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I encourage you to go back to last week’s blog to Feb 19 to read the paragraph before this link, so you can find the moving tribute I wrote about the Truck Driver’s Friend, which was one of Eric Johnson’s Heroes videos that appeared 6 months ago on the KOMOnews site. Directions are there for finding it once you are in this all-stories site, below:

ALL of Eric Johnson’s – Eric’s Heroes Stories

Another belated photograph I missed posting is this by Lise McGowan last Friday, Feb 21! So, I will start this week with this gorgeous scene posted from their skiing trip to White Pass:Rainier from the southeast. While speaking of skiing, skip down to Thursday to see another skiing related picture of Rainier from the northeast.

Monday, Feb 24

Been working all day on household and other planning chores. Because of the cold temperatures and wind, John has primarily been working in the house, cleaning up. I filed some income tax receipts but have a bunch more to go. Called the dentist for an interpretation of my upcoming dental crown (front teeth) work. Handled some packaging of things to leave around town various places. Deliver my softball glove. Deliver some coffee mugs & another thing to Geography. Deliver some rice to the AAC center for pickup (that story will appear tomorrow).

Called about our property taxes for the year, and they are all set to be done at half year segments (April & Oct) from our bank account (no service charge). Will arrange tomorrow for 2003 Ford Truck license tabs. Need to get some greeting cards in the USPS post office tomorrow to ship to friends on the west side—for anniversary celebration, get well, and birthday wishes as well (for both).

Loaded all the dirty dishes but still have space for more tonight. John took down a large tarp over a window (too much sun) on the west side of our living room. He’s been going through boxes in there today.

Got my dental appointments to crown my two front teeth and a dozen Amoxicillin sent down to Super 1 Pharmacy. My appointments are Mar 3 and Mar 18.

Tuesday, Feb 25

I have spent incredible time (well over an hour) since arriving home from town after 3:00 trying to change the credit card on my Consumer Cellular auto payment on AMEX credit card. This is crazy. Short version of all the danged things thrown at me just wanting to talk to an agent at the # given, with offers for cruises, flights, medic alert necklaces. Finally, I called a different number and then had a 15-minute wait for an agent. I have done nothing wrong, it’s the fault of the AMEX company for continuing to accept the auto renewal on an old card expiring 3/20, they’ve been using for 3 yrs – of which we were unaware. Supposedly, it now has been corrected.

Did a ton of stuff today including going by the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center to donate several bags of clothing and a bag of shoes. While there I visited with the helpers, and looked around, knowing I did not need to bring anything back to our house. Still, I found a nice heavy shirt for John and an insulated vest, for being out working in the cold wind. After finishing there, I went by the Senior Luncheon program at FISH for lunch. It was a nice “homemade” meatloaf with mashed potatoes and carrots. I enjoyed the lunch.

Took 15# long-grained rice by AAC to leave for a lady from a crafter’s guild at the St. Andrew’s Catholic Church to make into bunnies (holding rice) for their Easter sale. (see photos below). The rice came from a forgotten storage. We did steam 3 cups and it seemed fine, just 13 years old – and we have newer.Rice-bottomed rabbits for crafts spring show at St. Andrew’s.

On by Bi-Mart to check numbers, winning nothing but resupplying Fisherman’s Friends cough drops.

Wednesday, Feb 26

An Albino Bald Eagle from Keith Simpson of Halfmoon, New York. These were taken out his back door! Halfmoon is north of Albany, and NE of Schenectady, NY. Albino Bald Eagle, by Keith Simpson (permission ok)

Played music at FISH food bank lunch. I ate a little of the spaghetti sauce on noodles, and a bit of chicken fettuccine {little ribbons}, a couple forks of slaw (I’m not supposed to eat cabbage), some fruit, and packed a tiny piece of peach cobbler to bring home, which we shared for dessert with a piece of chocolate cake.

I went by lady’s home to whom I gave a bicycle helmet. She gave me ½ dozen clips. Does anyone recognize these and what they’re meant to be used for? If so, please tell me! Clips are in the middle, others in bag, with Idaho memories. We have many connections to Wallace, ID in our past.

Another incredibly involved day. Delivered box of Macrame’ items to my friend’s front yard; went by CWU with coffee mugs and new large mailing envelopes to add to office supplies, plus a box of plastic name tag holders for conferences (ID for persons attending). Came home and took photos of our bicycles.

Thursday, Feb 27

Our day to play music at Hearthstone today; meet people at 1:30 p.m. to hand-off things found in our garage needing new homes: Set of Poker Chips & two card decks in a container; Mexican Sombrero hat, dog food pans and a leash.

We had a good turnout of 11 instrumental players – and a very appreciative and involved audience. Our audience sang along and given treats of carrot cake with icing, tea or coffee. When done, we stayed and visited with the residents and among ourselves. Charlotte, Sharon, and I stayed the longest, enjoying our cake (their coffee), and my coffee mocha (hot chocolate added to my coffee cup!). We visited about a lot of things, one of which what Sharon’s husband’s skiing trip recently to Utah, and another to Crystal Mountain in WA, for a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, and the White River. John has been on many WTA trail maintenance trips to the White River area to repair damage from snowmelt that takes out bridges and trails. Sharon sent me this photo for John, knowing Mt. Rainier is one of his favorite places.Mt. Rainier & White River photograph by Jack Jensen.

The White River entrance, unseen, is 3/10ths of a mile to the left of the island. The road to Sunrise is on the right side of the river in this view.

Friday, Feb 28

Evie’s new lens: A Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-f/6.3 G OSS:With which she took these today.

Noble pair of Bald Eagles photographed by Evie Schuetz, 2-28-20

Flight Takeoff & another perched in tree, by Evie Schuetz.

Here were my photos today.
My valley photos-Mallards on pond; hay for cows; rickety barn remains on No. 81 Rd.

Saturday, Feb 29

John was up early and couldn’t get back to sleep; now after all morning chores in the wind, he fixed brunch and is napping. He’s been working on the house and outbuilding cleanup. He is also preparing to have a gravel road circle around the house. The “Firewise” planning project encourages easy access and lots of non-fuel area. An old-old camper {last used in 1994} was in the path and did not load easily, but it is now moved.

I’m trying to help with getting a few things re-homed. Many more items are now (temporally) under the hay shed.

Today, went to the 2:00 p.m. matinee at Morgan Middle School Performing Arts Center for the “State Fair” musical [Link to history]. I know Beckett, (played the paper boy), who invited me personally. Beck borrowed my ¾ size violin and converted it to a viola to use in the school orchestra.

Here is the flyer advertising the musical shows. Today was the last day.

Although I took my camera, any videos or photos were not allowed. It was an excellent performance put on by the Ellensburg High School students. Amazing their singing and acting abilities. The play consisted of two acts and intermission with Midway opportunities to enjoy. I saw many friends there.

John stayed home to handle marking and brush cutting for a new road around our house for forest fire protection. The current driveway is a straight in-out affair, and fire fighters want a 2nd outlet with road surface and turns sufficient for a pumper truck.

Evie Schuetz captured some fantastic photos of Golden and Bald Eagles just a mile down Naneum Rd from our house, at 9:00 a.m. this morning, using her new lens. I think you’ll agree these photos of eagles fighting over sharing breakfast of placenta from new born calves are detailed delights.

2 Bald eagles sharing, rt Goldens coming in for theirs & newborn calf in the background of that picture. Both by Evie Schuetz, 2-29

Golden Eagle flying in for the fight with a Bald Eagle, by Evie Schuetz.

Nice contrast on ground & tree; photos by Evie Schuetz, 2-29-20

Mine that I took on the way back home from the musical do not compare to Evie’s, taken 8 hours earlier down Naneum Rd, only a mile down Naneum from my angry clouds, just north of Thomas Rd and own house less than ½ mile from Thomas. So close, yet so far away. Mine are more landscape and skyscape photos. I’m happy except not with my attempts at close-ups of eagles in trees.

First, happy clouds & then cattle Rader Rd; and finally angry clouds on Naneum Rd north of Thomas Rd. Followed by a pastel sunset. Despite the “angry” clouds the weather has been good for the herds and the babies. Just a bit cold in the mornings.

I set up gifts to a friend for her new grandbaby born a month ago. Gave slippers on Free Givers of Kittitas County and NIKE padded flip flops on EBRG ISO & Free. Offered water/wine glasses on both above sites (but no takers yet). We acquired a whole bunch when offering the summer wine class.

Sunday, Mar 1

Multiple activities today: mostly working on the blog, but also on dishes, tax receipt filing, organizing photos, paying bills, setting up medication pick up tomorrow, giving away things on free sites and finalizing delivery of several things tomorrow when I must go to town for my monthly INR. I took care of a few emails (personal and the Geography jobs list and the Earth Science weekly send).

John dismantled old composting pits – wood pallets enclosing a space. Except for prunings from Raspberry bushes and a few like things, the pits have only had the wood to work on. A fine mess.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan