MONDAY — unsettled

We had hoped to move Nancy to Ellensburg when she is ready to leave the hospital but there is a glitch.  She still needs more attention than the places in Ellensburg can provide.  She will likely stay in a skilled facility in Yakima for two to three weeks, perhaps, beginning as early as Tuesday.  That is unsettled.  It is clear she needs care because of her weakness.  It is also clear that there are truly sick and injured people that need hospital space.

Over the next couple of weeks Nancy will have to go to check-ups with hospital staff and doctors so being only a few miles away will be good.  Ellensburg is 45 minutes away by interstate highway and while the next few days look fine weather-wise that might not continue.

The floor she is now on – called the Advanced Care Unit (ACU) – was buzzing with activity today.  One of the ICU nurses from the second floor wheeled a person into a room near Nancy and then stopped in to visit for a minute, and ended up staying 15 to help with Nancy’s care.  I’ve no idea what is happening in the rest of the hospital but these two units (ICU & ACU) are activity centers.

Moving to a different type of facility may be a cultural shock.