August 7th Break in the weather

Thursday: cooler = mid 80s,
Friday high was 83; wind gust made 46 mph; exact same on Saturday
smoke, gone
Next Thursday summer returns! Serious heat in the West.

Update on “Stuff”

On Monday – – Phyllis, Audrey, Suzanne, and I finished looking at all the stuff in the hay shed – including the few clean & boxed clothes in the travel trailer. Suzanne stayed in EBRG and came back Tuesday AM. Phyllis did also – about half the kitchen got cleaned out and cleaned. Astounding.
I will carry a partial load over to The Winery (intermediate stop prior to Goodwill) next Thursday. Cameron has scheduled a bottling of Rosé of Syrah that morning.
When Kathy and Janelle come for the horse things, hay, and a rocking chair, that shed will be nearly empty. There is some metal junk therein, but lots more of that elsewhere – just needs to be carted off.
The travel trailer will soon be gone.
Oddly, neither the Warren County (PA) nor the local historical society have responded to by inquiry of “do you want?”
I tried to get the old Pace Arrow hauled off, with any proceeds going to the NPR station in Seattle. This required a long phone interview with a lady at ‘car easy dot com’ and me sending photos. Someone determined it wasn’t worth their involvement.
I took 2 chairs to the end of the driveway, with a “Free” sign attached. They are from a dinning room set that Nancy’s mother had. They are sound, but not pretty. One way or another, they will soon be gone.

With the dumpster about 65% filled, I called the company for a pickup date. Earliest I can schedule is Monday the 16th. Moral: there is a lot of junk in Kittitas County. Anyway, now there is no big rush to get it full.
I dismantled a big stuffed chair. Springs went into the metal pile, some became hardwood fire material, and except for the decorative “wolf & moon” [4 colors in Naugahyde], the rest is in the dumpster. Most of my projects are “in progress”, but the chair is finished. There must be a name for the decoration on the chair, but what it might be eludes my search.

I was somewhat worried about the three horses, especially Jazz, going to new homes. Worrying is useless, I guess. I’ll end with photos Kathy sent with her and Liz riding the most excitable (maybe untrusting is a better word) of the three. He is taking to his new role well.

From the Naneum Fan