Not so nasty news Dec 7th

Item #1: A penny’s worth of fries

Six at a time

So he thinks a serving of fries is just 6. There’s a solution for that.
There is one sort of hidden in this batch. Note the penny for scale.
Works for me.

Item #2: Color of the year
Parrot barf or Living Coral – – You decide.
Code# 16-1546

Search using ‘Living Coral’ and you can find many hits on the Pantone Color Institute’s Color Of The Year For 2019.

Many years ago a building visible from the downhill run into Lewiston, Idaho was given a new coat of paint. No one was quite sure what name the color had, but most agreed it wasn’t pretty. A fellow we knew that wrote for the paper decided the color was that of Parrot barf. He proceeded to make an issue of it in an opinion column.
At that time we did not know anyone that had a parrot and we had not seen one’s barf. I recall the building’s color was a bit more orange or orange/brown. Nevertheless, this new color called “Living Coral” brought about an old memory.

You will see a lot of “Living Coral” things in 2019, and you will be urged to buy them. Be prepared.

Item #3: See the coyote
Note the lack of vegetation. The uneven white stripes across the structure are erosion control mats – straw in rolls of
biodegradable jute netting. They will become part of the landscape in a year or so.

Coyote in a 9 second video:
Your gas tax money at work

More on the crossing;

From 6 weeks ago
Here is an artistic image of what this crossing will look like after 20+ years, when the trees have grown.

Central Washington researchers and students were involved with this project. Some of those students were in Nancy’s classes in the last few quarters she taught. I’ve seen the construction progress because I have to go that way for many of the Washington Trails trips.

Item #4: The Oak Ridge Boys
Traveling with suits

These 4 are no longer boys but we have liked their songs, as did the recently deceased President Bush.
They were in Spokane when the funeral was held. They went to Texas to sing “Amazing Grace” .

Item #5: Be careful what you pray for

Snoqualmie Pass ski resort held a “Pray for Snow” party amid grim snowpack forecast

That can’t mean good news: I’m off to buy a new shovel.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.