SATURDAY — mirror, mirror . . .

Nancy weighed about 9 pounds less this morning than she did yesterday morning.  That’s what a double shot of diuretic will do for you.  Today she only got a single dose but tomorrow or Monday they will double dose her again.  It really showed in the lower legs, ankles, and feet.  They also want to keep her lungs clear so they are being aggressive about this.

On a lighter note, the head nurse of the surgical team and I were commenting on the natural color that has come back into Nancy’s eyes and face.  She had been a bit grayish.  We realized Nancy hasn’t looked in a mirror since Thanksgiving.  Unknown to us is that the over-bed food stand has a mirror hidden underneath the serving part.  I’m glad we didn’t know that a month ago.  She needs her hair cut and her face is thinner but she actually looks healthy.  As regards hair, she began losing a little with the endocarditis last May and she thinks she is still doing so.  Unlike someone being treated with chemicals and radiation for a tumor where hair loss is more rapid, this is a slow motion loss as her body seeks to repair other damaged cells and neglects the hair.  I think that is the idea as expressed to us today.  I’ll see if I can find any info on the Web.

The same nurse brought in the photographs from the surgery and they made copies for Nancy.  I was gone by then but via the phone Nancy claims that even on standard paper they are very good quality and I will be able to scan them.  I saw a few of the originals the day after surgery but I don’t know what all they have given us.