I paid for . . .

A while back I bought a spiral-cut ham. It came in a cute black net bag and had a pouch attached labeled “Sweet Ham Glaze & Dipping Sauce.”
The ingredients list includes:
High Fructose Corn Syrup,
Corn Syrup,
Brown Sugar,
Caramelized Sugar Syrup, and
Caramel Flavor
(+ a few other things)

Except for water and caramel flavor (chemicals of some sort), the main ingredients produce brown sugar water.

The price was $3/ pound and the bag of sugar water weighs 8 ounces.
So, I paid $1.50 for something worth about 10¢.
After heating in a slow oven, the pan contained about a pound of water, so there is another $3.00.
The bag of sugar water also has unknown spices.

I wanted the pre-cut version because it is easy to re-bag in small amounts and freeze for future meals. That task is completed.

Next, I’ll put the remaining portion in a slow-cooker with veggies and make a soup, and freeze packages.
All together, I’ll have quick start bases for about 40 meals. That is about 80¢ for each.

There is not much else new. I have seen a small size Horned Owl about. Frequently, I hear 2 or 3 calling, but haven’t gone looking. Years ago I did and found two side-by-side. They stayed while I walked near them and took photos. This one flies if I get within about 50 feet. If she gets more tolerant maybe I can get photos.

I expected to finish pruning this week but rain is forecast for tomorrow.
Still, we may finish this week.

Other news:
Cousin Ethyl, 104+, died this past week. My sister, living in Parma OH, drove the 130 miles east into Pennsylvania for the Friday funeral. I’ve been calling Ethyl once a week for the past two years and visiting with her about family things. She remained mentally sharp almost to the end.
I was last in PA to visit in September of 2000; then to see my Uncle John (cancer) and other family members.

From the Naneum Fan