Meteorological summer begins

Monday, Jun 1

Snipped from after weekend storm 3-D photo published on Visual Delight’s Kittitas County Facebook site, taken by Tamie Schaut.

Blog published before 11:00 last night, but was still up at 11:30.
I awoke not feeling well and am slow starting, but just loaded a sink full of dishes to soak for the dishwasher. Now to address other concerns. Diuretic day, I’m not ready for running up and down the hall to the back of the house.

I asked Kaylein (my PCP’s nurse) to ask Chelsea about my Vitamin D intake, being very high, and affecting bone mass.
She reported back later, and ordered a Vitamin D blood test.

House: Walter arrived before 8:00 with another part, the swinging door for our new room. Allen Aronica will soon be here to dig post holes.Left image: Opening for swinging door (SD) into utility area, white pine left, animal paneling behind, hickory panels beyond stepladder. Right side image: SD frame not quite finished, using knotty pine and select white pine.

Allen came down with his track excavator at 9:00 a.m. The guys discussed the need, location, and depth details. Below: Top left has a wood frame on the ground to show locations. Top two, discussing the plans, and looking at the last two holes in very rocky ground (alluvial fan), very different from the first holes, mostly dirt. Bottom photo was the first hole dug. A video of that follows below:

First Hole Dug for Posts to Hold Covered WalkwayTrusses

Now I can rest, maybe and drink my nutrition drink, which I feel I badly need. Then Allen went out to our old barn and dug more holes for posts. A RR-cross tie holding a gate rotted after 25 years. Three new holes out there.

Below are pictures of one of the new windows, I had ready to go in last week’s blog and left it out in the rush of finalizing. Top- progress on 2 new front windows; the room shown has Hickory panels with knotty white pine above and below the windows. Molding is not completed. Floor is not down – boxes of flooring tile on the left side covered with plastic. The wall on the right is a new wall, behind which is the utility room to house Culligan water treatment, freezer, and refrigerator.

That wall will get white pine panels you’ll see above in that photo. A different paneling will be inside the utility room – on the 2 small ends, rest will be painted a pale yellow. John has a couple of panels called “Hunter’s Forest” that have a scene with deer and trees; just enough to do the two small ends of the room. Actually, you can see one panel above through a hole in the wall for a swinging door.
John bought the panels in November, 2015 thinking he’d cover about half the interior walls of the house – dining area and living room. That project stalled when he seriously contemplated moving all the furniture around.
Five years ago each panel was $35. Now they are $70. John wonders what the cost was when his Dad did the walls of his home in Clarion, PA.

Action is also moving to the outside. Some of the material is already here – posts and beams for the covered walkway. Trusses (the A shaped frame of a roof) should be ready (pre-built) – photo after they get here. They are 6 feet across; the walkway will be 4 feet across.

We made it through all the livestreaming lectures planned for this week.

Tuesday, Jun 2

Forgot to take my Alendronate !! Take tomorrow.
Call from Kaylein with PCP Chelsea’s decision about my consumption of Vitamin D3. Lower (because of bone density issues by 1000 units, so I will only take 4000/day).

Tuesday, picked up several pairs of 38×30 pants from Laura & Johnny’s place, plus had a nice visit looking at her flower gardens. Some cool purple flowers I know nothing about; their leaves are prettier than their flowers (which are quite small). Coral Bells, I think.

Laura’s shade plants?

Picked up my Atorvastatin from Safeway and John two medications from Fred Meyer Pharmacy, while in for the 10% off Senior discount, (1st Tues each month), for his 10 2-liter bottles of diet and regular cola. While there we also bought a bunch of Reece’s Peanut Butter cups for .33/each (a very good deal).

Finally, back again for my blood draw (for an INR and Vitamin D test), which I went for first, but there were 10 people ahead of me, so left and went back as our last stop.

We were away from home for almost 4 hours. Actually, our last stop was the Yellow Church Café for a late lunch, using our $25 gift certificate, my last “win” in the COVID Bingo 3 challenge. The prices are quite high there, but we don’t eat out much, so guess they are high everywhere. John’s ½ pound hamburger cost $15, within a house ciabatta (bread bun), Tillamook white cheddar, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle spear. Also, came with a choice of potato salad or clam chowder. I picked the chowder, then he didn’t want it so I enjoyed it (he’d have preferred French fries). I got a Cobb salad ($17) made with Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, avocado, purple onions, hard-boiled egg, bacon bits (homemade), and blue cheese dressing. I got three meals from it, and John got 2 meals from his burger.

I didn’t get my INR report (2.1) until Thursday, because of a miscommunication at the doctor’s office.

This morning the latest highlights of Episodes of Nick from Home arrived from Kathy Williams-DeVries in Australia: this is really only going to be appreciated by regular viewers of his livestreams. We’re sort of an “in group” with known repetitions and instances that happen during the talks.

This has the background recorder music (up to 40 recorders in concert) playing music behind the highlights. Kathy explains this merging creation of the sound tracks in the video Friday night this week.

Nick from Home Highlights Livestreams 41-50, 6-2-20 (4 mins)

Tonight is a talk by Nick on a topic north of us:

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #56 – 6-2-20 British Columbia Geology? starts 5:20 minutes in

Wednesday, Jun 3

Took my Alendronate at 7:30 a.m. Couldn’t eat until after 30 minutes passed, but took me so long to clean up dirty dishes & pans that I was almost an hour having my French Toast breakfast, with maple syrup. I haven’t fixed that in many years.

Then I finished the PDF for suggested background materials regarding tonight’s livestream (Geologic Mapping), and it didn’t get it sent until 10:30, because of interruptions with the house remodeling project going on. It’s going to get worse because the insulation contractor was here this morning, and they determined the skylights must be finished (opened through the ceiling into the attic) in our living room and den before the insulation in the attic can occur. The den is where I am setup with my laptop. So, today, I must finish those suggestions to send out early morning to the study group.

John is going to move all things out of the room into the pickup with canopy until they are done opening up the area for the Skylights, which were installed in the roof in 2010 without any shaft work.

Just had to break to consider the remodeling project and hear the plans of proceeding inside the house.  This may really mess up my morning tomorrow for accessing my computer.  Guess I have to get readings ready today to suggest for the next lecture, tomorrow.  I’m running out of steam and time, and computer time on my laptop.  This is nuts.  They are going to move me totally out of the den, so today, I have to figure what I need in here for the next 3 days, as it will be moved out to cut holes in the ceiling, to go through to the roof.

Tonight is a presentation with Nick and his guest speaker, Andrew Sadowski, Washington Geological Survey (WGS) Statemap Geologist: (Geologic field mapping, structural geology, neotectonics), who is a staff member of the CWU geological sciences department, out of (WGS).

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #57 – 6-3-20 Geologic Mapping Today starts 4 minutes in

Supper: 3rd part of Cobb Salad from Tuesday’s purchase at the Yellow Church Café. John had something else.

Thursday, Jun 4

Wild day today. Much cleaning up and sorting very early this morning, then visits from contractor’s crew, and request to take photos of the cementing of footers for the walkway poles. Then people in the house to cut out the ceiling to reveal the skylights. I took photos and a video of the living room too, but still cleaning up the den to allow access to cut that one tomorrow. Other work is occurring in the new room (old garage) simultaneously.

Need to work on loading the dishwasher that got waylaid early morning. John has watered onions, tomatoes, and more.
I had to have a nutrition drink early to tide me over. Then, later we had a bowl of chicken soup with added chicken, wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes (Progresso).

Biggest time sink for me today was calling 8 places, to check if they were registered through the bad credit card account, or through the routing number of our bank’s checking account.

Tonight’s livestreaming lecture by Nick:

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #58 – 6-4-20 – Wenatchee Geology (field trip)

Tonight’s supper after Nick’s virtual field trip is a beef stew which cooked a long time since yesterday (in a crockpot). Dessert: Chocolate ice cream with strawberries.

Spent the rest of the evening sorting through receipts and checking for payments to warn people about on Citi Bank statement that come out automatically. Thought of two more tonight, and still need to check through more statements.

Friday, Jun 5

Concentrate on trash under the table in the den, for skylight opening; alternate with dishwasher loading, and fixing the fraudulent VISA card payment notification.

As you all know, we are in the process of a major house remodeling project and spending much time cleaning out contents of rooms. After 40 years, the house insulation needs rejuvenated, and there never was any above the garage ceiling.

I’m continuing to work on receipt organization and filing, and now 2 days ago added the problem with a stolen ID (fraudulent payment) on a credit card, which I’ve been busy notifying places about the newly changed number.
They replaced my card only a couple days ago, with a totally new number. Contacting the businesses has been a big chore. No easy way, except for a few places. Even my medical health insurance through the Public Employees E Board, took 2 days. I went through a telephone robot (after a long wait) to a series of buttons to push to finally get to billing, only to be told to call back later because they were busy with their workload. So I wrote an email letter to the Board of directors, and receive an acknowledgment last night I would be contacted in person. Finally, this morning, a person called and helped fix the issue. I’ve been this morning on the waiting for the WSJ (for now 33 minutes, waiting for an agent).  This is driving me bonkers.
They just answered and said they were having communication issues and couldn’t help people and to call back in a couple hours. Jeez.. what a waste of MY TIME. I’m to ask for billing (print edition). I just logged on to my online account looking for a solution and found that I can go to the customer care center and change my credit card information. Phew. So, I did.

No livestreaming video lecture from Nick Zentner tonight; his day off (along with Monday). So in the time slot at 6:00 p.m. PST, we’re going to enjoy music virtually, with our study group member, Kathy from Australia.

Kathy Williams-DeVries from Brisbane, Australia: Her Recorder music background creation for Nick Z video starts with volume better at 7 minutes in

Supper was a bowl of chili.

Saturday, Jun 6

On for capturing comments and conversation around the world at 8:00 a.m. John left shortly for grocery shopping today.

Guest this morning: Colville Confederated Tribal member Randy Lewis (K’ayaxan) – a descendant of the Wenatchi/P’squosa, Methow, and Okanagon bands – joins Nick for a very special live broadcast. Excellent presentation. Preceded by a video produced a couple years ago by both men.
It covers the legends of the local Native Americans, and anyone will enjoy it. So many of us have ties to Native Americans in our background (mine is Cherokee), that it’s a moving experience for many of the viewers. This was a virtual field trip to Wenatchee where many of the Indian legends are revealed in the geology of the area, particularly the rocks.

Check this for sure, before watching the next.

(You may need to enter the password ‘Spexman’ (with no apostrophes).

The Winter’s Tale; Dragon Spexman

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #59 – Native American Geology
The morning was busy with John assisting and my videotaping some and photographing the opening to the attic for the one skylight in our most used room. I had to move to the back of the house to our old computer table to set up my laptop.

Walter came to finish the skylight in the den. John helped by capturing dust from cutting the sheet-rock ceiling. He used Walter’s shop vacuum. Photos next week.

We each broke for our own lunches, and John spent time helping Walter and alternating with working in the yard on various projects. (One major project is building a taller fence and gate to keep the deer out of the garden).
It was cool and windy today. I managed to load and wash most all of the dishes we’d dirtied. Most of my time was spent on planning for the livestreaming geology for tomorrow, when the subject is the San Andreas Fault of CA.

Supper: Baked chicken breast, with red potatoes. John hit the hay, and I’m not far behind. I had to take care of the last two cats out front and bring in the food that might attract raccoons.

Sunday, May 7

‘Nick from Home’ Livestream #60 – 6-7-20 San Andreas Fault

I was working this morning multitasking several projects, all with time deadlines. We had 1,292 watchers at 9:55 a.m. this morning from around the world. I think that’s the most I have seen.

Unannounced, Walter brought 48 stone panels (2 per package; heavy) that John helped unload. They had arrived late Saturday at the local dealer who wanted them off their inventory. Still packed, so no picture.
Supper: for me chicken breast and fried onion rings.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan