Problematic week,

but with good things too

Monday, May 28 Happy Memorial Day !

I finished the blog last night, because I had link problems after John had hit the hay. He’s the WordPress person in this family. Finally, I got them all fixed and published.

We were up early for John to take the new Flag to the road.

I’ve been working hard trying to complete the videos and a few photos to send to the Geography Department and to the winners of the scholarship awards. Need to finish and go take a photo of the flag flying with the sun behind me.

We learned our co-owned Brittany in California garnered 3 awards for 2017 Dog of the Year awards in the CA Brittany Club. Photo shows her 3 trophies (cheeseboards) and each came with 2 wine glasses with an etched Brittany head.

Jeri is going to send us the Gun Dog of the Year trophy and keep the wine glasses. We have too many wine glasses (by the carton) from our tastings in our summer class for 12 years: Wine: A Geographical Appreciation. We set up 3 glasses for each person during the final tasting, and we purchased all the wines for the event (usually 12 or 13).

Here are the placements

Field Dog – Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ SH – o Jeri K Conklin & Nancy Hultquist.

She (Daisy) & her Mom (Ginny) won 2017 awards:

Gun Dog – Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ SH (Daisy) – o Jeri K Conklin & Nancy Hultquist

This next is Daisy’s mom:
Amateur Handled Field Dog – FC KWK Windswept Guinevere of Camelot SH – o Jeri K Conklin

Senior Hunter – Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ SH – o Jeri K Conklin & Nancy B HultquistWe both went out to see the flag blow in 44 mph gusts. It’s still fluttering. The flag kit came with 3 small screws to attach the pole receptacle to a wall. It needed a much more substantial method. Two by sixes and large lax screws, plus braces, are in place – for now.

Adjusting the Flag Position 5-27-18 (getting ready yesterday for today)
Yesterday’s Flag Adjustment

High Winds on the Naneum Fan

Czar Went to the End of the Driveway with us to see the Flag
Czar is a Companion Cat

Then Czar Rolled in the Gravel
Czar’s Favorite Pastime

Our irrigation ditch is without water & John removed the dam.
Waterless Irrigation Ditch

Dinner was baked chicken, with succotash, and sourdough toast with butter and Parmesan cheese. It was very good.

Tuesday, May 29

This was totally a recuperating day for me. The winds blew hard all day, so John was unable to get any work done in the yard. A piece of tree trunk (dead) came down, and if anything had been under it when it fell, it would have gotten crushed. It is against and over part of our fence. Out of the way, so it can wait to get cleaned up – on a day with no wind.

Here’s what we did today. We went to town to pick up a Stihl brusher for work at our house fire-wising and work on trails (probably in the future in the Spokane area with a WTA crew John knows).
Washington Tractor’s sales rep (Janie) with John. The handle bar attachment is in travel mode, lowered and swiveled down. Note the size of the unit by comparing to the back of the pickup bed. His next chore will be to create a way to carry it on the luggage rack on top of his Crosstrek for the trip to Spokane or elsewhere.
It arrived with a string-trimmer head. We also bought a tri-blade head, shown at right.Once home, here is the end of the unit and the right shows John attaching the handle to a carrying harness.

Next we have a video once home of the demo of using it for weeds.
Goodby weeds!

Wednesday, May 30

Food Bank as usual for music and I carried along my salad for lunch. Afterwards I was off for SAIL exercise class.

I think, once home, I continued on projects relating to my computer.

Thurs, May 31

We have water in the irrigation ditch today. Seems the rocks and logs have found a new home.

This is a BYE day for our KV Fiddlers & Friends music (5th Thursday) – well deserved., so, John and I went to Costco for things for us and others.

We had a great evening at the Ice Age Floods (IAF) local chapter meeting at a presentation on local geology by an excellent speaker, Lydia Staisch from the USGS in Menlo Park, CA.As a guest lecturer for the local chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute, we enjoyed Lydia Staisch’s presentation on the Ringold Formation, Sedimentology & Provenance: Implications for the ancestral Columbia & Snake Rivers.
Lydia Staisch, Ringold Formation
Lydia’s Questions & Answers
Nick’s Invitation to the audience for Lydia’s Noon Talk Tomorrow
Invite by Nick Zentner

Friday, Jun 1

John left about 4:40 a.m. for the WTA work party at Mt. Rainier. Likely earlier by ½ hour, but he wasn’t sure. By arriving early he gets to visit with the assistant crew leaders, and leaders for WTA (2 this time), and a National Park trails crew member. Introductions of everyone, and safety talks start at 8:30.

My laptop computer and I left for CWU to meet the systems analyst for help uninstalling the rest of Sophos, which is an antivirus software they wanted to sell me, and they managed to alter my system so I could not complete the uninstall, even though I had administrative capabilities.

This was the beginning of my end-of-week problems that actually began last week when I tried unsuccessfully to uninstall Sophos, the “free” antivirus software. It’s ended costing me dearly. Now I need to add administrative management to get into the user group to get rid of it. Thus far, I have not succeeded. The end of my meeting was to leave without the need being fulfilled of gaining administrative access to my Windows 10 Home addition. I somehow have lost that ability. I will be seeking options tonight. Subsequently, no one has been able to make the change. I will have to resort to a complete reset of my total computer (more to follow here).

From that meeting, I went to the Geology lecture Science II, Rm 206, at Noon, where I took a video of Lydia from an awkward angle in a small room.

Noon Talk on the “Yakima Folds” (these are E-W ridges folded in the area south of Ellensburg):

From Gravity Anomalies to Graded Streams, crustal structure and Quaternary acceleration of deformation rates in central Washington Presented by Lydia Staisch.

Yakima Folds Presentation

Lydia’s Q & A on the Yakima Folds talk

Ending Questions & Answers

I went to SAIL exercise at the senior center. Katrina instructed the class in her usual wonderful manner. She makes exercising fun. Afterwards, I went by a friend’s to check on her cat. She and her son went on a trip (plane) back to the East coast for ~ 10 days. I found a problem with the automatic waterer and made a temporary fix.

I spent more time researching my computer problem and trying to find a solution.

Saturday, Jun 2

I spent a lot of time on phone trying to fix my computer problems. I was on the phone with tech support through Costco where I purchased my computer, fall of 2016.

I went to town with John to get gasoline for his trip tomorrow, by Super 1 for groceries, and by Anne’s to check out the cat situation with the waterer malfunction. Cleaned up the wet papers from the day before, and decided to replace with a conventional bowl of water.

John moved water hoses, filled barrels, watered trees, some flowers, and picked strawberries for me to fix. Then we had them on Key Lime Pie for dessert. Just a few have ripened. Late next week there should be lots of ripe ones.

Updated my meds and called in the one I’m running out of. Monthly ones are a pain. I wish I could get for longer. I need 90 pills for the month. NEED TO CONTACT the Pharmaceutical Company for Entresto about the “break” on co-pay for insurance. Might have just been limited to one year without renewal possibility. I was getting it for $10/month. Now is $40. Buying it through GoodRx – without insurance – is not an option, because we are talking $469 (from the cheapest place, Costco).

The late afternoon and evening I spent on the phone with support in the U. S., and finally with a tech support person in India working for Dell. With just that one person, I spent 2 hrs and a fee (because my year’s warranty was over), but the fee was only going to apply if they could fix it. They could not without resetting the computer to what it was when I bought it. I could not do that before backing up the entire computer’s files and folders.

I decided I needed a new external drive disk to use to back up everything, because of lack of enough space on my current one.
John provided an initial search for one and found one I wanted at Office Depot. Later, I looked to follow through on purchase. I had questions and got into a Chat with an Office Depot staff member at some place away from here, and learned information I needed to make a phone call to the store on Sunday.

Sunday, Jun 3

John left at 5:00 a.m. for Mt. Rainier. (Longmire, via Steven’s Creek Canyon)

I moved the water hoses (am doing every 2.5 – 3 hrs.); one near pine trees and Forsythia bushes, and another on the Carpathian Walnuts.

Outside temperatures decreased over a strong start mid-morning. Now it’s windy and cloudy also. There was some very light rain on the western slopes of the Cascades, but not here.

I worried with computer issues much of the morning, and finally called the Office Depot in Yakima to see if I could come there for buying an external disk drive.
It took me two phone calls, but I finally located the technical support person, Jared, who heard my story, and made an agreement to help me tomorrow at the Yakima store at 10:00 a.m. As he doesn’t have the 2Tb Seagate I wanted, I will buy a Western Digital 1Tb drive from him for a very low price, use my American Express card that gives me another 5% discount, plus he will look at my computer, teach me how to set it up to backup all files and folders on the system. I will not have to pay him to reset my computer, and he knows how. My main concern is the software loaded there. I’m sure that will be gone with the reset, but it will restore my Windows 10 Home to allow me to have administrative privileges.

I am sure I will have problems with some of my added on software, mainly SongWriter 2012. I captured their contact for a future need. They will have to give me permission to reload on the same computer after the fix, and then I have to find where the disk got put. I may be without the use of the software for awhile.

I finally ate a late lunch at almost 2:00 p.m.

The weather is very strange today. It was 50° when John left this morning, by 1:00 p.m. heated up to 81° (at the airport). It was hot when I went to move hoses, but I didn’t look at the temperature till 3:00 here, and it was 70°. The winds started after 2:00 p.m. and have gusted to 46 mph (again, at the airport 5 miles south of us).

I’m waiting patiently to hear from John. He had problems reaching me on Friday coming home from Mt. Rainier, and now at 5:46 p.m., he’s still not been heard from, so I should be getting a call soon that he made it to Yakima. He called a few minutes later. He was coming through the Selah Gap. Now scheduled home in a few minutes, and Annie’s already outside waiting for him in the front yard. She’s been going out with me every few hours to move hoses, but she will be thrilled to see him and get to go for a real walk.

She will likely tell him she’s been ignored all day. He made it just now at 6:30 and I heard her yip in excitement. I noticed he got out of the car and then put on a heavy shirt and knitted cap. I checked the front porch temp and found it at 66° – it’s probably a bit cooler out in the yard and the wind, which is still blowing hard.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan