This Week’s No so Nasty News

Item #0: the Weather
Our high temperature on Thursday was 100°F. Tomorrow, Saturday, the high is expected to be 76°F. That’s good news.

Item #1: New phones
My new phone has now replaced the old one.
It works in the car and takes pictures.
Being of Android/Google linage, it prods me to do things to enhance their bottom line. It also has a mess of an introduction every time it is turned on. I’m at the beginning of the learning curve.
However, our provider is Consumer Cellular and they buy tower space from ATT. We do not have a connection in the house and barely outside. Booster kits are available, but cost more than the phone.

Item #2: Good things to eat
My chance of getting to Australia is slim to none. However, you might.
If you do, look for the confections of a company called Darrel Lea. At one time the company sold only out of its own 60 stores. That business plan started to fail and now they are in 3,000 outlets. Ice cream will be available, such as Rocklea Road, peppermint nougat and peanut brittle. So, a nice story from OZ.
Darrel Lea

Item #3: Man rescued
A man in Germany called police. Why?
You have seen this story – right?
Saved from a tiny squirrel

The link has photos of the actually chaser, but not the chasee. I could not find a nicely presented story. The one linked to is okay, but could be better. I wanted to see a picture of the chase.

Item #4: Stargazers – heads up
There is to be a multitude of meteors this weekend.
One story is here: Kat Kelly says

Really, that’s her name. Here is a video: H.R. Macmillan Space Centre Astronomer Kat Kelly

Kat K. urges folks to go to a dark place, take a blanket, and your favorite beverage, and several people to talk to. There are lots of breaks in the action.
{Actually, she did not quite say that, but close.}

If you are not going to watch, there are nice photos here, with some tips on how to take such photos.
Tips from NASA

Item #5: Be more active

Just about everyone needs to turn the TV off, turn you cell phone off, and close the refrigerator door.
If you want to get some exercise, folks in Western Canada can introduce you to Axe throwing.

Ales Soloducha

You can travel to “Lumberjax Axe Throwing” in downtown Regina and Winnipeg. Or you can find a place closer to your home.
Try Philadelphia, PA.

From the City of Brotherly Love

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.