TUESDAY — Need a sign?

Today seemed somewhat like a Keystone Kops or Three Stooges movie.  Looking for an appropriate place to house Nancy just got silly.

Several of us believe she will progress very rapidly once she is out of the hospital environment and into a place that focuses on physical therapy (PT).  The fifth floor has a PT unit with doctors and nurses – and a reputation of “aggressive” action.  (No. I don’t know what that means.)   However they know Nancy is not ready for aggressive therapy and so have agreed to start her slowly.  This was thoroughly discussed and thought to be the best solution for the patient.  Great.

But the person in charge of giving the go-ahead at the insurance company is working only from faxed reports.  She doesn’t believe Nancy needs the 5th floor environment at this time.  She thinks somewhere else will be a good fit for a week and then maybe return to the 5th floor.

One of the suggested places has no rooms.  Another one sent a representative to the hospital.  The idea, I thought, was to talk to Nancy, nurses, and PT folks and decide if the facility would work for Nancy.  The representative came to the hospital and starting talking to people and asking to look at reports – but had no name tag nor credentials and, I think, the hospital case worker contact was not around.  Exactly what happened I don’t know, but apparently the on-floor head of the ACU objected to the visitor on privacy grounds, and “bingo” – Nancy was deemed not a fit for the facility in question.  Maybe I’m misinformed  about this but I think something went wrong.

At some point the surgeon and nurse came by, said hello, commented on how good Nancy looked, and went on down the hall.  Nancy has moved on from their rather substantial and expert skill set.

After I left the head of a rehabilitation place in Ellensburg came to visit Nancy.  We don’t know why he was in Yakima but the hospital case worker made contact and in he came.  Nancy and her music making friends visit his place once each month to entertain the residents.  So he and Nancy recognize each other by sight but are not very well acquainted.  He talked with Nancy (maybe others there) and thought his people could take care of Nancy.  He is to meet with his staff Wednesday morning and will get back to Nancy with his plan.  As we go into Tuesday evening, nothing is certain.

Well, the hospital did promise not to set her on the street corner with a sign asking for a ride to Ellensburg.  And I’m not going to be heading down the south-bound lanes of the interstate if she is being carted north.   I already have an “I’m stupid!” sign and don’t need another.