Thanksgiving Week

This being Thanksgiving Week, I made plans. I was going to go to Kathy’s and Francisco’s but he tested positive for Covid, so on Tuesday that plan was canceled. We’ll have to reschedule. Snoqualmie Pass was clear and dry. Darn.
The photo below (snitched from the local paper), is from Wednesday afternoon. Find the red star – That’s most of me.
Prior to the Covid Panic, Nancy and I would contribute to an go to this community dinner. For the past 2 years volunteers cooked and prepared take-out dinners. I can prepare a better meal, and driving to town and home again would not have been worth the effort.
This year they were back to the community affair and I know the lead person, our Senior Center director, Katelyn, ran the show, so I went at 3, talked to her and three or four others, and left at 3:33.
I really don’t care for the standard fare. This one had a slab of turkey breast and green beans (plain). The gob of instant potatoes had instant gravy. The stove top stuffing was plain, and there was a big fluffy white roll.
I might not have gone, except … the local grocery had a sale of big red table grapes and I thought those would make a good contribution to the dinner where I would be Thursday. 30 years ago we were introduced to a local family with 6 or 7 girls — one being Suzy, now married to Bob West.
Bob was a Xerox repairman when we met, but once that company began to decline, he came back to school to retrain. He was in my physical geography class and some of Nancy’s classes. Nancy got to know the mother and father because they liked to dance when her group played at a few of the EBRG venues. We usually went to a noon dinner across the street and then went to the family homestead for supper. Now, one of the daughters and her husband have a large house and the family, and friends, gather there.
But back to the grapes – 99¢/lb. is a great deal. I know there will be turkey and ham and just about anything else one might think of. It is always a quandary as what to take. Knowing I can never think of anything to take that won’t be there, I saw a sale for big red table grapes and went for those.
I rinsed and cut about 8 pounds into clumps and placed them on paper towels in a cardboard box. I was greeted at the door by one of the family and he and I decided to put them on the table just as I had handed them to him. He said that in a few minutes one of the ladies would see them and bring a nice platter or bowl so as to better present them. In under 3 minutes that happened.

All this reminded me of family Thanksgivings my mother hosted in the 1960s.

– – –
Yesterday the local weather forecast claimed my temperature would drop to 4°F next Friday at dawn. Now it shows as 12 degrees. All the lows have been raised by 8 or 10 degrees. I’m not complaining, just wondering. Today was warm – high 40s all day. I was able to be outside from about 11 to 3:30.
A bit of rain and/or snow is forecast for the rest of the week. Inside projects – I don’t like – loom.

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