On the go again …

Likely we’ll do the weekly news Monday night.
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We’ve had a busy week.
Both the weather and Nancy were in good form.
Monday: We did a multi-purpose trip to EBRG, came home, and went across the valley to pick apples. Pictures at 11.
Nancy played and sang with the music group on Thursday.
And, she spent time getting things set for next week when the Senior Center hosts a Veterans Day event on Friday – yes, early, but the 1st Friday of a month is the day for special events.

Saturday we went again for apples and delivered 4 boxes to friends as we came home.
Much of this coming week looks good, weather wise. Then a change is due, and more winter-like will replace fall. We are supposed to go to Seattle Friday afternoon and return between 8 – 10 P.M. Snow is expected on the Pass on Saturday. Weather forecasts beyond 3 days are not too reliable, so we will be reading about the weather all week.

And speaking of reading:
The local paper began printing a new cartoon in spring. It is called “Breaking Cat News.” It is one of the better current comics.
For about a week the story line has been about Halloween and the cats have seen strange beings coming and knocking on the door demanding things. This week the cats are dressed up in costumes and they are not happy. Have a look.

Breaking Cat News

I spent 15 minutes this week on the web site learning about the artist/creator, about the cats, and the neighbors.
You can go back a week or so and then follow along.