THURSDAY — escape !

It didn’t happen while I was there but there is a report that Nancy escaped to the fourth floor today.  Either that or when she started calling people on her cell phone they decided to throw her out.  Actually, the move is supposed to be going on as I write this so I do not know a room number.  I have a meeting to go to tonight and want to get this posted before I leave so I don’t have time to wait on more information.

They have a patient lifting machine (real name unknown) and Nancy can be sitting in a bed with feet toward the floor (or in a chair) and the machine is pushed forward and with straps and handholds she can be lifted into a standing position.  Then she can be moved from point A to point B.  Before today her legs and knees were so weak that this was more like strapping a sack of wheat to a pack saddle on a horse.  She could not help at all.  Now she can hold herself against the upper part and wait the few seconds for this thing to stand her up.  She can then lock her knees and be vertical.

Progress comes in small increments.

I don’t know what mechanism is hidden under the machine’s fenders but when in use it sounds like a small jet revving up to take off.  An interesting place – the ICU.