On The Go Again, Continued

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Back to yesterday, Sunday, October 22

Report from Jeri Conklin about our dog, Daisy’s running in the Southern San Joaquin Brittany Trial, in CA. Here’s a collage of the day.Daisy on one of her best runs this year; Scott handling her away from the covey of quail find (she had two), at the end with Jeri Conklin. Sadly, with the good run, and 2 covey finds handled well, she was not included in the placements.

Monday, October 23

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 22: SpO2 low 84, 15 events <88% with overall avg., 92.2%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.2%. Pulse avg. 55.1, low 50. Slept 7 hrs 1 min. At 9:39 a.m. BP 127/69 pulse 63

Found out Gloria is moving to Hearthstone, to a 2-bedroom apartment upstairs.

Things we delivered yesterday included a 5-gallon bucket of Black walnuts still in their husks and a box of Carpathian walnuts out of their husks, we left on their front porch.

A collage of Amy’s Haley photos, she posted on Facebook. Haley, excited find; cracked with cool nutcracker; picked half.

The next collage is of the preschool science activities Amy set up for this week, with the walnuts:Black walnuts in husks, tree leaf comparison, the husked black walnuts from our yard. The Carpathians (English) we gave them that John already husked, many of them fall to the ground with the husk open already, unlike the Black Walnuts.Only the title page with 4 pages of a cool “primer” book Amy Davison made for teaching about nuts in their Preschoolers’ class. They also examined the different nuts and tasted them.

At 10:05pm BP 113/63 pulse 64

Late afternoon, we went to the Eberhart orchard and picked mostly HoneyCrisp apples, with a few Galas, and a very few Romes.Probably Galas on tree; boxed after picked, HoneyCrisp, perhaps.

Tuesday, October 24

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 23: SpO2 low 84, 11 events <88% with overall avg., 92.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 90.3%. Pulse avg. 55.6, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 15 min

John left at 5:55 a.m. for Grand Ridge, in Issaquah Hts., WTA trail work, supposedly in good weather today. Low at airport overnight was 32° when John was leaving this morning (airport is 5 miles south of us).

My temperature at 10:44 a.m. on 10-24-17 is 96.8°F.
I slept in late! Frost on the ground still from last night.
Wrote Katrina about the Nov 3 plans, copied Karen E.
Unloaded dishwasher; started soaking & loading again, all day, working on it. Finally, I started it late.

By Bi-Mart for checking numbers (didn’t win), checked but they are out of anymore Fisherman’s Friends. I have lived on them the past 5 weeks and am continuing this week.

I fed the outside cats, and let Annie out to meet John. He called from just down the road. Except for the Appreciation Event on Friday, Nov. 3, this is his last WTA trip for 2017.

John got home at 5:25 p.m., before dark! He took Annie for her evening run and to check on and feed the horses.

My temperature at 10:12 p.m. on 10-24-17 is 97.2° F.

Wednesday, October 25

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 24: SpO2 low 85, 4 events <88% with overall avg., 91.5%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.2%. Pulse avg. 57.1, low 50. Slept 9 hrs 15 min. Long haul; guess I needed it. My temperature at 9:52 a.m. today was 97.7° F.

I had a good breakfast with John before I left: omelet with onions & mushrooms, piece of farm bread toast. I arrived late, had help carting my violin and music into the FISH Food Bank, went on in to visit with people, and played music from noon to 12:30. I didn’t stay for lunch because of my big breakfast.

I ran some errands around town, talked to Gloria, and found her at the Millstone Loop house, dropped off some rolls and the prunes and she’ll pay me the $9 later (for the prunes from Costco). We visited and I left. She will come down to the Garden Room tomorrow for music at Hearthstone, from her new apt.

I went on to SAIL class at the activity center (seniors). Got home after SAIL was over, about 3:00 p.m. and started on things around here.

John showed me the flue cap for our wood stove. It was so cold last December and January we burned wood for about 7 weeks straight. Not good. Not advised. The burning ember screen at the top had completely closed up with “First Degree Creosote Buildup” – look it up. That caused the stove to quit. With howling wind and minus temperature, he did not clean it then. Today was the day to have a look. He climbed up and took the cap off and brought it down to clean. He has taken photos to send to the Fosseems place in Yakima, where we bought it. They might be interested, or not.

Here is a photo:Lower right, for scale, are 3 Black Walnuts in their husks.

One on-line site claims these things should be removed and cleaned every two weeks. The smallish screen size is the standard to prevent embers from escaping. As the wood stove is meant for emergencies, maybe we will stick to that plan.

Supper: John fixed a nice bowl of Chili and beans, onions, for our dinner. It was scrumptious, and also he cut up a Rome apple for me to eat with it. I love Romes as eating apples. I don’t think we picked very many.

Thursday, October 26

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 25: SpO2 low 85, 8 events <88% with overall avg., 91.3%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.8%. Pulse avg. 56.1, low 50. Slept 8 hrs 20 min.

Breakfast: sausage, piece of omelet with mushrooms & onions, white toast w/ strawberry jam, fruit cocktail.

My temperature was 97.1° F at 10:35 a.m.

David arrived at 10:45 to trim Myst. I carried him the check and John got Myst. Annie got to visit with Dave and be petted.

We’re leaving (1:10 P.M.) for Hearthstone music at 2 P.M. and John will help me carry stuff in, and also will sit in the activities room and catch up on his reading of the WSJ.

We visited with a few folks before leaving, and Amy took a photo of me with Haley in our Halloween outfits. I’ll merge it with one of Haley in the Japanese Gardens at CWU. The fall of the year is a beautiful time to visit there. The resulting collage is below:Haley w/ Spider Web, Nancy w/ Pumpkins in Love, John in back, portrait of Haley in CWU’s Japanese Gardens, by mom, Amy.

Afterwards, we will run by 3 places before coming home. We went first to Super 1 for their sales, and never made it to the CWU surplus sale before 4:00 closing, but went by 110 10th, in the alley behind, to check on a composter’s size a woman is giving away. We could not find it. I found it later in the week.

Late lunch about 5:25 bowl of chili, beans, onions, tomatoes, John made yesterday.

Supper at 8:00 p.m., was salad with iceberg lettuce, bleu cheese dressing, pistachios, cut up Gala apple, cut up smoked turkey breast from Super 1 we got today, we each had a large AA hard-boiled egg, and I had Cheezits for croutons.

A mouse has been coming in at night, behind my recliner and bothering me. John set a trap. Just before 10:00 p.m. the mouse went to meet her/his maker. Three days later the reset trap with peanut butter and a Cheezit was untouched. No more mice in the den, so it is reset in the garage, where no cats can enter.

My temperature at 10:16 p.m. on 10-26-17 is 97.5° F.

We are enjoying a dessert of chocolate cake with roasted walnuts on top of chocolate frosting and a bit of ice cream.

Friday, October 27

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 26: SpO2 low 85, 16 events <88% with overall avg., 91.9%. Avg. low SpO2, 87.4%. Pulse avg. 59.1, low 55. Slept 4 hrs 59 min. (on Oximeter), & went another 4 hrs. off; battery died. My temperature at 10:06 a.m. on 10-27-17 is 97.4° F.

I went for my INR and BMP today. Got there about 1:00 p.m.; received my results at home at 4:00 p.m. INR=3.0 (better); BMP had the Sodium up to 134 (yea); Potassium was a little high at 5.0, creatinine was elevated at 1.5, but at the moment I do not have my personal reference. Being high means I’m dehydrated, or something, so to be watched. Not sure how with all I have been drinking, and the PowerAdeZero. Today was a diuretic (Lasix) day, but I didn’t take it until after I was home from the blood draw. ??? My PCP will be asked Monday, if I should have it checked Nov. 10 with the others.

I went to the AAC, with two cameras, John’s and mine, but only used mine. I should have used John’s for the portraits, because mine wasn’t focusing well on the left side of the lens. I did get some good videos, however, that I couldn’t have gotten with John’s camera. Oh well, live and learn.

I haven’t processed those photos yet, so they will have to wait for a small collage and at least 2 videos.

Went by Suzanne Blakeney’s and found the composter she is willing to give us, but John needs to unload the truck and go back next week for it. I have known her many years at CWU, where she was a student, and took at least one of my classes.

Upon arriving home, found a message that took me back to EBRG. Potatoes had arrived from Moses Lake and the folks did not want to chance a freezing temperature. I had 3 boxes of 50# of clean baking Russet potatoes. Help was there to load as I can’t lift 50 pounds. Dropped one box off at Celia’s (my neighbor a mile away). I’ll take the other in on Tuesday or Wednesday to my friend from S. Cle Elum, who I’ll see at an exercise class and the Food Bank.

My temperature at 10:51 p.m. on 10-27-17 is 97.2° F.

Saturday, October 28

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 27: SpO2 low 83, 17 events <88% with overall avg., 91.5%. Avg. low SpO2, 87.3%. Pulse avg. 58.7, low 52. Slept 8 hrs 4 min.

Called in our Rx – John’s Lisinopril 30 and my Amiordarone 200 (cut into ¼ parts). They will have them ready today !

