Windy Cold Flowers

We finished pruning vines on Wednesday at about 12:15. We missed a day because of rain. I didn’t go on Tuesday but Cameron and Tom started and retreated to the winery. On Wednesday there were 5 of us. Tom returned from a trip to PA to see his young granddaughters and Mark finished his advising folks about growing things and conservation practices. He is a Master Gardener.

On Thursday I brought in firewood and split some. I also used scrap lumber and made a few dozen stakes to prop head-pruned vines – no poles or wires. I thought I’d be through burning wood by mid-April but not so! The cold weather has stayed, with rain and wind.

Friday I went to Yakima and met Suzy and Bob for a cheap Costco hot dog and sundae. We visited and shopped. One-way is just under an hour long drive and I didn’t accomplish much before or after.

At dawn Saturday it was 40°F with only a little wind. When it hit 50, the wind started – 23 mph sustained with gusts to 30. For the day there were periods of 35/36 mph and gusts to 46. I was hoping to cut a few more trees but that will wait until Tuesday or Wednesday when single digit winds are forecast.

Despite the wind, I took some photos. The four below were taken this morning – May 7th. All are near the entrance off of Naneum Road. I planted 2 dozen Daffodils but only half of them are fully flowering. A few are only 2 inches of green and a few spaces are still empty. That is also true of the yellow (wax) beans in the garden, although the seeds are still there. I checked! A week from now the NWS thinks we will get to 62° and partly sunny. That might help.

From the Naneum Fan