A dull week

Other than the local NWS weather station stopping, nothing much is going on. The Ellensburg airport Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS) hasn’t worked since the 17th, Thursday, at 12:55 pm. A station 26 miles west, near Cle Elum, at a Highway maintenance area called Bullfrog does work, and I have outside sensors. This being Saturday, the down time will last until Monday or Tuesday.

Outside in the Sun, it “feels like” 40 degrees. Each day I get something done – cleaning up an old mess, or putting time in on a active project. I have a new covered feeding area for the Quail and smaller birds, and the deer can’t get in. I still have one of the older places to dismantle, but one is gone. The remaining one can be “disappeared” in about 20 minutes.

This afternoon I intend to mulch leaves with the push-type lawn mower. I’ve raked about ½ the Walnut leaves and carried them to where I will plant onions next March. [I checked this: for nouns ending in f {leaf} there is not a grammar rule. You just have to know the plural is leaves. Why is this?]

The tree photo is from here:

Western Larch, Larix occidentalis

Locally, many folks call these trees Tamaracks and are preferred firewood. They tend to not have large side-limbs, meaning very small knots. Thus, they have straight grain and are easily split.
They prefer the north-facing (damp) slopes of the mountains. They are more of a Rocky Mountain species, but the western higher parts of Kittitas County have plenty. I obtained some and they grow here if I water them. When I don’t get enough water on (this year), they have a dull yellow fall color. They are a deciduous conifer; the needles turn a golden color in the fall, then shed. Check the link for more photos.

Thanksgiving Day is forecast to be in the 50s and sunny.
I’ll say thanks to that.