My temperature at 9:30 a.m. on 10-28-17 is 97.4° F.

I spent over an hour cleaning and loading the dishwasher and tossing food cans and tops. Phew. Wore me out. John’s been doing outside chores.

We went to pick apples this afternoon at Eberhart’s. We picked for a couple hours, mostly Galas, we think. Came away with about 10 boxes, and we both picked the entire time. The main purpose is to take boxes on Monday (after my eye surgery) to the AAC (Senior Center) for them to wash and use at two events this week, if they wish. Wednesday, Nov 1 is a special event there to have Aging and Long Term Care, Pacifica Senior Living, Hospice Friends, RSVP, and KVH Advanced Care Planning to have an open house to provide information to the community from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 about issues important to seniors. There will be raffle door prizes, refreshments, live music, and information provided.

Next is a Veterans Day event planned for Nov 3, Friday, at the AAC. [ Photo from last year ]Nov 3 this Friday’s lunch (and people have to sign up by Wednesday, 11/1), (knowing the names of the veterans to be there is important for planning the program honoring of each branch of the military, after the lunch. A count is needed for the people there to eat lunch, as well as the veterans who will be in attendance. This is an annual event in honor of Veterans in our community. Be there by 11:30 and seated for lunch (and for our playing, Fiddlers & Friends). A color guard starts the ceremony. Vets are encouraged to wear their uniforms or insignia of their military service branch. A meal will be served of Meatloaf, Baked Potato, and sides, with beverages, cold and hot. Our music group, Kittitas Valley Fiddlers & Friends will play 13 songs about America and the U.S A., starting after everyone is served. The audience will have the lyrics to the songs, to sing along. After the 13 songs, everyone will stand, face the flag, salute, and sing the National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner (acapella) – no instruments, although I will start the song (in the key of F – so the notes are not too high to sing).

We had to go to town first to drop off 2 flat tires from John’s Gorilla Cart, to have repaired. They told us they would have them ready in the afternoon, and gave us a number to call to check before we drove the 20 minutes back to town.

We also had to stop at Super 1 for a prescription for John and one for me, and while I was getting them, he went and bought some produce for us. We had beautiful sunny weather and lovely autumn leaves to view on our trips around the county.

We probably picked 10 boxes of apples, (mostly donated wine boxes, from Grocery Outlet). We gave one box to the people at Les Schwab. The only cost we incurred was for one tube. They were thrilled with the apples and while we were there, several were eaten – unwashed – oh well. On our way home, we dropped a box off with Carole Pritchett. We stopped and shared a box of apples with the Farrars, checked with Charlie but someone already gave them some, called another family, but they were out of town, until Sunday, so we decided not to risk freezing temps. We carried a box to our neighbor a mile up Naneum from us, Allen Aronica. We still have apples we picked last week at the same place. I had my camera with me today, but didn’t take it with me to the trees. Could have had some lovely pictures of red apples surrounded by yellow leaves, with rays of sunshine. Instead, it will just have to be in our memories. We truly enjoyed the red colors around very vivid this year. Red maples and shorter thorny shrubs in peoples’ yards gave us nice colors.

Sunday, October 29

No CPAP – Oximetry for Oct 28: SpO2 low 85, 7 events <88% with overall avg., 91.1%. Avg. low SpO2, 89.1%. Pulse avg. 55.9, low 50. Slept 7 hrs 31min.

I gave John a long awaited haircut, and then he fixed us a late brunch.

We had smoked turkey on a large egg with Parmesan cheese, and a piece of toast. The turkey was the last of a pre-packaged thinly sliced bag – not really tasty. The store was out of their own smoked pieces that are great, so this was the substitute. Now gone.

I just went out and admired John’s cleaning up of the garage. He’s frustrated with all the stuff that needs thrown away or moved from there. He had me look at 2 boxes that had not been opened since I shipped them from my mother’s house in Atlanta many years ago. One box I recognized. One I don’t remember having seen it. We park expensive autos outside and store junk in the garage. I’m helping by staying inside and working on chores in the house, on the computer, and need to work on the blog.

My temperature at 3:15 p.m. on 10-29 was 96.7° F.

Dinner was a part of a baked potato with roast beef over the top, with onions, tomatoes, gravy, mushrooms, celery, and cauliflower raw on the side with Bleu Cheese dressing.

Nice dessert – small piece of Pecan Pie with a little ice cream. I deserve it after weighing without clothes, and my weight is down. I need to go in for my weigh in, and measurements I have missed for over a month. At least I won’t have to take a shower in the cold morning, in the far reaches of our house.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan