A dull week

With not much happening on the Naneum Fan the last few days, I’ll add a link —
Dispelling the doomsday propaganda in DisneyNature’s new polar bear ‘documentary’
Susan Crockford is an independent researcher and author from B. C., and a fan of the big white bears. I wrote to her a couple of years ago with a question and got an immediate response.

About that time our local BiMart was clearing out seasonal merchandise and I bought two fleece throws. During all the removal of “stuff” from the house last year, I’ve managed to keep them. I’ve not figured out how to get one to her, but now that Covid Panic is winding down I can work on that.
– – and now the photo that prompted this:
– – – – – – – – – Picture of the Week

Momma bear looks a little thin after the winter and having 3 cubs; but the spring feeding season has begun. If you use a search phrase “fat polar bears” there are many photos of bears after the feeding season, some are cute and others you likely don’t want a 3 year old to see.

And here at home:
We had just 3 pruners this week, and I didn’t go on Friday. Next week Cameron will not be home until Thursday. The cold and cloudy weather has kept the vines from having the buds open so there has not been damage there. We have not seen regional reports except that fruit growers are concerned.
Friday I went for lunch with the CWU scholarship lunch group of which Nancy was a long time participant. The University has not quite dropped all of the Covid Panic restriction. So there are a few masks to be seen on campus. In the Ellensburg stores many employees are using masks but only a very small number of shoppers. I saw a driver with a mask on, but didn’t see if there were passengers. Apparently the Seattle and other Puget Sound residents are still very much wearing masks. We’ve got a rural versus urban thing going on.

I have worked a couple of hours dismantling the in-shed room. This recovers 2x4s and 3/8s inch plywood, and cans of nails. I need to re-establish the electricity in the shed. I need a dozen screw on wire caps to cover the (now) disconnected wires to plugs and lights. Then the main circuit breaker can be reinstalled, and I’ll have internal power. I can use plug-in lights until an “idea” clicks for internal lights.

I’m gathering wood for burning. I didn’t expect to be burning this long into spring. There is lots of wood, but not a suitable length for the stove. Some just has to be cut the right length, about 15” to 16”. Some has to be split. I’m gathering pre-cut trees for future use. And I need to cut, split, and stack that. A hot & dry summer will, I hope, get it sufficiently dry. There is plenty of dead wood I can use, but wonder if that will be enough for a long winter. I’ll work on that when I get the newly fallen trees processed.

The price of generic gasoline has stabilized at $4.40 per gallon.

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