SUNDAY — just cruising

We actually had a discussion with the surgeon today about the possibility of a pre-release conference concerning procedures, medications, and behavior beyond the hospital.  He and the surgery nurse were both visitors today and they are still thinking of releasing Nancy to the rehabilitation facility this coming week.

Early in the morning they took several vials of blood – enough for eight different tests.  Then they gave her a pill for anemia.  Go figure!

Other than the blood draws this was an uneventful day for Nancy.  Visits from other sorts of doctors, other than the surgeon, have dropped off as Nancy has gotten better.  One measures progress by odd means.

Yesterday the hospital admitted 30 people.  I wonder what all the reasons are?  When I left today – via the locked doors – there appeared to be a family reunion in the waiting room and adjacent hallway.  Rules are for only 2 at a time to go in for about 10 to 15 minutes each.  I think they won’t all get inside today.

>>>>>>>>>>>Sunday update . . .This is from a phone update from Nancy.  At 7 P.M. they booted her out of the ICU because of two new admittees needing critical care.  By 7:20 she was in a room on the fourth floor but didn’t have anymore information but did confirm that there is still a group of about 20 people outside the ICU – that may increase with two new folks in there.