Summer begins

I started the week with carrying a check from Vanguard Mutual Funds to the CWU Foundation – that on Tuesday. I ended with getting a shipment of stainless steel Pétanque boules from a place in Hickory, NC. The final third of the Hickory wood flooring came and is under cover on the deck. Coincidence? I think not.
Small deer with white spots were here one day. I didn’t have my camera.

The last 3 days had high temperatures of 81, 84, and 88°F. Lows have all been in the low 50s. That’s of interest because tomatoes need nighttime temperatures above 55 to set fruit. I’m glad I didn’t plant any this year.
Besides the wind has been strong for weeks. Even the onions have a difficult time standing up.

Local wind turbine facilities pumped out a lot of energy until around Noon on Monday and then dropped to near Zero on the 21st.

Washington State has one nuclear facility. It is shut down for a few weeks in the spring every 2 years. The plant was off line for about 44 days, nine days longer than planned. During the outage just completed, 248 of 764 nuclear fuel assemblies in the plant’s reactor core were replaced with fresh fuel. This was the 26th shutdown and refueling since beginning in 1984.
On the graph above, note on the left-bottom a small purple arrow. That points to the time when the facility was “turned back on.” Follow the purple line to the right (this past week) and note that it steps-up rather than coming on all at once. Once it is up and tested, it may produce electricity at the same rate for 2 years until the next scheduled refueling.
[The brown line represents about 50 smallish facilities that burn waste of several types.]

We bottled Cabernet Sauvignon at White Heron on Thursday. I think there were 225 cases X 12 = 2,700 bottles. That is an estimate, ’cause I didn’t count. Afterwards we had wine with lunch.
Phyllis came down for lunch. This Monday she will have a second knee replacement surgery. The first one, almost 3 months ago, healed well and feels better than the one to be done. Good news, but she will be in the process of healing and physical therapy for the next three months. She will mostly miss harvest, except for watching from a recliner. Grapes a still green and hard.

I’ve watered onions twice this week and sifted and moved dirt around. Parts for the chainsaw came but I haven’t put them in. So, no cutting this past 2 weeks. I have split and stored about 97% of the dry rounds.

Keeping Track
on the Naneum Fan