally: Czar (male feral cat, neutered) has moved himself into the house and comes and goes, as does Annie (dog) and Rascal. They pass each other warily, and so far do fine.

We had an inch of snow mid-week. Night temps will be about 17 for a few days, but it is clear. Those two things are related. We are not expecting big changes through all of this week. That’s as far as NOAA wants to project publicly. There are indications the last 3 weeks of the year will be cool and snowy. We’ll see.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan