FRIDAY — Oops !

Yesterday as late as a quarter to 5 the plan was to move Nancy.  At 5:30 the plan was cancelled.  I thought she was being moved during the time I was writing last night.  Not so.  She is still in the ICU and, perhaps, to remain there over the coming 3-day weekend.  Then she might get shipped off to Ellensburg.  I’m hedging my bets now.

I do know that the social services folks at the hospital have contacted the admitting folks at one of the local skilled nursing/physical therapy facilities – with an estimated time of arrival of early next week.  We’ll see.

I think the removal of the chest drain resulted in a bit of extra fluid building in Nancy’s body, especially the feet and legs.  They gave her an extra dose of diuretic but they removed the bladder catheter a couple of days ago also.  Guess who is happy he is not having to deal with the consequences of that combination of decisions?

(Yesterday I mentioned the lifting machine in Nancy’s room.  Actually the term used is a “Standing and Raising Aid” or SARA.  The link here will let you have a look at it.  The first image has the optional potty in place. )