Well, that didn’t work

– $118.39 later.

The riding lawn mower has a new carburetor – –
and still won’t run.
Other suggestions to look at include bad fuel lines and safety switches.

There is a 70% chance of rain this weekend so I pushed the machine into the reconfigured shed, and I can work in there, and watch videos about possible fixes.

The work crew did a lot of painting this week and put the bird net up. There are spaces still open between some of the studs. I have to rip plywood to about 10 inches and tack that up to complete the bird-proofing. I have a dozen of used sheets, so there is no expense – just the work.

I have a new wild flower blooming this week but have forgotten the name. It is cute but not a stand-out in the mass of shrub-steppe vegetation. Initial searches failed to find it. Some of the bunch grass is 7 feet tall. If it is not raining in in the morning, I’ll get photos of both things and add them. Otherwise – next week.
The tall and showy Wild Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii) is also blooming.

I used Google image search but did not find the flower.
I switched to Bing image search and that found an image almost identical to the one I took today. First my composite:

Here a link to Large-flowered Collomia on the Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) site:
Search with ” wnps Large-flowered Collomia ” and you will get there.

Keeping track on the Naneum Fan