Winter has arrived

Here on the Naneum Fan Astronomical Winter officially begins next week:

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 7:59 am PST

However, some countries follow the meteorological seasons where winter began December 1st. There is 6 inches of snow here that began to accumulate Thursday Morning. Thus, I declare that winter started on the 16th.
Here is a Washington Dept. of Transportation traffic camera view of the summit at Stevens Pass, elevation 4,061 feet or 1,238 m.
Opening of skiing is somewhat late this year. Only about 20% of the parking area is visible here, so how crowded it is is not possible to say.
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It has been an unexciting week.
I had the 1st part of the annual “wellness” visit. This is just a discussion that serves no purpose**(see end), and a blood draw that will be considered next week. Because of Christmas, I go back next Tuesday. I think it is split into 2 days so both Medicare and the secondary insurance company each have to pay. Next time these visits should occur in January (2023), and the next in February (2024). Of course I have to live that long. It will (maybe) be snowing this time.

Phyllis and Cameron came on Thursday.The main project was to remove the electric heater from the big shed. It is headed to the winery and will replace the one there that just failed (the fan). The shed is scheduled to be reconfigured as an open roofed affair with two walls, somewhat like this image. Because of anticipated snow load, the new roof will be slopped like the one shown here. It will have half-trusses. Like this.
The sign below is cute; being musically aware helps.
**One is told to draw a clock and also remember 3 words. My brain doesn’t wish to waste the energy, so I often screw-up these chores. The tester thinks I’m losing my mind. I think they are wasting my time. I win.

That’s all
from the Naneum Fan