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Sunday, July 23

For July 22 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 17 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 12 min with (max = 12 L/min). Oximetry:
Unable to calculate until I find my Oximeter

First, two of my favorite views of Mt. Rainier, John took today.Work crew along the Sourdough Ridge trail, heading for the Fremont Lookout Trail; still ½ mile west. Next is the north side of the mountain with a small cloud covering the peak – from the lunch spot.

Next are photos of workers using various “grubbing” tools.Gabby, with grub hoe, beside wildflowers. Top, another grub hoe used to fill bucket with small material for tread. Bottom, shows using a McLeod. Caution is used around all the plants because of their slow growth on these high rocky slopes. John plans to document the “stay on the trail” aspects some next Sunday.Rock wall built by CCC (1920s), Hannah (blue hat) walking trail to Frozen Lake. John’s hat displays a new Mt. Rainier sticker. The shadow of an old, long gone, sticker is the deeper orange on the right side.

Here is Hannah Tennent, Blue Hat Crew leader’s thanks to workers on trail today: Elliot, Wyatt, Chuck, Patrick, John H., Russ, & Jordan removed more rocks from the trail than I could keep track of. Thank you all for moving along the trail and figuring out what needed to be done! Each time I walked down the trail, it kept getting nicer and nicer farther on.

Patrick, Andrew, & John H. removed the behemoth that was vertically deep in the earth. That was an impressive feat of teamwork to watch. Thank you all for your perseverance and dedication! 

Also, cheers to John S., John H., and Elliot for shifting another massive rock (maybe a theme of the day?) and creating a new bench. That spot is a veritable (and beautiful!) rest spot in the trail now. It’s in a great spot and I fully expect to see many hikers using those benches on future weekends.

The “bench” rock is shown here:The rock had a football sized top sticking up into the middle of the trail. Digging, digging, and more digging revealed it was a flat slab with a big bulb (root) underneath. That part is mostly in shadow. Because it had a flat top, and because there are very few places to sit, the volunteers decided to get the flat part horizontal, so as to make a resting place. More Digging. A cloth strap was used to rotate it so the best side was at the inner edge of the trail. Then it was leveled. At that point John left with the rock-bar to help with another chore.
The bench, with its two main creators, is shown below;John S. and Elliott C. perched on the back edge of the now filled hole. Photo from the trail. Work is over for these two. Well, there is a 2+ mile hike down to Sunrise.

This last rock removed was a large flat slab buried with a point up. The crew had already removed 2 large rocks from this site. After that one was taken care of, they had one final ankle buster left to tackle. At first it seemed the slab would break apart, but no such luck. That’s Patrick on the left.Eventually 3 iron bars were used to slowly lift the rock out of its home of many years. This involved a bit of lift – 3 to 5 inches; then shove rocks in the bottom. Lift, rocks, repeat. On the right (note the A & B – A is for ankle buster, B is for buried). Also note the boot and bar at the lower left. With the two folks wiggling the bars, and John’s boots, the rock moved toward the trail edge. John got stretched out to his full length before the slab tipped over the side. The maneuver is called a “butt jack.”

Monday, July 24

For July 23 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 12 RERA. Time on 7 hrs 18 min with (max = 5 L/min). Oximetry: Unable to calculate until I find my Oximeter.

We worked on finishing last week’s blog.

John went to town for gasoline, picked up bananas, and some other groceries, talked to Chad at Seth Motors about checking his Crosstrek alignment. He first went to Les Schwab to have his tires rotated to see if that might have been causing the severe pulling to the right. It did not correct it, so he made a 9:00 a.m. appt. for Monday at Seth’s.

I spent the rest of the day working on dishes and computer issues.

Tuesday, July 25

For July 24 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.19. Events: 5 H, 14 RERA. Time on 7 hrs 48 min with (max = 5 L/min). Oximetry:Unable to calculate until I find my Oximeter.

Brunch: 1/4 of 4-egg omelet, toast, and small piece of sausage. It wasn’t enough for my needs.
Supper: cherries, tender roast beef slowly cooked all day with tomatoes, corn, carrots.

Talked with Ken Swedberg and his brother when Ken came to pick up the new computer (FREE) I got for him from Jason, yesterday at the going-out-business sale. It is really a nice computer and we hope a family member can help him set it up.

On my way to town, I stopped at my neighbor, Celia’s, for a much needed haircut. Got a very nice one, and was on the road rapidly for my next stop at Jason’s final day of his going out of business sale. He had FOUND in his inventory a new 1 TB Slim Western Digital, USB-3.0 External Hard Drive Disk. When I went in, I was surprised because I had thought all he had left a 400 Gig; I was pleased. I’ll go through Amazon to buy the anti-shock protective case with free shipping, because he didn’t have any to share. I paid him $50 for the 1 TB one.

I went to the new replacement exercise class for over an hour at the AAC (Senior Center), with eight present, led wonderfully by Tina Peet. We all had a good workout.

I went from there to Bi-Mart to return my wrong Eye Drops bought yesterday and get what I really wanted (Artificial Tears). I ended up with over a $ cash refund. Nice.

Then I was off to the Rehab to find Anne Engel’s room and visit.
I shopped on line once home (late at 5:30) for an Amazon Prime price. I’m ready to order it, but checking for a wind up timer, because our second one we bought has quit working! I’m going to try finding one tomorrow at Bi-Mart, because they stand behind their merchandise at 100% replacement guarantee if it quits working. I think we paid $12 for this one last year.

I worked a lot tonight on photos from John’s camera and Hannah’s of the 7/23 trail work at Mt. Rainier’s Fremont Lookout Tower trail. They’re quite nice (as you have seen above).

Wednesday, July 26

For July 25 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.30. Events: 2 H, 1 PP, 14 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 37 min with (max = 8 L/min. Oximetry: Unable to calculate until I find my oximeter.

I did go to pick up Gloria to go with me to the Food Bank and to SAIL class afterwards. We stopped by Bi-Mart and the Bank while out and about. At Bi-Mart I had a timer waiting for me at the front desk for less than $5, which i know is protected by a 100% guarantee if it stops working.

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: Chicken, raw cauliflower, cherries, with light green lettuce salad.
Afternoon snack: nuts & banana
Supper: roast beef, cooked tomatoes, carrots, baked beans, with our yellow squash and onions.

Thursday, July 27

For July 26 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.15. Events: 1 H, 14 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 34 min with (max 6L/min). Oximetry: none to report, until I locate my misplaced Oximeter.

Breakfast: little bowl of cut fresh pears
Lunch – cherries, nuts, banana

I drove us to play music at Hearthstone with 12 people. I ran copies of Pass Me By for the players to play and have to practice for the August/September music play list, plus playing today with so many people there. We sounded good on it.

Stopped at Joanie’s to pick up her Fit Bit and charger for a month’s loan, and a bottle of Mexican real vanilla they bought last time down there. It was an extra in their cabinet.

We have to go by the Hospital Lab for my monthly blood draw for INR and potassium that I forgot to get on the calendar last week when it was due. Both were fine today: INR=2.6 and my Potassium=4.9

Today was our last day of July to play Patriotic music, and according to Amy’s normal practice, she dressed her daughter Haley for the occasion. Today she was dressed her in red, white, and blue dress with hat. She is our 4 yr old mascot who sometimes dances for the audience to songs she likes (such as Hey Good Looking!) and she sings some songs, facing the audience. Today she did two full verses of Home on the Range, and sang the chorus on all. She also always joins us on any songs with yodeling in them. Today’s was T for Texas.

Haley has a like-minded patriot friend, she’s never met. On the right is Barb Johnson’s granddaughter Emma – John’s grandniece. Emma, 3, is a bit younger than Haley. Emma’s grandma will have to share this with the family – I don’t have an e-mail address.

Below is an interesting news story with a strange headline. See if you agree with our criticism of the choice of words:
Friday, July 28

For July 27 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=1.97. Events: 5 H, 1 OA, 20 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 38 min with (max = 13 L/min). Oximetry: Unable to calculate until I find my Oximeter!

A week ago today, John worked on the Heybrook Trail in the Central Cascades. The report from Evonne Ellis, Crew Leader includes a link with photos she and others took: click here

Crew Leaders always send a note, mentioning everyone and something about what they worked on. I’ll spare you that but here was a post script:

John Hultquist, I owe you an extra special thank you for coming out from Ellensburg to help me lead large work parties!!!! I appreciate it every time. You are AWESOME!!! Thank you for everything that you do AND for the cherries. Yum!!”John did not hike to the top so did not see the lookout. He’s the orange.When all the WTA trail work was completed, some green hats took off up the trail to climb the Lookout tower. It is a favorite hike and lots of hikers were around.

Today, Friday, John was away working at the Gold Creek trail, and I went to the AAC for lunch and for fun playing detective with the members there, via the game of Clue.Here is one collage of a couple of photos from Nancy’s trip today, to the AAC (Senior Center).
Left are Nancy, the game board, and the volunteer organizer, WamBoi from Kenya. She loved my shirt, and I especially was thrilled to tell her the material was from Africa and was given to me, by my former student, Clement Ote-Tu, whose mom bought it for Clement and mailed it! The photo on the right of the collage is one of my 3 teammates for playing the game. We were sitting at the Mr. Green table.

Lunch, no photos, was 3 choices of sandwiches on small rolls: tuna fish salad, chicken salad, or egg salad (I had one of all three and did not eat the bread or dark green lettuce), served with cucumbers from Katrina’s garden outside the front doors (I had none), lime Jello wedge, and I took along my own bag of our cherries and a banana. I was the event photographer, and most of the photos will be posted by Katrina on the Facebook site for the Ellensburg Adult Activity Center. We all had a great time.

Afterwards, I went by to visit Anne at Rehab, but because there was no shade anywhere withing walking distance of any of the 3 entrance doors, I left.

Saturday, July 29

For July 28 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.88. Events: 5 H, 17 RERA. Total time on CPAP, 5 hrs 39 min with (max = 6 /min). Oximetry: Unable to calculate until I find my Oximeter!

John and Annie are out watering plum trees. The yellow Shiro’s are getting color, but others do not yet have color. I’m trying to finish the blog to publish by tonight, because we both have other demands tomorrow all day. We have both done chores all day. Joke – John took a nap.

Brunch – John came in and fixed Omelet, Fruit Cocktail, Sliced Hickory Smoke bacon, slice of English Muffin toast.
Afternoon snack – nuts
Leftover chili and stuff from last night for supper.

Hope your week was fine.
Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan