Cold and Snow

This week there was snow on two evenings – – Mon into Tues, and Wed into Thur – – with record cold temperature. For the Yakima Airport, the 2-day average early in the week was 35.3°F. Going back to 1948 there as a 2-day mean of 35.5°.
After mid-week it got colder. The mean was 33.8°. I’m 50 miles north and 1,200 feet higher so likely 3 or 4 degrees colder, but I can’t do a two day average.
The fruit growers in the region seem to have been lucky in that it has been so cold the buds on their trees, vines, and shrubs have not opened.That is true on the grape vines we have been pruning. The National Weather Services thinks I may see 50° this coming Thursday. The plants and I are hoping that is true. Warming will be sooner over at the vineyard.
By mid-week we should be seeing buds opening as we work.

Because of the snow and cold, I haven’t done much outside.
We only pruned on Thursday and Friday. At home, I kept the wild birds supplied with seeds, and brought in wood for the stove.
I did get a haircut on Tuesday morning. My barber, Kristen, and I both got clumps of wet snow on us on the way into the building. We survived.

With early morning temperatures expected to be below freezing for the next week, I need to bring more wood in, and some of that needs to be split. I’m starting the 18th week of using the wood stove.
Keeping track on the Naneum Fan