THURSDAY — not much that’s new

Nancy is making slow progress with regaining her physical abilities.  They had her using a walker today and the two PTs (physical therapists) with her did not have to save her from falling or anything else.  She didn’t go far but she did move her self around and about.  They help her stand-into-the-walker and then return to a seated position in the wheelchair.  She stayed in the chair for awhile after returning to the room and then a PT visited the room to help her stand, swivel, sit, and pivot back into bed.  None of this is she able to do on her own but they are helping her do it – not doing it for her.

The food leaves a lot to be desired but I’m supplementing by sharing a milkshake with her and carrying in yogurt.  She did have a soup tonight that was good but the sliced tomatoes, while red, were not.  I suspect that the meals are crafted to provide complete nutrition for the day if the person eats all (or most all)  of the three meals.  That’s not happening with her and probably not with most of the residents.

Visitors brought both flowers and candy today  — she ate the flowers and I ate the candy.  Just kidding.  Actually, the flower was a potted one and I can bring it home, find a bigger planter for it, and keep it going as an inside plant – it is a white Kalanchoe.  You can find a picture of a red one here: