Animals and activity here and away

First, we’ll catch up with information that didn’t get posted last week..
Back from Friday, Aug. 3, here are two links to the camera work I did that day.

Link to many photos, AAC_8-3-18, A Fair to Remember

Link to 3 short videos, AAC_8-3-18, A Fair to Remember
Below left: one of 3 spotted fawns we have regularly around our house this year. This is just over the fence in our front yard of the house.Bambi, then with Czar on crossover and Woody too. The cats pay attention to the deer, but don’t get involved.

Monday, Aug 6

I’m still working on photos from Aug 3 AAC event. Above you have access to the results of all photography in two links, but here is my favorite video, which occurred outside the building at a petting “zoo,” at the event, A Fair to Remember. Emily with Peep (2 yr. Leghorn) & the back of her shirt

Emily introduces Peep during the Buckles & Belts 4H showing outside the AAC

John went with me to town for my 1:30 – 2:30 SAIL class, with the prime reason to use the senior center’s Wi-Fi access to activate our new cell phone. Plus, we have access to the staff there who own and understand Smart Phones. We cannot do it from home because of only a local in-house Wi-Fi, and no cell reception. A huge disappointment of the new phones, because the company “suggested” we might.

We took our voting ballots to drop by the courthouse, and John picked and carried in some yellow squash for the EBRG seniors. Someone else brought in zucchini so many folks took both. Once class was done, the director Katrina helped us initiate our “Smart” phone. We went through the startup settings and then called our service provider to activate, but we only activated one phone (John’s). Apparently, on the way into registering it, we ended up putting all our Gmail account contacts (e-mail) and not the ability to enter contacts with their telephone numbers.

I called Consumer Cellular on our landline this evening for help, but it was slow coming. The representative did not know how, and was going to check to find out how to delete my contacts list from John’s phone (our joint Gmail account), and then get phone numbers. She never returned the call, and they closed before we had an answer, so I will call tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, Aug 7

I started by contacting Consumer Cellular to see if someone would help us reset (delete e-mail contacts). We managed to find someone who knew the answer, which we did not have last night. Today, we had to make a trip to a Target store in Yakima to get help from a fellow in Electronics there who will eventually be able to transfer all the contact phone numbers from my Flip phone to the Smart Phone, when I decide to activate it (after I learn how to use John’s for things I need). We bought the same exact type of phone, but mine is gold and his is black.
His soft cover is red and mine is gray. Both of us received our tempered glass cover to protect from scratching and breaking. The first ones we ordered were delivered but did not fit our phones. We can return those, sadly for a cost of $6.00 shipping. We package them up and send by way of the USPS. We also bought the wrong cover for my phone, so we can return it at the same time. John has already re-ordered the correct parts, and they were delivered later this week.
By the end of the week, we have succeeded in learning the things he mostly wants to know for immediate use, namely call from the car and take photos. Also, important and not something a lot of folks do (apparently), is he wants to download photos to his computer. He often enhances photos via color manipulation, change size and resolution, add text, lines, arrows, and overlays.
We needed to know how to add contacts, and he only really cares about having a few people on for his needs. Most important was to have our home phone (landline) for Nancy; second was Nancy’s cell phone #, and third was his (our) sister Peggy. There are to be a few more, including several of WTA contacts.

Our main reason for going to Target today, was to buy a micro SD (Secure Digital) card for storage of photos, and to have it installed in the SIM card slot. I took my laptop computer and the transfer cable along to test putting photos on the new storage card, and then transferring them from the phone to my laptop. Once we got home, we tried the technique on his computer, but we had forgotten the steps. (I watched the “agent” do it, but we did not write down the actual steps, and it is not well explained (or to find) on the web.
I remembered, however, what we wanted to do, and a day later, John found the “button” to change the smart phone from charging the battery, that is the default when plugged into the computer. Once charging is stopped the computer’s File Explorer will recognize the SD storage and find the photo files for retrieval. Now we are 2 or 3 or 4 steps up the learning curve.

I’m keeping my flip phone for now until we figure out the things needed. John has learned enough for all he needs to use it for. He now has the 3 numbers mentioned above, plus on Saturday, we added his 100-yr old cousin, Ethel, but we did not manage to connect with her while in town, because we called during her nap time.

We didn’t arrive home until 4:30 p.m. and I needed to go to Evie’s house in Kittitas, WA and be there by 6:30 p.m. with folding chair, music for me and 2 other players, violin, stand, & pencil.

We had a productive practice session, learning and agreeing on intro lead-ins to establish the correct beat of the song, so we can get the proper “count in” for the song and all start at the right note. I did not get home until 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Aug 8

We took off at 8:25 a.m. for the sometimes monthly meeting of the Emeritus Geography group (retired geographers). We warmed and carried along the food treat, which was a raw apple cake (glazed) that my neighbor made for us from his mom’s special recipe. John cut it into small brownie size pieces, and I packed plastic forks, napkins, plates, to set up once there. The Activities Director at Hearthstone (where we meet) set up coffee, tea, and ice water for us. One of our members (Lillian) lives there and brought her Irish Cream creamer to add to the coffee. We had 9 people show up. We started at 9:00 and a few of us stayed until almost 11:00.

I also took my camera to record information for reporting to those not there. I have only one conversation to share that occurred by Dee Eberhart talking about a T. E. Lawrence book, of which he has finished reading all 700 pages. His presentation was well worth hearing and I’m happy I had my camera there.
Dee Eberhart on T. E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926)

Then we had some reports on good things and sad things. The saddest was the loss of a colleague’s son, to a cancerous brain tumor, at only 55. One of our own told us the story at the meeting. Then I gave a report from our current chair who planned to come to our meeting, but had another called at the last minute by the Dean’s office. I also gave a report from another member about her planned trip to Tuscany, Italy. We will meet again in a month.

John and I drove separately because he left for home, and I stayed in town to go to two other events – music at the Food Bank lunch and SAIL exercise class in the afternoon.
I went from that meeting to the Food Bank Lunch and played music for the audience for a half hour. Then we get to eat. Everyone enjoys our presence, and they do a good job singing along and provide applause to keep us happy.
From there I went to the senior center for my SAIL exercise class.
Once home, there are chores.

Thurs, Aug 9

John left a little after 6:00 a.m. for a WTA work party at Surprise Lake south off Hwy 2. I stayed up, even though I was operating on only 4-5 hrs. sleep.

I washed dishes. He tried the camera phone.Left is a dead tree outlined by a white sky (thin clouds and smoke). The crew did lots of brushing and drainage cleaning.
Middle and right photos shows a log (flattened top) bridge crossing. This is a natural fallen tree with a big root clump on the near end. Enough roots have been cut and a ramp of rocks built.
On the east side of Surprise Creek, Dan cuts back the brush – including blueberries, but mostly other things.

I am working on videos from the Aug 3 party at the AAC, and now I have to add one from the Aug 8 morning meeting.

I put my pills in the distribution box for a week, ordered Metoprolol and Entresto, and halved the remaining Entresto pills.

I called in a count of 9 (for armless chairs) to Roberta (the Activities Director for Meadows Place), where we play music today. We actually had 11 there (but two stand).

The weather is scheduled to be very hot. Five miles from us, the airport reported 107°F. However, there is evidence that when it hits about 95° it loses contact with reality. A concerned person (not us) has asked the National Weather Service to investigate. At home we got to about 97°.

I talked with Reece at Critter Care. The first available appt. is Monday, Aug 27, and we will take Annie in early – to be back for our farrier David to do Myst’s foot trim at 10:00 a.m. We’ll then get Annie in the afternoon when she comes out of the effects of anesthesia. They will evaluate her need for Phenobarbital, anesthetize, do blood work, trim nails, shave, and call when she is ready to be picked up. I will have to leave both phone numbers to be sure I’m not already on the road to SAIL exercise class.

Talked to John Bowen. The Hultquist Award is distributed at the start of every quarter, Fall/Win/Spr, at $333. For 2018 awards, they will be distributed for both students, Caleb Valko and Mallory Tripplet through all 3 quarters.

This morning on Facebook, my friend, Joanie Taylor forwarded me a video, which included a geographically incredible journey along the U.S./Mexico border, viewing the potential “Wall” being proposed for building along the border. This report shows the topography confronting the goal.

Knowing many of our readers do not have Facebook accessibility, I searched, found, and created this link:

2,000-mile Border Journey

For brunch: sausage, 2 eggs, 1-½ piece toast with jam.

I finally got out with all my load of weight for the Meadows Place, and put off my musical stuff at the door, found a parking space, and went inside to help set up the chairs.

We had a good turnout, but problems with hearing each other for the intros especially after our bass guitar player’s sound died. It was a disaster for trying to hear the lead in, which went so well Tuesday night in the practice session, so we could and all start on the same beat and keep it throughout the song. The audience didn’t care that we were practicing and restarting when things went awry. They appreciate us when we are there, regardless of the sound. They also love watching Haley bounce around the room, dance to Irish Washerwoman, and yodel with us.

I came on home and John called about 4:30 p.m. from Leavenworth, but he still planned to stop at a fruit stand, and then would be out of range for his phone. I was exhausted from short sleep, so I lay down and went to sleep. I was still sleeping when he came in the front door. I guess I needed it.

He brought 16 beautiful peaches (he’d bought 10# for $12.) He also bought some excellent corn-on-the-cob. Not from up there, though. It is from over east, near Quincy where White Heron Winery is. I think I already mentioned that, somewhere in the blog, maybe later.

Friday, Aug 10

From the Yakima Herald report: This photo is along Rim Rock Lake on White Pass, showing smoke from the Miriam Fire.

The Cougar Creek Fire near Chelan and the Gilbert-Crescent Mountain Fire near Winthrop are producing smoke in the region.
There are other fires in the region, but none near us – at the moment. John has read that 84% of wildfires are related to humans. Not arson, but humans and human actions.

An air quality alert has been extended until 10 a.m. Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. “A windy and cooler weekend is likely in Eastern Washington, reducing smoke accumulation in most areas but also worsening fire spread,” the interagency Washington Smoke Information blog said.

I watched an awesome video of Jennifer Lipton’s son, Miles (only about 6 yrs old, singing and strumming his dad’s ukulele to his original song, “Steam Train Through the Woodland Forest” – It is an epic saga of a steam train. November 2017. I’m sorry, I cannot give you the Facebook link, because unless you are her FB friend, you won’t have permission to view it.

Saturday, Aug 11

John went to open the gate, with Anne along. Some things needed water out that way, especially the “new” rose bushes.
He also brought around the Chevy “farm” truck to drive about 7.7 mi. round-trip to pick up five plastic 55-gallon containers, a couple with 10″ of dirt, and weeds. What? Cannot imagine how that got in them through the two little holes in the top. I drove behind John to be sure he didn’t break down and have no way home. The truck is 38 years old.
At home we switched to a car for a trip to town.
We went in John’s car, first to Safeway for colas, but the price was up on 2-liter bottles to 99₵ each. They have been 10 cents (and even 20) lower. We went on to Super 1 Pharmacy for my two prescriptions, and checked the cola prices there, and found they were $1.28. Then back north to the Farmers’ Market for peaches from Royal City and for corn from Wapato (south of Yakima). We got 24# of peaches for $35 and 6 ears of corn for $3.00.

Sunday, Aug 12

John started earlier than I, but he then went out and got a hose fixed to fill buckets and barrels, and to water veggies. Now we are ready to process peaches, and get around to brunch. We have processed and frozen one layer of the large box we bought, and eaten brunch (eggs, sausage, a peach, and I had toast with apricot preserves).

I have called and notified Dee Eberhart about follow-ons to the Emeriti meeting.
We still have peaches to finish.Here is my photo coming home late up Naneum of the red sun sunset because of the haze from smoke in our valley.

Our ending was just filmed tonight before dark. It’s a video of 3 yr old twins with new Bambi, sharing Mt. Ash branches.

3 yr old twins with new Bambi, still spotted, sharing Mt. Ash branches, 8-12-18

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan