A few odd items

This week’s not so nasty news.

Item #1: A non-tragic ending?

A man, in Warren Ohio, placed a loaded revolver in the broiler section of the oven to keep it safe.

My sister thought this was funny, the man lives, and so it is not so nasty news.
My questions, on the other hand, are:
Why loaded? Why a broiler? Why did he think that was a safe place? Could he not think of a place more stupid than this?
At least he failed to win a Darwin Award.

Item #2: The first

We picked a few ounces of garden strawberries today, Friday, June 1st. Now we are going to put them on a Key Lime pie.
The pie is purchased frozen and is now thawing. We should have lots of berries in 10 days.

Item #3: We are not big soup eaters
There is a web site with many images of restaurant signs, such as this one. Such sites make you click to see each sign, and each page has multiple ads, some animated and messy.
I looked at a bunch, and thought this “soup” one was cute, but not enough to make me enter the place and buy lunch – whiskey or otherwise.

Item #4: Time

I spent today on the Wonderland Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park.
This was WTA’s first day of the season, so I went, and will go back Sunday. The location is different this year and about 45 minutes farther for me. Thus, I’ll switch to closer places.
Several of the folks, especially on Sunday, came multiple times last year so this will be sort of a reunion.
The hopeful phrase “Until we meet again” comes to mind.
In this case, the phrase will be “See you on the trails.”

Item #5: A sea tale

An Orca was freed from fishing gear on Thursday by marine mammal rescue. Onlookers claim the whale took off and starting breaching and doing tail slaps.
Perhaps a bit of a salute to his rescuers?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.