Flowers, Dogs, Air Quality, & Partying

Sunday, July 30

For July 29 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 13 RERA. Time on 4 hrs 58 min with (max = 8 L/min). Oximetry: Unavailable. I was so exhausted I slept in for another 4 hrs!

This morning John left again for Mt. Rainier at 5:32 a.m. This is becoming a regular Sunday outing and will occur this coming weekend as well. We’ll update photos this week, after his Aug 6 trip today, on next week’s blog.

I must make good strides on the August/September music for the Fiddlers & Friends, we all need to print and organize by this Thursday, at Prestige Rehab.

Starting this week off with sunshine from this Yellow Dahlia John photographed for Anne to see, and brought to put in our kitchen window for us to enjoy! He had to adjust his white-balance in his camera to prevent the bright flower from whiting out the bloom!
I managed to complete 2 loads of washing today, with John gone on his trail work, as well as a load of dishes.

Brunch: Piece Egg/Cheese Omelet, Crisp Bacon, Banana
Afternoon snack: cherries & nuts

Today, on Facebook, Jeri Conklin’s report of her 3 dogs’ performances in Los Banos at Nelson Kennels for a Practice Hunt test (JH, MH, & SH) from yesterday, 7-29-17, with judges, and evaluation/discussion with judges & trainers with lunch, and points evaluated for each dog, as if it was a real competition for Junior, Master, and Senior Hunter stakes. It sounded like a fun and educational training session, and well worth the long drive up to the “grounds.” Her hubby, Kurt, also volunteered as a gunner for the retrieving stakes.Our Daisy at Hunt Test and early morning sunrise in Los Banos.

Here are Jeri’s comments about yesterday’s performance: Daisy came in season so had to run last brace and ran bye (alone). She did everything I could have asked of her and more. 10s/9s and a 6 on the retrieve. The bird flew behind us and I was blocking her view for the exact fall. She did search for it and eventually found it, but didn’t bring it all the way back. An honoring situation was set up for her and she did great and got another 10 for it. The leashed picture is just that after, we were done running. We ran 13 braces of JH/SH/MH tests and finished by 11:00 am. Later morning sunrise & Jeri handling Chip (young dog) with Deanna flushing bird.

Monday, July 31

For July 30 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 12 RERA. Time on 7 hrs 11 min with (max = 8 L/min).

John went to town for a 9:00 a.m. appt. for alignment on his Crosstrek at Seth Motors, our auto repair place since arriving in Ellensburg.

I plan to eat brunch here, go to SAIL exercise, by Super 1 for meds, and by Safeway to pick up 2 dozen eggs with coupon, deliver Wall St. Journals to Jana, and need to write Monica to say I’m coming tomorrow after 3:00 p.m.

Breakfast/Brunch: Coffee, small piece cheese/egg omelet, couple pieces bacon, sliced fresh pear, 1/2 banana.

Then I was off to the Rehab to find Anne Engel’s room and visit.

Afternoon snack: nuts, cherries, 1/2 banana
Supper: chicken strips w/BBQ sauce, onions, mushrooms, yellow squash, pieces of pear, and the rest of the nuts.

Tuesday, Aug 1

For July 31 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 27
RERA. Time on 6 hrs 46 min with (max = 8 L/min).

Brunch: 2 eggs over easy, 1/2 piece toast, 1/3 piece of sausage patty.
Afternoon snack: nuts and banana

John went with me to town, let me off at the AAC, for my exercise class, and brought inside a cooler full of cut dahlias to give to the center. They will use them now for beauty, and keep for the Aloha Luau party this Friday. I have to remember to take my Maracas on Friday (for photographing folks there), and tomorrow, John will drop off some of our gladioli.

My tire gauge was reading low again (with the dash warning symbol), so John drove it to Les Schwab, where they found the pressure down, and he took the time to stay and have it fixed. They did not charge him, but they found a piece of metal (undeterminable origin) embedded in the tire. They repaired the tire. Mark, the helper gave us a written significant discount quote we can use in the fall for buying 70,000-mile-service tires. My car, 2014 Subaru, still has the original tires with about 30,000 miles. By November I’ll want better tires. These are not worn out – just not good going into winter.

I stayed at the new replacement exercise class for over an hour at the AAC (Senior Center), with eight present, led wonderfully by Tina Peet. We all had a good workout. John arrived to pick up the cooler, and me, after his trips around town.

I went from there to Bi-Mart, parked in the shade for John to stay in the car, and I quickly went inside to return my wrong Eye Drops bought yesterday and get what I really wanted (Artificial Tears). I ended up with > $ cash refund. Nice. While there, I also checked our number, but we won nothing.

Once home (late at 5:30), I shopped on line for an Amazon Prime price on a 60-minute wind-up timer. I’m ready to order it, but checking for a wind up timer, because our second one we bought has quit working! I’m going to try finding one tomorrow at Bi-Mart, because they stand behind their merchandise at 100% replacement guarantee, if it quits working. I think we paid $12 for this one last year on line.

It’s hard to believe the amount of time I spent today on getting music ready for the group, copying it, assembling, making lists, PDF files to mail to those who are able to print, and I’m not done yet. Nor have we had supper. It’s almost bedtime.

Wednesday, Aug 2

For Aug 1 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 2 PP, 15 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 31 min with (max = 7 L/min.

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: with light green lettuce w/tomatoes salad, Italian Olive oil dressing, boiled shrimp John cooked for me, and a hard-boiled egg.
Afternoon snack: nuts
Supper: One boiled shrimp and tenderloin boneless steak raised by a friend, made into a stir-fry, with our onions, yellow squash, mushrooms, and for dessert, cut peaches with the cherry pie filling, only, no crust.

I stopped at Joanie’s to pick up her FitBit with charger for a month’s loan, and a bottle of real vanilla they bought actually at Costco. It was extra in their cabinet. Next time they go to Mexico, they will bring me a 5th of it, (used to cost $3.00). [And John says, Why?] Nancy here: ‘cause J thinks we are not going to make any cookies or cakes again, and I think we will. I don’t like imitation vanilla. They won’t be going to Mexico until we have used the vanilla we have.

Thursday, Aug 3

For Aug 2 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.36. Events: 2 H, 11 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 31 min with (max 7 L/min.)

Mostly today was assembling music into clipped packets, by name, and preparing two 3-ring binder of music I carry each Thursday. I drove us into town, got out at Rehab, and then walked in the back door with all my music & for other players & audience, and my fiddle. John drove my car from there to deliver a cooler of gladioli to the AAC for tomorrow’s party, and on to Super 1’s Thursday (mainly produce) sale this week. They also had 2 dozen AA large white eggs for 30¢/doz. cheaper than earlier this week at Safeway. Eggs are plentiful, thus inexpensive. John told me about the increased amount of young layers after a bird flu outbreak in 2015 required massive culls of flocks, and then rebuilding. Link I am sorry about the loss, but I’m grateful for the price, because we are eating many eggs now.

John was also kind enough to drive a little out of the way to fill my car with the cheapest gasoline in Ellensburg ($2.65/gal.). For the first time in a long time, the Costco price has decreased to only $2.45/gal., but we have truly no need to drive all the way to Union Gap for it. That is a 100-mile round trip.

Today, in the house, in the living room, John worked on vacuuming and going through boxes for tossing some stuff (e.g., boxes of tax receipts back many years). We do not have a shredder so we will recycle the file folders and seriously mess with the rest. I have filed the actual tax forms. He also found boxes of old magazines…and I need to sort out the ones to give to teachers or others I know who can use them. [John: they are soon to be gone or they go the the recycle, folks.] We have also been sorting out clothes we don’t wear any more, and giving that away. John has lost about 15# with all his exercise on trails, this year, and can now wear jeans with a 36″ waist; somewhere, we have packed away a box of those sized ones.

Friday, Aug 4

For Aug 3 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 1 PP, 21 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 47 min with (max 11 L/min).

John’s trip to WTA Snow Lake was canceled because of air quality and the heat. Many WTA trail work trips all over the region were canceled. John questions this specific decision, considering the elevation and relative coolness in the mountains. Even our valley had normal 10-mile visibility this morning after over a week of valley-filled haze, which decreased the visibility to 4 mi.

This map below and another of air quality across the USA can be found on the web, at: Thanks, British Columbia I think this map explains the WTA cancellation because most of the volunteers and crew leaders live near Seattle, and many of the trails are on that side.

There is an upside of the trip cancellation, however!

John went with me to the Aloha Luau and I had lots of fun.

Here some of my memories for the day: the first was taken soon after we arrived, and it was the only decent photo of us.I’m holding my Maracas. That is one of John’s gladioli blossoms in my hair, behind my left ear. Hawaiian tradition is that a married woman wears it on the left side. Available woman wear one on the right. Katrina was taking photos for the AAC, and that is at whom we are looking (to our left).

Collage of flowers (glads and dahlias grown by John and delivered yesterday); my lunch plate (pulled pork without roll, slaw Hawaiian style w/mandarins, fruit salad, macaroni with green peppers & green onions); right, bingo cards for fun after lunch. Neither of us won a game, or the prizes that went with them.

Afterwards, we took a drive to see the sunflower field on No. 6 Rd. I’ll try to get a better shot later in the evening from the west with the sun behind me, so that the flowers are facing the camera. Problem is, it’s 11 miles away from where we need to take the photo. For now, here is a starter. Top two photos are close-up from the field. Bottom is a partial panorama, looking northeast. I-90 is out there, 2 football fields away, then open space to the white buildings, north of I-90. The field is just over 100 acres, with alternating stripes of 2 varieties. What looks green are heavy-headed types.

To a less sunny topic: We advertised this on the Free Givers of Kittitas County Facebook site today, but thus far, we have no takers. I will offer it to someone this Monday, when I go into The Maximus Gym, for my weigh-in, % fat calculated, & my inches measurements. This belt never worked for John. The pressure isn’t enough and it is not in the right place. (Or wasn’t, John, in hindsight says, get these things fixed ASAP.)

Abdominal Hernia Belt – Freely given.
This is “new” and worn maybe 3 times. We paid $30.45 for it July 6, 2016, recommended by a physician’s assistant.
Supper: chicken with orange sauce, yellow squash, onions, mushrooms, raw cauliflower, and my splurge on a small piece of key lime pie with many strawberries atop, and no whipped cream. I am allowed one off-diet meal a week.

Late afternoon, I ordered me a FitBit, from the Amazon Prime site, and it will be delivered on Aug. 9. I am anxious for it to arrive so I can synchronize it with the software I have downloaded on my new laptop, from the FitBit Company, for support in getting more calculations regarding my fitness parameters measured (even through the night). I will tell you more after I have the unit and have given it a thorough testing. This is wonderful news (update of original expected delivery date), because it means John will be able to wear it for his upcoming WTA trips on Friday & Sunday, next week.

I have been using Joanie’s FitBit, and today was not a busy walking day, but I still got in 1480 steps and .6 mi.

Saturday, Aug 5

For Aug 4 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 13 RERA. Total time on CPAP, 7 hrs 10 min with (max = 6 /min).

We cleaned, cut, sugared, and froze the strawberries left from what John bought Thursday. We will certainly appreciate them through the year, because our strawberries patch was rebuilt this year and are producing very little. We also want to get more of the very large ones, called Cabot.

John watered Plum trees inside our fence and just south of the house. The Gorilla cart will carry four 5-gallon buckets. There is a 70 gallon tank just outside the fence and low enough to run water from the irrigation ditch 250 feet away.

Brunch: 2 over-easy eggs, one piece of pork shoulder bacon, a banana
Afternoon snack: nuts and a small piece of frosted candy.
Supper: Leftovers – squash, onions, chicken

John has been watering today and will be gone most of Sunday. He and Annie fed the horses, dodged the deer, added seeds to the bird feeding stations, and trimmed low hanging black walnut branches from over the driveway. It is still hazy, affording only a 4-mile visibility, but it is not too smoky-nasty, maybe because the fires are so far away. Before lunch, he went with our neighbor to feed his stud, which John will start caring for next Tuesday, when the owner is gone to Seattle to have hip surgery.

Our high temperatures today were only just above 91°, instead of the >100° highs we have been having recently.

Today was not a busy walking day, all within the house, but I still got in 1596 steps and .64 mi.

Hope your week was fine.
Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan