The mountains of Washington got snow Saturday and Sunday. Most of the State got some except for the very south and southeast. The highest totals are about 2 feet, but only Pikas live there.
Pikas do not hibernate, so they must spend the short alpine summers gathering food for the winter ahead. This frenzied activity consists of gathering large quantities of plants in their mouths and scurrying back to designated storage areas called “haystacks” to let the plants dry.
Link to NPS site

This morning we woke to about 2 to 3 inches. I cleaned some spaces off and placed Sunflower seeds for the birds. The Collared Doves came right away. Then came California Quail. Smaller birds include Finches and Dark-eyed Juncos. Around here the latter are called Oregon Juncos.
Junco with photo

We have just had brunch, I’m watching birds, and Nancy is working on her weekly report. We think it will get done today.

Cheers to all,