week of giving thanks

Monday, Nov 25

John made corrections to blog on spelling of Evie Schuetz’s name. Remember U before E as in my friend, M. Uebelacker.
Unloaded dishwasher and loaded it again. Constant chore at our home. John’s the cook; I’m the bottle washer.

Sent out count for KVF&Fs last night. Follow-up today. Charlotte, Evie, Charlie, Dean, Sandy, & me are coming Wednesday.

Called Hospital Imaging Dept. to follow up on Susan’s call from Cle Elum that Chelsea’s referral was sent for my Mammogram and Bone Density Scan to KV hospital. Dates determined today were: Dec 11 – Mammogram, Wed. 10:30 check in, 10:45 supposedly takes 15 minutes, because I have to be at Food Bank for music at 11:15 a.m. I have an okay from Evelyn, if I’m running late. Then I must take my Amoxicillin at noon (while we are still playing), and be at the Dentist at 1:00 p.m. for a cleaning, but staying afterward for 2 teeth to be looked at that are cracked off. I checked with Tiffany that my antibiotic will last long enough for the 2 hours of work.
The Bone Density scan has to wait until January, and that’s scheduled on the new 2020 calendar for Jan 21.

I arranged clothes to take to the Discovery Shop tomorrow and John put a box of 10 cartons of shoes, some with more than 2 pair/box, in the back of our car for the first stop in Yakima.

John is out raking horse manure into piles for eventual use in the Mariposa Vineyard where he prunes wine grapevines. While outside, he plans to go drill some holes into a posts at the front gate entrance he’s been working on. Below is the start of this: Left setting new pole at Rd.; right; the new gate has red, white, and blue stiffeners to alert drivers, or the wayward cow, that it is there. Left at the end of drive; right the set-off of new gate allows trucks with trailers to get completely off of Naneum before encountering a gate. The 2 vertical posts (right image) were set 15 years ago with this in mind. Procrastination?!
The horizontal logs were placed the year after the logging truck tipped over – Feb. 16, 2015. They are about 40 feet long.

Talked with Mario about hay delivery. I have sent him the explanation of bill pay and the check will be delivered to his postal box a week after we have the delivery and know the cost for the 15 tons he’s bringing us. I have shared the setup of his company, High Valley Hay, on the bill pay system.

Supper: Smoked turkey, Cheez-its, butternut squash with toasted marshmallows top, and PowerAde. Dessert cherry pie with our pie cherries made by Ken Swedberg, and a small point of a chocolate cake piece. John shared some of the cherry pie too.

Tuesday, Nov 26

Today, we left at 8:45 for the Discovery Shop and Costco.
American Cancer Society Discovery Shops
EBRG does not have a Discovery Shop. The Yakima one is just 5 blocks from the main corner, and seems to have lots of visitors. John talked to one of the workers, and looked at the awards, plaques, and all the goods. They had sold a lot of Halloween and Thanksgiving things and were finishing putting out Christmas goods. The room for all the glass and plastic stuff (example in photo; from web) is separate from the clothing. There was a shirt that said something like “I’m saving Santa a stop. I’ve been very naughty.”

So that was our first stop. We dropped off a bag of clothes and accessories, picked up some blank donor receipts for future bags to get down there. Found out some more information, including they do not want any underclothes, except for excellent condition bras, no panties out of the package, but they would take camisoles. While there, we delivered a large box with women’s shoes in 10 boxes.

We bought $404.69 worth at Costco; that’s a record, I believe. And, as we were leaving, we had lunch there for $9.87, so total charged, $414.56 on our VISA Costco card will reward us 2% rewards in February ($8.29). Our lunch was a large piece of combo pizza, hot dog & Pepsi, and a Turkey Provolone Sandwich, most of which we brought home to add to other meals. While there we had dessert—a frozen Yogurt sundae, with a very large amount of strawberries swirled in. By the time we got home, it was finished.
Well, what an assortment of gifts for ourselves. John got a nice padded shirt jacket in a 2XL size. It was the only XX-large one of all the ones on the shelf (we both liked the Blue Plaid better, but all the other colors were available only in S, M, and L. No XL, except that one, in a green / gray color plaid. My chosen gift was an external disk storage drive of 5 TB for $30 off. My smaller one has been going on the fritz, and I need to back up everything on it, and the stuff currently on my computer, in addition to another smaller external drive. 5 TB should handle the need, with space left over for continuing. Also received $3.00 off on packages of AAA and AA batteries of which we seem to go through many.
Besides all sorts of food (many different kinds of seafood), we got a fruitcake only one because I thought we had another in the freezer, but John says we don’t. Once home we had a nice big piece. I wish I had bought two, although the space in our freezer is dwindling. We’re not planning to go back before next year, so will lose out on getting another this year.
Took care of the dog’s needs and our paper needs (towels & TP), plus some $3 off containers of Multi-Vitamins. I try hard to get our OTC meds when they are significantly marked down on price. To us the place was very busy, but we found an “end” lane that was not aligned with the main aisles so we saved time by not waiting in a long line. Luckily, we went through the pharmacy/pills section and that led to the (hidden) end lane.

We came back through EBRG to fill my car with gasoline from Fred Meyer and to check our Bi-Mart numbers. We didn’t win anything today, and only got 3₵/gal reduction in the gasoline. I thought we were entitled to a lot more. Oh well, live and learn. At least last week, John received 20₵/gal. off when he filled his truck.

Wednesday, Nov 27

We awoke to several inches of snow and by the time I left it was 4”, blowing and drifting.
I got some photos of the quail and John’s Crosstrek still covered with snow. He had put sunflower seeds out for the birds. Little birds will come and go all day, quail morning and evening. The invaders – European Collared Doves – have to be chased away except from a cage-like affair that they can’t fit into.These images show undisturbed snow on the car, and what we call the ‘cable table’ with the lower part covered with snow. Wind blew that in there. We call that part the veranda, and the cats like to lay there.

John push-broomed a lot of snow, fed the horses, and went to town for a fasting blood draw. The plows were scraping the road, and putting grit at the intersections, and we didn’t have any trouble except watching for slick spots along the way. Ellensburg did not have nearly as much snow. North of us Blewett Pass (4,100 ft.) had 14” and was closed for a couple hours because of spin-outs and collisions. The I-90 road from Ellensburg to Vantage was closed as well because of ice and blowing snow.

John brought me stuff from the back seat of my car from the Discovery Shop, I brought back home from yesterday’s visit they did not want. I need to summarize and change the content of the donation slips itemization. Still awaits being done.

I finished loading and running the dishwasher in the morning. Called Gloria, her sister Shirli, and Clare about coming today to the Garden Room to hear our music. I put music together for Charlie’s and my books and for Lou and Sandy’s. I wrote a note to the Emeriti group about meeting there on December 11 (2nd Wednesday).
Needed to get to Hearthstone before 1:30 to meet Glenn; I did and gave him his two loaves of bread from Costco. I went by Pam Brown’s house on the way from Hearthstone with Gloria on our way to the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and picked up a gifted Xmas serving platter.

Gloria’s and my trip to the Armory was rewarded by a good meal: lots of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, not so much gravy as I would have preferred, mixed vegetables of carrots, peas, green beans, and corn, a large roll w/ butter, and cranberries (which I love but cannot have with one of my medications. Dessert: pumpkin pie. We had nice visits with people at our table, and with folks walking by that knew Gloria from church, or from the SAIL class at the Senior Center. She enjoyed the trip very much.

Today while I was gone for music at Hearthstone, and then with my friend Gloria, to the Community Thanksgiving Dinner (CTD), John stayed home to work on projects. One of the most important projects he did was to remove and install lift supports on the truck’s canopy that keep the back window propped up, while loading or unloading the bed of the pickup. See the picture on the left below for those. On the right is of a gift I picked up after our music at Hearthstone, on my way to the CTD with Gloria. I had donated money to cover purchasing 10 turkeys for the dinner, so I thought I ought to eat. I know each year they plan food for 300 people, and this year they baked 34 turkeys for the event.

Through the weekend, this is free for a download of the music arrangement.
Christian Howe – Jazz Violin Solo Arrangement, Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I think the video will remain, but the free arrangement seems to be a limited time thing. I learned of this in an early morning email, but didn’t open it until this evening.

I’ll never have the ability with my range of motion in my left shoulder (with severe arthritis and bone-on-bone, spurs, & cysts) to ever play this, but he sent this video, and a free download of the score for the piece, and a special “Black Friday gifts” worth over $125 which I will download for review. It’s a set of lessons which will last for 30 days, and I will try to make time to go through them.
John and I went to his last concert here at the CWU Music Building in Ellensburg, and I went to a free afternoon workshop for community members and music students to learn various techniques for playing stringed instruments. He’s a great person and teacher. I don’t remember how long I have known him, but I follow him regularly and am on his email notification list for his planned concerts and teaching opportunities.

Thursday, Nov 28 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day – – But we have snow.
If you did not get a Happy Thanksgiving Card from us, below is a link to take you there. I did not mail to everyone in my Jacquie Lawson animated card database. So, if you didn’t see it, please visit here to see the reason the card is so personal to us:

Happy Thanksgiving Card 2019 from Hultquists

I slept in this morning until almost 9:00 a.m. I’m sure I needed it. John went out to feed Myst and the horses, and gave the others some of the pellets and corn Myst has been getting to increase her weight. They were delighted to be included. It has been quite cold.

I called my friend Gloria’s sister, Shirli, to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. They were having a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner today at Hearthstone: turkey and all sorts of side dishes, plus a choice of two desserts (pumpkin and pecan pie).
This morning was my diuretic pill day and I finished putting in the rest of my meds for this week’s mornings. Glad we stayed home.
It’s very cold here, 9° one morning, but days are low 20s, no sun, but no snow. We’ll be home for the next 5 days, so should be able to catch up a little on all the many projects.

We are giving thanks, however, for all the blessings in our lives.

I sent a few cards out (Happy Thanksgiving) and got some interesting responses: This from Donna Bates, in Condon, OR: “A very snowy thanksgiving here. About 10 inches but with the wind that came with it, we have waist high drifts. Had 18 people for dinner and 19 that couldn’t come!”
(John said we were fortunate that the storm was mostly south of us.)

Our friend, Jeri Conklin, sent a photo of her Brittanys playing in the snow in Lancaster, CA; 50 miles north of Los Angeles.Before the snow was over they received 2 more inches. Left to right, liver & white–Xena, orange & white—Daisy, my co-owned dog, registered as “Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ JH SH”, O&W Stormy, in front of Kurt Conklin standing, then O&W Chip, and L&W Ginny (Daisy’s mom). The letters at the end of the name stand for Junior Hunter (JH) and Senior Hunter (SH), awarded in Hunt Tests, different from field trials. She will be working on her Master Hunter title next year, with Jeri Conklin as her handler.

Long conversation tonight with a friend about her three recent surgeries, starting this September. Amazing what some folks are having to go through.

Friday, Nov 29

I called our medical insurance provider, Kaiser Permanente, and found out recommended shingles shots SHINGRIX (2 boosters 2 months apart) will be covered on our policy under the preventative care portion of our plan. That will save us several hundred $ and is good news (I checked the price and best estimate is $151/shot, but it varies widely according to the source.).

Brunch: Large blueberry/pecan pancake, with maple syrup, eggs, and sausage patties.
John worked outside a little, but it was only after the temperature went up to slightly over freezing. If it is windy he will wear a full coverall. Zip-up legs allows getting this off without removing boots.
Afternoon snack: piece of fruitcake from Costco.
Supper: Soup, Cordon Bleu, home fries, and buttered Parmesan topped toast. Dessert, brownie with dried tart cherries & nuts.

Saturday, Nov 30

Elise of NJ called. Lasted 45 minutes after we got rid of the echo; we had a lot of catching-up to do.
Carla Kaatz (wife of deceased colleague) called during my long distance call, and it just rings without allowing a message to be left. I called the number after my conversation ended, and her cell phone is now in my landline, and I need to put in my cell. Previously, I did not have it; only her landline.

Sunny and cold, still under freezing (30.2°) at 2:00 p.m. John left to go shovel manure into the back of his pickup truck where he placed a large tarp into the bed yesterday. He needs to fill it to take over to the Mariposa Vineyard at White Heron Cellars. He did that last year, and Cameron has spread the last of the pile, 11/11/19. He hopes to have better weather with no wind (which last year was intense) for the delivery.From the Naneum Fan, Tennessee Walker manure nourishes White Heron’s Mariposa vineyard.

Before he left he shoveled the snow off the concrete slab in front of our garage, which is part of the front yard where we feed cats and birds. During icy weather we carefully step through to the front gate and our vehicles and, if necessary, John spreads salt.

I’m working on projects: dishwasher loading & running, and about to start on the reference procedure for a student who started with me in 2005, has a job, but wants to become a substitute teacher on his days off. His oldest child is in the school, and he has been volunteering for two years.
Letters of reference as in the past are no longer used in many places. I have to go through a computer to fill in the information for his recommendation that goes to a folder on their computer.
I’ve only done the first step, and now must proceed with the rest. OK, I’m starting this procedure @ 3:41 p.m. & I lost my connection at 4:51; so glad I had snipped backups every so often through the process. I had to start completely over and re-enter all the responses. What a PITA! I finally finished, submitted, and logged out at 5:55 p.m.

Also, I’m editing a long message John wrote to our best man, Bill, in Cincinnati. He sent a link to an article about teaching large numbers of students and how times have changed. This is about a professor (from Australia) with 500 people in his class. In case you’re interested, here is a link below to the original article, which is so different from the teaching John and I experienced doing through the years.

High Tech for Higher Ed: An Australian engineering professor revamps student learning with teams

Sunday, Dec 1

It was snowing slightly this morning at 6:00, when I first awoke and put out food for Woody, but through the morning the rate of snow has varied – never a lot. John has fed the horses, and all the cats have been in for their morning vittles. The temps are warmer than they have been, so he intends to go out after lunch. Plans include cutting some brush and a small tree, moving snow, and getting more horse poo into the truck.

This morning we were taking care of filing our survey for the first Wellness visit to the PCP on Nov 22, and we are getting ready for the Tuesday follow-up Chronic visit this coming Tuesday, Dec. 3.
I also am following up on the correspondence started in previous days with friends around the world.

Brunch today: CheeseWurst sausage links, eggs, toast, & home fries.

I’m finishing up a few projects needing done yesterday, and then going to finish my part of the blog, so we can finish it before midnight.
I do have another list of things needing done – planning events next week.

I contacted Terri Towner about her health issues and her hubby Kevin’s right wrist/hand in a cast. They both have appointments with specialists this week, Tuesday & Wednesday. She’ll get back to my landline line with the results. We had an informative conversation this afternoon. They are down in Moxee, WA, east of Yakima.

Another afternoon snack: piece of fruitcake.
We’re planning leftovers for supper.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan