Buck Moon week

We have a young buck deer – first year antlers – that seems to like our space. Also, there is a doe with 2 little ones, and another (a twin herself raised on our property, named Dawn) with 1.

Monday, June 29
Front entrance door and guard rabbit
[ ! false juxtaposition ! ]

Etched sketches and wildlife on paneling: Farmhouse, windmill, turkeys, geese and deer.

Nick’s nights off were Mondays and Fridays. Our friend in Nick’s audience presented during those evenings, starting at 5:00 instead of 6:00 p.m. PST. She’s going to continuing musical interludes on the same days, in Nick’s absence. Tonight was a musical tribute to Astor Piazzolla with Tango music, played by our friend from Australia who is instrumental in the Nick Zentner study group. The music is her (with a pianist), playing her clarinet at gigs a few years ago. Now she primarily plays her recorders.

Kathy plays the Tangos of Astor Piazzolla

Tuesday, June 30

Up at 7:30 and took my Alendronate on an empty stomach. Plugged in my 5Tb external backup drive for its Noon backup.
Called ComputAbility (David) tell him I cannot come today because of my Noon Backup drive doing its thing. Did it in 29 minutes. I needed to take my laptop in for him to remove the battery to get the correct number of the part to order.

Here’s another resource for the study group, relatives & friends – the playlist for Helicopter views with Maria (pilot) and Nick Zentner (interpreting the geology from above the Rocks):

Nick Over the Rocks

We didn’t leave until noonish, to take Glenn Engel’s Swiss Cheese by at our first stop and be able to email him as we are leaving. Made connection, but we missed seeing him waving at us from his new garage (we didn’t yet know the location of) as we were rounding a 90° driveway turn toward his carport location which is where I thought we were meeting. We did connect and exchange the goods.
We drove on to have my blood draw for my INR. Sadly, my favorite phlebotomist Kim was not there. I checked in and indicated my reason for coming.

Wednesday, July 1

Exciting way to start our day at 7:00 a.m., two fawns in our front yard (midst the remodeling efforts):Mom doe and twins top; twins and one single below

Don’t miss the video below (only 1-minute viewing time). See the smallest fawn nursing. My excitement standing in the wind on the front porch so close to them, made my camera work rather shaky.

Video – Mom with Twin Fawns July 1, 2020

Set up for zoom for Patriotic Bingo at AAC. 10:30 -11:30 a.m. I successfully entered and we played 5 games, with my winning one, design was railroads. Nice, as I used to love riding the rails to Guyton, GA from Atlanta, GA (called the Nancy Hanks train) to spend my summers, alternating among Guyton, Savannah, GA, and Sullivan Island, SC.
My winning Bingo game card was the likeness of a railroad; only using the I and G, from BINGO. I already had the Free in the middle circled before the pattern we were seeking was called.

I went by ComputAbility with my laptop, about 2:15, and had David check the battery ID number and order one to install. After dropping that off, John dropped me off at the lab and went to buy a 40-lb bag of wild bird seed advertised on their flyer. None was available in the store. While in town we went to Fred Meyer for the smaller ounce bottles of PowerAde, but while advertised in their sales flyer, they had none in stock in the store or in the back. The bird seed and drinks were not the reason for the trip to town, or that would have been a bummer.

Thursday, July 2

Blast from our past with Cedaridge BrittanysRight with Brittany, is Charles (Mick) McBride holding FC/AFC Sher-loc Shay-Dee Holly, one of our Brittanys, born in 1986. Fun visiting with him after so many years.

Friday, July 3

Went by ComputAbility with my laptop to have my new battery installed, and while there, David got rid of my Chrome and made Firefox my default browser so it would not shut down on me. It’s been working okay since then and I have the battery emptied and recharged (about 2.5 hrs), now at 100%. I have to remember at the beginning of each month to run on battery only down to under 10% and then plug it back in. Also, so it doesn’t get too hot and swell the battery (warping it), I have to put a hard book, or similar, in my lap so the fan air can actually cool the battery.

After that, I went by Woods Ace Hardware to pick up 5 40# bags of Wild Bird Seed, that had been announced on their flyer, but they didn’t have any in the story when John went by on Wednesday. I’ll called at 8:30 a.m. and they set aside the order; and then helped load.

From there to Joanie with a sack of about 6 pairs of pants, she’s going to do some alterations, and cut down the size on so they don’t swallow me. She also puts elastic in the waist, so I can tighten the waist by tying knots, as the elastic stretches. She’ s been my volunteer seamstress for years, for which I am extremely grateful, especially while I was losing weight. All of the really large sized pants have already been donated to others.
These needing altered now are size 14. She and hubby Ken are moving to Spokane, and leave Mondays with a load, stay overnight, and then come back on Tuesday. Her sewing machine is already in the Spokane house.

A new friend from Australia, I met starting St. Patrick’s Day this year, through Nick Zentner’s, “Nick from Home” – – there were 75 episodes. The new friend is Kathy Williams-Devries, and she was taking his off days to entertain our group members with various music activities.

Kathy’s program tonight was a musical tribute to pipe organists around the world with her friend Greg. He will describe each organist for the piece in the playlist, which they have put together and then at the end, were able to enjoy Greg playing his own pipe organ in his home (on an island, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia). While we were listening, to other organists, he was joining in the live chat with the audience watching the videos.
The program went for 10 minutes’ shy of 4 hours.

Kathy Williams-DeVries from Brisbane, Australia with guest Pipe Organist extraordinaire, Chevalier Gregory Hartay-Szabo (He’s a Hungarian knight twice over!)

Link to Kathy’s Playlist of Pipe Organists Videos tonight

Gregory Hartay-Szabo has his own YouTube Channel you may subscribe to, if you like Pipe Organ music. He just started it, and it has two videos as of 7-3-20.

Link to Greg’s YouTube Channel

Supper: very late, with fried boneless/skinless chicken breasts, fried hash brown potatoes, bowl of peaches, banana, red grapes, with wine from White Heron Cellars and Mariposa Vineyard, named Roussanne (a white Swiss grape). Our Brittany is named Cedaridge Vintage Roussanne. She was named for the grape varietal, because she is mostly white and orange. She has an orange heart on her side. (same as in the Thursday photo above of the Cedaridge Brittany pup named Holly has on her side). It’s a trademark on many of our Brittanys.


If you missed fireworks this year, see this:

Illegal Fireworks over Los Angeles from Helicopter

John’s photo from 2019. John went up the driveway early to hang our flag on the post by the road.There’s our flag flying in the wind last year, with me as we came back from playing patriotic music at the Senior Center. We did not have that early celebration this year because of COVID-19.
John’s been outside working a lot today.

I was basically off my computer laptop from 11:30 a.m. yesterday until 5:00 p.m. and then tied up for almost 4 hours with the Pipe Organ Music program from Australia. I missed responding to any emails until July 4 at 9:30, still picking up pieces of my computer laptop changes to installation of a new battery. Not as easy as popping in and starting to use it.

Our major contractor is here today (after a visit to Roslyn and watching a small parade, we think), working on our new room (where the 2-car attached garage was). The inside doors are solid wood pretty pine, one with handles and one swings both ways and re-centers itself. It opens with a push of an elbow or a butt. He is working on the baseboards around the room beneath the paneling, and building a metal frame around the breaker switch box. Others of his workers, and the electrician, will be back Monday to continue work on the room, the carport, and the walkway (wheelchair access to the house), plus the new siding on the house from rock on the bottom to blue HardiePlank® fibre/cement fire resistant siding above that. Plenty yet to accomplish.Photo by EvieMae Schuetz in Kittitas, WA (where fireworks are legal), displaying beautiful colors again this year, without wind!Photo by Lise McGowan with her added commentary: Rising of the Independence Day full moon looking east!! Fireworks to the west!! The end to a blessed day! God bless America! He is watching over us!

Sunday, July 5

My prime chore today is finishing my draft of the blog for John’s editing. It was slow going because of all the conflicts with the Internet and my Browser cutting on and off throughout the day. Reasons unknown. That really hampers creation.

Jason Ireland is back to finish the log milling today with his sidekick worker (roller/feeder/board & post remover), Ernest of the Great State of Texas. They started about 11 and worked until 4:30 – not real hot, but full sun and lots of fine sawdust blowing in the wind. John facilitated a little, as needed, but mostly kept to his own chores. One was making space in our red shed to put the new lumber. Top: Early in the milling process with Ernest and Jason Ireland; bottom the posts and boards cut with slabs in the back.

Don’t miss the video below:

A View of Process of Milling the Logs

Next I need to respond to a couple of things in John’s Not So Nasty News this Friday (which is now below this). We were in our canoe on the Chattahoochee River: He says, “All I remember is passing near the air base at Marietta and having a very large plane pass low over us.” I say, “John, it was a C5A Transport plane from Dobbins Air Reserve Base (outside of Marietta, GA).
C5A Transport plane Note photo above this entry point. That’s just what we saw from the canoe.
Read about our 4th of July trip to Stone Mountain to see fireworks by reading John’s Nasty News from Friday evening. We were on the lake shown below.
Stone Mountain, GAIgneous intrusion pluton granite dome carving on north side. Located near Atlanta, GA-Confederate Memorial Carving.

Geology of Stone Mountain

Carving Description on Stone Mountain

Over the past week we’ve had Pecan pie, peach pie, and now cherry pie (with vanilla ice cream). The weather has been nice also.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan