Monday, Nov 4

I’m beginning our week with a black and white of the photo published in color in last week’s blog, from Montana, and Tony Bynum’s creative photography.I love the detail in this, which better displays the mountain topography’s geology so well, plus highlighting the kayaker very nicely too. It’s a masterpiece.

Tony wrote me: Hi Nancy, that is a photo of Two Medicine lake in Glacier National Park. The lake is just up the road from my house in East Glacier. It was taken in 2016. It’s actually a two-shot panorama stitched together. I ran across the images the other day while I was searching for some other photographs for a client of mine. It is not unusual when I go digging in my archives to find something I shot but never processed or published, and this scene I was just lucky enough to be at the lake when there was a kayaker heading up the lake. [At the resolution we use the kayaker only shows as a small thing on the bright water.]

John and I are going to Cottage Café at noon meet Sharon & Jack for lunch, and to go by our PCP’s office to pick up some paperwork that I need tomorrow. Jack had a birthday the end of October, and I had one the beginning of September, so we get $10 off our meal with a mailed coupon.

I called the Umpqua Bank again about problems using their bill pay system on line, to pay from our checking account without writing a check. This has been a long on-going process, which should have been resolved last week.

We were gone from 11:00 to 4:05 p.m. today and tired of doctors. John went to the dentist early morning to reset the temporary crown, we went to Cle Elum to meet our friends at noon, and then to the doctor’s office after 1:00, back to the eye doctor in Ellensburg at 2:25 p.m., where my severely dry eye problem was diagnosed and treated.

We went on by the Coop for special horse feed for Myst, and then to Super 1 pharmacy for my eye medications ($40 later) and home for John to do chores before dark.
The day on the road meant postponing things at home.
Came home to messages everywhere – on email and phone.

One landline message was that my PFT test had been postponed a week, but unfortunately, that will also have to be rescheduled because it conflicts with our wellness visit to our PCP on Nov 22. It now has been rescheduled for 10:15 a.m. check-in on Nov 19th .

Tuesday, Nov 5

John’s out holding Myst for David to trim her feet, and then we are going to the Food Bank for a Senior Nutrition lunch before our appointment with my cardiologist. Our lunch was great (but we were late making it there, past normal serving time). Lori was kind enough to load our plates and microwave them for us. We had a slice of roasted chicken, with stuffing, and mixed vegetables (green peas, green beans, white pearl onions, peppers, and carrots), and a cookie for dessert. We’d stayed longer than we should having a nice conversation with a friend.

From there we drove directly to my cardiologist’s office, arriving with two minutes to spare.
I had printed my meds list and loaded a manila envelope with other records to show and ask Dr. Krueger about. He met with us for over an hour, and responded to all questions, comments, and reviewed all lab test results (including an echocardiogram) done since we saw him 4 months ago. He dictated his evaluation and discussion with us, in our presence (and accepts corrections) and it will be retyped for a printed version to be sent to my PCP and to me. He also listed 6 issues for me to take away and handle soon.

One was a reduction in a medication I’m taking, Atorvastatin, to only 20 mg. Sadly, I just refilled it recently for 45 tablets. Oh well. The prescription was for 80mg and I was taking ½ a pill, but to half the remaining halves would not be possible because of the shape of the pill, to get ¼ of a pill. So will order a 40 and then cut in half. (Oddly enough the price on the 80 is better than on the 40, and why I was using it). I need to check the 20mg vs. the 40mg. Maybe we won’t have to cut it at all! I think I’m better to quarter the 80 – For $5.10 vs. $9.34 =$4.24. I just worked a long time halving the ½ tablets I had, and with a pill splitter they pulverize into non-appropriate sizes, so I’ll pay the extra. His reasoning for the dosage reduction was actually good, as my cholesterol levels in the cardiologist’s words were “beautiful” – (HDL= 89 & LDL = 41).

I took a copy of the list of vaccines (to update my records), recent blood tests, and medications. I told him about my need for moderate use of opiates for when I am going to be playing music for over an hour, or dancing. I try not to raise my left arm over my shoulder, ever. He told me about a pain clinic in Yakima at the Aspen medical complex on 16th street, to which I could have my PCP make a referral – so I have to remember to do that at our annual physical coming up end of November.

Our farrier is coming to trim Myst’s feet tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and we are scheduled to go to my cardiologist at 1:10 (but in Ellensburg, not in Yakima, so that’s helpful).

We also need to go by Fred Meyer for John’s colas, and I need to refill my dog’s prescription for Rimadyl there, if it has been delivered. They had to order it.
We bought a lot of Colas for him at a discount (their senior discount works on the first Tuesday of the month at 10%, but only on Kroger products). Although, I have to return to the store with my receipt to get the 10% discount. I should have asked for it at the end of the cashier’s check out. I did not; they require knowledge at the end, not the beginning because they might forget. This time I forgot. I got that knowledge late tonight from a customer service rep named Kira. They will give me the discount, which in this case applied to 2 buys at 1.69 each and 12 at .77 each. (all Kroger brands. That will mean a refund of $1.60).

Wednesday, Nov 6

Today starts with getting ready for going to the Food Bank. I leave about 10:45 to get there to set up chairs and music stands. We start playing as soon as possible after 11:30 a.m. We stop at 12:10 and are eating by 12:15.
We had 10 people today, did patriotic and USA songs, very well received. I had a big plate of spaghetti, cup of fruit, and juice, with a tiny bit of salad (most was dark green I couldn’t eat), and a small roll.

I then stopped off at the AAC to deliver a shirt to a gal for her daughter (a 2X), and then I made my way to my meeting with Glenn at his mom’s house at 1:15 p.m. to pick up some of my stuff that I had loaned to her.

I had filled out paperwork and so I dropped by for a temporary state parking sticker for special occasions on campus, where only handicap spaces are available. I’ll need to use it to get to the IAFI lecture where all 10 spaces near the building in the middle of campus have been changed. The university quit issuing their disabled parking space (campus only) coupon for the mirror. Now one has to get a PCP’s referral to obtain a state permit, even a temporary one.

Fred Meyer Pharmacy did not yet have Annie’s meds, so I got my $1.60 refund from yesterday’s mistake.
John fixed meatloaf, beets, and baked potato tonight.

Thursday, Nov 7

Normal morning, and getting ready to eat brunch and go to play music at the Rehab. We will be going tonight to the Historical Museum for a lecture, and I have my camera and tripod packed to take in ahead of the 6:00 p.m. starting time. We loaded an old metal sign for a machine shop. The sign featured Harley Davidson and had “1 mile from Ellensburg.” The museum director, Sadie, is going to include this in the collection, and try to find out about the business. We’ve had this for 15 years – given to us by a since deceased neighbor.

Tomorrow is our Veterans’ Day playing. I got the audience music ready 43 copies – need to pick up the remainder and my paperwork for the Nov 12 meeting at the AAC Advisory Board at 1:00, on Monday.
We had meatloaf and carrots for supper.

We left after 5:15 p.m. to drive to town for a lecture at the Kittitas County Historical Museum. The Wanapum people live (now) 30 miles to our southeast, near Wanapum Dam, a major structure on the Columbia River. I sat beside the presenter and his wife. Below are the videos I took with permission from Rex and his wife Andrea. During the first one below (Sadie Thayer’s introduction, is a song that Rex wanted to sing. It is part of the Washoni religion and they did not want that recorded because of the special spirituality.

Rex Buck, Jr. Intro to the Washoni Song (not recorded)

Rex Buck, Jr.’s Story of the Wanapum People, KCHM: 11/7/19

Answer to Sun Light Message in Song Lyrics

Now below, I’m adding after the talk by Rex, my finds on the web of Links to history about the Wanapum (River) peoples

Civilian Displacement: Hanford, WA

Wanapum People After Smohalla

Friday, Nov 8

Sunrise: we missed getting a good picture because of trees, buildings, and a hill. The sky was ablaze with reds & oranges.

I looked at my normal photographer friends in the Kittitas Valley, but didn’t find any, so I checked on line and found these from Ferndale, WA, northwest of Bellingham, and close to Canada.Church Rd, Anita Goecke; Unick Rd, Allison Trimble; Lummi Island, Colby Chambers. All are taken 11-8-19, shown in Ferndale News. Mt. Baker is 35 miles east; one of the snowiest places of North America.

Normal morning but heading for an early Veterans’ Day Memorial celebration at the Senior Center.
We arrived before 11:00 to setup things, for our music group, and to find out last minute changes in plans for the day. I brought the audience music to be distributed after we started playing as the dishes were being cleaned from the tables. John took photos. Our group was setup to play on the other side of the pool table, and I’m standing in front probably setting up my music stand. A singer (Lou) is standing behind me and he is one of 3 veterans associated with our group who were honored today. And the two tables with red tablecloths in the back of this picture, behind the tables with white tablecloths were reserved for the musicians and family. You see the red, white, and blue colored tables.

Each Military Branch was brought forward and Karen Eslinger, our accordionist, played the theme songs as they stood as a group. The official program began a little after 11:30 p.m.
It began with a 12 slide PowerPoint Presentation created by one of the AmeriCorps staff, Deborah Boudreau. She did an awesome job on the presentation. David Douglas, in his Army uniform, acted as MC and explained the slides – a timeline of the various services.

Next is a Link to the PowerPoint slide content: (I have no clue why the slides are shuffled in reverse order, with #2 at end)

Thank You For Your Service

When the branches walked forward to be honored, their branch’s history was presented (you’ll see on the slides above, if you weren’t there to hear, and the MC interviewed a couple of them asking the years served, where, what their specialization was, and what memory they took away from the experience. Each veteran was given a postcard for today (left below), and I shall place a photo of our day’s cake dessert beside it.

Here is a link to the photos of the day John took, and we’ll add others that the AAC staff took, when available.

Celebration photos

On the way home we stopped off to show my patriotic garb to some military friends, and Cheryl Winston took this nice photo of me to send to a lady who loves seeing me in the patriotic clothing because of her son’s being in the military.Supper with shrimp, carrots, French fried potatoes, and Honeycrisp apple. Piece of chocolate silk pie with pecans made a nice dessert.

Saturday, Nov 9

Started the morning with sleeping in, and then began with Facebook messages, about morning sunrises. I have two to share for today from our Kittitas Valley.This capture from Lise McGowan, commenting “Game Day Sunrise! Keith (her hubby) could only see Purple and Gold!!! Get your Gumbo on!!! Geaux Tigers!!!”

Another photographer in our midst is Evie Scheutz, who posted her morning pre-sunrise shot of our agricultural valley, for this 11/9 morning, with her comment, “Always a beautiful morning in paradise…” Evie’s photo was taken from Cleman Rd, south of Kittitas, WA

John’s in from chores and fixing brunch. This was diuretic day for me, so I’m traveling up and down the long hallway to the back bathroom of this L-shaped house. At least I get my exercise.
Sent the Nov 9 Earth Science Weekly PDF out, among other emails needing attention, and chores around the house.

John fixed fried smoked turkey to supplement a low calorie Marie Callender Roasted Turkey dinner with gravy, mashed potatoes, & carrots/broccoli.

Sunday, Nov 10

Finally getting started at almost 9:00 a.m. I am not rested yet. John’s been up since 7:00 (not his normal 6:00).
Okay. Time for me to load dishes to soak and finish blog that awaits. Been another busy week, with another coming on, even tomorrow on the holiday we have already celebrated early.
Okay, the first sink-full of dishes is soaking awaiting for me to load into the dishwasher. I’ve set our new timer John got for me to remind me of my next chore. It’s so cool, a metal one with a magnet that attaches to our metal kitchen refrigerator very securely, and has a loud and predictable ring. Our old timer was getting to the end of the timing and quitting before ringing (cause unknown).
The old one (right) was a Taylor (on a stand) for which we never easily had space available in the kitchen. Left one is by Myle, smaller and conveniently out of the way on the fridge door held on by a magnet. John came in and fixed us a late brunch, egg/cheese/mushroom/ham omelet, with toast. Now he’s outside working on a gate project. I will go out and review his work and grab a bag of clothes out of the back of our pickup to take to Yakima tomorrow for donation at the Discovery Shop (American Cancer non-profit for research). All the shoes, clothing, and hangers are either in the Ford truck or in a shed. This stuff needs to go – and make someone happy.

The new gate is a 4 ft. and a 10 ft. combination. These replace a makeshift pole and rope that has been in place for years. In fact, the new panels have been in the hay shed for about 3 years. It was time! New gate opened and closed; see explanation below in video:

John’s New Access Gate to the pasture and sheds
Supper was fried breast of chicken, large cheese biscuit with butter, and some chicken/bean chili.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan