WEDNESDAY — slips to Thursday

Last evening, when I normally would have been writing something for here, I responded to a batch of e-mails and just as I finished with those the phone carried a call from a friend.

She and I share the unwelcome situation of have spouses that suffered major heart related illness in 2009.  This also means that her husband and Nancy have many experiences to compare.  He had a major heart attack last spring that culminated in a heart transplant late in the fall.  They live in  a sparsely populated mountainous area remote from a major medical center and so he has been hundreds of miles away – and still is.

We each knew of the unfolding medical issues of the other but keeping in communication was nearly impossible.  Thus, we had a long phone call and when it was over I had some chores to do and never thought again of making my “occasional” update about Nancy.

She is still doing well – I’ve talked to her twice this Thursday morning – and I will remember to get something on here tonight.