Wind and drying

Exciting news this week – –
(1) I got a haircut. My barber is a nice young lady with one arm covered with a roses and other flowers tattoo. She is also about to have her first child – – a girl. Last haircut time it wasn’t apparent, but now there is no doubt. There is some doubt about whether or not she will return. There is just one other barber there, unless a new one is hired. Oh well.

(2) I bought an electric sander at the “Milwaukee Day” event at a local hardware and lumber yard. If one buys something, a free lunch – fancy hot dog – is provided.
This was not on sale. Last year I got a kit on sale with a drill and an impact-driver. My plan is to remove the blue paint on the kitchen cabinets. The wood under the blue is quite pretty. Why a previous owner covered it it a mystery. I’ll likely repaint it with a “Light Khaki” (Benjamin Moore style). Likewise the interior of drawers and cabinets. Now those are very dark brown. Whatever. I now have the sander and sandpaper.

Penstemon flowered this week. I don’t have very many and mine are a little bluer than this one – an eastern type. (from Lauren’s Garden).

The Lauren’s Garden site has many nice photos.

There is interesting information and a photo for my region, here:

Mentioned is Peshastin Pinnacles State Park near Cashmere. This is 30 miles north of me.

Meanwhile, the local vegetation is drying – getting ready for the fire season. I’ve started to mow. The first area is the strip between the county road and my fence line. That is a potential ignition source because of the curve and the occasional vehicle leaving the road. Such events are rare, but have happened 5 or 6 times since we bought the property in 1989.

The cool June weather has slowed the drying of the region. This is likely to continue into early July. Only Monday June 26th is forecast to be above 80°F. This weekend, snow is forecast for the mountains 70 miles west of me, above 5,000 feet, maybe lower. So far, it just looks cloudy. These from a air flow directly west-to-east coming up and over the mountains.
While less than last week, winds are still gusting to about 40 mph. The onions are not happy.

Exciting week. Right?

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