March ends with fire and wind

We had wind. China’s space station provided the fire. (OK, it was April)

Sunday, Mar 25

We published the blog tonight at 10:00 p.m.
After that, I finished the letter for a scholarship reference and submitted it on the web to Indigenous Education, Inc. in New Mexico.

I wrote a note to my co-hostess about co-hosting the scholarship luncheon this Friday.

Monday, Mar 26

John left a little early for pruning, because of road construction near Quincy requiring him to go around an extra loop.

I called Stewart Subaru Service and scheduled John’s 2016 Crosstrek in for its 30,000 service visit; it will be Thurs. at 2:30 p.m. We will drive separate cars so we can use the 2+ hours they require to work on the car to do our shopping at Walmart and Costco, so we can get back in time for an early evening lecture.

Yesterday, I wrote a note to my co-hostess about co-hosting the scholarship luncheon this Friday. Today, I emailed all the possible attendants to see if they are planning to be there for Friday’s luncheon. We need the count for fixing our food fare and for the number of place settings.

John made more good progress outside on things needing done in the yard. I made progress by staying home to take care of several of the many things I have ignored for a couple months. I still have more tasks awaiting attention. It all takes time.

Tuesday, Mar 20

John left for pruning at the Mariposa Vineyard, after 7:35, and had to stop at George (I-90 Exit) for gasoline because he didn’t think he had enough. A cheaper place in Quincy is out of his way. Prices in Ellensburg went higher today.

We now have 14 people planning to be at the Friday Scholarship luncheon (one of the largest attendances I remember). I’ve been a member of this group for 30 years!

I filled my container of meds for the week and loaded dishes; still more to go. Ate a small salad and got to town about 1:00 p.m. The wind has been blowing ferociously all day, making being outside a challenge (even driving a car). I stopped at Dollar Tree, for something for the centerpiece of the table and the place settings. I found some Easter bunny napkins, plastic colored eggs, and little decorated malt chocolate eggs to put in each plastic one for people to take home or eat there. On from there to Bi-Mart to check my number, but I did not win anything. For the last digit of our membership #, they were giving away a nice pot of flowers. Then on to the AAC for Jazzercise, with only three participants. Others must have been out working in their gardens.

I carried in my Nikon camera to get help from Nicole Jones (the AmeriCorps staff member), who was so helpful last week with teaching me how to get my photographs properly onto Google Photos. Today’s quest was to reset my camera’s storing date on pictures taken. I had the instructions from the user manual which I was unable to follow to reset the date on my camera, from storing as Jan 1, 2013. She is so sharp, she took the camera and had the settings changed within seconds. Now it is good as new. I’m very appreciative and any time I thank her, she always says, “My pleasure – it’s my job.”
Jazzercise was a little tough today. I couldn’t keep up on everything with the class, but I kept moving and made it for 45 minutes. I’m still regaining stamina from my lost time with Pneumonia for 3.5 weeks.

I drove by Amy Davison’s house to pick up salad servers and wooden bowl to borrow for Friday’s luncheon.

Of all things, I had another long nap late afternoon. A 20-minute power nap went to 1.5 hrs. Guess I needed it. John says I start naps too late in the afternoon. I actually seldom take naps, so he is only talking the last two weeks.

Wednesday, Mar 21

John left for pruning later than usual.

I have to get all the music for soup kitchen time delivered to the Food Bank, because our leader is out of town, and she left them with me last week. I finished my salad to take for my lunch and set up my red bag for SAIL exercise that follows at the AAC.

We had a good turnout for music with lots of singing and applause at the soup kitchen for FISH, and on my way to SAIL I stopped by Safeway to get the lettuce I need to clean and crisp up for Friday. While there I checked on medication for our Brittany Annie (a controlled substance to prevent seizures – Phenobarbital). Lowest price is through GoodRx, but while the drug is cheaper through Costco Pharmacy, the local vet will not send a refill to a non-local pharmacy. The pharmacist at Costco said that is not a state law.

We had a good class and Jessi (our teacher) gave us all a cute Easter present. We had a large class of 15 today.

Thursday, Mar 29

John came past an accident on the way to the vineyard. People were out of the cars, talking on phones, but the police had not yet shown up. John followed a pickup down a gentle grade to a service road and proceeded. Lots of stuff on the road and air bags had inflated. It was all cleaned up by Noon when he came back through. No news about it have we found.

I have much stuff to accomplish toward the luncheon tomorrow, started by making a list of things to fix and to pack to carry in.

Call from Sonja my long time friend now in S. Lake Tahoe, with an invite May 4 night for a Saturday family gathering at Diamond Lake (NE WA). Once a couple years ago, I visited them there for a family reunion. I guess I’m considered family after all these years. We met through Brittanys in 1977 in Idaho, by selling her a Brittany puppy. She’s had several out of our lines since, and still has a pup (whose sister I co-own in CA), so I will get to see hers again. He’s a beautiful and sweet liver & white Brittany.

Off with John to Yakima, in separate cars. His Crosstrek was due for its 30,000 mi. service. We left it and got in my car and went first to Walmart for different types of bran cereals and some other stuff. Then off to Costco. We got our call there on my cell, and went back to pick up the little blue car John calls “Jessica” – when he thinks to do so. She is a very complicated thing, but fit as a fiddle.

We both drove to Ellensburg. He went to Super 1 for smoked turkey and I picked up fast-food chicken sandwiches. We met at the Kittitas County Historical Museum for a lecture by Nick Zentner. The audience was larger than the number of chairs in the small room. It was an extraordinary lecture, as usual.

Nick Zentner: Kittitas County Historical Museum, Is Mt. Stuart from Mexico?

Friday, Mar 30

First here is a photo introduction to The Musical Mountaineers, Anastasia Allison (darker hair) & Rose Freeman (lighter hair):The young ladies travel to well known places, mostly hiking in the mountains, carrying in their instruments in backpacks, set up, and play. Sometimes they start their hike in the dark. Below is a video of early morning music from Manastash Ridge – above the Kittitas Valley, in Ellensburg, WA – opposite side of the Valley from our Naneum Fan location.

Facebook link for a better image of all three songs:

Facebook link to The Musical Mountaineers on Manastash Ridge
This video was shared to me on my Facebook timeline, and from there I shared it. The original share to me happened early on the same day it occurred (today), and as of Sunday night, there have been ~ 20,000 views!!

The second below is my attempt at capturing their Facebook link, which cannot be reached by many reading our blog (without Facebook accounts). This is my capture from videotaping my laptop screen. Apologies for the image focus, but the sound is there for all three songs and I’m zoomed in a little more on The Mountaineer Musicians, Anastasia Allison (violin) and Rose Freeman (76-key keyboard). They backpack their instruments into a number of mountainous terrains in our state.

Manastash Ridge Concert – Anastasia Allison & Rose Freeman, Violin-Piano, 3-30-18. The three songs they played were (1) Hallelujah (2) Simple Gifts and (3) “Circle of Life” from the Lion King.

Manastash Ridge Concert

The next video is the best quality, from Anastasia Allison (the violinist): taken the same day (3rd song played in their concert)

“Circle of Life”
That one is from the Lion King.

More about the Simple Gifts song and a link to it with lyrics:

Simple Gifts – Yo-Yo Ma & Alison Krauss
Some research onto their sites brought forth many more videos of their superb musical (& hiking) talents.

This one is a must visit:

The Musical Mountaineers
That is from “Evening Story” on Seattle’s King 5 (NBC affiliate TV).

A link that reaches a number of their videos is below:
Performances in Nature

Our morning started by getting ready to prepare the rest of the food and all the stuff to take to CWU for the scholarship luncheon. I am so grateful for John’s help with this. Originally, I thought he would be gone, but Cameron had a wine seminar to attend, and they decided against pruning today. John was willing to help make ready and to drive to school with me, help me carry in two large boxes of materials, for the setup. He then drove my car for two other stops in town, and returned to pick me and the leftovers up. Did I say how grateful I was? While I cleaned and packed, he ate salad and cake.

There was a lot of work by both of us this morning on the scholarship luncheon food. John cut up 98% of it (smoked turkey into cubes) & Honeycrisp apple cubes, I boiled eggs and cut them, putting into two packages so I could assemble there into two bowls, and waited until the last minute before serving to add the Bleu Cheese dressing. I also packaged salted pistachio kernels to put in the mix (then left them in my fridge), and torn up Iceberg lettuce to bite size pieces. I was also in charge of the beverages (used only lemonade, Crystal Light), in two 2-liter bottles, but only one bottle was drunk. In afterthought I should have provided some two different flavors of Powerade Zero – I have orange and strawberry on hand. I also took the cake, a special Tres Leches, from Costco. I borrowed an Easter tablecloth, added the center piece, and at everyone’s setting, we put a plastic egg filled with a malted milk decorated egg (edible), along with a cute Easter bunny napkin. I had assembled those this morning too.

John sliced the Zucchini/pecan/pineapple bread loaf and the Como Italian bread to go with the soup, and repackaged them.

We were expecting 14 but one got sick at the last minute, another did not show, and one that came did not eat anything. We only had 11 eating. I didn’t have the soup and the other one not eating did have soup, but not salad. John and I ended up getting 4 salad meals out of the leftovers. Actually 5, counting what John ate at CWU.

My co-hostess, Mary Aho (also retired) provided a special Italian soup served at the Olive Garden restaurant: Zuppa Toscana Soup. It was full of things I cannot have – Kale, Basil, and Italian sausage (I could have had that). It also has potatoes, onion, and other ingredients. She also had quite a bit of leftover soup.

John helped me carry all the utensils (except soup & soup bowls) to the 2nd floor (good there is an elevator). And he loaded two large boxes on an old luggage crate I have had for years.

After we ate lunch, Ruth Harrington announced her good news, about the fund she originally established at CWU. Ruth Announced the Total Reached $1 million in the Scholarship Fund and there’s a Celebration, April 29, 2018, for past and present members. She then passed around a book to sign up for making a pie for the first Pie Sharing Party, which will be then. She wants John to make Pecan – he has done so for several Christmas-time and other dates.

I grabbed my camera and asked her to start over again so I could record her.

Ruth Harrington
I need to get this on our desktop size calendar that hangs on our kitchen wall: Invitation to the 4-29-18 Celebration at the Sue Lombard Hall – Sunday 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Here is an article in the Yakima Herald about Ruth’s involvement (since 1973).

Yakima Herald Interview with Ruth, 12-22-17

Here is a collage of pictures from today’s luncheon:Top: Amy, Mary, Monica, Kristina, Christine, Peggy, Tina
Bottom: Mary, Vicki, Nancy, Bobbi, Ruth, Courtney, KristinaFood served today at the Scholarship Luncheon: Salad (Lettuce, Smoked Turkey, Honeycrisp Apples, Hard-boiled eggs, Spicy Baguette Croutons, with Bleu Cheese dressing; Zucchini bread w/pineapple & pecans, Como Italian bread, Zuppa Toscana Soup, and Tres Leches cake.

Yesterday, late afternoon, I had a call from the financial accountant at the CWU Foundation about our own scholarship. John and I contribute money for two, a graduate student in Cultural & Environmental Resource Management and an undergraduate student in Geography. The title of the scholarship is the Hultquist Distinguished Service award. Right now the web page for Geography is down, so I won’t put a link to it. I was following up on an incorrect statement of what I thought our balance was in the account. They are going to look into it further on Monday and clarify details. I was sure I had more than $100 in the account, considering I contribute something each month directly from my checking account.

In the evening we had a nice long conversation with our sister, Peggy, hearing about her trip back last weekend to PA (from OH) to the 100th birthday party we mentioned in last week’s blog for their cousin Ethel. She asked if I had not gotten the pictures she sent. I missed them at the time, because John had opened them and didn’t tell me, and once they are opened in email, the bolded subject line turns to unbolded and is easily lost. She wondered why I had not acknowledged the pictures. I only mentioned the one in last week’s blog that her daughter Pat sent us. So, I will put a few below. Thanks !! Peggy for sending them.

For her 99th the family had asked what she thought her 100th should include. Peggy gave me the run-down on the story. Ethel’s answer was the Chippendale Dancers, fireworks, and Vince Gill to sing. We’d seen all the dancers on one of her cakes and one in a cardboard statue, which people posed with.

The little kids there had a marching band with trombone and bongo drums. They marched in playing Happy Birthday and other kids had little “poppers” that make firecracker noise, but someone had one loud one that shot confetti all over. Someone else gave her a Vince Gill tee shirt.

Previously unseen photo review, Ethel’s 100th birthday party: Chippendale appearance, Peggy with cardboard, Ethel, Pat (daughter), and her hubby Ken. Ethel with another cake, with confetti, and with Vince GillRod, Peggy, Ethel, Barb – our Hultquist family blog readers.
Rod and Barb are John’s brother Ken’s kids; Peggy is his sister.

Saturday, Mar 31

Happy Joyous Easter (Garden) from Jacquie Lawson animated cards from the UK (on this eve of Easter): If you didn’t get this sent directly to you, then please go look now; just follow the link.

Floral Awakening

This next one I especially made for a few youngsters in my current life (we don’t have any grandchildren):

A Splash of Spring

John has been out working in both gardens and other places on our property, getting garden plots ready for tilling and planting onions today too in our original garden. Yes, he has two garden spaces. A break includes a snack and drink, and taking Annie for a short prowl. She finds garden time boring.

I have been doing kitchen clean-up to make the dishwasher ready to accept our electro-static furnace filters which have to be washed, and John will come in about 4:00 p.m. to load them. It’s ready for his arrival. I have been working on many parts of the blog, uploading videos from last week, photos, and numerous other computer things.

He got the filters cleaned and installed. It’s running a lot quieter than it has been. We’ll have to clean and replace all filters (metal and paper) sooner. It was 39 days run time, and the timer is set for 45 – a bit of a test, as we have had it set for 30 days.

Before retiring, I sent a few people a Happy Easter card that I really liked (described above). One was more fun for little kids in families (didn’t send many of those) – with an Easter basket, decorated eggs after the colorful chicks hatched to create flowers, and bunny in the scene appearing. Pretty clever and with an ending animated puzzle. You have both links above.

Sunday, Apr 1 HAPPY EASTER

Beautiful Easter cake designed by my friend, Amy Davison.

Also, Happy April Fool’s day! This was the day 4/1/2010, I officially retired from CWU. No fooling. How time flies! My last actual day would have been as Thanksgiving vacation started, 2009.

We have a chilly but sunny and windy day here today, probably will blow off a few Easter bonnets. Two local (apparently resident) Canada geese flew over this morning, noisily honking. Explanations on the web leave a lot to be desired. We wonder why they do that. John sees them flyover (low) every day and if I am home, I hear them. A large flock went north on Sunday – quite high. The ridge to our north is over 6,000 feet.
Our resident deer were in for their morning visit out front, and earlier out the back door near the creek, we saw a bunch of deer with one having apparently lighter colored hair (or maybe a thin spot) on her sides we haven’t seen before.

He’s fed the horses, taken Annie for a morning walk, brought back one cat (Woody) for me to feed, and now is back in the 28 mph gusts in sunshine, planting onions in our garden.
We got 5 bunches, about 75 baby plants each, of Ailsa Craig (very large & mild), Copra, Ringmaster, and Sterling – all white. The 5th one is a red called Redwing. Redwing is more pungent than the others and keeps longer than the others, except Copra, that may last 8-10 months. You can learn more than you need to know about onions, here: Texas source

John will be back in later for brunch of ham and eggs. I’m continuing working on the blog, and responding to Easter greetings from around the world. Oh, John’s been following the location of the satellite space station that will likely crash to Earth this afternoon between 43° N and 43° S Latitude – hopefully in the ocean: Update: Reentry time was 5:16 p.m. our time zone. It fell in the Pacific Ocean east of America Samoa.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan