FRIDAY — end of a long week

I went in early today and was in the PT room while Nancy did the therapy thing.  Among various exercises they got her out of her chair and with the support of the ‘walker’ she managed about 100 feet.  They did this three times starting from the chair each time.

We name things strangely.  For example we claim to park on a driveway and drive on a parkway.  We all know to get olive oil they squeeze olives. So, then, how do we get baby oil?  The ‘walker’ isn’t properly named.  It doesn’t walk, even when you push it.  It slides.  They seem to have rubber cups or tennis balls on the end of the legs.  If it has wheels, it rolls.  If it has both does it slide-roll?  We should call it a slideroller.

Anyway, that is the most exercise she has had since she walked to the car the morning she was having the heart attack – November 27th.  This was more difficult.  We applauded when she finished the third trip.